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Making Cookies Once More Card Story - Episode

I Must Change!


Residential Area

Lisa: ... Sigh...
Lisa: So... I have to change...?
Lisa: (I've been trying to do everything in my power to help Roselia... to help the others, but I guess maybe that was a bad thing?)
Lisa: (Yukina has always been easily misunderstood. I thought if I helped keep that from happening too often, everything with the band would go smoothly...)
Lisa: (... But yeah, it's possible that I've been jumping the gun a little too much. I've always tried very carefully to keep everyone from butting heads. Does this mean I shouldn't have been doing that?)
Lisa: I thought I was doing that to help Yukina, to help the others, but maybe...
Lisa: ... I just wanted people to depend on me...?
Lisa: In that case, if there's anything that needs to be fixed here, it would be me!
Lisa: I don't really know if that's the problem or not yet, but it'll probably be better to keep from helping Yukina all the time so that I can know for sure...
Lisa: ... 'Kay. I'll stop giving her so much of my attention! But it doesn't feel right to just stop doing it all at once. Maybe little by little, I should--
Lisa: ... Wah! Yukina?!
Yukina: ...! Lisa? Wh-why do you sound so surprised?
Lisa: You just popped up from around the corner! Of course I'd be surprised~! And I was in the middle of thinking about something, so yeah...
Yukina: Thinking about what?
Lisa: Huh? Oh no, it's~... Hahaha...
Yukina: ...
Lisa: Ahaha~... Sigh...

Lisa: W-we ended up walking home together, but... th-this is pretty awkward~...
Lisa: Y-Yukina, you almost never walk in this direction. You always go straight that way. Are you planning to stop somewhere?
Yukina: ... Yes. I wanted to go to the convenience store.
Lisa: O-oh~, okay~! That makes sense~! The light changes faster if you go this way, yeah~!
Yukina: That's right.
Lisa: A-ahahaha~...
Lisa: (Ugh... So awkward...)
Yukina: ...
Lisa: (Yukina looks super uncomfortable too~. And it seems like something is bothering her.)
Lisa: (All I'd have to do is make the conversation about cats to make everything better at a time like this... Ngh... I can't do it... I can't act like I don't know something is up when she's making a face like that...!)
Lisa: H-hey, Yukina...!
Sayo: Imai-san.
Lisa: Whoa! S-Sayo?!
Sayo: Minato-san. Good evening.
Yukina: Oh, Sayo... Good evening.
Lisa: Wait, what's going on? Was your place always in this direction?
Sayo: No, I have an errand to take care of today... I happened to see you two, so I decided to come over. Did I do something wrong?
Lisa: I wouldn't say you did anything wrong~...
Sayo: That's good... By the way, those were fairly serious expressions you both had on your faces... What were you talking about?
Lisa: Huh? What were we talking about...? Well~...
Yukina: Nothing of note, really.
Lisa: Th-that's right! We weren't talking about anything special!
Sayo: ... Oh? I get the feeling I cut in on you about to say something, Imai-san.
Lisa: Nope, not at all! Absolutely not! A-ahahahaha~...
Lisa: Ahaha... Haha...
Lisa: (I was just about to try and help Yukina with her problem. And right after I decided I would do less, too...)
Yukina: ...? Lisa...?
Lisa: ... Ahhh~! I just remembered! I have something I was supposed to do today~!
Lisa: I have to hurry home! Sorry, you guys. I'm gonna take off... so... see ya!
Yukina: Ah... Lisa...
Sayo: ...
Yukina: ... I'll... be heading home too. See you later...
Sayo: Yeah... See you.
Sayo: ... Looks like there's a long road ahead.
Sayo: I have to do some more thinking as well. For myself, and... for Roselia. So...
Sayo: ... Good luck to you too... Imai-san.

Making Cookies Once More Card Story - Special Episode

The Calm After the Storm



Lisa: Hmm~, what should I get today~? I've already tried their new chocolate soy latte, so~... Yep, I'll just get the usual! Now for a seat~...
Lisa: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hey hey~♪ Are you guys about to go on break?
Marina: We're just coming back from lunch. What happened? You seem pretty cheerful today.
Lisa: Ahaha. That's not true~... is what I would say if I wasn't in a good mood ♪
Marina: Ooo, tell us about it.
Lisa: Well~, you two might already know this, but Roselia wasn't doing so hot recently. It was actually pretty bad.
Lisa: Ako and Rinko had stormed out during rehearsal, and then they stopped coming. Yukina followed suit... Everyone was off doing their own thing.
Marina: What?! That... doesn't sound like something to be happy about.
Lisa: Ahaha, it's fine! I'm sure you'll understand by the end of the story!
Lisa: So, Roselia was in a pinch... And the reason for all of it was probably... me.
Marina: You, Lisa-chan? What do you mean?
Lisa: I do think that all the other members had something they were personally going through, but blame belonged to me more than anyone else.
Lisa: ... I had been doing everything I could to help them. At least, that's what I thought I was doing.
Lisa: But it was more so that I wanted to be useful to the band, or rather, I wanted to feel like I was helping... That's what was really happening.
Lisa: Especially when it came to Yukina. I lent her a hand way too often... You could say it was more like spoiling her.
Lisa: I think I always had a feeling that that was the case, but I just pretended like I didn't realize it.
Lisa: It pains my heart to think about it now. I think if none of this stuff happened though, I would've never changed. I would have kept coddling her.
Lisa: That's just wrong, don't you think? I wasn't letting Yukina, or Roselia, grow.
Lisa: When I think about it like that, it makes me feel like what we went through was a hurdle that we needed to overcome.
Lisa: ... Yep, I'm sure of it. That's why from now on, I wanna do the things that are truly for Yukina's sake.
Lisa: Ah, I won't only do that for Yukina, obviously! What I mean is... that for me to do what is truly for Roselia's sake... my first step is to do what is actually better for Yukina, you know?
Marina: Don't worry, I think I get what you're trying to say. In other words... Roselia is gonna become amazing! That's what you mean, right?
Lisa: I knew you'd get it, Marina-san! You're always quick on the uptake!
Marina: Fufu, thanks. But I see now~. Roselia overcame a hurdle, and that's why you're happy.
Marina: Times like that certainly lift the spirit, don't they? It makes you feel like you can take on the world!
Lisa: Yeah! It really does! Yesterday I made so many cookies, it was like I was baking for an all-you-can-eat event! It was so hard to give them all away~.
Marina: Ahaha, I see. Seeing you like this makes me excited for what Roselia has in store. I'm sure you'll all be even better than before.
Lisa: You know it! And you can look forward to it!
Yukina: ...
Lisa: Hm? It's Yukina. Hey~, Yukina~!
Yukina: ...?
Lisa: Ah, n-no, not over there! Look over here! Hello~, Yukina~! Come here~!
Marina: ... As they say, adversity builds character. Fufu, I guess Roselia's gonna have our attention very soon.
Lisa: Hello~, Yukina~! Oh, come on~! I'm right here~!
Lisa: Yukinaaa~!!