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Melody of Hope Card Story - Episode

Sharing Happiness


Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Kasumi: Sigh~, that concert was so much fun! Thanks for coming, Arisa, O-Tae!
Tae: No problem. I wanted to hear one of Marina-san's songs too.
Arisa: That was a real interesting group though. If I were performing with Yukina-senpai or Maya-san, I'd probably be too nervous to play.
Kasumi: It was a little nerve-wracking at first, but fun! I even got to talk to them during breaks in our rehearsals!
Kasumi: Maya-san told us about her time as a session musician, and Yukina-senpai...
Kasumi: ... Ah! I almost forgot, Yukina-senpai complimented me!
Arisa: Huh? Yukina-senpai? Complimented you...? Was it something like "You're so energetic. That's nice?"
Kasumi: No~! It was a lot better than that!
Tae: Now I'm curious too. What did she say?
Kasumi: Fufu~. Well~... She said, "You always look like you're having fun performing."
Arisa: Hmmm~... That's not that far off from what I said...
Kasumi: She also said Poppin'Party's greatest strength is our hearts unite as one when we perform!
Arisa: Why didn't you tell us that one first?!
Tae: In other words, if we're able to come together even more, then our shows should improve too.
Kasumi: That's O-Tae for you! I was thinking the same thing~!
Kasumi: So I thought it'd be a good idea for everyone to share something that made them happy recently!
Arisa: Come on, this isn't going to help...
Tae: Alright, should I start? Lately Oddie's fur has been even more fluffy than usual. Petting it makes me really happy.
Kasumi: Awww~, that's so nice~! I want to pet Oddie!
Tae: Fufu, come by whenever you want.
Kasumi: As for me, do you guys know about that new taiyaki stand by the mall? It's so tasty~!
Tae: I know exactly the one. They always fill their taiyaki up right to the tail.
Kasumi: Exactly! So lately, I've been buying two, one with cream filling, and one with bean paste! Getting to eat fresh taiyaki like that made me really happy!
Arisa: Y-you know... I was expecting something a bit more grand...
Tae: Now it's your turn, Arisa.
Arisa: H-huh?! I can't think of anything on the spot lik-... Ah.
Kasumi: Oh! What is it?! Did you think of something?!
Arisa: My bonsai tools were getting a little dull, so I decided to sharpen them a little bit, and now they're good as new!
Kasumi: ...
Arisa: Say something already!
Tae: That's around the same scale as us.
Arisa: Yeah, I don't have a comeback for that...
Kasumi: Well? How do you guys feel? Do you think our hearts are one now?!
Arisa: Hm~, maybe?
Tae: I do. In fact, it makes me want to play music with you!
Kasumi: Then I guess we're just going to have to do so!
Kasumi: Okay, I'll contact the other two right away!
Kasumi: Ah, right! We'll have to tell Saaya and Rimi-rin about all the happy stuff we just talked about!
Arisa: W-we're going to do this again...?
Kasumi: Ehehe, I can't wait to play music with everybody~! Ah, now I have something else to be happy about!
Tae: Me too. You feel the same way too, don't you, Arisa?
Arisa: Well, I guess I am excited...
Kasumi: Ehehe, our hearts really are one! Alright, let's do our best at practice today~!

Kasumi: Text

Melody of Hope Card Story - Special Episode

Seeking Unknown Adventures


Record Shop

Kasumi: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Kasumi: Ehehe, I had a lot of fun at my concert the other day!
Kasumi: It was so refreshing to play a different song with totally different people!
Kasumi: Thanks to that, I got to know everyone better. We even promised to perform together again sometime!
Kasumi: Yeah, I can't wait!
Kasumi: Oh yeah, are you here to get a CD too?
Kasumi: So am I! Look, look!
Kasumi: Fufufu~, I've got a lot, don't I? Maya-san gave me all sorts of recommendations!
Kasumi: I've already borrowed and listened to a whole bunch. There were so many genres I'd never listened to before.
Kasumi: So I can't wait to listen to these CDs and find out what kind of songs they've got on them!
Kasumi: It's been a while since I started my band, but there's still a whole world of music I don't know about...
Kasumi: So listening to different music kinda feels like I'm going on an adventure!
Kasumi: Finding new songs is like making a brand new discovery...
Kasumi: And sometimes those discoveries lead me to even more new songs and genres! It's so exciting!
Kasumi: You mean it?! I'm glad you understand!
Kasumi: ... Oh yeah! You should tell me what kind of songs you like!
Kasumi: That way I can make even more discoveries, right?
Kasumi: ... Ah, I should give you my recommendations too.
Kasumi: You'll really give them a listen? Alright, I'll bring my favorite CDs the next time I go to CiRCLE.
Kasumi: Then if you bring your favorites as well, we can exchange CDs! Although you don't have to.
Kasumi: Ah, I need to ask Marina-san for her recommendations too! We could have a music exchange!
Kasumi: You'll ask her for me? Thank you~!
Kasumi: Ehehe, now I really can't wait to go to CiRCLE!
Kasumi: Alright, see you later then!