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Card List[]

60 cards match the category selection:

№. 00054
Rarity2Powerful Onstage

Availability: Gacha1
Onstage (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 00053
Rarity1Pure Gentle Girl

Availability: Initial
Gentle Girl
№. 00055
Rarity3Pure First Step

Availability: Gacha1
First Step
First Step T
№. 00115
Rarity2Happy Captive Princess

Availability: Gacha102
Captive Princess
№. 00131
Rarity4Happy Hunting For Rabbits

Availability: Gacha108
Hunting For Rabbits
Hunting For Rabbits T
№. 00154
Rarity2Cool The Star Orihime

Availability: Event 11
The Star Orihime
№. 00227
Rarity3Cool I Want to Help

Availability: Gacha140
I Want to Help
I Want to Help T
№. 00254
Rarity2Pure Bang! On the Scene!

Availability: Campaign
Bang! On the Scene (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 00278
Rarity3Powerful Transformation Technique?

Availability: Event 24
Transformation Technique?
Transformation Technique? T
№. 00351
Rarity2Cool The Magic of Smiles

Availability: Permanent Gacha
The Magic of Smiles (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 00404
Rarity4Cool Best Shopping Effort

Availability: Gacha205
Best Shopping Effort
Best Shopping Effort T
№. 00296
Rarity4Powerful Step of Determination

Availability: Gacha173
Step of Determination
Step of Determination T
№. 00413
Rarity2Powerful Tea Ceremony Excellence

Availability: Event 38
Tea Ceremony Excellence
№. 00422
Rarity3Happy A Forced Dance

Availability: Event 40
A Forced Dance
A Forced Dance T
№. 00463
Rarity4Pure Have Courage

Availability: Gacha251
Have Courage
Have Courage T
№. 00501
Rarity4Powerful Picnic Under Autumn Skies

Availability: Gacha278
Picnic Under Autumn Skies
Picnic Under Autumn Skies T
№. 00512
Rarity2Happy Encouraging Melody

Availability: Campaign
Encouraging Melody (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 00521
Rarity3Powerful With Everyone's Help

Availability: Gacha285
With Everyone's Help
With Everyone's Help T
№. 00590
Rarity2Pure A Short Trip?

Availability: Event 67
A Short Trip?
№. 00593
Rarity4Pure Smiley Chocolate Bite

Availability: Gacha328
Smiley Chocolate Bite
Smiley Chocolate Bite T
№. 00649
Rarity2Pure Smile Seeker!

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Smile Seeker! (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 00626
Rarity4Cool Hearts in Full Bloom

Availability: Gacha355
Hearts in Full Bloom
Hearts in Full Bloom T
№. 00670
Rarity3Happy Just a Bit of Help

Availability: Gacha364
Just a Bit of Help
Just a Bit of Help T
№. 00683
Rarity3Pure Glistening Colors

Availability: Event 79
Glistening Colors
Glistening Colors T
№. 00748
Rarity4Pure Dazzling Bouquet

Availability: Gacha411
Dazzling Bouquet
Dazzling Bouquet T
№. 00769
Rarity3Pure Calm Sunlight

Availability: Gacha425
Calm Sunlight
Calm Sunlight T
№. 00810
Rarity2Happy Dressed for Christmas

Availability: Event 98
Dressed for Christmas
№. 00828
Rarity3Pure The Fruit of Dreams

Availability: Gacha471
The Fruit of Dreams
The Fruit of Dreams T
№. 00852
Rarity4Happy That Day's Scenery

Availability: Gacha492
That Day's Scenery
That Day's Scenery T
№. 00923
Rarity4Pure Drifting Moon

Availability: Gacha503
Drifting Moon
Drifting Moon T
№. 00885
Rarity2Cool Smile Planet

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Smile Planet (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 00926
Rarity3Happy #8: Catcher

Availability: Event 110
Number 8, Catcher
Number 8, Catcher T
№. 00974
Rarity2Powerful Smiling Hydrangeas

Availability: Gacha577
Smiling Hydrangeas
№. CN_10008
Rarity2Cool bilibili

Availability: Campaign
Bilibili (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 00988
Rarity4Pure Starry Sky Chat

Availability: Gacha593
Starry Sky Chat
Starry Sky Chat T
№. 01064
Rarity3Happy Gentle Witch

Availability: Event 131
Gentle Witch
Gentle Witch T
№. 01115
Rarity4Pure My Courage

Availability: Gacha707
My Courage
My Courage T
№. 01147
Rarity3Pure Skilled at Show Prep

Availability: Gacha738
Skilled at Show Prep
Skilled at Show Prep T
№. 01186
Rarity4Cool Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha770
Special Birthday! (Matsubara Kanon) T
№. 01201
Rarity3Cool Eggciting New Member

Availability: Event 153
Eggciting New Member
Eggciting New Member T
№. 01302
Rarity4Cool Bright Light Road

Availability: Gacha858
Bright Light Road
Bright Light Road T
№. 01396
Rarity2Powerful Secret Eyes

Availability: Event 175
Secret Eyes
№. 01404
Rarity5Happy Blue-Tinted Stroll

Availability: Gacha922
Blue-Tinted Stroll T
№. 01440
Rarity2Cool Come, Come Smile Parade

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Come, Come Smile Parade (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 01501
Rarity3Cool Accumulated Moments

Availability: Event 185
Accumulated Moments
Accumulated Moments T
№. 01506
Rarity4Powerful Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha974
Precious Birthday! (Matsubara Kanon) T
№. 01511
Rarity3Happy vs Naughty Kitty

Availability: Gacha975
Vs Naughty Kitty
Vs Naughty Kitty T
№. 01598
Rarity4Powerful Smile Hunter

Availability: Gacha1016
Smile Hunter
Smile Hunter T
№. 01661
Rarity4Happy Overlapping Voices

Availability: Gacha1070
Overlapping Voices
Overlapping Voices T
№. TW_5010
Rarity2Happy Gentle and Lovely

Availability: Campaign
Gentle and Lovely (Matsubara Kanon)
№. 01694
Rarity4Happy Graduation

Availability: Gacha1101
Graduation (Matsubara Kanon)
Graduation (Matsubara Kanon) T
№. 01735
Rarity5Cool Beneath the Clear Sky

Availability: Gacha1135
Beneath the Clear Sky
Beneath the Clear Sky T
№. 01757
Rarity2Cool Bonjour!

Availability: Event 225
№. 01763
Rarity4Happy College Student Chat

Availability: Gacha1154
College Student Chat
College Student Chat T
№. 01793
Rarity3Powerful Seaside Jewel

Availability: Event 232
Seaside Jewel
Seaside Jewel T
№. 01879
Rarity3Cool Costume Anxiety

Availability: Event 244
Costume Anxiety
Costume Anxiety T
№. 01925
Rarity5Powerful Cute Wrapping

Availability: Gacha1273
Cute Wrapping
Cute Wrapping T
№. 01966
Rarity5Pure Reason and Purpose

Availability: Gacha1310
Reason and Purpose
Reason and Purpose T
№. 02011
Rarity5Powerful Sunny Light Blue Summer

Availability: Gacha1355
Sunny Light Blue Summer
Sunny Light Blue Summer T
№. 02025
Rarity2Pure Dreaming Balloon

Availability: Event 265
Dreaming Balloon

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