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Mad Dog Drummer Card Story - Episode



CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

MASKING: The name's Satou Masuki... CHU² calls me MASKING. I'm RAISE A SUILEN's drummer.
MASKING: Before joinin' RAS, I temporarily worked with other bands as a drummer... and well, other stuff. Rei, our vocalist, and I have known each other since that time.
MASKING: I've been playin' the drums since I was little. My old man's an ex-drummer.
MASKING: He's the owner of a live house called Galaxy. When I wanna get in some practice alone, that's where I usually am.
MASKING: RAS is my first real band, so it's all so new. It's a blast.
MASKING: Doin' stuff like goin' to a public bathhouse and eatin' together... It's not half bad.
MASKING: Oh, yeah. I also work part time as this ramen joint called Galaxy Ramen.
MASKING: Been workin' there for quite a bit, so my cookin' ain't half bad either. I also bake cakes n' stuff 'cause CHU²'s got a sweet tooth.
MASKING: If you need something to fill you up, drop by Galaxy Ramen. I'll whip you up a ramen or something else.

Mad Dog Drummer Card Story - Special Episode

First Band



MASKING: ... Hm? 'Sup, BanG Dreamer.
MASKING: What's so strange about me wanderin' around downtown? I live right on top of Galaxy. My old man's the owner of it.
MASKING: He used to be the drummer for a band called Death Galaxy, you know.
MASKING: He was real awesome, and I always looked up to him.
MASKING: I think I was only two or three when I tried to copy him and grabbed some drumsticks.
MASKING: Haha. Oh, yeah. My feet couldn't even reach the pedals.
MASKING: Pretty much not a day's gone by since then that I haven't been on the drums.
MASKING: I've played one-offs as a member of backup bands and helped out at studios as a drummer, but RAS is the first band I've actually joined.
MASKING: Honestly, I figured I'd never join one.
MASKING: Why...? Just never quite fit in, that's all. I mean, people even called me Mad Dog.
MASKING: That's why I totally didn't see it comin' when CHU² asked me to join.
MASKING: At first, I thought she was just some little shrimp.
MASKING: But it turned out her passion and senses were the real deal. When I saw the music and gave it a go, I thought joinin' RAS was worth a shot.
MASKING: Now that we've got a full crew, I'm starting to see glimpses of the strongest band CHU² wants to turn us into.
MASKING: Everyone she's recruited is serious about music. LOCK only joined recently, but she's already starting to adapt to our style.
MASKING: Hey, thanks. Bein' shown support ain't half-bad.
MASKING: Anyway, I think I'm gonna go.
MASKING: Sorry to keep you. Later.