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Making Cookies Card Story - Episode

Cookie Feedback


Walking Home
(from Roselia Rehearsal)
Lisa: Mmm~! Another exhausting rehearsal~. But at the very end, we were all perfectly in sync, so it feels like we finished off strong ✩
Sayo: Yeah...
Lisa: Things have been pretty good for us lately, huh? I start off thinking that we're not doing so well, but then, toward the end, we somehow pull together and play an awesome set ♪
Sayo: We do...
Lisa: ...
Sayo: ...
Lisa: Hey, Sayo...?
Sayo: Wh-What is it?
Lisa: You've been all squirmy as if you've been wanting to say something. What's up?
Sayo: Th-That's not true...
Lisa: Oh~, really~? Well ever since we left the studio, you've been glancing over at my face, haven't you?!
Lisa: Don't try to tell me that doesn't mean anything~.
Sayo: A-Actually...
Sayo: You know the cookies I gave you all today during rehearsal?
Lisa: Mhm! Everyone was so shocked!
Lisa: Ako was like, "Why’d you bring us cookies?!" She just wouldn't drop it ✩
Lisa: And classic Yukina, looking really serious while trying to find the cat-shaped cookies. That was hilarious~ ♪
Sayo: Imai-san, you were laughing just like you are now, but... it wouldn't have hurt for you to try and help me out a bit, don't you think?
Lisa: Ahaha, sorry, sorry!
Lisa: But you can't blame everyone for being so surprised, you know. To think you would bake cookies for us ✩
Sayo: I-I told you... It was just because I had the opportunity, so I figured I would make some for everyone...
Lisa: Mhm, mhm. I know, I know♪ So? Why are you still thinking about that?
Sayo: ... It's everyone's feedback. You, Minato-san, Udagawa-san, Shirokane-san... You were all nice enough to say the cookies were good, but I want to hear your honest opinion.
Lisa: ... Huh?
Sayo: Especially yours, since you're so skilled at baking cookies...
Sayo: Now, tell me what you really thought.
Lisa: Hold on, hold on, hold on! Wait just a sec’, Sayo...!
Sayo: What's wrong?
Lisa: Don't tell me you think everyone said the cookies were good just because they were worried about hurting your feelings. That's not why they said it at all!
Sayo: ... Really?
Lisa: Really really! You can usually tell just by looking at everyone's face, can't you? They were eating those cookies with smiles on their faces ✩
Sayo: Y-Yeah...
Sayo: You're right. They were smiling while they were eating...
Sayo: And they looked like they were having a fun conversation...
Lisa: Which means, the cookies were delicious! I thought they were really good too!
Lisa: So~, you can be more confident, just like you are when you're playing guitar! Okay?
Sayo: O-Okay... Thank you.
Sayo: ...
Sayo: Imai-san, uhm... I was thinking I wanted to try making something else...
Lisa: Huh?! You're gonna make us more treats?! Yay~ ♪
Lisa: Alright, maybe I should put in a request then~ ♪
Lisa: Chocolate cake might be good~. Or maybe tiramisu.
Lisa: Oh, but I can't forget about pudding~!
Sayo: N-Nothing too difficult... I'd have some trouble.
Lisa: It's okay, don't worry! I know you can do it! I look forward to great things ✩
Sayo: You might want to keep your expectations in check...
Lisa: In that case, why don't we bake together✩ That could work out well!
Sayo: Fufu, alright. Maybe if I'm feeling up to it, I'll ask for your help...

Making Cookies Card Story - Special Episode

What Tsugumi Taught Me


Sayo: ...
Sayo: Oh, I see... You put this ingredient in so that the dough will expand...
Sayo: But why is it that you can't let the dough sit at this point...?
Sayo: ... Hm?
Sayo: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san?! No, not at all. I'm reading this book because...
Sayo: Well, not because I realized baking is my calling or anything like that. It's just...
Sayo: I actually took part in a cooking class the other day to try and improve my band's overall mood.
Sayo: Imai-san is always bringing treats for us, and whenever we eat them, things tend to lighten up.
Sayo: It's kind of like the cookies help us communicate more effectively... Or like they help bring out what's good about Roselia, maybe...
Sayo: One time, Imai-san wasn't at rehearsal, and we couldn't get things going at all...
Sayo: Her cookies aren't the only reason for that. Her presence itself is something that Roselia can't be without, but...
Sayo: Seeing how things were when she wasn't there made me think that maybe I could also do a little bit for the band by making my own treats.
Sayo: So I decided I would go to a cooking class so I could learn how to bake them.
Sayo: Hazawa-san's family held the class at their cafe.
Sayo: No, I actually had no idea. Once I got there, I saw that it was Hazawa-san's store.
Sayo: And while we were making the cookies, she taught me a number of important things.
Sayo: I already knew that feeling unsettled unless I do something with 100 percent effort was an aspect of my personality, but...
Sayo: There are times when that doesn't play out so well.
Sayo: That's when Hazawa-san taught me the importance of thinking about when I should give something my all and when I should take it easy.
Sayo: She's truly a wonderful person. The reason I was able to make cookies that day was because of how polite she was while she was teaching me...
Sayo: I feel like I was able to see many of her positive characteristics that day.
Sayo: And because I was able to get to know her a lot more, I was able to grow... That's what I believe.
Sayo: Still, despite saying that, it's pretty hard to drop a habit I've had for so long...
Sayo: ... Yeah. That doesn't mean I plan on being careless during rehearsal.
Sayo: To me, rehearsal is a time for giving your all. That will absolutely never change.
Sayo: Not for rehearsal or anything related... I'm certain those things are better off done with clear intent.
Sayo: I get the sense that if I stop refining my skills, I'll stop being me.
Sayo: That might be a bit conceited to say.
Sayo: What do you think, BanG Dreamer-san?
Sayo: ... Fufu. If you think that seems just like something I would say, then I think I must be doing the right thing.
Sayo: I'm going to continue my solo rehearsals, and keep putting in the effort.
Sayo: However, there are parts of this world that are still unknown to me, and I think it's important that I experience them.
Sayo: If I do that, I can acquire things that I don't currently possess...
Sayo: And apply those same things to my music.
Sayo: ... Thank you. That basically means you agree, right?
Sayo: I'm glad we're on the same page. I want to be able to find my own sound...
Sayo: And I'm sure my perspective at the moment is too narrow to do so.
Sayo: If I widen my perspective and come to understand a variety of things...
Sayo: I think I'll arrive one day... at my own sound.
Sayo: I'm certain that practicing will not be enough to bring me to the place where it exists...
Sayo: I apologize. I didn't realize I was getting carried away.
Sayo: Sorry to disturb you during work.
Sayo: I think the other members will be here soon, so if you'll excuse me.
Sayo: Make sure you don't work yourself too hard, BanG Dreamer-san.