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Little Smiley Steps! Event Story - Opening
The Storm of Dummies

Kanon is showing Misaki the wool felt she's making
when suddenly Kokoro and the others appear.



Kanon: I'm sorry I asked you to meet me on such a short notice, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: Don't worry about it. Besides, we didn't have rehearsal today either, so it's no problem... You usually don't ask me to meet up though. Did something happen?
Kanon: Misaki-chan. Uhm, well... I wanted you to look at this...
Misaki: Ah, that's felt, isn't it? You've started felting?
Kanon: Mhm. You remember teaching me how to, right? So I thought I would start doing it on my own, and I gave it a try, but... I can't seem to get it right...
Misaki: Uhm, this is... a whale?
Kanon: I-it was supposed to be a dolphin at first, but... making the mouth pointed was really hard...
Misaki: Ah, the finer points like that aren't easy to pull off. If you start at the end of the mouth and put the needle through from the opposite direction... Look, just like this.
Kanon: Oh, I see. I just have to start from this side. I knew I didn't have enough experience... I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it on my own...
Misaki: It's okay. Just do it a little bit at a time, and you'll be fine. And while you're doing it, you'll naturally start to feel at peace.
Kanon: I don't know. I am clumsy after all...
Kokoro: Hey, Kanon! What's wrong?! You look like you've got a piece of meat stuck between your back teeth!
Kanon: Ah, Kokoro-chan!
Misaki: Ah... Now for the exact opposite of peace...
Kokoro: Hey, Hagumi, Kaoru! Come! They were here, just like I thought!
Hagumi: That's Kokoron for you! She's always right!
Kaoru: So this is where you were, my little kittens. My goodness. You're like the personification of a balloon that's had its string snipped floating away to parts unknown...
Misaki: And the gang's all here...
Kanon: ... Wh-what happened, Kokoro-chan? Were you looking for us?
Kokoro: Of course we were! I mean, we're about to do something fun! The more people the better! Isn't it obvious we'd be looking for you?!
Misaki: ... Huh? Something fun...? What would that be?
Kokoro: We're gonna start our search for that now!
Hagumi: Wah! Kokoron, I think that's a great idea! Looking for something fun... sounds fun~ ♪
Kaoru: Kokoro... Your penchant for exploration is simply astonishing.
Misaki: Sigh... The sudden appearance, the excited conversation... I have no idea what's going on...
Kokoro: Alrighty! Time for liftoff, everyone! Kanon, you can just forget about that piece of meat! You'll be able to get it out someday!
Kanon: Uh-uhm, Kokoro-chan... I don't actually have meat stuck between my teeth.
Kokoro: Okay, then what do you have stuck back there?
Misaki: There's nothing back there... Would you listen for just a sec'?
Kokoro: I'll listen! If Kanon is talking, I wanna hear everything she has to say! And while we're at it, I'd like to hear something fun! Okay, Kanon! A fun story! Take it away!
Kanon: W-well... I don't know if it's fun or not though... the other day, Misaki-chan taught me how to felt, so I started doing it on my own, but... I can't do it very well.
Kokoro: Awesome! You started doing something new! That's a really fun thing to hear about! Don't you agree, Hagumi?!
Hagumi: Mhm! Hearing that Kano-chan-senpai has started something makes me happy too!
Kaoru: As the great bard says, "Action is eloquence"...
Misaki: A bit over the top there, no? All she did was make something from felt...
Hagumi: I wanna see! Show me what you made, Kano-chan-senpai!
Kanon: U-uhm... This is... how it came out...
Kokoro: It's so cute! It's a caterpillar, right?! I can even imagine it moving!
Kanon: W-well... It's not a caterpillar... It was supposed to be a dolphin...
Kokoro: As long as you tried your best, it doesn't matter what it is! It's wonderful! I really like this dolphin!
Kokoro: Ah! I just thought of something super fun! We're gonna go see a real-life dolphin, right now!
Misaki: What?! How did we get to that?
Kokoro: It's simple! After seeing the dolphin Kanon made, now I want to see a real one! That's just how realistic this one looks!
Misaki: Sigh... Says the person who confused it for a caterpillar.
Hagumi: Wah~! That sounds like fun! I'll go! You can definitely count me in~ ♪
Kaoru: Kokoro... You've baffled me once more. From whence are such fabulous ideas born?
Kokoro: Alrighty! Let's begin our adventure before this beautiful day ends! We only get to enjoy it once, you know!
Misaki: ... Sigh. I suppose there's no other choice but to go at this point... Kanon-san, are you okay with this?
Kanon: ... M-mhm. All I have to do is follow along...
Kokoro: Fufufu! Then it's time to get to it! Let's go~!

