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Little Demon Card Story - Episode

Sister of the Greatest Drummer


Tomoe: Hmm? What are you doing, Ako?
Ako: Sis~! Here, some snacks! Did you finish that important thing yet?
Tomoe: Oh, thanks. This Afterglow thing? No, not yet. This is a lot to eat before dinner, Ako.
Ako: But I always get hungry after rehearsals, and Sayo gets mad at me if I eat on the walk home...
Tomoe: Hahaha. You poor thing. We're always eating buns during rehearsals.
Tomoe: But I guess, Minato-san's band wouldn't stand for that... To be honest, I was really surprised by it all when I first heard.
Ako: It really is tough, though... I have to learn another new song before the weekend.
Ako: But I finally met someone other than you who's really, super cool for the first time...
Ako: So... I'm gonna do my best, for her.
Tomoe: Good stuff. You're a sweetheart really, Ako. But I know when you decide on something like this, you'll never change your mind.
Ako: I'm only all sweet in front of you, sis. I'm a lot more grown up when I'm out of the house, you know.
Tomoe: Really~?
Ako: Really~. Why don't you believe me?
Tomoe: Ahaha. I do, I do. To think you started all this just wanting to play the drums like me. But now...
Ako: But now...? Don't I play the drums just like you, sis?
Tomoe: ... Ako.
Tomoe: Two choices. You can be a drummer who plays exactly like me. Or you can play different and one day be the best in the world. Which do you choose?
Ako: But you're the coolest, most amazing drummer in the world already, sis! There's no one who plays like you!
Tomoe: Hahaha. I agree, I don't think there are any regular drummers out there who can do what I do. I'm beating out Afterglow's own unique rhythm.
Tomoe: And I'm really happy that you like that about me, too. Enough to start playing the drums yourself. And more importantly, to carry on with it.
Ako: Hmm...?
Tomoe: Since you were little... I was always so happy that whenever I'd turn around, you were right there behind me.
Ako: Everyone used to call you "Tomoe's sister." And you'd play up to it, boast about how you are my little sister. I always loved that, too.
Ako: We spent all our time together... and then you went to a different elementary school and I actually cried.
Tomoe: Ahaha, that was one heck of a sight. Wearing your little pre-school uniform, carrying my school backpack, saying...
Tomoe: "I'm starting elementary school, too!"
Ako: Well I really was sad about it. Going to different schools like that, I thought I'd never see you again.
Tomoe: But you're used to it now though, right?
Ako: Only cause the teachers got angry when I snuck into your classroom... They even wrote it on my school report.
Tomoe: You really were so attached.
Ako: Oh, and, it was when you went to middle school and I was feeling all sad again when I had my miracle meeting with Rin-rin!
Tomoe: How is Rinko-san these days?
Ako: She's great! She was a little quiet when we first met up in real life...
Ako: But recently... especially when we started the band, she's really started to talk more and more.
Ako: I mean, she was always a god-level typist in chats, even faster than me.
Tomoe: What was it again? That PC game you both play, right? You're not still on it all night, are you?
Ako: We hardly play at all since we started the band~! Up until then, though... Ack.
Tomoe: Not "ack." Tut tut.
Ako: I-I'm sorry... But now I really am focused on my drumming! ... See?!
Tomoe: Hmm? A rehearsal tape...? ...!
Ako: Is something wrong?
Tomoe: No, I just... You've really improved so quickly again.
Ako: H-have I really?! Fufufu~.
Ako: Well that's because I'm the little sister of the coolest, most amazing drummer in the whole entire world!!
Tomoe: ... Thanks, Ako.
Tomoe: (But y'know... You might think you're still chasing me... But you're already right alongside me.)
Ako: Ah! It's from Rin-rin! ... What?! There's a super rare monster event starting today?!
Ako: Oh no! I haven't been leveling up my character at all! I'm sorry, sis! I've got a powerful boss to go take down!!
Tomoe: Just make sure you come down for dinner, okay? And if I see you playing all night, I'll rip the cables out myself.
Ako: O-okay~.
Tomoe: Ah, wait a second. What about your homework?
Ako: ... Uuu...
Tomoe: I don't care how rare this monster is. Homework, then dinner, then a bath, then games.
Ako: Uuu~... B-but but but, the only worthy partner for Rin-rin's fire mage is my dark summoner~!
Tomoe: You may be a dark summoner in there, but out here you're my little sister and you'll do as I say. Okay?
Tomoe: You do wanna be just like me some day, don't you?
Ako: Uuu~~...
Ako: Rin-rin~! I'll be there soon~!!

