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Lock On! Card Story - Episode

Layers of Memories


Asahi Bathhouse - Rokka's Room

LOCK: Please make yourself comfortable, Masuki-san.
MASKING: Thanks, LOCK. Today's bath was another nice one.
MASKING: I didn't say anything the last time I was here, but your room sure is relaxing.
LOCK: It is?
MASKING: Yeah. It just has this vibe... Might be 'cause of the tatami.
LOCK: Fufu, that could be why. You're welcome to lie down if you'd like.
MASKING: Man, you've got nothin' in this room. It feels so spacious even when we lie down.
LOCK: It may not look like it, but I actually have a lot more possessions than when I first moved in.
LOCK: RAS, Poppin'Party, Ako-chan, Asuka-chan... I have a lot of things to remember everyone by.
LOCK: Oh, and the bathhouse guests also give me things.
MASKING: Huh, so is this washcloth also from one of them?
LOCK: That one's from Chiyo-san! She's one of the neighbors who frequents our bathhouse.
LOCK: Now that I think about it, you're also a regular. Thank you for always coming.
MASKING: No need to be all formal with me.
MASKING: I should be thankin' you for cleanin' the place every mornin'. It really does let me enjoy my bath.
MASKING: You know, I only helped out a bit, but cleanin' this place is seriously back-breakin' work~.
LOCK: It may be hard, but it's also rewarding. Seeing the guests enjoying themselves makes me happy.
LOCK: And it doesn't feel hard at all when I'm having fun chatting with them!
LOCK: When I first moved here, I had this scary image of the city... But I've learned that this area is really comfy.
MASKING: Yeah, I know what you mean. Everything here's more laid-back, and even when you go to festivals, you can recognize everyone.
LOCK: Festivals...! I wish I could go...!
MASKING: Huh? You haven't been to a festival since comin' here?
MASKING: I gotta take you to one, then. There's the odd seasonal event as well.
LOCK: You will?!
MASKING: Yeah. Aside from festivals and events, there are still some places with good food that I haven't shown you. We should go some time.
LOCK: Yes! I'd really love to go~!
LOCK: Umm, Masuki-san! There's one other... well, actually two... No, three other places I'd like to go to!
MASKING: Hm? Where do you wanna go? No need to be shy.
LOCK: Well... I want to see a movie, go shopping, and visit your place again!
MASKING: Haha, sure, we can do all of that. Seriously though, you can just come by my place any time.
LOCK: Thank you very much!
LOCK: I... originally came here because I wanted to be in a band, but there are so many other things I want to do now. I've become a little greedy.
MASKING: Nothin' wrong with that. Let's do all those things you wanna do!
MASKING: And it's the same for me too. I wanna hang out with you more at tons of other places.
LOCK: I'm so glad you feel the same way!
MASKING: The other members might feel somethin' similar.
LOCK: It would be nice to visit the hilltop with everyone!
MASKING: Yeah! I wonder when a good time would be~. I wanna take pictures, so it should be when the weather's nice.
LOCK: Once we take a picture, I'm going to put it with my student ID, just like you!
MASKING: Great idea. I'll put mine with my photo of Death Galaxy then.
LOCK: We should give everyone else copies.
MASKING: You think they're the type to carry something like that around?
LOCK: It's okay! Just having the same photos means something.
LOCK: Fufu, it looks like my to-do list has grown longer!
MASKING: Yeah. Let's make them all come true with the rest of the band!
LOCK: Yes!

Lock On! Card Story - Special Episode

Time to Get to Know You


dub - Lobby

Marina: Hi, Rokka-chan!
LOCK: Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Thank you very much for coming!
Marina: And thank you for inviting us. Today's performance was amazing as always~!
Marina: Especially that part where you and Masuki-chan looked into each other's eyes while playing! You were both perfectly in sync!
LOCK: W-we were?! I'm so happy to hear that from you!
LOCK: When Masuki-san and I did a session before, we actually had trouble playing in harmony.
LOCK: It was probably because we were both so into it, but I ended up feeling really frustrated afterward...
Marina: Oh. Things like that are hard to ignore, even though they're relatively minor.
LOCK: Yes... I'd never really had that kind of trouble before either...
Marina: So, how did you manage to solve the issue?
LOCK: We spent as much time together as we could!
LOCK: We thought getting to know each other would help us play together.
LOCK: We watched a movie, went to the arcade, helped each other at work... Oh, and I even went to Masuki-san's place!
Marina: Nice! It sounds both effective and fun!
LOCK: It was!
Marina: I see~. So that's how you managed to learn how to play so well together.
LOCK: I'm actually not so sure... It doesn't really feel that way to me...
LOCK: But I'm glad I got to know Masuki-san better, and I hope I can learn even more about her.
LOCK: And I want to know more about everyone in RAS too!
Marina: Yeah, that sounds good!
LOCK: LAYER-san was the one who suggested that we spend time together so that we would be able to tell what the other person wants.
LOCK: So maybe if I spend more time with everyone, I'll understand their music better, and I'll be able to add more richness to RAS' music...
Marina: Ah, so that's what you're thinking~.
Marina: As you said, I think it's important to get to know your bandmates.
Marina: And I'm sure you'll be able to do that.
LOCK: Really...?
Marina: Mmhmm! Trust me, I've got an eye for such things! Just kidding.
LOCK: Fufufu, okay! I'll trust you!
Marina: I bet RAS is going to become an even more awesome band~.
Marina: You agree too, don't you, BanG Dreamer-san?
LOCK: Hearing you two say that makes me believe it could really happen...
LOCK: No, no! We'll make sure it does!
Marina: Good luck, Rokka-chan.
LOCK: Thank you very much! We'll do our best!