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Melody of the Dignified Wind Event Story - Opening
Sighing Solo

Sayo visits a fast food restaurant. There, she finds a sighing Touko...


Fast Food Store

Clerk: Thank you for waiting. Here is your large fries with lemon and salt.
Sayo: Thank you very much.
Sayo: (Not wanting to be seen purchasing this at nearby stores has made things difficult, but I can finally try this limited-time flavor...)
Sayo: Where's an empty seat...? This looks like a good spot.
???: Sigh...
Sayo: ...?
Sayo: (That was a very loud sigh coming from the next table...)
???: Ugh~...
Sayo: (... Hm? That girl... I think we met at the sakura party...)
Sayo: ... Kirigaya-san?
Touko: ...? Ah, Sayo-san... Hi...
Sayo: ... Is something wrong? You seem down...
Touko: Sigh. Does it look that way...?
Sayo: Quite clearly... Is something bothering you?
Touko: Ugh... Listen to this... You see...

Sayo: ... So even though you have a concert soon, you are still unable to play the song.
Touko: I'm so totally doomed... I can't move my fingers fast enough, and I can't even keep track of what I'm playing...
Touko: What's more, I have to take this exam for the band before the concert...
Sayo: An exam?
Touko: I'm playing the highlight of our new song, but Rui, the one who wrote it, says she won't allow a half-baked performance.
Touko: She's saying if I can't play it perfectly, she's gonna take my part away from me and do it herself! Can you believe that?!
Sayo: ...? That sounds perfectly reasonable...
Touko: What~?! Sayo-san, whose side are you on?!
Sayo: I'm not taking sides... However, I can see that your situation is serious.
Touko: Yeah, I'm totally doomed~... I wish there was some trick to getting better at the guitar fast... You wouldn't happen to know something like that, would you?
Sayo: A trick...? If you ask me, the quickest way to improve your skills is to practice repeatedly...
Touko: Figures~... Sigh. I'm doomed. I'm completely and utterly doomed~...
Sayo: You should not say such things, even in jest. As a member of a band, you have the responsibility to-
Touko: But I don't feel like I'm getting any better even though I've been practicing on my own~. I can't stay focused at all... Ah.
Sayo: Are you okay?
Touko: Sayo-san... Please teach me the guitar!
Sayo: ... Huh?
Touko: I don't do well alone. I'm the type that does better when there's somebody to teach me! I think! Probably!
Touko: When it's just me, I can't tell if I'm even playing properly... Please, Sayo-san!
Sayo: I understand, but... I am not good enough to teach...
Touko: No, no, you're totally good enough! You can be sure of that! I'm certain you'll be able to, Sayo-san!
Sayo: You overestimate me... Wait, why am I the one being cheered up by you?
Touko: Ooo~... Please~... Don't abandon me~...
Sayo: It's not about abandoning or helping, it's-
Touko: You're the only one I can turn to...! If you abandon me, I'll be completely doomed for real!
Sayo: K-Kirigaya-san, could you try to keep it down?
Customer: That table's being pretty loud. I wonder what's wrong.
Customer: I think she said, "Don't abandon me." ... What's going on?
Sayo: P-please be a bit more quiet. The other customers are staring...!
Touko: How can you listen to them but not to me~?!
Touko: I'm begging you! Please lend a hand to your poor underclassman in need!
???: ... Hm? Hikawa-senpai and... Touko?
Sayo: N-no... You must have the wrong per-... Oh, Hanazono-san?
Tae: I thought you two looked familiar. Looks like I was right.
Tae: ... Ah, those are the new fries. Are you two eating together?
Sayo: N-no, we are not!
Tae: Oh, guess I was wrong. What are you two doing then?
Sayo: We are not really doing anything... What is happening is...
Tae: ... So that's why you don't want to teach the guitar.
Sayo: Yes, I do not think I will be able to meet her expectations. I have never taught anyone properly, after all...
Tae: ... I see. That makes sense.
Sayo: I am relieved you see things the way I do.
Tae: In that case, I'll also help you teach her.
Sayo: ... What?
Touko: Really?!
Sayo: ... Wait. How did you arrive at that conclusion?
Tae: Hm? You were saying no because you aren't sure if you can teach her properly, right?
Tae: But guess what? I actually have experience teaching the guitar to Kasumi.
Tae: With both of us teaching Touko, you'll have nothing to worry about, Hikawa-senpai.
Sayo: No, that's not-...!
Touko: That's super awesome! With both of you teaching me, I'm gonna become a killer guitarist!
Tae: Mmhmm, we'll do our best to help you become super awesome, Touko.
Sayo: Wait! I never said I would...!

