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Matching Scrunchies Card Story - Episode

Saaya's Scrunchie


Arisa: Whoa... This shelf is all guitar strings?!
Tae: Yeah, this store has a good selection.
Arisa: Who would've known there are this many kinds?
Saaya: Was it the 2nd string that broke?
Tae: Yeah, but I might as well change the rest of them while I'm at it.
Tae: ... Aha! Here it is.
Arisa: Wow, that's really expensive! How is it different from this cheaper one?
Tae: You know, like how it feels to play? If you don't choose the right strings, it affects your comfort and sound as well.
Arisa: I see...
Tae: I'm gonna go buy these, give me a sec.
Saaya: We'll be right here.

Tae: ... Thanks for waiting.
Saaya: Okay, let's go.

Arisa: Hmm... I guess guitars are pretty complicated too.
Saaya: If you're interested, why don't you try playing?
Arisa: That's not gonna happen. Besides, I'm focused on getting better on the keyboard.
Saaya: Oh, yeah? But you know, they say if you try out another instrument, you can get better at your own.
Tae: In fact, many professionals can play more than one.
Arisa: But, still... I'm not even trying to be a professional.
Tae: I'll teach you if you want.
Arisa: Hmm... I'll think about it.
Tae: Hehehe, I'm looking forward to it.
Saaya: ... Ah! Can we stop at that store?
Tae: Okay.
Arisa: Hm? An accessory shop?
Saaya: Hehe, I love collecting these~.
Arisa: Wow, this store has so many different choices. Scrunchies, corsages, hairpins... Quite a number of things to choose from.
Tae: This is cute...
Saaya: Yeah~. I think it would suit you well.
Saaya: Arisa, this ribbon is just right for you.
Arisa: N-no way!
Saaya: Really? I'm sure it would look really good.
Arisa: I'm not really into- Hey! I'm not yours to decorate, y'know!
Saaya: Hahaha, look. I knew it. It's just right. So cute!
Saaya: ... Hey, why don't we buy some band accessories? Get Kasumi and Rimi-rin into the mix, and we'll all be matching.
Tae: ... Yeah, that's a great idea.
Saaya: Isn't it? Arisa, what do you think?
Arisa: Matching... band accessories? H-hmm. I-I guess I don't really mind.
Arisa: W-we also need that sort of thing to be in sync.
Arisa: It's not really something I'm into, but if I have to, I'll wear it!
Saaya: Hahaha. It's decided, then! Let's do some shopping!

Arisa: ... This is my first time buying matching accessories with friends.
Tae: Arisa, you look pretty happy.
Arisa: N-no! I said I would if I have to! How is that happy?!
Tae: Hehe. Well, I'm happy.
Saaya: Me too. It feels like we're coming together as one ♪
Saaya: Let's all wear this scrunchie at our next performance.
Tae: I'm for it. It's a nice scrunchie.
Arisa: ... I guess I'll do it for you guys.

Matching Scrunchies Card Story - Special Episode

Poppin'Party Together


Saaya: Sana! No running about in front of the shop! You'll fall over if you're not... careful!
Sana: Ehehe ♪ Come and get me, sis~!
Sana: Huh... aaah!
Saaya: Aah! I'm sorry about my sister! ... Wait, BanG Dreamer-san?
Saaya: Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Saaya: Okay, that's a relief.
Sana: ... *sniff* *sniff* Wahhh~!
Saaya: Sana! Are you okay?
Saaya: Ugh, come here. Didn't I tell you to be careful?
Saaya: Let's have a look... It's barely a graze. You'll be okay, Sana. It doesn't even hurt anymore, right?
Sana: *sniff* *sniff*...
Saaya: There, there... What am I gonna do about you?
Saaya: What's up? You're going through your pockets like you lost something.
Sana: ... *sniff*... Huh...? ... Candy?
Sana: ... Is it for me?
Saaya: Aren't you lucky, Sana? What do we say when someone is kind to us?
Sana: ... Thank you.
Saaya: Good. And what do you say after bumping into BanG Dreamer-san?
Sana: ... I'm sorry...
Saaya: Good girl! Thanks for being so understanding, BanG Dreamer-san.
Sana: ... Is this your friend?
Saaya: That's right. This is BanG Dreamer-san. Come on, say hi.
Sana: ... Hello, BanG Dreamer-san.
Saaya: Sorry about my sister.
Saaya: You came to buy something again? Thanks for being such a good customer.
Chihiro: Saaya, Sana. What's all the noise about?
Chihiro: Oh, is this one of your friends, Saaya?
Saaya: Yeah, I told you about BanG Dreamer-san before, right?
Chihiro: Oh, that's right. Why don't you invite our friend up, Saaya?
Saaya: Hmm, you're right. I'll make some tea for you, so come on in.
Saaya: ... Oh, don't be so humble. It's fine! Come on, move it!

Saaya: Sorry to keep you waiting. I made some tea for us. You're not a coffee person, are you?
Saaya: What were you looking at? ... Oh, my scrunchies.
Saaya: Ahaha, quite the collection, isn't it? It's kind of a hobby of mine.
Saaya: Whenever I see a cute one, I just have to buy it.
Saaya: Just the other day actually, I bought another one on my way home from the music shop with O-Tae and Arisa.
Saaya: This one here. Isn't it cute?
Saaya: Right? We decided to buy matching ones for everyone in the band~.
Saaya: O-Tae liked the idea from the beginning, but Arisa was all "this isn't my kinda thing!" and was against it.
Saaya: She was actually really happy that we were getting matching items though. Fufu, she just hates to admit that kind of thing.
Saaya: Kasumi and Rimi were both really happy when I gave them theirs. Mmm, I'm really glad I suggested it.
Saaya: There's just something nice about the band wearing matching accessories. It's like we're a team, you know?
Saaya: We're all going to wear them at our next show. Keep an eye out for us!
Saaya: ... Oh, you have to get going soon?
Saaya: Fair enough. I'll see you out then.

Saaya: Thanks for today... Oh, wait a second.
Saaya: ... Here. You didn't get to buy anything today after Sana bumped into you, right?
Saaya: Here's one of our bakery's claims to fame. Our chocolate cornet!
Saaya: I owe you after all~. Thanks! See you again soon!