Little Smiley Steps! Event Story - Chapter 1
To the Aquarium

The members of Hello, Happy World! decide to go to the aquarium,
but what happens when Kanon gets lost on the way there...?


Station Near The Aquarium

Kokoro: Okay! We're finally here! This is so exciting! This is where we see the real-life dophins, right?!
Misaki: I told you, there aren't any dolphins here. Not that you should expect any, seeing as how this is just a normal station...
Kokoro: So this is a station! Wonderful! There are so many people! Finally, I get to see one for myself!
Misaki: Yoy were already told everything about statiouns before we got on the train. But really, how is it that you've never been to one before...?
Kokoro: With this many people, there are bound to be lots of dophins here too! C'mon, let's go see them!
Misaki: For the last time, the dophins are not here! They're at the aquarium!
Hagumi: Hey hey, Mii-kun. Is the aquarium nearby?
Misaki: That's right. And that's where the dolphins are. I come with my little brother and sister sometimes, so I'm sure of it.
Kaoru: Meaning the encounter they've long yearned for is upon us, correct? I imagine they're at their wits' end, awaiting my arrival. Oh, my little dophin kittens.
Misaki: Don't you think that's just a bit confusing...? Can't we just call them dolphins? Little dolphin kitten doesn't even make sense.
Kokoro: Alright, everybody! Listen up! We're headed to the aquarium!
Misaki: ... Huh? Wait a sec'.
Hagumi: Hm? What's wrong, Mii-kun?
Misaki: Kanon-san's not here...
Hagumi: ... Wh-what? You're right. She was just right behind me!
Kaoru: Fufufu. She truly is like a balloon sans string.
Misaki: This is no time for your happy-go-lucky remars! Knowing Kanon-san, she probably got lost somewhere along the way.
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai does have a really bad sense of direction. Just the other day, she got lost inside the mall.
Misaki: I'm gonna give her a call. Gimme a sec'.
Misaki: ... Ah, hello? Kanon-san? Where are you...? ... Huh? The blue and white line...?
Misaki: ... Ah! You mean the bullet train?! No no no no no! Do not step onto that train! Don't even move! We're coming now!
Misaki: ... Phew... Apparently, she ended up at the bullet train platform somehow. Sounded like she was planning to board, but I stopped her. Talk about a potential train wreck.
Hagumi: That was close~.
Misaki: Anyway, let's go get her.

A Few Minutes Later
Bullet Train Boarding Area

Kanon: Fue~... So this is the bullet train area...
Kanon: I can't believe I wandered this far... I-I... really can't do anything right...
Hagumi: Ah, I found her! Oi~!
Kanon: Hagumi-chan! You guys!
Misaki: Thank goodness, Kanon-san, I was worried.
Kanon: I-I'm really sorry. I thought the person in front of me was Hagumi-chan, so I followed her, but before I knew it, I was here...
Kokoro: You're amazing Kanon! When we're with you, it's like an everyday roller coaster!
Misaki: You're the one who's the roller coaster around here!
Kaoru: Kanon, going forward, instead of Hagumi, you can focus your eyes on me. Be sure not to look away, not even for a moment.
Kanon: O-okay... thank you, everyone.
Kokoro: Alrighty, now everyone is here! Hurry! Let's go see the dolphins! I'm sure they're getting impatient waiting for us!
Kokoro: Takeoff~! Charge~!
Kanon: ... Huh? Wh-what's that?
Misaki: K-Kanon-san.. You're already going the wrong way...
Kanon: Ah, sorry. It's not that. It's that vending machine...
Misaki: Vending machine...?
Kanon: It looked like something was moving behind it...
Misaki: Like... a cat?
Kanon: No! It was bigger than a cat. It looked like it was standing and walking...
Misaki: Maybe a kid... that got lost?
Kokoro: Hey, you guys. This wonderful day is gonna end!Q Hurry!
Kanon: Uh-uhm... Kokoro-chan, can you wait for a moment? It looks like this kid is lost. I'm going to go see.
Misaki: Ah, Kanon -san! I'll go with you.

