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Little Rose Harmony Event Story - Opening
Meeting by Chance

Ako and LOCK are on their way to a Poppin'Party concert. Suddenly, they run into a certain someone...!


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Ako: Ahhh~! It's finally over~!
Asuka: Ako, quiet down. The teacher's still here.
LOCK: Hahaha, I don't blame you. Today's class felt especially long.
Ako: I know, right~? It's so hard to concentrate when you have something to look forward to after school.
Asuka: Says the person who slept through most of class.
Ako: Th-that's because, um... The darkness of slumber beckoned forth to me, leading me into the black abyss and... uh... Bang! I became sleepy...
Asuka: Trying to sound all cool isn't going to change what happened. Anyway, the Poppin'Party concert is today, right? Aren't the doors supposed to open at—
LOCK: Six-thirty! But there's still some time before it starts. Ah~, I'm so excited~!
Ako: Yeah, me too! What do you want to do until then~?
Asuka: If you have some time, why don't you work on your assignment? You said earlier that you haven't even started.
Ako: I-I plan on having my sister help me when I get home... Plus, I don't really feel like doing it right now.
Asuka: So that's the real reason.
LOCK: I can understand not wanting to, though. I've also been looking forward to the show this whole week. Just a few more hours until we get to see Poppin'Party...!
Asuka: You can just meet them whenever you want, can't you? The other day, you even said you bumped into them downtown.
LOCK: It's not the same~. Going to a show is what makes it special~.
Ako: Exactly! No two performances are ever the same, and you get to be there and feel that vibe! That's what's special and so great~!
Asuka: Well, when you put it that way, I guess it makes sense.
Ako: It's especially true with Poppin'Party's concerts! They're so fun!
LOCK: I know! Yesterday, I was at Galaxy playing their songs the whole time when Masuki-san joined me...!
Ako: What?! You got to play with King?! You're so lucky~! I wish I could've played with you guys~!
LOCK: Fufu, maybe the three of us can do a session someday.
Ako: We so should~!
Asuka: Doesn't that mean there'll be two drums and a guitar...? I didn't know there were songs for such a combination...
Ako: By the way~, Asuka, you should come with us to today's show.
Asuka: I told you already, there's something I have to take care of. I've already let my sister know too.
Ako: Oh~, that's too bad...
Asuka: Anyway, I should go now. Enjoy the show!
LOCK: Thanks~!
Ako: Bye~! Should we go now?
LOCK: Yes! Ah, wait... Could you give me a minute?
Ako: Hm? Where are you going?
LOCK: We're going to see Poppin'Party... I need to go make sure my hair looks okay.
Ako: Ahaha, there's no point doing your hair now. It'll be a mess by the time it starts. Calm down, Rokka.
LOCK: I can't! Mmm~, I'm super excited~.


LOCK: I wonder what the set list is going to be~. Why don't we try guessing?
Ako: That sounds fun~! I'm in! I think the first song is going to be "Mirai Train."
LOCK: Oh? What makes you think so?
Ako: Having an energetic song as the opener will really work up the crowd, won't it?
LOCK: But they did that last time. My guess is—
Ako: Hm? Hold up. I think those girls over there are from Morfonica...
Ako: Mashiro~! Rui~!
Rui: Ah, Udagawa-san from Roselia and Asahi-san from RAISE A SUILEN... correct?
Mashiro: H-hello...
LOCK: Hello, Kurata... san...
Ako: What brings you all the way downtown? I don't see you guys over here that often.
Mashiro: U-um... We're on our way to the music store, and after that, there's a Poppin'Party concert—
Ako: Wait, we're going to it too! Why don't we go together?
Mashiro: T-together...?
Mashiro: W-well... I don't know how long we'll be at the store, and I'd feel bad for making you come with us...
Rui: I do not mind. We are unlikely to be there for long.
Rui: There should be no harm since we have a common destination.
Mashiro: B-but... Asahi-san might...
LOCK: No, it's okay! I don't mind. I think going together will be really fun.
Ako: Yay~! Then it's decided~!
Ako: Let's have a great time together~!
Mashiro: ...