Melody of the Dignified Wind Event Story - Chapter 1
Whining and Worrying

Sayo and Tae teach Touko how to play the guitar. Sayo is worried about Touko's whining...



Sayo: Sigh... How did I end up being dragged into helping Kirigaya-san practice...?
Tae: ...? Hikawa-senpai, is everything okay?
Sayo: Yes, it is nothing...
Touko: Whoa, so this is what the studios at CiRCLE look like! Ah, I don't think I've ever seen this kinda equipment before! I gotta take a picture!
Tae: Hm? Is this your first time in a studio, Touko?
Touko: Yeah, all the studios were booked when we started our band! We usually practice at the atelier at Nanami's place.
Sayo: Ah. They were fully booked for a while, weren't they? Things have started to quiet down, though.
Sayo: Anyhow, let's begin practice then. Could you show me your sheet music?
Touko: Ah, sure! Here it is!
Tae: Wow, this looks like a pretty cool song! The crowd's gonna love it if you can play the highlight.
Sayo: But there are also many difficult phrases for someone who only recently started playing the guitar. Could you play it for us once from the top?
Touko: Got it! Oh, there's this part where I look super awesome playing it, so be sure to pay attention, okay?
Touko: ... There! What did you think? I think that's the best I've ever done before!
Sayo: ... During the verse, you appeared to be waving your arm more than necessary. Could you explain why...?
Touko: I'm not surprised you noticed, Sayo-san! That's my own personal super awesome guitar-playing move!
Sayo: It's getting in the way of your per-
Tae: I thought it was amazing!
Touko: Right? You've got good taste too, O-Tae-san~.
Tae: I want to try it, too. Why don't we do it together, Hikawa-senpai?
Sayo: I will not! And neither should you, Hanazono-san!
Sayo: ... Anyhow, your performance as a whole lacked accuracy.
Touko: Huh?!
Sayo: You also need to pay attention to how you accent the notes. I also noticed there were several sections where you were unable to maintain a consistent tempo.
Sayo: Aside from that...
Touko: S-Sayo-san! Wait!
Sayo: ...? Yes, is there something you would like to discuss?
Touko: ... Is it just me, or are there a lot of things I need to pay attention to?!
Sayo: There are. That is because this is a very demanding piece.
Touko: Ugh, I can't believe Rui's expecting me to do all of this stuff...
Tae: That must mean she trusts you a lot.
Touko: ... What?
Tae: She probably wrote it this way because she believed you'd be able to do it, Touko.
Touko: She... believed in me...
Touko: Jeez, that Rui. I guess she realizes how good I am even if she's always giving me a hard time.
Sayo: ... If you are finished, I would like to resume practice.
Touko: Ah, yeah! Of course!
Sayo: For today, let's start by going through each measure in order until you can play them accurately.
Sayo: Kirigaya-san, your fingering became sloppy again during the third measure.
Sayo: Your tempo grew slower as the song went on. Try to make sure you will be in harmony with everyone when the vocalist begins singing.
Tae: Hmmm...
Sayo: ...? Wh-what is it, Hanazono-san?
Tae: For someone who seemed so unsure of whether they could teach yesterday, you're pretty enthusiastic today.
Sayo: I am not enthusiastic.
Sayo: I simply wish to do a proper job if I'm going to be teaching.
Sayo: Kirigaya-san, did you understand what I just said?
Touko: Kinda... But it seems really hard to do all of that while playing.
Touko: My fingers are already getting tangled up as it is. All this extra stuff is just gonna make it worse...
Sayo: ... Sigh. Now isn't the time for complaining, is it?
Sayo: As I pointed out yesterday, as a member of a band, you have the responsibility to-
Touko: R-right! Yeah, I know!
Sayo: ... As long as you understand. During the exam, be sure to keep in mind what I just said. You must also make sure you're playing in harmony with the other members.
Touko: There's more stuff I need to remember?! I can't do all of that at once~...!
Tae: Ah, you're complaining again.
Touko: Ah~, no, I wasn't complaining! I was, um, making an observation! Yeah! Just an observation!
Sayo: Sigh...
Sayo: (I wonder if she'll be able to play the piece in time for her exam...)