Kanon: Uhhh, I'm pretty sure they were around here...
Others: Tweet...
Misaki: ... Huh? That sounded like an animal just now, didn't it?
Kanon: Mhm, it did! I think it's behind this vending machine! I'll take a look...
Kanon: Hmmm~... Ey...
Kanon: ... Hm?
Misaki: Kanon-san? Well? Was there something there?
Kanon: ... Y-yeah! There was! Ah! It came out!
Misaki: ... Ah, uhhh. Uhm... Huh?!
Others: Tweet, tweet!
Misaki: Is that...
Others: A penguin?!

Little Smiley Steps! Event Story - Chapter 2
The Lost Penguin

Kanon and the others find a penguin on the bullet train platform
with an aquarium tag on its flipper...


Bullet Train Boarding Area

Kanon: This is... a penguin, right...?
Misaki: Yeah... We can look at it all we want, but I'm gonna have to go with penguin on this one.
Kokoro: Hey, Kanon, Misaki! Did you find the lost kid?
Misaki: I-I don't know if I'd say that... Really, I don't know what I'd say... This is the little guy...
Others: Tweet!
Hagumi: Whoa whoa! A penguin?! What's a penguin doing here?!
Misaki: Th-that, I don't know...
Hagumi: ... Ah! Maybe it came here on the bullet train!
Misaki: Obviously not!
Kaoru: Could it be? You've come to see me, my little kitten?
Others: Tweet, tweet!
Misaki: We've been over this. That's too confusing. Besides, can't you see it's really scared?
Kokoro: Hey, penguin buddy? What are you doing in a place like this? Could you tell me, please?
Misaki: She's talking to it! Kokoro is actually talking to it like a normal person!
Others: Tweet, tweet!
Kanon: But I get the sense that with Kokoro, they could have a normal conversation... It even started flapping its flippers...
Misaki: Just looks like it's scared to me...
Kanon: ... Hm? Its flipper...
Misaki: Something there?
Kanon: Looks like a tag of sorts... Excuse me, little penguin! Could you show me your tag?
Others: Tweet! Tweet, tweet, tweet!
Kanon: Fueee... So it's afraid... I-it's okay, don't worry... There's nothing to be scared of.
Others: Tweet, tweet...
Kanon: There we go... Thank you. That's a good penguin... And the tag says... Ah!
Hagumi: Kano-chan-senpai, what happened?
Kanon: This tag is from the aquarium we're headed to! Maybe this little guy came from there!
Kokoro: I'm sure that's it! It was looking for something fun and wandered all the way over here!
Misaki: Yeah, no. Not a chance... But I mean, certainly seems to be from the aquarium. Hold on, I'll call them.
Kanon: O-okay... Thank you, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: ... Ah, yes, hello? Is this the Uenogahara Aquarium...? Yes, uh... I'm calling about a penguin...
Misaki: Yeah. Ahhh, I see... Ah, okay. Understood. Alright, we'll be waiting at the bullet train boarding area.
Kanon: What did they say, Misaki-chan?
Misaki: It seems there's been a penguin missing since this morning, and it's caused an uproar at the aquarium.
Kanon: Oh really?!
Misaki: I told them where we are. They said they would be here soon.
Kanon: Phew, thank goodness.
Hagumi: But you know, that penguin got lost and wandered all the way over here from the aquarium. So its kinda like Kano-chan-senpai!
Kokoro: Hagumi, you're exactly right! And our penguin buddy only fond of Kanon!
Kokoro: I bet they're blood-related siblings!
Kanon: I-I really don't think we're blood relatives...
Others: ... Hm? Is that a penguin over there? What's a penguin doing in a place like this?
Kanon: Ah! W-well, actually... You see...
Others: Wow! A penguin! Mommy, mommy! Look, there's a penguin!
Kanon: Wah~, what do we do...? People are starting to gather...!
Others: ... Tweet.
Kanon: What's wrong, little penguin? A-are you okay?
Others: Hey, excuse me! That's a penguin, right?! It's so cute~! Let me hold it for a bit~!
Misaki: ... Wow, they just keep on coming...
Others: Tweet, tweet, tweet...!
Hagumi: I wonder what happened. It's really flapping now!
Kanon: (... Is this little one... trembling...?)
Kanon: ... Ah! Maybe it's... scared of humans...!
Kokoro: There's no doubting the words of Kanon!
Kanon: (Wh-what am I supposed to do? I can't let this go on... I have to do something...!)
Kanon: ... E-excuse me!
Misaki: K-Kanon-san?! Where are you taking it?!
Kanon: If we stay here, people will keep on coming! I have to take it somewhere less crowded! Excuse me! Let me through!
Kaoru: Kanon... So determined... How fleeting...
Hagumi: B-but will she be okay on her own? She might actually end up on the bullet train this time!
Misaki: Y-you're right... Guys, after her!
Kokoro: Yes! Of course!