Little Rose Harmony Event Story - Chapter 1
Traveling's Better with Friends

Ako and the others head to the music store. What will happen when they start talking about their bands...?


Edogawa Music

Ako: Hey, Rui, Mashiro, what did you come to get?
Rui: I came to purchase some E strings for my violin since I am running low.
Ako: E strings? What's an E string?
Rui: It is the thinnest string.
Ako: Huh~, I had no idea that's what it's called! What about you, Mashiro?
Mashiro: I'm just here with Rui-san...
LOCK: You know, it's kind of rare to see a violin in a band!
Ako: Yeah, I thought the same thing too~!
Ako: At first, I wasn't sure a violin would sound good with a drum or guitar, so I was surprised by how cool Morfonica's music sounded!
LOCK: May I ask you something? Do you do anything special to make a violin's sound fit in with a band's?
Rui: It may not qualify as... special... but I do make an effort to preserve the atmosphere of the music.
Rui: Doing so requires the creation of an atmosphere that a violin can seamlessly blend into. As for the how, I draw inspiration from classical music.
Mashiro: (I had no idea Rui-san was thinking about that while writing for us...)
LOCK: That's very interesting~. Drawing from classical music is similar to what CHU²-san does.
Rui: CHU²-san?
LOCK: She's our producer. She listens to all kinds of music, including classical, when she's composing.
Ako: She's so amazing~. She's younger than us, but she writes lyrics and composes music!
Mashiro: She writes such incredible music all by herself...? Wow...
Ako: Also, don't you think it's kind of cool to be called the producer?
Ako: I wish I could say I'm Roselia's producer at least once~.
Mashiro: B-but I think you're already very cool, Ako-chan... You're like the one that guides Roselia's powerful and epic music...
Rui: If I recall correctly, you use a two-bass setup, do you not?
Ako: Yeah, I do! I had no idea you knew!
Mashiro: U-um... what's... a two-bass setup...?
LOCK: It's a drum kit with two bass drums. It's the key to Roselia's powerful melodies.
Mashiro: I see... All of you are so amazing...
LOCK: Hm? That looks like...
Ako: Ah, it's CHU²! Hey~, CHU²~!
CHUCHU: What...? I was wondering why it was so noisy. So it was coming from all of you.
LOCK: Hello! Are you shopping too?
CHUCHU: Isn't it obvious...? And I believe you're Morfonica's...
Rui: Yashio Rui.
Mashiro: H-hello... I'm Kurata Mashiro...
CHUCHU: What a rather peculiar group. Are all of you going on a trip somewhere?
Ako: Hm? PAREO isn't with you today?
CHUCHU: She's gone to a Pastel✽Palettes concert.
LOCK: Wasn't she inviting you? Did you decide not to go?
CHUCHU: Yes. I refused because I wanted to take a look at Poppin'Party's concert instead.
LOCK: Really?! You're going to it too?! So are we!
CHUCHU: No need to remind me. You were talking about it the whole time during practice yesterday. That's why I decided to go as well.
LOCK: Oh! You should've said something then~.
CHUCHU: When it comes to performances that interest me, I make it a point to watch them alone.
Ako: Awww, let's go together! It'll be more fun that way!
CHUCHU: I didn't set aside my time just so I could socialize with all of you.
LOCK: But we're going to the same concert! What about you, Yashio-san, Kurata-san...?
Rui: I see no reason not to.
Mashiro: I-I guess if Rui-san's going... maybe I could...
LOCK: See! It's a concert! Let's enjoy it together!
CHUCHU: Sigh... Fine. I'll go as long as none of you interfere.
LOCK: Of course!
Ako: Uh, we still have about an hour till it starts... What do you guys wanna do? Is there any place you'd like to go to?
Mashiro: I-I'm not that familiar with these parts, so I can't really think of anything...
Ako: Hey, I know this super awesome place. Why don't we go there?
LOCK: An awesome place...? I'd like to go! We should go together, CHU²-san!
CHUCHU: I don't mind, but where exactly are we going?
Ako: I want it to be a surprise~!
Mashiro: We don't mind either. Is that okay with you, Rui-san?
Rui: Yes.
Ako: Yay~! Let's all go together then!