Melody of the Dignified Wind Event Story - Chapter 2
The "Fleeting" Mystery

Touko is having trouble practicing. Just then, she runs into Kaoru and Misaki in the park...


A Few Days Later

Sayo: Kirigaya-san, the part I mentioned last time was offbeat again.
Touko: I know, but I can't do it right because I have so many things to keep track of~!
Sayo: Kirigaya-san... You're complaining again...
Touko: No, no! That wasn't complaining! It was an explanation! So it doesn't count!
Sayo: Stop making excuses that make no sense.
Tae: ... You may complain and make excuses, but you still keep practicing.
Tae: That really is something.
Touko: Grr~! I'm gonna play this song perfectly next time~!
Sayo: (... True. I had thought she would have given up earlier.)
Touko: Why can't I do this~...?
Touko: I'm fine when I play it slowly, but my fingers get all tangled up when I do it at a normal tempo...
Sayo: ... Your performance habits may be getting in the way.
Touko: My habits...? What do you mean?
Sayo: I am referring to your inability to keep your fingers in a proper position and the unnecessary amount of power you put into your arms.
Sayo: If we could identify those habits, we would be able to offer you advice for fixing them...
Touko: Seriously?! I had no idea! I thought I was playing normally~!

After Practice

Touko: My playing habits, huh~...? How am I supposed to fix something that I can't even see?
Touko: I can't play properly until I fix them, though~...!
Kaoru: Misaki, I must thank you for accompanying me today. Inspiration struck me as I pondered the immortal words of Shakespeare.
Misaki: No problem... I did wonder what the deal was when you suddenly asked me to come, though.
Kaoru: Fufu, my apologies. However, your assistance has brought me one step closer to giving birth to a masterpiece rivaling my "Theme Song of Fleetingness."
Misaki: Ahaha, great... Hm? Hey, isn't that...?
Kaoru: Yes, it is Touko-chan. It must be fate that has brought us together under the fleeting sunset.
Touko: Hmm... What should I do...?
Misaki: She hasn't noticed us at all... Hey~, Kirigaya-san.
Touko: ...? Ah, Misaki-san! And Kaoru-san too!
Kaoru: Greetings, Touko-chan. Why does sorrow cloud your face so? Is your heart troubled?
Touko: Actually, yeah. You see...

Kaoru: So the chains of your habits are keeping you from the perfection you so deeply desire...
Touko: Yeah~! And I have no idea what to do...
Kaoru: Hmm, would you allow me to offer you my assistance?
Touko: Huh? Does that mean you'll help me out...?
Kaoru: Indeed, I shall. As a fellow guitarist, I am certain there is much wisdom I will be able to bestow upon you.
Touko: Wow~! You're so awesome, Kaoru-san! Thanks so much!
Touko: This is the sheet music, and this is the part I'm having trouble with...
Kaoru: I see... You did mention the cause was your habits. Might I suggest playing this section... fleetingly?
Touko: Fleetingly...? Oh~, Fleetingly... Gotcha. Fleetingly, huh...?
Touko: Wait, what's playing fleetingly like?!
Misaki: ... Kaoru-san, if you've got an idea, it'd be faster if you just showed her by playing.
Kaoru: Fufu, as the Great Bard himself once said, action is eloquence. And act I shall.