Little Smiley Steps! Event Story - Chapter 3
Words of Courage

Kanon runs as fast as she can to protect the penguin,
but there's even more trouble ahead!


Station Near The Aquarium

Kanon: ... Huff... Huff... There aren't too many people walking by here, so I think it should be okay. What do you think, little penguin?
Others: Tweet, tweet~.
Kanon: Phew, that's good... You seem to have calmed down a bit.
Others: Tweet~.
Kanon: I'm sorry. I'm sure you were shocked when I picked you up and suddenly started running. But I had to because it looked like people were going to keep crowding around us...
Kanon: Hey, are you scared of humans? You did seem to be shaking a bit...
Kanon: It's just like Hagumi-chan and Kokoro-chan were saying... It's as if you and I are the same. I also have a hard time in public places...
Others: Tweet...
Kanon: ... H-huh? Where's everyone else...? Hm...? Where... are we?
Kanon: Fueee... I was so focused on running, I lost track of where we were...
Kanon: ... Ah, a phone call from Misaki-chan.
Kanon: ... Yes, hello? Misaki-chan?

Station Near The Aquarium

Misaki: ... Kanon-san. Where'd you run off to~?
Misaki: We were right behind you, but we ended up losing sight of you because of the crowd... What? You're outside the station?
Kokoro: Misaki, let me talk to Kanon! There's something I just have to tell her!
Misaki: Ah! Kokoro...!
Kokoro: Kanon! The way you were running was wonderful! You were weaving through all of those people... It made you look like a ninja!
Kokoro: I think you must be the descendant of one!
Kokoro: Okay! Thanks, Misaki!
Misaki: ... Th-that?! That's the thing you just had to tell her?!
Misaki: ... Ah, Kanon-san. Sorry about that! Didn't think I'd be interrupted for something like that!
Misaki: We're gonna go to where you are now. What do you see?
Misaki: Uh-uhm... A red car isn't gonna stand out. Anything else...? A weirdly-shaped building, a strange billboard or poster, anything?
Misaki: Hm? A guitar-shaped billboard...? Ah, I think I might know where that is! Alright, let's meet beneath that sign!


Kanon: ... O-okay. Alright then, see you soon...
Kanon: ... Phew, lucky us. Seems like we'll be able to meet up again.
Kanon: All I have to do is go stand beneath the guitar-shaped billboard.
Kanon: I'm sorry, little penguin. I'm not so reliable...
Others: Tweet...
Kanon: ... Alright, shall we get going?
Kanon: Uhm, if I just walk along this road, I should be able to reach that billboard...
Kanon: Is that...?
Others: Bark bark bark!
Others: Tweet, tweet tweet~!
Kanon: O-of all places, why did a scary dog have to be here~...?
Others: Bark! Bark bark!
Kanon: Fueee...
Kanon: (Maybe I can go back and take the long way... But if I do that, I might get lost again...)
Kanon: ... Okay! I'll keep going!
Kanon: Okay, little penguin... I know it's scary, but you just have to be brave for a moment, okay...?
Others: Tweet, tweet...
Kanon: E-excuse me, little doggy... Please let me through...
Others: Grrr, bark bark bark!!
Kanon: Kya!!
Others: Tweet tweet tweet!
Kanon: Wait, little penguin! You can't get worked up! The doggy will get even angrier!
Kanon: N-now what...?
Kanon: (Th-this is the time for words of encouragement...)
Kanon: ... Happiness... Happy Magical... Happiness, happy magical! Happiness! Happy magical!
Kanon: ... Mhm! I have to be brave!
Kanon: H-here we go, little penguin! Get ready! I'm going to run!
Others: Tweet!
Kanon: ... Yah!!