Little Rose Harmony Event Story - Chapter 2
Heating Up at the Restaurant

CHU² joins the girls, and they decide to kill time at a restaurant...



LOCK: This... is the super awesome place?
CHUCHU: Sigh... I was expecting something a bit more exciting, not a simple restaurant.
Ako: But it is awesome! This isn't just any old restaurant!
Ako: This is the restaurant Roselia always comes to~! We come here after concerts and practice sessions to talk about how we did!
LOCK: Oh, I see...
Ako: It's easy to chat here because it's so comfy~.
Ako: They've also got a great selection of all-you-can-drink drinks that really help keep the meetings going~!
Rui: Pardon me, may I ask how Roselia conducts its review meetings? I am quite intrigued.
Ako: See?! Didn't I just tell you it's easy to chat here?
Rui: I am not attempting to make conversation. I am merely seeking ideas. Although Morfonica also conducts review meetings, we have difficulty remaining on topic.
Ako: I think we do pretty normal stuff. We just point out what we noticed during practice.
Ako: Hm... And after doing a show, we often get fries... Ah, we also order the Supersized Stress Set whenever something frustrating happens!
LOCK, CHU² & Mashiro: The Supersized Stress Set?
Ako: It's a set meal with two Hamburg steaks, deep-fried shrimp, sautéed chicken, a large serving of rice, and dessert~!
Mashiro: I-is it even possible to eat all of that?
Ako: Normally, it would've been really hard... but all of us managed to back then!
LOCK: Y-you ate all of that... You're all true rockers~!
CHUCHU: ... Huh?
Mashiro: If you can eat that much, I think I can see how you can give such intense and incredible performances...
CHUCHU: ... LOCK, could you get the attention of the waitress?
CHUCHU: If Minato Yukina was able to eat it all, I can too.
LOCK: Wait, CHU²-san, wait! I don't think that's a very good idea! You only eat jerky most of the time!
CHUCHU: Just do as I asked! Now!
LOCK: O-okay! Um, excuse me~!

CHUCHU: ... LOCK. Water... now... Urp...
LOCK: ... That's why I warned you... And you've still only eaten the Hamburg steak and shrimp.
CHUCHU: I don't need you to tell me...! I'll show you I can finish this entire meal.
LOCK: Y-you probably shouldn't force yourself like that... Anyway, I'll go get you some water. There's no need to wait for me, everyone. Just keep talking.
Ako: Okay~. You know, this is the first time I've gotten to have a proper chat with you and Rui, isn't it, Mashiro?
Mashiro: Yes, it is. But we've seen your concerts a few times...
Ako: And we've seen yours! Your songs feel so different from ours, but I really like them~!
Mashiro: Th-thank you.
Ako: Mm-hmm! Oh, your music is really nice, but I also like the words a lot! They make me feel like I'm in a fantasy world~.
Mashiro: I'm just writing whatever comes to mind... Maybe it seems that way because I like fantasy novels.
Ako: I borrow fantasy books from Rin-rin! Have you read any good ones lately?
Mashiro: Lately...? Hm... Let's see...
LOCK: CHU²-san, I brought you some water!
CHUCHU: What took you so long?
LOCK: I'm so sorry~... Wait, it doesn't look like the amount of food on your plate has changed...
CHUCHU: Quiet! Mind your own business, okay?
LOCK: Ahaha... I'm sorry I interrupted the conversation. What were you all talking about?
Ako: I was just asking Mashiro about fantasy books. So, do you have any recommendations?
Mashiro: I read "Fairy Legends" the other day. It even got turned into a movie recently... Do you know it?
Ako: Wow?! You like it too?! I love "Fairy Legends"!
Ako: I really enjoyed it when I borrowed it from Rin-rin! What was it...? That round thing that jumps...
Mashiro: The marshmallow rabbit?!
Ako: Yeah! It's so cute, isn't it?!
Mashiro: You think so too?! I love the marshmallow rabbit! I've been collecting marshmallow rabbit merchandise recently!
LOCK: Wait, is that the thing in the movie we saw together, Ako-chan...?
Ako: Yeah, that's the one!
LOCK: I think I saw some in one of the crane games at the arcade when I was there last time.
Mashiro: Y-you did...?! I had no idea you could get the marshmallow rabbit from one...! I want it so much...
CHUCHU: And I want some water, LOCK!
LOCK: Wait, you still haven't eaten anything else! Would you like... some help?
CHUCHU: ... Let me make one thing absolutely clear. I'm just not in the best condition today.
LOCK: I know.
Mashiro: Would you like me to help too...?
Ako: I'll also help!
CHUCHU: ... Suit yourselves!