Kaoru: Well?
Touko: Oh~! That was so awesome! I've never seen anyone spin around so much!
Kaoru: A fleeting turn, was it not? It is a favorite among my little kittens.
Misaki: Kaoru-san, you didn't have to move around that much just to show her how to play, did you?
Misaki: This isn't a concert. All that leaping and flying around seems excessive.
Kaoru: ...? I merely wished to demonstrate how to play fleetingly.
Kaoru: It is such a lovely melody, after all. I thought it best to surrender to it, to let it guide my body and express itself.
Misaki: It still seemed like a bit too much.
Touko: Ahaha! I kinda know what you mean! I also find myself moving to the beat when I'm playing!
Touko: I can't believe you can move around and play properly at the same time, Kaoru-san!
Kaoru: With a little practice, I am sure that you too will be able to do so. Now then, why don't we start from the beginning?

Touko: Huff... Puff... This is harder than it looks...
Kaoru: Fufu, you are doing splendidly. Your performance of the parts I demonstrated are most fleeting.
Touko: Ahaha, sweet! And thanks, Misaki-san!
Misaki: Hm? I haven't done anything, though...
Touko: No, whenever I've been unable to get what Kaoru-san's saying, you've been translating! It's been super helpful!
Misaki: Ahaha... I guess you're welcome, then. By the way, I know you're both having fun, but shouldn't you be working on the part of the song that's giving you trouble, Kirigaya-san?
Touko: Hm? What part?
Misaki: You know, the part you're having trouble playing!
Touko: ... Ah! I totally forgot!
Touko: Hm? But I didn't have any trouble playing it just now...
Misaki: Huh? Why...?
Touko: I dunno either... Ah! Maybe my talent just suddenly blossomed!
Misaki: W-well, I'm glad you can play it now.
Touko: Me too! This has also given me ideas for extra moves I can throw in when I'm playing during the show!
Misaki: Ah, do you also like giving a showy performance, Kirigaya-san?
Touko: Of course! Who doesn't wanna look cool when they're doing a show?
Kaoru: Fufu, indeed. It is only natural for the heart to yearn for that which is fleeting.
Touko: So~... If it's alright with you, I'd like to make the other places look cool too...
Kaoru: You wish for my continued assistance then, is that it? Alas, the sun will not permit us to continue further. It would be best if we continue another time. Would that be sufficient?
Touko: Sure! And thanks a lot!
Kaoru: After our schoolwork is done, Misaki and I shall be searching for fleeting melodies here. You are welcome to seek us out whenever you have need of us.

Melody of the Dignified Wind Event Story - Chapter 3
Fleeting Guitarist

On their way home from helping Touko practice, Sayo and Tae run into an ecstatic Touko and Kaoru.


A Few Days Later

Touko: ...!
Touko: Yeah! Did you see that?! I made it all the way to the end, right?!
Tae: Mmhmm, you did. I'm glad you've learned how to play it.
Sayo: Yes. It is starting to sound like a proper performance now. Not only that, you smoothly played the part that had previously given you trouble.
Touko: Phew... What a relief. I was so worried I wasn't gonna make it in time for the exam~...
Sayo: (Her performance is still not good enough for a concert, but at least we have something to work with now.)
Sayo: (I'm surprised she was able to fix her habits on her own, though. Despite her complaining, there seems to be more to her than meets the eye...)
Tae: Hikawa-senpai? Are you okay?
Sayo: Yes, I just realized I may have misjudged Kirigaya-san...
Sayo: (However, there is something that bothers me...)

