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Look Up at the Starry Sky Card Story - Episode

Together Forever


Ichigaya Residence
Kasumi: Ahh~, yep. Being in this basement really helps me relax~. It feels like I've returned home.
Arisa: Kasumi, I've been meaning to tell you this... You're a bit too relaxed here. This isn't your house, you know...
Kasumi: What? Why would you say that?! Sometimes I end up spending more time here than I do in my own room. Not that I mean to.
Saaya: Now that you mention it, I think that might be true for all of us. Plus, that last performance we did here was great, and the audience loved it... It really is like this place is our home.
Arisa: You too, Saaya? Seriously, what are you guys even saying?
Rimi: I actually didn't think we'd get to do a show here again.
Rimi: It's all thanks to O-Tae-chan. Thank you for that.
Tae: If you ever wanna have another show here, feel free to let me know.
Arisa: You mean me?! There's no way you don't mean me!
Saaya: Fufu, we really have to thank you too, Arisa. The performance went a bit longer than we were expecting... Was your grandma mad?
Arisa: Not at all... In fact, she watches the recording of it every single day...
Kasumi: Really~? That's nice to hear. Sounds like she gets a lot of enjoyment out of it.
Kasumi: Alrighty, guys! Let's make today's rehearsal a good one! Our next concert awaits!
Arisa: Uhh, Kasumi... Since when did we have a 'next concert' planned?
Kasumi: What are you talking about~? You remember what your teacher said the other day, don't you?! About doing one at the school?
Arisa: Yeah, it's not like I forgot. I'm pretty sure that was just a matter of politely socializing. A show of proper etiquette, no?
Kasumi: Hm? Etiquette? Socializ-... What was it again? I'm confused~.
Saaya: It's fine, Kasumi. I'm pretty sure those words have no place in your everyday life. Besides, I don't think it was about proper social etiquette either.
Arisa: Hmm, I suppose. Sensei's not really the type to say that sort of thing just to be nice...
Arisa: We had a chance to speak after everything was said and done. Apparently, Sensei wasn't planning on making me quit the band, even if I didn't get 480 points on my tests.
Rimi: Oh, really...?
Arisa: Actually, I got an apology instead... "It seems I put a lot of pressure on you and forced you into an unfortunate situation. I'm sorry." Looks like the fact that I was eating my bentos alone didn't go unnoticed..
Tae: Ah, I saw that too. You would sit by the window and watch the courtyard while you ate.
Kasumi: Wait, you did?! So you did want to eat with us!
Arisa: Sh-shut up! I just happened to be sitting there at the same time! That's all...!
Kasumi: Arisa! We're gonna keep eating our bentos together for a long, long time! It's a promise, okay?!
Arisa: Let go of my hand!
Saaya: Fufu. You better be ready, Arisa. When Kasumi says a long time, she really means it. I mean, she doesn't know anything about social etiquette, after all.
Arisa: ... Huh? Wait, hold on. So what does a 'long time' mean? Forever?
Kasumi: Forever!
Arisa: Are you dumb?!
Tae: Maybe I'll ask you for hamburg steaks for a "long time."
Arisa: Don't expect to get any!
Rimi: I-it's okay, O-Tae-chan. I'll give you mine.
Kasumi: Ahahaha, this is great. We're back to having fun together.
Saaya: Yeah. I was worried about what might happen to us for a while.
Kasumi: So after everything that happened, I spent some more time thinking about what sparkling and heart-pounding really means.
Arisa: Didn't we already talk about this? You told us what you think it means yourself.
Kasumi: That's true, but I get the sense that what it felt like before we started the band and what it feels like to me now is a bit different.
Rimi: Could you explain? I'm interested to hear this.
Kasumi: I'm not sure I can put it into words very well, but... I think the sparkling and heart-pounding I felt before was the feeling that something was about to begin.
Rimi: The feeling that something... was about to begin?
Kasumi: "This looks like a blast," "I bet this is gonna be a lot of fun." I think those were the kinds of thoughts that would make me feel the sparkling and heart-pounding... You get what I'm saying?
Tae: No worries, we follow.
Kasumi: But now, it's not just about me. Arisa, Rimi-rin, O-Tae, Saaya... If you're all not sparkling and heart-pounding, than I can't be either.
Kasumi: So I think the thing that makes me feel sparkling and heart-pounding is if everyone else is feeling it... And that's what I came up with!
Arisa: Huh?! That's the conclusion?!
Kasumi: I'm sorry~. That's the only way I know how to put it~. Don't tell me you guys didn't understand any of that...
Arisa: No, I can put what you're saying together... It's simple, no? Basically, it was about your sparkling and heart-pounding before, and now it's about our sparkling and heart-pounding, right?
Arisa: Yeah! Exactly! That was amazing, Arisa! Yeah, now it's about us instead of just me!
Saaya: I see. Classic Arisa. It feels like you always understand Kasumi, down to a T.
Arisa: Absolutely not! Besides, I'm pretty sure anyone could kinda understand what she meant to say!
Tae: I had no idea what she was talking about.
Arisa: What?! You said you were following like halfway through!
Rimi: You never cease to amaze me, Arisa-chan~. I bet you're always quick to figure things out.
Arisa: No betting anything about me based on this!
Kasumi: Thank you, Arisa! I can really depend on you! We're gonna continue being friends for a long, long~, long time, okay?!
Arisa: A 'long time,' huh? In other words...
Arisa: ... Sigh~, fine. I guess I don't have much of a choice...