Little Rose Harmony Event Story - Chapter 3
Exciting Impressions

With the Poppin'Party concert over, the girls share their thoughts on the show.


Station Entrance

LOCK: Sigh~, they're always so amazing! I can't believe it's over now...♪
Ako: I know~! I wish I could turn back time so I could watch it again!
LOCK: Tae-senpai was incredible on the guitar... I need to practice more!
Mashiro: I-I got to make eye contact with Kasumi-san, and she even smiled at me when I did...!
LOCK: Really?! She did?! Ah, but she waved at me...!
Mashiro: ...
CHUCHU: You two seem pretty excited... but if you ask me, their set list could've used some work. I would've done better if I was in charge of it.
Ako: But CHU², it looked like you were really into their performance the whole time.
CHUCHU: Silence! I was not!
Rui: I sensed they were able to captivate the audience with their very first note.
LOCK: Their shows are like that! When I saw them for the first time, I was instantly sucked in too.
Mashiro: M-me too.
Rui: It would seem to be impractical to apply their methods to Morfonica.
CHUCHU: ... It's interesting that you should focus on that earlier point, Rui.
CHUCHU: So, which of their songs did you think was the best?
Rui: Best? Well, what constitutes a good song for you? I cannot answer your question when you fail to clarify what it is you mean.
CHUCHU: What?! Good means good! Nothing more, nothing less!
Rui: Please formulate your question properly before asking me.
CHUCHU: Argh~! Who does she think she is, LOCK!
LOCK: CH-CHU²-san, please calm down! Here, have some water!
Ako: ...
Ako: (I've been in a band the longest... I should do something!)
Ako: Ah! H-hey, Mashiro, you started Morfonica after seeing a Poppin'Party concert, right?
Ako: Yes... The performance I saw that day changed everything.
LOCK: That's what happened to me too! They're so amazing, aren't they?
Ako: Didn't they ask you a few times to join their band, Rokka?
Mashiro: ... They did?
LOCK: Th-that's just because they're so nice~. It did make me super happy, though~.
Mashiro: O-oh...
Mashiro: But did you know Kasumi-san spoke to me at CiRCLE even before I started Morfonica?
LOCK: ... Really?
Mashiro: And I was even invited to go see sakura blossoms with them!
LOCK: Sakura blossoms?! Was Kasumi-senpai the one who invited you...?
Mashiro: Yes, of course. She was so nice~...
LOCK: I-I may not have seen sakura blossoms with her, but I also-
Ako: S-stop it, guys, stop it!
Ako: You're both getting too heated~.
Ako: We just saw a concert together, so shouldn't we be trying to have a fun conversation instead~?
LOCK: Ah, y-you're right... I got a bit carried away because we were talking about Poppin'Party...
Mashiro: S-so did I... I'm sorry...
LOCK: Oh, I just remembered... I wanted to give you this, Kurata-san. Take a look...
Mashiro: Hm? What is this...?
LOCK: It's a flyer I saw by the entrance for "Fairy Legends II: Another Story." It's coming to theaters soon.
Mashiro: Oh... thank you. I had no idea! I didn't even realize...
Ako: Look~, there's the marshmallow rabbit that you like so much, Mashiro! It's as cute as ever~♪
Mashiro: I think I'll add it to my marshmallow rabbit collection and put it on display... Thank you, Asahi-san...
LOCK: Ah! I just thought of a great idea!