Walking Home

Tae: ... You're concerned with the way Touko's playing?
Sayo: Yes. Hanazono-san, what did you think of her performance?
Tae: She's gotten a lot better. It's like a frozen hamburger steak that's slowly being defrosted.
Sayo: I'm not sure I understand your metaphor, but... have you noticed the way she plays has changed? She added a number of theatrics one would see during a concert...
Tae: Ah, you might be right. I don't think that's a bad thing, though. She's no longer having trouble with that one part of the song either.
Sayo: And that is what I'm confused by. Her playstyle has changed, and her performance of the area troubling her has improved...
Sayo: I do not understand how or why...
Tae: Hmm... Did you try asking her?
Sayo: I did not. If it is something she is doing subconsciously, pointing it out may cause her to lose the progress she has made.
Sayo: Anyway, since her performance has improved, I think it is safe to watch and observe for the time being.
Tae: Ahaha, you're totally acting like her teacher, Hikawa-senpai.
Sayo: Th-that is not my intent... I'm just attempting to fulfill my responsibilities to her...
Tae: I see. You know, we should go see her show if she passes her exam.
Sayo: Yes, we should.
Sayo: ... Hm?
Sayo: That is Kirigaya-san, is it not?
Tae: Kaoru-san and Misaki are there too. And Touko and Kaoru-san have their guitars...


Touko: Kaoru-san, like this?
Kaoru: Splendid. With each passing day, your performance grows increasingly fleeting.
Misaki: Oh... I had no idea something could grow more fleeting...
Kaoru: You are doing everything I have taught you flawlessly, Touko-chan. It is so fleeting that my heart trembles...!
Touko: Awesome! Do you think we can do something new today, then? I wanna improve this part here!
Kaoru: I see. Then you should strike a pose here.
Touko: Ooh, I like that! I'm totally taking that idea! Ah, but if I do, I want something a bit more flashy!
Kaoru: Fufu, how about a jump after striking a pose then?
Touko: Kaoru-san... Are you a genius or something? I love that!
Kaoru: Then today, I shall teach you how to jump fleetingly. The key is to imagine yourself becoming a swan as you leap through the air.
Touko: A... swan?
Kaoru: Indeed. Just as a swan gracefully takes flight from a lake, you must spread your wings wide as you dance through the air...!
Tae: They're jumping around in the air while holding their guitars. I don't know what they're doing, but it looks fun!
Sayo: What in the world is going on...?

Melody of the Dignified Wind Event Story - Chapter 4
Rush! Rush! Rush!

After learning the guitar from Kaoru and the others, Touko has a shocking revelation...!



Sayo: I see... So you have also been learning how to play the guitar from Seta-san.
Touko: Yeah, Kaoru-san's so amazing! She can play properly even while doing really flashy moves and dancing around so much!
Touko: That's why I've been having her help me come up with some moves for our song!
Kaoru: Fufu, to be drawn to fleetingness is fate.
Touko: And I don't really get it myself, but it's easier to play when I do the moves she's taught me.
Sayo: You have an easier time playing when you incorporate her movements...
Sayo: I see...! I have finally solved the mystery!
Misaki: Huh? What mystery?
Sayo: Well, you see...