Look Up at the Starry Sky Card Story - Special Episode

The Revival of Kasumi!


Station Entrance
Kasumi: Sigh...
Marina: Oh? Kasumi-chan?
Kasumi: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hey!
Marina: Hello. Kasumi-chan, is something wrong? Looked like something was on your mind...
Kasumi: Ehehe, I guess so, but... really, I was looking at the stars. They're so sparkly and beautiful.
Kasumi: ... I haven't felt much like looking at them lately, so it's been a while!
Marina: Did something happen, Kasumi-chan?
Kasumi: ... Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, do you guys have a second?
Marina: Us? Yeah, we have some time.
Kasumi: Awesome. There's something I wanted to tell you about!
Kasumi: It's about Poppin'Party.
Marina: Something about Poppin'Party? Now that you mention it, you all were handing out flyers the other day, right? How was the show?
Kasumi: It was absolutely amazing! It was all like whoaaa~, and the hearts were pounding through the roof~!
Kasumi: But... the thing I wanted to talk about is what happened before that.
Marina: Before the show?
Kasumi: Yeah. The truth is that we weren't getting along very well, and we all started doing our own thing... It was almost like Poppin'Party broke up.
Kasumi: Rimi-rin wasn't feeling well, and Arisa was going through something but she wouldn't tell us what it was... Everything we were all dealing with got mixed together, and we started clashing with each other.
Kasumi: Even O-Tae got up and left in the middle of a rehearsal, saying that we weren't gonna get anything done. I was getting super nervous at that point.
Kasumi: I... knew we couldn't continue like that, but I had no idea what I was supposed to do. That's when... I sorta broke down in front of Saaya.
Marina: Wait, you? Broke down?
Kasumi: Haha, hahaha... That's right. But Saaya said I have to stay strong or we're in trouble... Almost like she was scolding me.
Marina: Fufu, yeah. That sounds like something she would do.
Kasumi: Doesn't it? But then something happened that was really unlike her.
Kasumi: Ah, but make sure you guys don't tell Saaya that I said this!
Marina: Fufu, I know. That shouldn't be a problem for you either, right?
Kasumi: Ehehe, thank you. So, Saaya... actually showed a bit of a weak side too.
Kasumi: She said she didn't know what to do and she was really afraid. She thought we might lose this place that we're comfortable being in after working so hard to find it.
Kasumi: I was so shocked! I mean, this is Saaya we're talking about!
Kasumi: To think that the strong and reliable Saaya could actually feel... scared...
Marina: Kasumi-chan...
Kasumi: Then... Then the two of us held hands. You know, 'cause the last time we all did that, we were able to communicate our feelings to one another.
Kasumi: And we wanted to make these jumbled up feelings clear to each other, the same way we did before.
Marina: So you hold hands and send your feelings to each other, huh...? Well? Did it work?
Kasumi: Yep!
Kasumi: I think it would have taken a lot more time for Poppin'Party to get back to the way it was if we didn't do that.
Kasumi: And I got to hear how Saaya was really feeling and see a side of her I've never seen before... It was definitely a rough time for us, but I'm happy, actually.
Kasumi: I felt like I had to do even more than ever so that I could help Saaya and the others... No, not that I had to, but that I wanted to!
Marina: Nice. That's great. You guys have our support too, just so you know.
Kasumi: Thanks. And thank you for listening, Marina-san! Same to you of course, BanG Dreamer-san!
Kasumi: Mmm~!! Now that I no longer have all that weight on my shoulders, I just wanna grab Random Star and get to rockin'~!
Kasumi: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, are there any concerts coming up that Poppin'Party could take part in?
Marina: Ufufu, it's like you've been completely revived to your old self. No problem, I'll double check and let you know.
Kasumi: Thank you so much!
Kasumi: Alrighty! Time for more sparkling and heart-pounding~!