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Manager x Idol Card Story - Episode

Maya Produces a Show


Rehearsal Studio

Hina: Eve-chan! I listened to All Day✽Bushido~! It was so funny and boppin'♪
Maya: I also tuned in! The advice you gave was something only you could give.
Eve: Thank you very much! That too was all thanks to everyone!
Hina: It was even trending online. People were like, "Eve-chan can solve any problem!"
Maya: You are receiving even more letters now, aren't you? What a great response.
Eve: It is only just beginning. I must be more diligent to make the show more interesting!
Maya: Whoa, you're really fired up, Eve-san!
Hina: I'm jealous. I wanna try radio too. Wouldn't it be cool if each of us had our own radio shows?
Eve: Wow, that would be so much fun! I am sure they would showcase our individuality.
Maya: Yes. What kind of show would you make yours, Hina-san?
Hina: Let's see... I'd prefer talking with someone rather than on my own~.
Maya: I see, so you'd have a talk show with guests each time? Each show would be different due to the type of guest, so it would be interesting!
Hina: Yeah, I'd want all of Pastel✽Palettes to come on as guests, and my sister, of course!
Eve: We might be able to hear stories about you that only Sayo-san knows!
Maya: That is true. And hearing Sayo-san and Hina-san talking together would be very special for the fans.
Hina: And wouldn't it be interesting if I called Kaoru-kun too? She could read poetry and talk about Shakespeare like she does during her lunchtime broadcast!
Maya: That... would definitely be popular.
Eve: I would absolutely listen for educational purposes!
Hina: I think Aya-chan would be better doing her show on her own.
Hina: I'm sure she'd mess up while reading out her letters, so it'd be quite lively.
Maya: Ahaha, that is part of Aya-san's charm, after all. If I had to imagine Aya-san doing a radio show, I think it would be a very inspiring one.
Eve: Yes! Listeners would be able to receive lots of courage from her!
Maya: Yeah. Because Aya-san's words have the power to give people a push towards their dreams!
Hina: Yeah, yeah...
Maya: Chisato-san's show would be calm and relaxed from start to finish, and I imagine it would be quite easy to listen to.
Hina: I bet 80% of her letters would be people asking her for advice.
Eve: Yes! We would be able to hear lots of useful advice.
Maya: Asking for advice is fine, but I'd like Chisato-san to do film and theater reviews too.
Maya: She is very knowledgeable about acting, visual representation, and stage direction. I think film and theater fans would enjoy listening to something like that.
Hina: I see...
Eve: What kind of radio show would you like to do, Maya-san?
Maya: Me? My own radio show...? Well...
Hina: Maya Yamato's Huhehe... Tech Radio~! How's that?
Maya: I-I'm not sure about that name...
Maya: But if I could speak about whatever I like, I think I would want to talk about equipment and song analysis!
Maya: Radio is all about sound, so I'd be able to actually compare the sounds of different equipment...
Maya: Oh, but perhaps that's too much of a niche?
Eve: No, I think the fans would love it! You are vibrant and wonderful when you talk about equipment!
Hina: Actually, I reckon you'd be good at directing radio shows, Maya-chan!
Hina: You thought up radio show concepts perfect for the others just now. Your ideas are boppin', Maya-chan!
Maya: D-do you really think so? Well, I guess I did enjoy thinking about them.
Eve: It would be great if we all had our own radio shows one day! I cannot wait!
Maya: Yes! And when the time comes, I'll write up a bunch of proposals!

Manager x Idol Card Story - Special Episode

Eve-san's Voice



Maya: Hngh~... It's cold...! I should get a hot drink...
Maya: Oh? Is that...? Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Ah, Maya-chan! By the way, I listened to Eve-chan's radio show the other day. The one where you all had an event together.
Maya: Oh, the open recording?! Ahh~, that was a fun event.
Maya: We were only guests, but the fans were so thrilled about it.
Maya: Even after the open recording, Eve-san's show started doing so well that people would already be talking about it online while it was still airing.
Marina: Wow, that's awesome! A lot of people must be tuning in.
Maya: That's right. I'm sure it's because Eve-san's show has a peculiar power.
Marina: A peculiar power?
Maya: Yes. Unlike on TV and the internet, you can't see the faces of people on the radio.
Maya: But even with just her voice and her words, it's easy to imagine what kind of face Eve-san is making.
Maya: It's like she feels closer somehow, even though you can't see her...
Maya: Maybe Eve-san even imagines the faces of the listeners as she reads their letters.
Marina: I see. Even if you can't see her face, some things can be conveyed just through the words you choose and the tone of your voice.
Maya: Exactly. The segment where she motivates the listeners seems to be popular, so Eve-san's strength and kindness must come across through her voice alone.
Maya: Hearing Eve-san's voice makes me feel like I can work hard the next day, anyhow.
Marina: Yes, I suppose her everyday words of positivity are quite encouraging too.
Maya: They are! You two should send Eve-san some letters too!
Marina: Yeah, we will! I want Eve-chan to motivate me too.
Maya: Yes, I'm sure she will kindly cheer you on!