Little Rose Harmony Event Story - Chapter 4
The Three of Us

The day of their hangout has come. Ako and Mashiro have arrived at the meetup location, but where's LOCK...?


Station Entrance

Ako: Heya~, Mashiro~!
Mashiro: A-Ako-chan...!
Ako: Good morning~! Sorry, did you wait long?
Mashiro: No, I just came too... U-um, thank you for inviting me today.
Ako: Ehehe~! No problem, but you shouldn't be thanking me! Thank Rokka since she's the one who suggested we go get that marshmallow rabbit stuffed animal!
Ako: Plus, I'm glad I get to hang out with you!
Mashiro: Mm-hmm...! I wonder if there'll be any left at the arcade.
Ako: They're crane game prizes, so there should be unless other people got all of them...
Ako: Too bad Rui and CHU² aren't coming~. I bet they'd become friends if they did...
Mashiro: I-I'm not so sure... They kept arguing the whole time yesterday.
Ako: Really? Wasn't it more like CHU² getting all worked up on her own?
Mashiro: CHU²-san made me a bit nervous... I don't know anyone like her at my school.
Ako: Anyway, I wonder what's taking Rokka so long~?
Ako: Hm? It's from Rokka... Oh, it looks like she's being held up at work.
Mashiro: I-I see. What kind of work does she do...?
Ako: Uh~, I think it's Galaxy today... But she also helps out at a place called Asahi Bathhouse.
Mashiro: Oh, she works two jobs? W-wow...
Ako: The bathhouse belongs to a relative. Rokka lives there on her own.
Mashiro: Alone...? I can't even imagine what that must be like...
Mashiro: Working and living on her own... Asahi-san is so incredible. She's not like me at all...
Ako: Ah, why don't we go pick her up? I bet she'd be surprised if we showed up suddenly!
Mashiro: Are you sure that's a good idea...?
Ako: It'll be fine! She's probably cleaning up the stage area right now. We could even help her out so that she can go early!
Ako: Alright, let's go to Galaxy!
Galaxy - Stage

Ako: Fufufu... The great demon princess Ako has been summoned forth from the darkness and demands your attention!
Mashiro: H-hello...!
LOCK: A-Ako-chan?! You too, Kurata-san...?!
Ako: Surprised?
LOCK: Y-yes...! You didn't tell me you were coming...!
Ako: Yay, the surprise worked~! We decided to come get you since it seemed better than waiting for you to show up!
Mashiro: I'm sorry we didn't tell you we were coming... I hope we're not causing any trouble.
LOCK: Not at all! I'm just waiting for the manager, Yoshiko-san, to return. She should be back any moment.
Ako: Then let's wait until she does~!
LOCK: I'm sorry for making you come get me even though it was my idea to go out today...
Mashiro: It's okay. I've been wanting to see where you work anyway.
Mashiro: I mean, I've never worked before...
Mashiro: Isn't holding two jobs difficult...?
LOCK: Hm~. It's never felt that way to me...
LOCK: What I do at Asahi Bathhouse is more like helping out family, so it doesn't really feel like work.
Mashiro: You live there on your own, right...? What's it like?
LOCK: Um~... Normal?
Mashiro: Don't you ever get lonely?
LOCK: When I first moved here, there were times when I became a little lonely...
LOCK: But not anymore. I've got everyone now.
LOCK: That's why I'm glad I moved here! And it's all thanks to Poppin'Party.
LOCK: I'm so lucky I got to see them perform that day.
Mashiro: ... You're not like me at all even though we both started out similarly. Going so far as to work and live alone... That takes a lot of initiative.
Ako: But I think you have a lot of initiative too! Didn't you try looking for people to join your band by putting up posters on CiRCLE's message board?
Ako: I heard about that from Poppin'Party.
LOCK: Yes! Mashiro- I mean, Kurata-san, starting your own band is amazing too!
Mashiro: O-oh... Thank you, both of you...
Mashiro: U-um... You can call me by my first name if you'd like...
LOCK: ... Hm?
Mashiro: If it's easier to call me by my first name, I don't mind...
LOCK: I-it's embarrassing to have you spell it out like that... But okay, I'll call you Mashiro-chan from now on.
Ako: Don't you think it's kind of weird for Mashiro to keep calling you Asahi-san then?
LOCK: Yes. Everyone calls me LOCK or Rokka, so it would be nice if you could too.
Mashiro: O-okay... LOCK-chan.
Ako: Oh~, this is great~! It really feels like you two have become good friends!
LOCK & Mashiro: Ahahahaha...
Yoshiko: I'm back~! Sorry I took forever!
LOCK: Ah, Yoshiko-san! Were you able to take care of everything?
Yoshiko: Mm-hmm. You can go now, Rokka-chan. Thanks a bunch.
LOCK: Okay, I'll be leaving then! Let's go and get the marshmallow rabbit!

