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Me and My Glasses Card Story - Episode

Classtime Strategy


Afternoon Lessons
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 2-A

Ran: ...
Teacher: Please have a look at the board. What you see written here is a breakdown of what will be covered in this class.
Ran: (Even the afternoon classes are just the teachers explaining what to expect... All of the initial lessons are like this, I guess.)
Ran: (Doesn't make them any less boring, though...)
Tsugumi: ...
Ran: (Tsugumi is as hard-working as ever. Those notes look thorough.)
Ran: (Everyone else seems to be paying attention, too... Hm?)
Moca: ... Zzz... Zzz... Fufu...
Ran: (She's fast asleep...! Couldn't even stay awake through the first lesson...)
Ran: Hey, Tsugumi. Pssst...
Tsugumi: ...? What is it?
Ran: Check it out. Moca is out cold.
Tsugumi: Huh? O-oh no...
Ran: Isn't this the teacher who's scary when upset? This could turn ugly if Moca gets caught...
Tsugumi: Y-you're right. If only we could wake her up somehow...
Ran: We're too far away to do anything ourselves.
Tsugumi: And the teacher will hear us if we try calling out...
Ran: If only Himari would notice.
Tsugumi: Yeah, she is the closest to Moca-chan...
Himari: ...
Tsugumi: She seems pretty focused on the lesson...
Ran: I doubt she'd notice what's going on.
Teacher: Okay, any questions on what has been talked about so far?
Tsugumi: Y-yes! I have a question!
Tsugumi: Uhm, I would like to know more about you! Your likes and dislikes, for example...
Teacher: ... Alright, that's fair. Perhaps a brief self-introduction is in order.
Ran: Nice one, Tsugumi.
Tsugumi: That should hopefully buy us some time... How are we going to wake up Moca-chan, though...?
Ran: It could totally backfire, but I think this our only option.
Tsugumi: You mean... this eraser?
Ran: Mhm. I'll throw it and smack her back to reality.
Tsugumi: Th-think you can...?
Ran: I think I can nail her from here. But first, we need for the teacher to turn back around towards the board...
Tsugumi: The board, huh...? Okay, leave it to me.
Tsugumi: Excuse me! Would you mind sharing a favorite phrase or quote you may have?
Teacher: Favorite phrase? Certainly, I have one that holds special value to me. And what better time than now to share it with the class. I'll write it up on the board.
Tsugumi: Now, Ran-chan!
Ran: Here goes... Wake up, Moca...!
Moca: Ack.
Tsugumi: Alright! Bullseye!
Ran: ... Ah.
Himari: Ow!
Tsugumi: It ricocheted off Moca-chan and hit Himari-chan's forehead...!
Himari: Huh...? What in the world...?
Teacher: Making such a ruckus in the middle of class... Have you been sleeping, Uehara-san? This is the first lesson of the year, so you had better pay attention!
Himari: B-but~...! I wasn't sleeping! I was listening the entire time~!
Classmate: Hahahaha.
Tsugumi: Everyone is laughing at her...
Ran: Sorry, Himari...
Ran: Wait, what about Moca...?
Moca: Hahaha~. Hii-chan, what's gotten into you~?
Tsugumi: Laughing right along with them, as if nothing happened...
Ran: Moca... It might have been better to let her sleep...

Me and My Glasses Card Story - Special Episode

Our Present



Ran: ...
Marina: Oh, it's Ran-chan. Hey, Ran-chan~!
Marina: Hmmm, I don't think she noticed me. Let's call out again, BanG Dreamer-san.
Ran: ...? Did someone just...?
Marina: Ah, that got her attention. Ran-chan, over here.
Ran: Sorry I didn't notice earlier. I had my earphones in...
Marina: Listening to music? A favorite track of yours, perhaps?
Ran: The most recent song we made. If you're asking if I like it... then yes, I suppose I do.
Marina: Come to think of it, I recall seeing you in the studio a lot lately... Was that the reason why?
Ran: Yes. I wanted to finish it as quickly as possible.
Ran: The longer it takes us to give shape to a song, the more we lose touch with the feelings we wanted to put into it.
Marina: Feelings, huh...? I know exactly what you mean. Back when I was in a band, we crammed so much passion into each and every song.
Marina: Hm? What was that, BanG Dreamer-san? You have a question?
Ran: Huh? What sort of feelings did I want to incorporate?
Ran: Is that a normal thing to ask...?
Marina: Hahaha, can't deny that I'm interested, too~.
Ran: Not you too, Marina-san... It's not that big of a deal. It was just a little taste of how it feels to move on to a new school year.
Ran: How everything changes, from the shoe lockers to the classrooms...
Ran: The feeling of meeting new classmates for the first time, as well as how it felt to be back in the same class as Moca and the others...
Ran: From the outside, it seems pretty trivial. It's like our "same as always" has taken a slightly new form. Like a new everyday life has started.
Ran: Similar changes in my life will probably happen again somewhere down the road... but I believe that this feeling is once in a lifetime.
Ran: ... I think I've said too much. Honestly, I don't think it's something that should be explained with just words.
Marina: Hahaha, sorry to make you talk about it... You are putting those feelings into a song, after all.
Marina: Hearing your explanation only makes me want to hear it more~.
Marina: Ah, you also want to have a listen, BanG Dreamer-san? Mhm, of course you do~.
Ran: Well, you may actually get your opportunity.
Ran: The others and I agree that we want to play the song at one of our shows as soon as we can.
Marina: Fufu, I see. Well, we're looking forward to attending!
Ran: Thank you. I think it came out alright, so I hope it'll be to your liking.