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Medley Live Event Overview

  • Medley Live Event is an event wherein a total of 15 members are organized into 3 bands and play 3 songs in a row.
  • In Medley Live, the Combo and Life will be carried over for the whole 3 songs.
  • Additional score ranks will be added. (C+, B+, A+, S+, SS+)
  • Performing Medley Live will earn you Event Points and Badges.
  • A dedicated Medley Band formation is required on top of the regular band formation.
  • Similar to VS Live Events, you can opt to play the event's Challenge Medley (課題メドレー) or play a Free Medley (自由メドレー).
  • Score Ranking is based on the total score of the 3 songs in Challenge Medley or in Free Medley with the same songs and order as in the Challenge Medley.
  • After clearing a song, you will move to the interim page (中間ページ). In the interim page, you can do the following:
    • Change live settings
    • Change song difficulty
    • Change live boost/flame consumption
    • Recover live boosts
    • Prepare for the next live
  • When you have less than 500 Life when moving to the interim page, it will be automatically restored to 500.
  • Selecting "Stop Live" (ライブをやめる) on the interim page will stop the medley live without clearing all three songs.
  • If you select Stop Live or if you select Interruption or Retirement during a rhythm play, you will earn event points and live rewards for the cleared songs.
  • Live boosts are consumed for each song and event points and live rewards will be in accordance of the amount of live boosts consumed.
  • Bonuses will be given to certain types and members during the Medley Live. The bonus will increase overall power, making it easier to score higher. Bonus for matching type and member will further increase a specified parameter.
  • Event Points and Badges will not be carried over to the next Medley Live event.

Data Updates Occurring During Medley Live Event

  • Terminating a Medley Live other than the "Stop Live" method on the interim page will make the live be counted as invalid. Lives that are cleared halfway through will not give event points, badges, and live rewards.
  • Data updates during a medley live or while on the interim page may forcibly return you to the title screen and as such, the medley live result may not reflect correctly.
  • Each players will receive a Boost Drink× 1 as compensation if data updates happen during a Medley Live Event.
  • In addition, there will be an announcement in advance if there will be a data update during Medley Live Event.

Medley Live Event Notes

  • You can only earn event points from Medley Live.
  • You cannot play Medley Live if you don't have 3 bands in medley band formation.
  • You cannot play Medley Live if you don't have enough members to form a medley band.
  • The same character can be in each medley band. However, you cannot use the same card of that character more than once.
  • "MV Live" cannot be used during Medley Live.
  • The live boosts for the first and second songs will be consumed when moving to the interim page.
  • Event points, badges and live rewards will not be awarded if a Medley Live is stopped with a method other than Stop Live on the interim page.
  • Data updates while on Medley Live or on interim page may forcibly return you to the title screen and the Medley Live will end.

List of Events

9 events match the category selection:

Event ID Featured Cards Type Attribute
Event 164.png 164 Bright right road icon.pngFind your voice! icon.pngThat Is a Temporary Form That Lays Low icon.pngProgress, Cloth. icon.pngSpooky Pop icon.png Medley Live Cool.svg
Event 167.png 167 Idol's Great Pursuit icon.pngWith Your Honesty icon.pngAs Expected of Eve-chan icon.pngUnexpected Enemy icon.pngModern Flowery icon.png Medley Live Happy.svg
Event 170.png 170 The Long-Awaited Special Day icon.pngHoly Night's Present icon.pngGentle Teasing icon.pngThe Preparation is Perfect icon.pngInvitation to the Party icon.png Medley Live Happy.svg
Event 173.png 173 This Year Will Be the Same As Always♪ icon.pngA New Year's Happiness icon.pngThe New Year's Hymn icon.pngFather's Big Moment icon.pngSparkling New Year icon.png Medley Live Power.svg
Event 176.png 176 Walk in Early Spring icon.pngWhite Flowers For You icon.pngChocolate Daydreams icon.pngA Blooming Smile icon.pngLet's Eat This Merienda♪ icon.png Medley Live Pure.svg
Event 180.png 180 With the Rabbit Cornets icon.pngFeelings Painted With One Stroke icon.pngWa! Wa! WA! A Circle! icon.pngOpening Shop With Sincere Feelings icon.pngHappiness Shot♡ icon.pngLeave It To Us! icon.pngImproving Each Other icon.png Medley Live Pure.svg
Event 182.png 182 Glowing Sakura Illuminating My Heart icon.pngSakura Photo Frame icon.pngUnexpected Bite icon.pngPetal Catch icon.pngSakura-Colored After School icon.png Medley Live Happy.svg
Event 188.png 188 Happily ever after icon.pngBest wishes! icon.pngHina-chan's Imitation icon.pngPuppy, Passing Through. icon.pngBundled Layers of Blessings icon.png Medley Live Happy.svg
Event 191.png 191 Promises Made Just After Twilight icon.pngFloating Sparkly Blossoms icon.pngFeelings Shaped By the Sea Breeze icon.pngSummer Memories icon.pngDIVE in Summer! icon.png Medley Live Power.svg