Little Rose Harmony Event Story - Chapter 5
Let's Play!

The girls have arrived at the arcade, and they set their sights on...!


Shopping Mall - Arcade

Ako: We're here~! C'mon, guys, hurry up!
LOCK: Th-there's no need to rush that much...
Mashiro: I'm sorry, it's all my fault for not being able to walk faster...
Ako: It's hard not to get excited at an arcade~♪ We'll get that rabbit for sure!
Mashiro: I don't come to places like this that often, and I don't have much experience with crane games either...
Mashiro: Do you really think I'll be able to do this...?
Ako: It'll be easy! I'll show you how it's done! Now, where are those crane games?
Mashiro: Hm...? Hey, LOCK-chan. This is a kirapuri... right?
LOCK: Yes, it is... What about it?
Mashiro: It looks... different... from the ones I used before.
Ako: That's because this is a pretty new version. When you take photos, it'll make it look like you've got makeup on.
LOCK: Let me see... Ah, there it is. This is the one I took before with Ako-chan and Asuka-chan...
LOCK: See, it looks like a makeup artist did our makeup for us, right?
Mashiro: W-wow. This is amazing...
Ako: We can take some together later on! Oh, and there's this game I just have to play called NFA! It's an arcade version of NFO!
LOCK: Ahaha, you really like that game.
Ako: I bet you'd like it too, Mashiro! It makes you feel like you're part of a fantasy world!
Mashiro: Part of a fantasy world...? That does sound pretty interesting...
Ako: Right~? Ah, why don't we play NFO together sometime? It's this online game that's really-
LOCK: Maybe you could talk about NFO later. We should probably go get the marshmallow rabbit first.
Mashiro: I-I'll try it out when I have the time then, but I'd like to find the marshmallow rabbit...
Ako: Okay! Onward to the crane game section then~♪
Crane Game Section

LOCK: This is the machine! Look! There are still so many left!
Mashiro: Wow~, it's filled with marshmallow rabbits...
Ako: Ahaha, your eyes are glittering! Let's start playing then!
Mashiro: U-um, as I said before, I don't have much experience with this kind of game...
Ako: I'll give you a huge tip! You have to want to save the stuffed animals inside!
Mashiro: Save... the stuffed animals...? Um, what do you mean? Do you know, LOCK-chan?
LOCK: I don't know either...
Ako: Anyway, as my sister would say, practice makes perfect!
Ako: Let me put some coins in... There you go. Give it a shot, Mashiro! That one in the middle looks easy to get.
Mashiro: Uh... The one with the droopy ear? Okay, I'll try...
LOCK: Ah! I think yyou got a good grip. You might be able to get it...
Mashiro: D-do you really think so...?
Ako: Just a bit more~... Aww...
LOCK: Too bad~. You were so close too~.
Mashiro: I'm a little mad I couldn't get it...
Ako: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be able to!
Mashiro: C-can I try again?
LOCK: Yes, of course!
Ako: I'll be checking from this side then, and I'll tell you to stop when you come to a good spot!
Ako: We'll get a marshmallow rabbit for sure!
Mashiro: Yes!
Mashiro: Let's see... Like this? There.
LOCK: Ah, you did great! I'm sure you'll get it this time!
Ako: I'll let you know when to stop, okay?
Mashiro: Thank you. Here I go~...
LOCK: Steady, steady...!
Ako: Stop~!
Mashiro: ... There.
LOCK, Ako & Mashiro: Go~!

