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Melty Paradise Card Story - Episode

Shake Off the Temptation!


Toyama Residence - Living Room

Ako: Umm, hmm... I don't really get this equation~.
Asuka: Well, you substitute this part here and...
Ako: Ah, you did it! Thanks, Asuka!
Kasumi: Ah, I remember learning that formula! I didn't understand at all in the beginning~!
LOCK: Phew... At last, we finished math~...
Kasumi: Good job, everyone! Are you thirsty? Ah, please have these treats too!
Ako: Wow, Potato chips and rice crackers! Thanks, Kasumi~!
LOCK: W-what!? Did you mean to give us this much?
Kasumi: Of course! Let me know anytime if you're running low!
Kasumi: And if there's ever anything on your mind, feel free to talk to me!
LOCK: Th-thank you very much...
Asuka: Hold on, what are you doing here anyway, Sis? We're trying to study right now...
Kasumi: Huh? W-well... I wanted to help you guys if you got stuck on any questions...
Asuka: Don't you have your own homework to do? You should go to your room and finish that instead.
Kasumi: Urgh... Th-that's true, but...
Asuka: We have lots of homework and we don't really have the time to chat with you.
Kasumi: N-no~! If I'm by myself, all I do is think about sweets!
Ako & LOCK: ...?
Ako: I see. So that's why you're not eating sweet things!
Asuka: As a result, we had to hide away all the candy in the house... Try putting yourself in my shoes.
Kasumi: Ah, but Ako and LOCK came all this way to our place. I think it's okay to bring out the candy, just for today.
Asuka: No. If you see it, you'll definitely eat it.
Kasumi: N-not necessarily~...
Asuka: Your shifty eyes say otherwise.
LOCK: Avoiding sweet things, huh~? That sounds tricky... Candy is sold all over the place.
Kasumi: Exactly~! I see the candy aisle every time I go to the convenience store~.
Kasumi: There's so much temptation everywhere that, at this rate, I think I'll slip up... I wonder if there's a trick I can use~.
Ako: How about you play NFO?! It's so fun that you'll be absorbed in it and forget all about candy!
Asuka: I think Mom would get angry if she played too many games...
Ako: Aww, then that won't work~!
LOCK: Ah, focusing on something else isn't a bad idea, though.
LOCK: The other day, I practiced guitar so much that it was nighttime before I knew it. There are times I've even forgotten to eat dinner...
Kasumi: Ah, of course! That's it! Nice one, LOCK~!
LOCK: Th-thank you very much! I'm glad I could be of help.
Asuka: Well, shouldn't you do your homework first? Otherwise, you'll be in hot water tomorrow, Sis.
Kasumi: Ohh... Fine~. I'll practice guitar after I finish my homework!
Kasumi: Thanks, guys~! I think I can get through this now~!
LOCK: Good luck, Kasumi-senpai!
Asuka: Now we can finally concentrate on our own studies... Let's get back to it.
Ako: Did we decide which subject to do next?
LOCK: We're going to work on English, right? We got a lot of homework for it...
Asuka: Yeah. That teacher hands out a mountain of homework every lesson. Okay then, English it i—
Kasumi: Hey, Aa-chan! How do you do factorization again~?!
Asuka: Sigh... Good grief, Sis...

Melty Paradise Card Story - Special Episode

Uncontrollable Urge


Residential Area

Marina: I'm glad you came along, BanG Dreamer-san~. I had so many supplies to buy today, so you really saved me.
Marina: ... Oh? Isn't that Kasumi-chan coming toward us? Maybe she's finishing up her own shopping. Hey, Kasumi-chan~.
Kasumi: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello.
Marina: Hello. You sure have a lot of stuff. It's taking you both arms to carry it all...
Kasumi: They're snacks I'm taking to Arisa's place! I bought lots and lots ♪
Marina: Huh? All of these are for Arisa-chan's place?
Kasumi: Yes ♪ Umm, there's chocolate pudding, chocolate biscuits, and limited edition rich chocolate truffles!
Kasumi: I even bought chocolate potato chips. Also, chocolate marshmallows and chocolate-coated nuts~...
Marina: I-it's nothing but chocolate... I didn't know you liked chocolate that much, Kasumi-chan.
Kasumi: I got swept up in the Valentine's Day fever...
Marina: Valentine's Day, huh? Speaking of, you guys were avoiding sweet things, right?
Kasumi: Yes, we were! And the chocolate we ate in the end was absolutely delicious! Since then, every time I see chocolate, I can't help buying it~.
Kasumi: I learned that eating chocolate after trying hard to resist it made it taste even better!
Kasumi: Thanks to Rimi-rin, I realized that I'm actually really lucky to be able to eat sweets regularly~.
Marina: I see. You've come to appreciate candy more because you couldn't have any.
Kasumi: Exactly! So now I'm looking for other things I can give up for a while so that I value them even more!
Marina: Hmm, it's probably going to have to be something you already like.
Kasumi: Yeah, I figured as much~. I know it'll be a tough sacrifice, but I'm sure that thing will feel even more precious to me after!
Marina: Something that's important to you, huh...? What about playing shows?
Kasumi: You mean, staying away from performing...?! I guess that would work...
Kasumi: ... No, that's impossible~! There's no way I can give up concerts!
Kasumi: Just the mere thought of performing right now is making me wanna get on stage!
Marina: Fufu, well, you're always welcome to play at CiRCLE. There's actually an opening next month.
Kasumi: Yay! Thank you, Marina-san. I gotta discuss it with the others right away!
Kasumi: Well then, I'm gonna go meet them!
Marina: Sure, I'll be waiting for your reply! Take care.