Misaki: Gotcha, so she suddenly fixed her bad habits and played the part that was giving her trouble.
Sayo: Correct. However, I was troubled by how her playing style had shifted towards one tailored for concerts.
Misaki: Yeah... That's Kaoru-san's influence for sure...
Tae: ...? I get why the way Touko plays changed, but why would her habits be fixed?
Kaoru: Fufu, 'tis the power of fleetingness.
Misaki: Kaoru-san. That doesn't explain a thing.
Sayo: No, it is as Seta-san says.
Misaki: Huh? Sayo-senpai, you're joking, right?
Sayo: No, I am not.
Sayo: I have seen Hello, Happy World! perform on stage several times. Seta-san is someone who emphasizes the more theatrical aspects of a performance.
Tae: She does! She's always moving around on stage. I sometimes wonder how she can do that and still play properly.
Sayo: ... And that is exactly it. Seta-san has developed her own way of playing the guitar that is not hampered by vigorous movement.
Sayo: And if Kirigaya-san is learning from Seta-san, that means...
Misaki: Oh, I get it...
Sayo: Yes, Kirigaya-san's habits have been overwritten by Seta-san's.
Misaki: You're making it sound like fighting poison with a stronger poison... Well, calling it poison is a bit much, but still...
Misaki: I thought you said playing your way would allow her to overcome her habits, but all you did was give her yours...
Sayo: I had never considered such a method for fixing Kirigaya-san's habits...
Kaoru: As Shakespeare himself once said, "And to the manner born, it is a custom more honored in its breach than its observance."
Tae: Ah, there goes Kaoru-san quoting Shakespeare again.
Misaki: Ah, you can just ignore her, Sayo-senpai. She just... does that. She's got Shakespeare syndrome or something.
Sayo: No... I think Seta-san is telling us we need to question our preconceptions if we hope to achieve better results.
Kaoru: ... Fufu, it is... but that.
Misaki: C'mon, you definitely weren't thinking that, Kaoru-san.
Sayo: It is as she says, though. I had never conceived of such an approach.
Sayo: ... Seta-san. Could you teach me how to play the guitar just like you have been doing with Kirigaya-san?
Misaki: S-Sayo-senpai?!
Touko: Huh? Are you going to practice with me, Sayo-san?!
Sayo: Yes. I believe learning the guitar from Seta-san will allow me to make new discoveries I had never thought of.
Misaki: No... I'm sure there are better ways of doing that...
Tae: Ah, this looks like fun. Could you teach me too? The melody you make with your guitar always sounds so fun, Kaoru-san.
Kaoru: Fufu, I would be honored to do so. Nothing brings me greater joy than to know that my humble guitar can be of use to my little kittens.
Sayo: Yes, thank you!
Misaki: The situation seems to be rapidly going off the rails...
Misaki: This did happen at the festival too... Sayo-senpai doesn't seem like it, but she's pretty easily swayed by people like Kaoru-san...

Kaoru: That was a most fleeting performance, everyone.
Sayo: W-was it...? I do not think I was able to play like you, Seta-san.
Kaoru: Fufu, there are as many flavors of fleetingness as there are stars in the sky. There is meaning to simply feeling fleetingness.
Sayo: That is true... If you had not taught me, I never would have known just how much attention you pay to how a performance appears to the audience.
Kaoru: That is because I wish for the little kittens attending our shows to see only the best that I have to offer, no matter where in the audience they may be.
Sayo: I see... So that is the kind of performance you aim for.
Tae: Oooh, you're so cool, Kaoru-san!
Misaki: Yeah, that's one of the few things I can respect about you.
Tae: ... Ah, I know! Why don't you guys join our practices?
Sayo: That would be more efficient.
Kaoru: Fufu, your wish is my command.
Misaki: Seeing as I'm already involved anyway, I guess I can stick around. Is that all right with you, Kirigaya-san?
Touko: Totally! I get to be taught by four upperclassmen! You guys are like an invincible team!
Misaki: Ahaha, I dunno about that.
Sayo: Well then, since your exam will be soon, we should work on refining your performance.
Kaoru: Oh? What is this exam you speak of...?
Sayo: Kirigaya-san has to pass a band performance exam, or else she will lose the part she is playing. I believe you said it was in two weeks, correct?
Touko: Yeah, it's in two weeks exactly! I added it to my scheduling app, so I'm absolutely certain of the date!
Touko: ... Huh?
Misaki: Is something the matter?
Touko: Uh... The slot that's two weeks from today says, "Day of the show!"
Sayo: ... Kirigaya-san, when is the exam?
Touko: It's supposed to be ten days before the show, so...
Touko: ... Ummm, in four days.
Touko: This is bad, this is bad, this is bad! I am totally, absolutely, and completely doomed!
Sayo: ... Take a deep breath. We should return to CiRCLE and resume practice immediately.
Kaoru: Fufu, it seems we will have busy times ahead.
Tae: ... I'm starting to get fired up.
Misaki: I'll call now to reserve a studio for the next three days starting tomorrow.
Sayo: Practice will not be easy, so you should be ready, Kirigaya-san.
Touko: Ooo... Th-thank you...!

