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Many Voices as One Card Story - Episode

Moca-chan's Point


Convenience Store

Moca: Nice work~.
Lisa: Moca, I went ahead and refilled the supplies in the restroom.
Moca: Thank you very much~.
Lisa: Oh, and in the usual place, I left an instruction manual for the campaign that starts tomorrow. Have a look at it during your break~.
Lisa: I also wrote down some extra info on the off chance that it's too hard to understand. Let me know if you have any questions.
Moca: Oh, good thinking, Lisa-san~. Thank you very much~. I award you five Moca Points~.
Lisa: Thank you for the points~♪
Moca: You really are amazing, Lisa-san~. It's not easy to accumulate Moca Points as quickly as you have.
Lisa: Hahaha, what? What are you talking about?
Moca: I saw how you helped out that first-year student who dropped the flower pot the other day~.
Lisa: Oh, that. You were there? I would have acted even cooler if I knew there was an audience! Just kidding.
Moca: You knew how to clean up the broken pieces, and you also managed to cheer up that girl's gloomy expression.
Lisa: Hey, how closely were you watching us?! Jeez, you should have helped out, then!
Moca: Hii-chan and I were watching your every move~.
Moca: Boy~, you were so cool, Lisa-san~. And afterward, I bet you said, "Whenever there's trouble, just come find me," right before leaving the scene.
Lisa: I did not! That's way over the top!
Moca: Hii-chan saw everything you did and kept talking about how she wants to become just like you~.
Lisa: Himari said that? Hahaha, I had no idea.
Moca: You both like making treats and shopping, so I think she noticed how much you two have in common~.
Lisa: That much is true, I suppose. We sometimes hit the shops together.
Moca: If you think about it, though, you and I have a lot in common, as well... We work at the same place, we're both in bands, and we both have close childhood friends.
Lisa: Yeah, I guess you're right...
Moca: That's why I tried explaining to Hii-chan that a lot of people have many things in common with one another~. And that she already has her own strong points...
Moca: And I have my own good Moca-chan qualities too.
Lisa: I see you were able to work in a compliment for yourself.
Lisa: Anyway, knowing that Himari thinks that way honestly makes me really happy.
Moca: Oh-hoh~. I'll be sure to pass on the message to her, then.
Lisa: Sure! And let her know that I'm always here to talk if she ever needs to☆
Moca: That is what makes you so cool, Lisa-san~. You've earned yourself another five Moca Points.
Lisa: Hahaha, yay!
Moca: I'll try to give an accurate account of how cool you were just now.
Lisa: Huh...? The way you worded that was a little strange... What exactly do you plan on telling her?
Moca: "Himari... I'll take you on anytime, anywhere. You know where to find me."
Moca: ... How's that?
Lisa: Jeez~! That's nothing like what I said!
Moca: Really~? Are you sure~?
Lisa: Yes, I'm sure! You just lost five Lisa Points~.
Moca: Oh no~! Not my precious points~... Boo-hoo.
Lisa: Hahaha! If you want them back, then help me with these orders!
Moca: Okay~... Lisa-san, you sure are crafty~...

Many Voices as One Card Story - Special Episode

So Much Charm



Moca: Oh-hoh, what a coincidence running into you here~. Are you also out for a bit of shopping, BanG Dreamer-san~?
Moca: As you can see from my bloated bags, I scored big on my bun run~. They smell best when fresh out of the oven~.
Moca: All of us in Afterglow are going to be staying over at Hii-chan's place tonight.
Moca: So I thought I'd bring some buns for everyone to share. I was worried that I may have bought too many, but I think I can live with it~.
Moca: Tasty food works wonders at putting a smile on people's faces. And what could be more important than that~?
Moca: Oh, those sharp eyes of yours have singled out the best bun, I see. That one is a favorite of Hii-chan's~.
Moca: She worked so hard at trying to find Tomo-chin's earring, I figured this could work as a reward.
Moca: But yeah, she sure is something else~.
Moca: I honestly do think it's amazing how happy or sad she can get over her friends.
Moca: That is part of Hii-chan's charm~.
Moca: Another way she really gets to me is all the amusing reactions she has~.
Moca: Like that surprised face she made that one time when she brought back a manga that she had borrowed, only to open her bag and find it empty.
Moca: Or when she almost slammed into someone in the hallway and stood there like a deer in the headlights.
Moca: The other day, she was so wrapped up in talking that she accidentally took a sip from my juice box.
Moca: I didn't do a thing, but she was shocked enough to think that someone had switched drinks on her~.
Moca: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. You don't believe me, do you~? Everything I said is true~.
Moca: Oh, and when she wants to say "Hey, Hey, Hoh~!" and won't give up, no matter how many times we turn her down...
Moca: I love her reactions, so I end up declining quite often~.
Moca: Man, Hii-chan really must think I have it out for her, but it's just a different way of showing someone that you care~.
Moca: Uh-oh, I really got wrapped up in this convo~. Everyone will start to miss me if I fall too far behind schedule~.
Moca: We'll make sure to have the night of our lives~. Don't worry, you and I can chat again the next time I'm at the studio~.
Moca: And don't forget, all that stuff I said about Hii-chan's charm and whatnot would be best kept as a secret~.
Moca: I want to save it for a special time when she needs a little pick-me-up~.
Moca: Alright, off I go~.