Little Demon Card Story - Special Episode

Thanks To My Sister


Ako: Hmm-hm-hmm♪
Ako: Okay, just one thing left to get and I should be done.
Ako: I can't wait to wear these~. I'm gonna look so cool!
Ako: Ehehe, I can't stop grinning~!
Ako: I bet everyone's gonna be so surprised when I show up looking cooler than before~.
Ako: Ah, that means I need to come up with some new poses. What should I go with...?
Ako: Something I can just go boom with like... this?
Ako: That's not it... Maybe something that goes whoosh...?
Ako: Ahh, but...
Ako: ... Huh? Did someone just call my name...?
Ako: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san!
Ako: ... Oh, I know! Hey, BanG Dreamer-san, let me ask you something!
Ako: Hyah~...!
Ako: What do you think of this pose?
Ako: ... You're not sure? Hrm~, I was thinking it's pretty cool~.
Ako: How about this...? Swish!
Ako: Which was cooler?
Ako: Huh? You think the second one was cooler?
Ako: I see! So that's the one you like, BanG Dreamer-san!
Ako: Okay! That's the pose I'll use then! Thanks~!
Ako: What are you up to today, anyway?
Ako: Oh, it's your day off today? Me too!
Ako: ... Me? I'm doing some shopping for some things that'll make me cooler!
Ako: Yeah! There's no middle ground when it comes to being cool!
Ako: Yukina's coolness is what made me want to join Roselia, you know?!
Ako: ... You can see why I said that?
Ako: Right? You think so too, don't you?
Ako: I totally wanna be like her!
Ako: So in the beginning, when Yukina wouldn't let me join the band, I was really shocked~.
Ako: ... Huh? You're surprised that happened?
Ako: Hmm... Yeah, I guess with the way we are now, it's a little hard to imagine.
Ako: You wanna hear more about what happened? Okay! I'll tell you a little bit about it!
Ako: So... this happened when I first asked Yukina-san to let me join the band...
Ako: My big sis is a drummer...
Ako: And I really wanna be just like her, so I said "I'm the second-best drummer in the world!" when I told Yukina-san I wanted to join the band.
Ako: But this is how Yukina-san replied.
Ako: She said "If you want to play around, do it somewhere else. I don't have time for being with someone who boasts about being second best."
Ako: Isn't she just so cool?
Ako: After all, I totally just knew I wanted to hang with Yukina-san!
Ako: And I really wanted to join her band because she's so awesome!
Ako: So after that, I kept on pushing, but... she said no every time...
Ako: I tried so hard to find a way, but... no matter what I tried, I couldn't get through to her...
Ako: So I called Rin-rin and asked her for advice!
Ako: And guess what she told me! She said that maybe words are not enough!
Ako: She told me that I should use my drums to impress Yukina-san, and do the same thing that her voice did to me!
Ako: And that's when it hit!
Ako: I decided to do exactly what Rin-rin said!
Ako: The problem was, Yukina-san still wouldn't give me a chance, so I really didn't know what to do...
Ako: But then my big sis told me that she was friends with Yukina-san!
Ako: And not just that! I also found out that Lisa-nee was Yukina-san's best friend!
Ako: Lisa-nee helped me out, and I somehow got the chance to play the drums in front of Yukina-san!
Ako: That reminds me, I think that was when I first found out Lisa-nee can play the bass, too.
Ako: ... Um, I guess that's not important right now.
Ako: Anyway, the point is, it was thanks to my big sis that I was able to join the band!
Ako: If she didn't tell me about Lisa-nee and Yukina-san, I wouldn't have even had a chance!
Ako: She's the best big sis ever! I can always count on her~!
Ako: Oh, I'm really thankful to Rin-rin too.
Ako: I wouldn't have been able to join the band if she hadn't given me that advice!
Ako: I'm having so much fun now!
Ako: Playing in the band with everyone is just so awesome!
Ako: I hope we will be able to keep doing this forever and ever~...
Ako: ... You pray that they do too, BanG Dreamer-san? Thanks!
Ako: Okay, I'm gonna work extra hard so that your prayers don't go to waste!
Ako: So keep watching over us, okay? It's a promise!!