Melody of the Dignified Wind Event Story - Chapter 5
What I Really Learned

During a break from her intensive guitar training, Touko talks to Kaoru and Sayo about what is on her mind...


The Day Before the Test

Sayo: Kirigaya-san, your timing is still off. Try to play that part slightly quicker.
Touko: Got it!
Kaoru: The part I taught you during the second measure was done wonderfully. If you are able to do so on the day of your concert, the performance is sure to go well.
Touko: Ah, okay!
Tae: It might be easier to play the part Hikawa-senpai indicated if you straighten your fingers a bit more.
Touko: O-okay...
Misaki: Um, why don't we take a break? It seems like Kirigaya-san's at her limit...
Touko: I... I don't think I've ever practiced this much in my entire life...
Sayo: ... A break it is. Let's resume in fifteen minutes then.
Tae: Tomorrow's the big day. Do you think she'll make it in time, Hikawa-senpai?
Sayo: It will be close, but I think she will be able to make it. Seta-san and Hanazono-san are also helping her, after all.
Misaki: I'm not sure she'll have enough stamina. You rarely see people that exhausted.
Kaoru: Indeed. Passing the exam will be for naught if she falls ill before the concert.
Sayo: That may be, but if Kirigaya-san stops now, she will be the one who regrets it the most during her performance.
Kaoru: Fufu, truer words have never been spoken. As her elders, we must do our part to help her on her journey.
Sayo: Yes, let's work together to help her... Hm? Where did Kirigaya-san go...?


Touko: Ugh, I'm super tired...
Kaoru: I was wondering where you had fluttered off to.
Touko: Ah, Kaoru-san. Just trying to get some fresh air...
Kaoru: That is understandable. You have practiced hard for three days, after all. It is important to rest when able.
Touko: I'm really grateful for all the help you've given me. I owe you guys!
Kaoru: No, 'tis nothing for my sweet little kitten.
Kaoru: The others surely feel as I do as well.
Touko: Kaoru-san... Ahaha, you're all so nice!
Touko: If I were a god, I'd definitely grant each of you one wish!
Touko: I'm really lucky I've had all of you help me practice.
Touko: I've also seen that none of you are satisfied with simply being able to play a piece.
Kaoru: What is it that you mean?
Touko: Like in your case, you throw in extra moves and stuff. You also put a lot of thought into how the audience sees you.
Touko: Skill-wise, Sayo-san is like a guitar god compared to me, but she practices so hard. She never settles for anything less than perfect...
Touko: Seeing guys like you made me realize I shouldn't be satisfied with where I am now!
Sayo: Indeed. That is what it means to be entrusted with a role within a band.
Touko: Sayo-san...
Sayo: To be frank, I was not interested in helping you practice when you first asked me.
Sayo: You were always quick to complain, and I did not sense any commitment towards your band or the guitar.
Sayo: But as I saw you practice, I came to realize that despite your complaining, you show commitment in your own way.
Sayo: And that is why I decided to continue assisting you.
Touko: H-huh? I didn't expect such serious praise from you, Sayo-san! This is really embarrassing!
Sayo: It was not my intent to offer you praise. I merely shared my thoughts with you.
Touko: And that's what makes it so embarrassing!
Touko: ... Anyway, looks like I've got high expectations to live up to! But I won't disappoint you. I'm a genius, after all!
Sayo: Fufu, I had a feeling you would say that.
Tae: ... Hm? I was wondering why none of you had returned. What were the three of you up to?
Misaki: It's already past break time.
Kaoru: You have my apologies for the wait. Shall we resume practice then?
Touko: Yeah! Thanks again for sticking around to help me!
Sayo: You're welcome. Let us continue doing our best until the end.