Little Smiley Steps! Event Story - Chapter 4
Special Three-Person Concert

The girls are unable to regroup, but the people
around them start to notice the penguin...


Station Near The Aquarium

Misaki: Kanon-san is taking so long. Don't tell me she went the wrong way again.
Hagumi: It is possible with Kano-chan-senpai!
Kaoru: Please, do not fret. Undoubtedly, the kitten will return to me.
Kokoro: Kaoru's right! Think about it! Kanon is a member of Hello, Happy World! There's no way she wouldn't come to us!
Misaki: Ahaha... It's so weird, but for whatever reason, baseless claims like that sound a lot more reliable when they're coming from Kokoro.
Hagumi: But you were really reliable too, Mii-kun! You knew exactly where this spot was!
Misaki: Ah, as I mentioned earlier, I come to the aquarium with my siblings sometimes. All I did was remember this billboard, which I just happened to have seen before.
Misaki: ... Though, there are a lot more pople here than I would've imagined. I wonder if she'll be okay bringing the penguin here.
Hagumi: Ah...! See that person running this way...? Isn't that Kano-chan-senpai?!
Misaki: Huh? Where?
Hagumi: There! She's coming through that alley-like street!
Hagumi: Hey~, Kano-chan-senpai! Over here~!
Misaki: Ah, you're right... Great. Things are finally looking up.
Kanon: Ah, thank goodness~! I'm so sorry, everyone. I shouldn't have taken off on my own like that...
Kaoru: Oh my, Kanon! She pants so powerfully... Is being away from me that unbearable?
Kanon: ... Kya!
Kaoru: Ahhh! Kanon! Are you alright?! This is why I say you must not become flustered...
Kanon: Ow, th-that hurt~... What a hard fall...
Kanon: Ah! Little penguin...! Are you okay?!
Others: Tweet, tweet tweet.
Kanon: G-good... It looks like you didn't get hurt...
Others: Tweet tweet tweet...
Others: Hey... That's a penguin... isn't it?
Others: No way, come on... Wait, what...? Is that...?
Kanon: (N-now what?! At this rate, people will start crowding around again...)
Misaki: Oh man... The way things are going, we're gonna end up with the same situation as earlier...
Hagumi: Guys, what do we do?! Next time we get seperated, we might have a hard time meeting up again!
Misaki: I'm gonna join her before everyone starts gathering!
Hagumi: Ah! Mii-kun!
Hagumi: Hey, Kokoron! What should we do?! If we keep standing around, people are gonna start to notice there's a penguin!
Kokoro: That's an easy on! We just have to attract everyone's attention!
Hagumi: But how?!
Others: ... Ma'am, please feel free to use these.
Hagumi: Ah! The suit people brought something for us!
Kaoru: Fufu... A guitar, a bass... Even an amp. For us to fulfill our goal, this should suffice.
Kokoro: Alrighty... Kaoru! Hagumi! Here we go ♪
Others: Okay! Yeah!
Kokoro: Hey everyone~! Our name is Hello, Happy World! And we're all about making the world smile!
Kokoro: We'd like to have a performance, right here, right now! We're gonna put a smile on all of your faces!
Others: ... Huh? What's that? A performance?
Kaoru: Fufu, how do you do, my little kittens? Be sure never to let your gaze stray away from yours truly.
Others: Th-that person is... so cool...!
Hagumi: We're usually a group of five, but today, we're gonna have a special, three-person show! Anyone who wants to smile, gather around!
Others: That seems pretty fun, doesn't it? Wanna watch for a bit?
Kanon: Is that...? I-it's Kokoro-chan and the others. It looks like they're trying to keep everyone from noticing the penguin...
Kanon: Thank you, Kokoro-chan...
Misaki: Kanon-san, everything okay?!
Kanon: Ah, Misaki-chan! Y-yeah, I'm fine! And this little one is too. Isn't that right?
Others: Tweet tweet.
Kanon: Fufu. Besides, thanks to Kokoro-chan and the others, not too many people realized it was here.
Misaki: Alright, while they're distracted, let's head to the aquarium!
Kanon: Y-yeah!
Misaki: Kanon-san... It's this way!

