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Many Mementos Card Story - Episode

Poppin'Party Pose?


Event - Afternoon
Event Venue

Kasumi: Our performance today was so awesome! Not to mention, we almost never get to perform in a place like this!
Saaya: Yep, mhm.
Kasumi: I'm not sure how to put this, but the sound in here was just different! It was like, ba-boom~, or something like that...
Saaya: Yeah, it really caught me off guard.
Arisa: What I really want to know is, how long are you gonna be bouncing off the walls, Kasumi? You realize how long ago our performance was?
Arisa: Also, you should try imagining how Saaya feels after hearing the same thing over and over. She's just going along with it because she's so nice!
Saaya: No, that's not true. Today's performance even got me psyched.
Saaya: It's just like Kasumi said. We hardly get to play in a place like this. Today is the day for non-stop excitement!
Kasumi: Saaya, you're always so sweet~! Unlike a certain somebody I know!
Arisa: I think Saaya just spoils you too much...
Kasumi: Arisa, you just need to loosen up~!
Arisa: Wh-what?!
Saaya: Okay, okay, you two. Ah, hey, which booth should we go to next?
Rimi: Actually... I feel like we've been to most of them... The only place left for us to go now is...
Tae: Ah, the photo spot...
Saaya: Photo spot?
Tae: This morning when we were walking around... There was a place where we could take a commemorative photo.
Kasumi: Ah! There was, there was! It was the one with the live house background, right?
Saaya: Now that you mention it, yeah! Since we're here already, why don't we go take a picture?
Kasumi: Count me in~! C'mon, Arisa! You too!
Arisa: S-sure... I don't see why not.

Event Venue - Photo Spot
Saaya: We've gotten pretty close to the front. Uhh, looks like about 10 more groups to go?
Kasumi: Hey! Did you guys see that?!
Arisa: Something happen?
Kasumi: Everyone in that group did the same pose!
Saaya: That looked pretty fun, huh?!
Kasumi: Guys! Let's all do the same pose for our picture too!
Saaya: Yeah, that could be good! Not only will it show unity, but it'll make for a great memory!
Arisa: Th-the same pose...? I-I'm kinda not... I mean...
Saaya: It'll be fine, Arisa. Just do it.
Arisa: ... Y-you know, Saaya... Considering how much you spoil Kasumi, don't you think you're a bit tough on me...?
Saaya: Okay, what kind of pose should we do? Anyone have an idea?
Kasumi: Ah! Is that...? What if we all do a pose where we're transforming or something?!
Saaya: Transforming...? That could be interesting, but... Don't we have to know what we're transforming into for that to work?
Kasumi: Y-yeah... I guess you're right...
Tae: Alright, I knew it would come to this... How about rabbits?
Saaya: Fufu. Like we would all make ears? That's cute, but... I wonder if we can think of something that's more fitting for Poppin'Party.
Saaya: Rimi-rin, got any ideas?
Rimi: Uhm, uhh... Ch-chocolate cornets... maybe?
Saaya: I see... I guess we would all twist our bodies? I'd appreciate the advertisement for the bakery, but... I'd feel kinda bad about having everyone pose like that.
Arisa: (M-more important than any of that... Everything she's saying is pretty much what I want to say, except when it's coming from her, it sounds a lot nicer...)
Saaya: What about you, Arisa? Thought of any good poses?
Arisa: I-I'm... okay with anything.
Saaya: Hm... Alright, why don't we do this? Why don't we all pose like we're playing our instruments? I think it's definitely got the Poppin'Party feeling we're looking for...
Kasumi: Ah, that might be good! Actually, it's awesome! Of course you'd have such a great idea, Saaya~! You guys are okay with that, right?!
Array: Mhm!
Kasumi: Arisa, you're okay with that too, right?! You just have to pose like you're playing!
Arisa: .. Hm? When you really think about it, no one's gonna know what pose I'm making since I play the keyboard! I'm just gonna be holding my hands in front of me!
Saaya: It's fine, don't worry about it! 'kay, we're up! Hurry up, Arisa!
Arisa: S-Saaya... You're most definitely being tougher on me...

Many Mementos Card Story - Special Episode

A Bakery Booth Next Time?



Saaya: Ah, good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san.
Saaya: Being here must mean you're shopping or something, right?
Saaya: Ah, that reminds me. Too bad about the event the other day, huh? I heard from Marina-san...
Saaya: She said you had some other work on your plate...
Saaya: ... Oh, don't worry about it. There's no need to apologize. We're all actually really grateful.
Saaya: We don't normally get to be part of such a large event... And that gave us a lot of motivation.
Saaya: I'm sure Marina-san told you all about it, but the number of people there was pretty crazy!
Saaya: How do I put this...? There are so many live houses around the country, and at each and every one of them, there are lots of bands that perform...
Saaya: When I think about that... It feels like I have a countless number of friends, and it creates this reassuring feeling.
Saaya: I think you should definitely be a part of the next one!
Saaya: A good number of visitors stopped by our booth too. The encouragement I felt was just overwhelming!
Saaya: I had so much fun that I even invited my mom and my dad to come with me next time!
Saaya: ... Ah! Maybe in the future, our bakery can have a booth too!
Saaya: ... Ah... Ahaha. I see... Yeah... Probably shouldn't have expected to be able to do that...
Saaya: ... Hm? We can have some of our baked goods on the side at the CiRCLE booth?
Saaya: Fufu... I can see it now... Yeah, that could be a good idea!
Saaya: After standing around for so long at the event, all of the people that stop by would have some bread, and they might get a second wind!
Saaya: Alright, maybe I'll have my dad make guitar-shaped buns.
Saaya: ... Fufu. They might be more likely to become a hit then you think, you know...
Saaya: We'd be happy to take a little corner of the CiRCLE booth next time!
Saaya: I'll try discussing with Marina-san, and then it's up to you guys. If you could just think about it, that'd be great.
Saaya: ... Hm? If we do that... Maybe we should have Arisa's family store, Ryuseido, featured too. What do you think?
Saaya: I'd feel kind of bad if our bakery was the only one that got to participate...
Saaya: Oh, but... If we think more carefully about this... Next to the T-shirts and towels would be bread...
Saaya: And on the other side, there'd be armor and a helmet from Ryuseido...
Saaya: Fufu... If we went that far, people would have no idea what kind of booth we were running. I mean, who could blame them...?
Saaya: ... I guess that's a no to the Ryuseido idea after all, huh?
Saaya: Well, either way, the next time you guys have an event, be sure to let me know, and I'll help out!
Saaya: I do have some level of experience with this type of work. I'd even give you a run for your money!
Saaya: Alright, see ya later!