Melody of the Dignified Wind Event Story - Ending
Expectant Gaze

It's the day of Morfonica's show. Sayo, Kaoru, and the others watch over Touko's performance.


The Day of the Show
Live House - Reception

Sayo: ... The day has finally arrived. I wonder if Kirigaya-san will be okay...
Misaki: Ahaha... You're worrying too much, Sayo-senpai. You've been like that all day.
Sayo: I know, but...
Misaki: She said she passed the exam. Besides, she's practiced so much. I'm sure she'll be fine.
Kaoru: We have done all that we can. All that remains for us is to watch over her.
Sayo: ... Y-yes, you are right. I should learn from how relaxed Hanazono-san is... Hm?
Misaki: Ah, she's over there. It looks like she's getting something to drink... Ah, she's coming back.
Tae: Hm? Aren't you going to get something to drink? I recommend the orange juice here.
Sayo: ... Perhaps she is too relaxed.
Misaki: Ahaha... Yeah.
Kaoru: The concert is beginning. Let us bear witness to Touko-chan's moment in the spotlight.


Touko: Thanks, guys~! Our next song's gonna be a new one!
Touko: I'll be playing the super awesome highlight, so start getting hyped! All right, it's all yours, Shiro!
Mashiro: U-um... This song is...
Sayo: Wh-why is she raising expectations for herself...?!
Kaoru: Fufu, that is because the blood of a true entertainer courses through her veins.
Tae: Guys, it's starting.
Sayo: Her start is going well, but the next phrase is difficult... I wonder if she will be able to play it properly...
Misaki: Ahaha, Sayo-senpai, you're acting like a guardian at school on parents' day.
Tae: ... Ah, it's the part that was hard to teach Touko. She struggled with it a lot.
Sayo: Yes. What's more, she has to deal with the pressure of performing it at this concert. I hope she will be able to do it...
All: ...
Misaki: ... She did it! Did you see that, Sayo-senpai? She did it perfectly!
Sayo: Yes, that was her best performance yet! And here comes the highlight...
Kaoru: She poured her heart into its mastery. I am sure her performance will be splendid...
Kaoru: Fufu, it appears words are unnecessary. The cheers are a reflection of her efforts.
Touko: Thanks for coming~! Our next gig's gonna be super awesome, so don't miss it either, okay?

Live House - Reception

Customer A: What was that band called? Was it Morfonica? They were pretty cool!
Customer B: That girl on the guitar was Touko, right? I didn't know she was that good.
Misaki: ... It's over.
Kaoru: Yes. Words cannot do justice to how fleeting the concert was.
Tae: Mmhmm, I got goosebumps.
Sayo: ...
Misaki: Hm? Are you crying, Sayo-senpai?
Sayo: I-I am not!
Sayo: It's just... This was a different experience from reviewing my own concerts or watching another group perform.
Sayo: In a way, it was more nerve-wracking than performing on stage. All I could do was watch.
Tae: I could tell from the way you were clenching your fists the whole time, Hikawa-senpai.
Kaoru: Indeed. The determination to not miss a single note was clearly written on your face.
Sayo: I had not realized I had become so engrossed in the show.
Kaoru: Fufu, neither did I. Come, let us go and share our thoughts with Touko-chan.
Sayo: Yes. It was a good performance, but we should let her know that there is still room for improvement.
Misaki: Ahaha, you're so strict, Sayo-senpai...
Tae: Ah, looks like she's coming to us.
Touko: There you guys are! I've been looking for all of you~!
Sayo: We were about to go to the dressing room. Are you sure you should be out here, though...? If the audience finds you...
Touko: Ahaha, no biggie! So, what did you think? Was I awesome?!
Sayo: ... Fufu.
Sayo: ... Yes, you were. It was a very good concert.

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