Little Smiley Steps! Event Story - Chapter 5
Farewell Hug

Finally, Kanon and the others somehow find their way to the aquarium.
What happens when they hand the penguin over to the attendant...?



Misaki: Kanon-san, this way... The entrance to the aquarium is over here.
Kanon: ... Huff... Huff... Good. We finally made it.
Kanon: You're almost home, little penguin. Just hold on a little while longer.
Others: Tweet tweet...
Misaki: Alright, I'm gonna go talk to one of the employees... Gimme a sec.
Kanon: If you please, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: ... Oh, uhm... I know you might be tired of hearing this, but don't move from there. Not even an inch. It'll be a real pain in the neck if we get separated again.
Kanon: M-mhm... Of course. I'm sorry, I know I'm just causing headaches.
Misaki: Ah, no. I don't think you are. Don't worry about it.
Misaki: Okay, I'll be back.
Kanon: Mhm, thank you.
Kanon: ... Sigh. Everything will be okay now.
Others: Tweet...
Kanon: I'm sorry, little penguin... You had to deal with a lot of scary moments today, all because I got lost...
Others: Tweet tweet tweet...
Kanon: Misaki-chan is going to get one of the attendants. They'll be here any second now.
Others: Tweet.
Kanon: ... We'll be parting ways soon, huh.
Kanon: Hey, uhm... Do you mind... if I give you one last hug?
Others: Tweet tweet.
Kanon: ... Hm? You're going to be the one to give me the hug? Th-thank you...

A Few Minutes Later

Misaki: Great. Kanon-san, you're still here.
Kanon: Ah, Misaki-chan...
Misaki: I brought the attendant~.
Others: Pen-chan! Thank goodness~! Where'd you run off too~? Everyone was worried sick~.
Kanon: W-well... We just happened to run into each other at the station...
Others: You guys gave us a call earlier, right? I got to the station as soon as I could, but no one was there.
Misaki: S-sorry... We ran into a bit of a situation...
Others: I'll be happy to hear about what happened later, but... first I want to thank you for bringing Pen-chan back!
Others: Not to mention, Pen-chan only ran away in the first place because I wasn't on the ball. Really, I should be apologizing to you guys for all the trouble I've caused.
Kanon: N-no, it wasn't any trouble at all! ... So your name is Pen-chan, huh?
Others: Tweet tweet tweet.
Others: ... Wait, what? Were you... by any chance... hugging Pen-chan?
Kanon: I-I'm sorry! I was gentle, I promise!
Others: No no! That's not why I asked! I just couldn't believe that this little one would let someone besides me do that...
Kanon: R-really?
Others: Little Pen-chan has a hard time warming up to people... A real scaredy-cat, that one.
Others: From the very beginning, I've been the only attendant for Pen-chan, so I have no problem, but other people can never get close.
Misaki: That makes sense. Kanon-san was the only one that it seemed fond of, after all...
Others: You must have made things really comfortable.
Kanon: If Pen-chan thinks so... then I'm happy...
Kanon: Uhm.. I know you're the attendant, but... please take good care of Pen-chan, okay?!
Others: Yep, of course! Thank you so much, you two!
Kanon: See you later, Pen-chan...
Others: Tweet tweet tweet!
Others: Ahaha. Looks like you two really bonded. Hey, while you're here, why don't you walk us to where the other animals are?
Kanon: ... O-okay!

Little Smiley Steps! Event Story - Ending
Make the Penguin Smile

Kanon and the others get the penguin home, safe and sound,
and Kanon realizes something important after hearing what Kokoro says.



