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Longtime Childhood Friend Card Story - Episode

Kind & Caring


Tomoe: Taiko practice today. Hopefully it doesn't take up too much time. I want to be able to go to rehearsal at the studio afterward.
Tomoe: ... Hm? Is that...?
Moca: Nom nom nom... Ahh~, the buns at Yamabuki Bakery are the best~.
Tomoe: Yo, Moca. Whatcha got there?
Moca: Hey~, it's Tomo-chin~. This~? It's a bun from Yamabuki Bakery~.
Tomoe: Again? Wow, you really love their bread, don't you?
Moca: Of course~. I could eat it everyday~.
Moca: And somehow... Today, I was able to get the most popular bun before it sold out. I guess you could say I've got my schedule down~.
Moca: So, what are you up to?
Tomoe: I'm heading to taiko practice. After that, I plan on going to rehearsal at the studio.
Moca: Rehears- Oh, yeah~. That's today, isn't it~?
Tomoe: Don't tell me you forgot...
Moca: Don't worry about it~, I've got it all up here. I was even planning to pick up my guitar after this~.
Tomoe: ... Really...?
Moca: Really. After hearing that CD, Ran's been practicing really hard. You think I would forget to go see that~?
Tomoe: That CD...? You mean the first one we recorded?
Moca: That's the one. Ever since then, it feels like there's a fire under her.
Tomoe: Hearing it probably brought back a lot of memories, so she probably has a lot on her mind...
Tomoe: Considering everything that happened...
Moca: You mean how Ran got put in a different class so she was moping around all day~?
Tomoe: Come on, stop it...
Moca: But it's true~.
Moca: ... Though to be fair, who would've thought that she would be in a class by herself? Especially when the rest of us ended up together.
Tomoe: I know. I was afraid of what might happen...
Tomoe: But Ran now and Ran before are totally different. She looks like she's having a lot of fun, so no reason to worry anymore.
Moca: Wow~, you’re such a big sister, Tomo-chin~.
Moca: You're really considerate and take care of everyone. I guess it's 'cause you have a little sister~?
Tomoe: Well, I do get that a lot.
Moca: You can look after me, too~.
Tomoe: No thanks.
Moca: You didn't even think about it~. So stingy~.
Tomoe: Anyway!
Tomoe: With how much fun Ran's been having lately, she's giving this next show everything she's got.
Tomoe: We can't let her work harder than us!
Moca: Yeah~.
Tomoe: ... That wasn't convincing at all.
Moca: Wow~, how rude. That was me being excited, you know~.
Tomoe: How would anyone know that?
Moca: Okay then, how about I act like Hii-chan so that everyone can tell exactly how I'm feeling~?
Moca: Alright~, let's give today's practice everything we've got~. Hey, hey, hoh~.
Moca: Now together~. Hey, hey, hoh~.
Tomoe: Alright, fine... Hey, hey, hoh~!
Tomoe: How's that?
Moca: Perfect. Heh heh heh. Okay, see ya later~.

Longtime Childhood Friend Card Story - Special Episode

Three Years Later...


Tomoe: Maybe I should hold back a bit on this part... Which means I'll put a little more power into the beginning of this measure...
Tomoe: ... Hm? BanG Dreamer-san? What's up?
Tomoe: I shouldn't forget to take a break? I'm just going over this one part that's been bugging me.
Tomoe: I thought I should figure it out while I'm here before I actually play with the rest of the band.
Tomoe: You wanna know what song I'm playing? You know it. We've performed it a bunch of times before.
Tomoe: Oh, you like this song too, huh? Cool, thanks. I love it.
Tomoe: ... But I like all of our songs.
Tomoe: Hahaha, I mean, our music is awesome. You know what I'm talking about, right?
Tomoe: Are we gonna play it at the next show? Hmm, Ran was saying she wants to put it on the set list, so I'm thinking we will.
Tomoe: Yeah, we listened to it just the other day. It was the first track we ever recorded onto a CD.
Tomoe: It brings back so many memories. That day, I grabbed the sheet music, brought it to practice, and decided, we're gonna learn this song.
Tomoe: The way we play now is miles ahead of when we first started. Not only are we more comfortable, but we also know when to turn it up.
Tomoe: Hearing our first recording really threw me off. I was like, "Hold up, is that really me?"
Tomoe: We definitely thought we were playing well, but that was far from reality.
Tomoe: But you know, I don't know if it was listening to our old music that helped me figure out new things... but I'm glad we did.
Tomoe: We recorded it, maybe... three years ago? Haha, it seems like it wasn't that long ago, but that is a lot of time.
Tomoe: Or is it...? That first song wasn't very good, but we've come pretty far.
Tomoe: ... Man, three years. We've grown in so many ways... On a musical level, an emotional level... I could go on and on.
Tomoe: But we can't let it get to our heads!
Tomoe: Before we were just happy to be able to play together, but now it's different.
Tomoe: We want to... make songs that only we're capable of!
Tomoe: We're going to keep on growing and getting better and better. You'll see!