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Marine Mailbox☆ Card Story - Episode

Connecting Thoughts


Hikawa Residence - Sayo's Room

Sayo: ... Phew.
Hina: Knock, knock. I'm coming in, Sis~.
Sayo: ... Hina, how many times have I told you? Don't come in until given permission. And that was hardly a knock.
Hina: Hahaha, my bad! I'll do better next time~.
Sayo: I swear... What do you need?
Hina: Nothing in particular. I just thought we could hang out! What're you up to, Sis?
Sayo: Summer vacation homework. I managed to make good progress, so I was just thinking of taking a break.
Hina: Okay, so let's chat while you do~!
Sayo: Fine... I guess I don't mind.
Hina: Yay~! Hey, I've been meaning to ask you~! Did you read the summer greeting I sent?
Sayo: Um... This one? You sent one earlier in the summer, as well.
Sayo: I didn't expect to receive one, let alone three of them.
Hina: I had so much I wanted to write about. Well, what did you think?
Sayo: I'm not sure how to answer that...
Hina: Come on, there has to be something. Tell me how you felt when you read them~.
Sayo: Okay... I could very much tell that you enjoyed your trip to the beach.
Hina: Really?! Did you have just as much fun reading about it?
Sayo: Well... Despite having three to get through, I finished them relatively quickly.
Hina: Yay~! That's great~!
Sayo: You're so strange. I can't believe seeing that your feelings came through makes you so happy.
Hina: Of course I'm happy~! I was able to share some of my fun with you, Sis~!
Sayo: ... You have lost me. Anyway, Imai-san and the others joined you, yes?
Hina: Uh-huh! Lisa-chi, Maya-chan, O-Tae-chan, and Kasumi-chan were all there!
Sayo: And I assumed that you managed to stay out of trouble?
Hina: Of course! Didn't you read my postcard? "As leader of the Hikawa Mystery Expedition, it was me who took the reigns!"
Sayo: Hikawa Mystery Expedition...?
Hina: Come on, Sis, did you already forget~?
Sayo: Don't be that way. I couldn't possibly remember every detail you wrote down.
Hina: Look, it's written right here! "We explored a lot of interesting spots together." See?
Hina: And here are the photos! The first one is Seashell Shore, and the second is Mermaid Cavern.
Hina: I wanted to send the photos along with my postcards, but they would have gotten soaked underwater~. Here, check out my phone!
Sayo: Interesting... The seashells certainly do come in a variety of colors.
Sayo: And this cave is also quite beautiful... It is called the Mermaid Cavern, correct? A fitting name for a dreamlike location such as this.
Hina: I didn't put it in my postcard, but we also went scuba diving~.
Hina: Here... Photos from our dive! All those little fish are so cute, don't you think~?
Hina: After we sent our postcards through the marine mailbox, the tour guide took us to a bunch of other places~.
Sayo: I see...
Hina: ...? What's wrong, Sis?
Sayo: Nothing... You originally lamented about being unable to enjoy your vacation due to your Pastel✽Palettes duties, yes?
Sayo: It was unlike you to make such complaints, and I was a tad concerned at first, but not anymore.
Sayo: I am glad you had a good time.
Hina: So you were actually worried about me... Hehehe, now that's boppin'♪
Sayo: What part of that is boppin', exactly...?
Hina: That should be obvious~! You and I were totally on the same wavelength!
Sayo: Same wavelength...?
Hina: Sis, wasn't your summer also packed with band practice and disciplinary committee stuff? You were probably even busier than I was!
Sayo: I honestly don't know which of us was busier... but it's true that I rarely had an entire day to myself.
Hina: Exactly~! That's why I wanted to fill my summer greeting with lots of excitement. That way you could experience the fun I had too, even if it's only a fraction of what I felt!
Hina: And it sounds like you were thinking about me as well...
Hina: Hehehe... Nothing could make me happier~!
Sayo: ... As always, you're exaggerating. We see each other every single day, so I was only slightly concerned.
Hina: I know that, but I can't help what makes me happy~♪
Sayo: I see... Fair enough... Hm? I didn't realize what time it was.
Sayo: Alright, Hina. I need to get back to my homework.
Hina: Awww, let's chat some more~. You can blaze through that homework whenever you feel like it.
Sayo: I simply cannot take off that much time whenever I please. I need to slowly make progress day by day... Now, I think it's time you left.
Hina: Whoa, don't push...! Come on, Sis~! Let's talk for just a little while longer...!

Marine Mailbox☆ Card Story - Special Episode

Meaning of Seasonal Postcards


Station Entrance

Marina: I think we arrived a little early. We still have time before the train departs, so why don't we stop by a café?
Hina: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. What're you guys up to?
Marina: Hello, Hina-chan. We're on our way to the next station to run an errand for the owner. How about you?
Hina: I'm doing some work for Pastel✽Palettes! I have an interview for a magazine today~.
Hina: The theme is summer memories, so I figured I could talk about the beach we went to the other day~.
Marina: Ah, I heard about that. You went with Tae-chan and the others, right?
Hina: Yeah, we sent postcards through the marine mailbox.
Marina: Marine mailbox... That's the one on the ocean floor, right? Cool~. I never knew such a thing existed.
Hina: You guys should definitely check it out~. They've got scuba diving too! It was tons of fun!
Hina: Summer isn't over yet, so get out there and send your summer greetings~.
Marina: Summer greetings?
Hina: Uh-huh! The postcards I sent to Sis were my summer greetings to her.
Marina: Wow... You sent a greeting to Sayo-chan, huh? It's not very common to send those to family members.
Hina: Really? Sounds normal to me.
Hina: I mean, isn't it common to reminisce with friends when looking at yearbooks?
Marina: Sure is. Sometimes you're chatting for so long that the day is over before you know it.
Hina: For me, sending postcards to Sis feels exactly the same.
Hina: I already tell her what I've been up to every day, but there's still so much I want to express to her.
Hina: So I used those postcards to tell her how I feel. And then we can talk about what I wrote as she's reading them.
Marina: Interesting~. So for you, sending postcards is another special form of communicating with Sayo-chan.
Hina: Yep! I want Sis to know more about me, and I want to know more about her too.
Hina: That way, we can share any memories that may come along. I want me and Sis to keep growing closer and closer.
Marina: Fufu. Sayo-chan must be happy to be in your thoughts, huh?
Hina: Probably~! Ah, she never really shows how she feels, though~.
Hina: She'll probably do that thing where she clams up.
Marina: What do you mean...?
Hina: Her face scrunches up into this super serious frown. That's the kind of reaction she has whenever she gets embarrassed.
Marina: Fufu, no kiddin- Ah! Look at the time! The train will be here any minute...
Hina: Whoa, I didn't realize how long we'd been here. I need to get going too.
Marina: Sorry, Hina-chan. See you again at CiRCLE...!
Hina: Yeah, for sure. Bye-bye.