Kanon: That's so nice... Pen-chan looks relieved to be back with the others.
Others: Yep. Penguins normally live as colonies, so they couldn't live without being around each other.
Kanon: Whenever I get separated from everyone else, I start to become anxious as well, so I understand that feeling...
Misaki: You really are similar to that penguin. Like how you got lost and ended up near the bullet train, or like how you're not comfortable in public places.
Kanon: ... I actually started thinking the same thing myself.
Kanon: Alright, Pen-chan. We'll see you again sometime...
Others: Tweet.
Kanon: Ah, Pen-chan's walking this way...
Others: Ah! Excuse me! Did Pen-chan come back?!
Others: Mhm! And you have these nice ladies to thank for it!
Others: Yay~! Thank you~! Man, I was so worried~!
Kanon: Fufu, looks like Pen-chan is very popular...
Others: This little one was the only one born this year, so everyone likes to show a lot of love.
Others: Welcome back, Pen-chan!
Others: Tweet!
Misaki: Feels like Pen-chan is being extra nice...
Others: Pen-chan... Could it be?! You're not scared of humans anymore!
Kanon: Huh...?
Others: Up until now, this penguin would always tremble in fear when hearing human voices. But now everything seems fine, right...?
Misaki: Yeah... In fact, that looked like a response if you ask me...
Others: Didn't it?! I bet... this is thanks to you girls!
Kanon: U-us...?
Others: After seeing you play the role of protector, Pen-chan might have lost that fear.
Others: I've even tried to get rid of that fear myself, but my tests always ended in failure.
Kanon: Oh, I-I see...
Others: Pen-chan must have understood your kindness as well. I know it's weird for the attendant to say this, but... thanks for your help!
Kokoro: Awesome, Kanon!
Kanon: K-Kokoro-chan?!
Hagumi: And Hagumi~!
Kaoru: Fufu. Were you lonely without me, my little kittens?
Misaki: Wah, the troublesome trio is back...
Kanon: Kokoro-chan, Hagumi-chan, Kaoru-san... Thank you for your help earlier... If it weren't for you three, I wouldn't have been able to get Pen-chan back here...
Kokoro: Actually, we're the ones who should be thanking you! Because of you, we were able to make lots of people smile!
Kokoro: Not to mention, you made that penguin smile, didn't you?! That's amazing!
Kanon: ... Made... the penguin smile?
Kokoro: That's right! If we're gonna make the world smile, of course we can't forget about penguins!
Kokoro: And in true Kanon fashion, you understood that from the very beginning!
Kanon: ... I see. You're right... I am a member of Hello, Happy World! too, after all.
Hagumi: Hey! Kano-chan-senpai! Look at all the faces of people who were waiting for Pen-chan...
Hagumi: There are smiles on all of them!
Kanon: Y-yeah! There are!
Kokoro: Alrighty then! Now to make everyone smile, we're gonna have a performance, right now!
Hagumi: Wow wow! Kokoron, nice idea! Count Hagumi in~!
Kaoru: Kokoro... Your ideas know no bounds.
Others: Ah, h-hold on! You can't... have a performance here. You'll scare the penguins...
Others: Tweet tweet!
Kanon: ... M-Misaki-chan. I'm really sorry I caused you so much trouble today.
Misaki: Kanon-san, you apologize way too much. I already told you, I don't feel like you caused any trouble at all.
Misaki: Still, you were pretty awesome.
Kanon: Th-that's not true! Even with how desperate as I was, look how things turned out...
Misaki: No no no. The moments where you were giving it you all? That's what was awesome.
Kanon: I guess I was kind of happy too. To think that even I could put a smile on someone's face... I think that might have given me a little more confidence...
Misaki: On top of that, we're talking about a penguin. I'm sure that can't be easy.
Kanon: Fufu. Pen-chan... I sure would love to hug you again.
Kanon: ... Ah, oh yeah!
Misaki: What's up?
Kanon: Felting! Maybe this time I'll try to make a felt penguin!
Kanon: I was together with one for the entire day. I don't think I'll have a problem with the finer details!
Misaki: Ah, that's a good idea.
Kanon: In that case, I'll want to but new materials, but... is it this way?
Misaki: ... Other way.
Misaki: Haha... Why don't we all just go together?
Kanon: Okay!
Kanon: Bye-bye, Pen-chan...

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