Little Rose Harmony Event Story - Ending
A Day to Remember

The girls have won the marshmallow rabbit! As they continue to play in the arcade, the three of them grow closer.


Shopping Mall - Arcade

LOCK, Ako & Mashiro: Y-...
LOCK, Ako & Mashiro: Yay~!
LOCK: Let's hurry and take a look!
Mashiro: Okay! ... Wow, it's so fluffy, and it smells kind of sweet... I wonder if it's supposed to smell like marshmallows.
Ako: Can I hold it too~? Ohhh~! It really is like a marshmallow! And... look at how much you can stretch it~!
LOCK: Don't stretch it so much, Ako-chan!
Mashiro: What should we do with it, though? We only managed to get one...
Ako: I think you should have it then! You don't mind either, right, Rokka?
LOCK: Of course I don't! I was actually thinking the same thing!
Mashiro: B-but all three of us worked together to get it...
Ako: And we're saying it's okay for you to have it! We only came here 'cause you said you collect marshmallow rabbit stuff in the first place!
LOCK: Just think of it as something to remember today by. We had plenty of fun, so don't worry about us.
Mashiro: ...! Th-thank you...! I promise I'll take good care of it...!
LOCK & Ako: Fufu.
LOCK: Since we still have time, why don't we try out the other machines?
Ako: Oh, I know! Let's take some photos with the makeup kirapuri~!
Mashiro: Um, I'm not so sure... It's a bit embarrassing...
LOCK: Don't worry. I'm sure you'll look cute!
Mashiro: I-I hope it turns out okay~...
Station Entrance

Ako: Seriously, Mashiro, I can't believe you always managed to look away whenever you were supposed to look at the camera...
Mashiro: Th-that's because it was hard to tell where the camera was...!
LOCK: But see? I told you you'd look really cute, didn't I?
Ako: Yeah! The makeup makes you look so grown-up!
Mashiro: I'd like to try NFA the next time we go. I probably won't be able to defeat so many powerful enemies like you, though, Ako-chan...
Ako: I can teach you! Anyway, why don't we also play NFO together?
Mashiro: Okay, maybe just a little...
Ako: Hooray~! If you start playing, I bet it'll make Rin-rin and Sayo-san so happy!
LOCK: Ah, by the way, are you okay timewise, Mashiro-chan?
Mashiro: Oh, I should probably get going... Um, thank you for today.
LOCK: No, thank you! I hope you come to Asahi Bathhouse someday~!
Ako: I'll message you when I log in to NFO! Don't forget, okay~?
Mashiro: Okay...! Bye!
LOCK: We should probably go too. It's getting pretty dark...
Ako: Ah, you're right! I hadn't noticed how dark it is~.
LOCK: Fufu, it's probably because of how much fun we were having! Boy~, I really had a great time~.
Mashiro: U-um...
Ako: Mashiro?! You scared me~. I thought you already went home...
LOCK: Did you forget something...?
Mashiro: Yes, but no...!
Mashiro: I was wondering... Would you two like to go and watch "Fairy Legends II: Another Story" with me...?
Ako: Mashiro...! Yeah, I'd love to! I'll go for sure~!
LOCK: You came all the way back to ask us...?
Mashiro: Y-yes... I had so much fun today, so I was hoping we could maybe spend time together again...
Ako: Aww, what a nice thing to say~!
LOCK: Let's decide when to go, then! When are you two free?
Ako: Let's see, I'm free~...

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