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Matching T-Shirts Card Story - Episode

Best Boppin'♪ Part 1



Sayo: ... I think that should do it. Thank you for all your help. I greatly appreciate it.
Marina: No, I'm the one who should be thanking you! I'll do whatever I can to make Girls Band Party a success.
Hina: I'm coming in~... Ah, here you are, Sis. Thanks for all your help today, Marina-san~.
Sayo: Hina? I thought you went home already.
Marina: Great work today! Were you staying behind to practice?
Hina: Ah~, yeah, something like that~. Hey, Sis, are you headed home soon? Let's walk home together!
Sayo: ... I still have work to do. You can leave without me.
Hina: Really? Hmm... Ah. I just remembered I have something to do too. Do you want to go home together after that?
Sayo: ...
Marina: Sayo-chan, I can handle it from here. Why don't you head home?
Sayo: No, I...
Hina: You're so nice, Marina-san~. Isn't she the best, Sis?!
Sayo: Get off of me.
Marina: Fufufu. I've never seen you two wearing matching clothes before. It's nice. I know it should be obvious, but you really do look alike.
Hina: We sure do♪ Ah, wouldn't it be even more boppin'♪ if we walked home like this?
Sayo: ... I'm going to change. Come on, Hina, you too.
Hina: Awww~!
Marina: ... Fufu. They may look alike but their personalities couldn't be more different...

Walking Home

Hina: Hmhmhmhmm~♪
Sayo: ...
Hina: Boppidy boppin'♪
Sayo: ... Sigh.
Hina: Huh? Is something wrong, Sis?
Sayo: ... It's nothing.
Hina: Really~? You know, a lot happened to me today~.
Sayo: ...
Hina: While we were practicing in the studio, Aya-chan's face... and the mic... Ahaha! Just thinking about it makes me laugh. It was too funny~.
Sayo: ...
Hina: The other bands are really interesting too. Do you know what Kokoro-chan told Eve-chan? "If we hug, then we'll smile!" It came out of nowhere~.
Sayo: ...
Hina: And then~...
Sayo: I get it. A lot happened... It sounds like you had fun.
Hina: I sure did~! Ah, but those moments weren't the most boppin'♪ thing that happened today. Do you know what was...? Ehehe...
Sayo: ... What?
Hina: Hmm~... Wanna take a guess?
Sayo: I do not. If you're not going to tell me, then let's--
Hina: Ah, wait! Okay, I'll tell you! The best part of today was...
Hina: Getting to practice and walk home with you!
Hina: You see, our practice actually ended a little early, but I decided to wait for you!
Sayo: Sigh... We live in the same house. It's not like we never see each other. I don't see why we would need to be together outside of home as well.
Hina: It's not that we need to. It's just that being together is more boppin'♪
Sayo: ... Is that so?
Hina: It sure is! Boppidy boppin'♪
Sayo: Sigh...
Hina: But you know, I think we could make this even more boppin'♪ ... Aha, I know just the thing ♪

Matching T-Shirts Card Story - Special Episode

Best Boppin'♪ Part 2


One Night
Hikawa Residence - Living Room

Hina: Is she here yet...? Ah, there she is ♪
Sayo: I'm home.
Hina: Welcome back, Sis!
Sayo: ... Thank you.
Hina: ...♪
Sayo: Hm?
Hina: Notice anything?
Sayo: Could you please move? I want to change my clothes.
Hina: That's it, Sis! You're getting closer! Your hint is "changing clothes."
Sayo: Why are you wearing our concert t-shirt? You're going to wrinkle it. Take it off and fold it right away.
Hina: You're not going to wear yours?
Sayo: Of course not. I see no reason to wear it.
Hina: Gotcha. Alright, I'll take it off.
Sayo: ...?

One Afternoon

Sayo: I'll be back.
Hina: Ah, wait a minute, Sis. If you're going out~...
Sayo: I do not have time to run errands for you.
Hina: That's not it. Don't you want to wear something else if you're going out?
Sayo: What?
Hina: Maybe something like this!
Sayo: ... Aren't those your clothes? Why would I wear those? It doesn't make sense.
Hina: I see~. In that case, can I borrow an outfit of yours?
Sayo: ... Hmph. My band members are waiting, so I'm leaving.
Hina: Okay~... See you later~.

One Morning

Hina: Sis, Sis!
Sayo: ... What are you going to make me wear today?
Hina: Whoa! You knew exactly what I was thinking~! Do you wanna try wearing my school uniform today?
Sayo: ... I don't know what you're trying to do, but could you cut it out?
Hina: Wait... Are you mad?
Sayo: No, but I'm not happy either... What exactly are you trying to accomplish?
Hina: Urgh, I'm sorry... I just wanted to make things boppin'♪ again, like they were at our practice the other day...
Sayo: Our practice? ... Do you mean the day we walked home together?
Hina: Yeah! We were wearing matching clothes that day, remember? It was super boppin'♪ so I wanted to do it again...
Sayo: Is that why you've been trying to get me to wear the same clothes as you?
Hina: Yeah... So will you?
Sayo: I will not.
Hina: O-okay... Ooo~... That sucks...
Sayo: Now then, I'll be off.
Hina: Yeah... See you later...
Sayo: ... Sigh.
Sayo: I can't believe you... You do realize we'll be wearing those t-shirts on the day of Girls Band Party, don't you?
Hina: Ah... Oh, yeah. Yeah, you're right~! That's great~♪
Sayo: Why are you so happy?
Hina: Why wouldn't I be? I get to match my big sister~!
Sayo: I don't know if I'd call that matching... We're just wearing the same clothes...
Hina: Aha, that's fine by me! We'll still be wearing matching clothes! Isn't that great?!
Sayo: I can't believe you...
Hina: Hmhmm ♪ Boppidy boppin'♪