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Manager for a Day Card Story - Episode

Don't tell Chisato-chan


The Beach
Aya: Mmm~♪ There's nothing like swimming in the ocean~!
Himari: Aya-san, since you were the manager for the day, does this mean this is your first time to go in the water today?
Aya: That's right! The water was right there all day, but I couldn't go in... It was driving me crazy~.
Ako: In that case, let's go have lots of fun right now! There's still some time before it gets dark!
Aya: Really? Yay~, thanks! Lisa-chan and Rinko-chan, are you guys gonna come too?
Lisa: Of course ♪
Rinko: Just... to the shore...
Himari: Okay, then, get ready for a sunset-splash battle... Let's go!

30 Minutes Later
Lisa: Urgh...
Aya: Huh, are you leaving the water already, Lisa-chan?
Lisa: Yeah... the water is starting to sting a little~.
Aya: Oh, did you get sunburned today?!
Lisa: I think so... *sigh* I made sure to put sunscreen on too, oh well~...
Aya: Does it hurt? Are you okay...?
Aya: I have some moisturizing cream you can use. I'll grab it for you!
Lisa: Nah, this is nothing~ I'm okay! Thanks for worrying about me though, Aya-chan ♪
Aya: Nope~! You shouldn't underestimate sunburns! Just use the cream, okay?
Aya: Sunburn doesn't just turn your skin brown, it can also create blemishes!
Aya: ... Which is exactly what Chisato-chan said when she told me off.
Aya: "An idol must take care of her skin, Aya-chan!" is what she said, and even though she had a smile on her face she was kind of scary...
Lisa: Wow~. Idols have to worry about so many more things than the rest of us, huh?
Aya: Yeah, there's so much. The day I accepted the manager thing, Chisato-chan went as far as giving me some sunscreen that's really strong, but soft on the skin.
Aya: Even though I told her it'd be okay because the beach hut has a roof, she was like "No, be sure to apply it multiple times" every day for about a week or so...
Lisa: Ahaha, wow... I guess it just goes to show how hard it is being an idol. Is there anything else you guys have to be careful of?
Aya: Besides getting sunburned? Let's see... Be careful not to get any little cuts or scratches~.
Aya: Oh, and always turn on your humidifier before you go to sleep! If your throat ever feels weird, immediately put on a mask. Stuff like that.
Lisa: I see, I see~. A vocalist has to take good care of their throat, huh~? Yukina is super careful about everything as well.
Aya: That's right~! Apparently, it's easy to catch a cold when your throat is weak too!
Lisa: I've gotta say though, it sounds so tough being an idol and having all those things to be careful of~! I don't think I could do it.
Lisa: I think I have a new-found respect for you, Aya!
Aya: Ehehe, it's not that special~. It's all easy once you get used to it!
Aya: Other than that, there's... If you're going to eat chocolate, eat it before a meal...
Aya: If you go to bed late, make sure it's before the date changes. Oh, and cut back on junk food and soda!
Aya: What else? Hmm...
Lisa: ... Huh? Wait a sec. Didn't I get an immediate response from you when I texted you at one in the morning the other day?
Aya: Ugh...
Lisa: And didn't you order fries the last time we went out together?
Aya: Gah...!
Lisa: And then there was that time you had a chocolate cake for dessert...
Lisa: If Chisato finds out, she'll...
Aya: Wahhh~! Don't tell her, Lisa-chan! I'm begging you~!

Manager for a Day Card Story - Special Episode

Another Point of View


CiRCLE - Lobby
Aya: Okay, I've bought everything I need, now I just have to memorize the opening speech...
Aya: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello♪ ... Oh, this? It's the script for my next job.
Aya: I'm actually going to be the one-day manager at a beach hut. It's for a collaboration cafe event!
Aya: I'm happy about the fact I get to be manager for the day, but there's just one problem...
Aya: The collaboration event is for an online game, and I don't know a single thing about it...
Aya: I'm not sure what I should talk about...
Aya: Like, I've been looking up the words they use in the game stuff like that, but it's a little difficult for me...
Aya: ... That's right! I'm doing my best to be ready!
Aya: ... Oh, it's nothing special. This is part of the job~.
Aya: I mean, people are going to go to the cafe just for this event, so I want them to enjoy it.
Aya: But I just have no idea what kind of things I should talk about to make them have a good time...
Aya: Huh? ... What if I was in their position?
Aya: ... So you mean, how would I feel if I went to an event for my favorite game and the guest speaker didn't know anything about it?
Aya: Umm... I think I'd be happy if they took an interest in the game, even if they didn't know much about it.
Aya: I think if I talked about the world or the story and they were like "Huh? What?" I'd be kind of hurt...
Aya: But if they were like, "Oh, I didn't know that~!" I think I'd be happy.
Aya: It'd make me think they actually like the game...
Aya: ... Ah, that's it!
Aya: Thanks so much, BanG Dreamer-san!
Aya: For the time being, I'll get interested in this game!
Aya: Even if I don't know everything about it, I'm sure the customers will be happy if they can see that I like it!
Aya: Okay, I'm gonna play it as much as I can before the day!
Aya: I'll do my best to be a great one-day manager ♪