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Memorable Sight Card Story - Episode

Simple Emotions


CiRCLE - Lobby

Yukina: Thank you. I'm done using Studio B for solo practice.
Yukina: ... Yes. Now if you'll excu—
???: How many times did I tell you~?!
???: Ooo~... P-please don't be mad~!
Yukina: These voices...


Arisa: Sheesh... We won't even be practicing in my basement until tomorrow. I can't believe you just flew outta the classroom...
Kasumi: B-but~... I realized before I got to your place, didn't I? So it doesn't count as not listening! ... Right...?
Arisa: Wrong!
Kasumi: Awww~!
Yukina: ... Hello. I was wondering what all that noise was.
Kasumi: Ah, Yukina-senpai! Hi~!
Arisa: H-hello.
Kasumi: Are you here rehearsing, Yukina-senpai?
Yukina: Yes. I had some free time, so I did some practicing on my own.
Arisa: Wh-whoa... That's some crazy dedication, Yukina-senpai.
Yukina: Dedication... I suppose. However, today I just felt like singing.
Kasumi: Yeah, I get that feeling sometimes too! Like today, I just couldn't wait to practice with everyone~...
Arisa: H-hey, don't compare yourself to her! This is Yukina-senpai we're talking about.
Yukina: ... No, Toyama-san's right. The feelings we have for our bands and music...
Yukina: They're what drives us all.
Arisa: Huh? Y-Yukina-senpai...?
Yukina: ...? What is it?
Arisa: I-it's nothing.
Yukina: Okay.
Kasumi: You're acting weird, Arisa~.
Arisa: Sh-shut up!
Yukina: ... Do you remember when I asked all of you what you're thinking of when you're performing?
Kasumi: Yeah! That was when we asked you to come to our show, right?
Kasumi: I think I said I wanted everyone to feel the same sparkling, heart-pounding feeling we felt.
Yukina: You did. Your words helped us reexamine Roselia.
Yukina: Thank you again for what you did... If you don't mind, there's something I'd like to ask you about your reply.
Kasumi: Ehehe, you can ask me anything!
Yukina: What are Poppin'Party's thoughts on loving and enjoying music?
Arisa: U-ummm... That's a pretty tough one...
Yukina: Yes, I know it's a very vague question, but I don't know how else to put it.
Arisa: Hmm... Loving and enjoying music... Well, in our case...
Kasumi: That's just always there!
Yukina: ...!
Kasumi: I think it has to be that way when it comes to music~... Not just for music but bands too~.
Kasumi: Everyone who enters the world of music starts out because they love making music, right?
Kasumi: And when you meet people you can call your friends, you make a band! That's why everything can be so sparkling and heart-pounding! At least, that's how it was for me!
Yukina: ...
Kasumi: Hm?
Arisa: Kasumi, you need to use words normal people can understand... You've left Yukina-senpai speechless.
Kasumi: Huh~? But all I did was say what I thought~.
Arisa: I-I'm sorry, Yukina-senpai...
Yukina: ... It's okay. It's not that I didn't understand.
Yukina: I'm just... a little surprised. I feel the same way as Toyama-san.
Yukina: Our love of music is our starting point. It's something so simple yet also so powerful.
Yukina: ... When I formed Roselia, I thought there was no need for such emotions.
Yukina: But after overcoming many challenges, I now know just how truly important and precious that feeling is.
Kasumi: Yay~! I'm so happy you got what I said!
Arisa: Wh-whoa... Guess that makes sense...
Yukina: ...? It looks like you have something you've been wanting to say, Ichigaya-san.
Arisa: Err... W-well... I know this might kinda sound rude...
Arisa: But I didn't expect you to smile like that...
Kasumi: Isn't it obvious, Arisa~? Yukina-senpai has that sparkling and heart-pounding feeling too!
Arisa: R-really...?
Yukina: ... Yes. I think I do.

Memorable Sight Card Story - Special Episode

Enjoyable Sound


CiRCLE - Lobby

Yukina: Hello, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Yukina-chan! Is Roselia done practicing?
Yukina: Yes. Do you think we can book a studio for next Saturday?
Marina: Sure. Let's see... We've got a studio available at the same time as today. I'll sign you up for it.
Yukina: You're always so helpful. Thank you.
Marina: Leave it to me! You guys are still working so hard, even though the fes is over.
Marina: It's hard not to do everything we can to help you out when you're like that!
Yukina: That's very reassuring. Now more than ever, we're grateful there are people like you. Thank you.
Yukina: Roselia will continue aiming higher...
Yukina: We won't stop just because we've accomplished one of our goals.
Marina: I'm glad to hear that! That tireless dedication is one of the things that makes Roselia great!
Yukina: ... I think so too. We are always doing our best and doing everything we can for our music...
Yukina: Those qualities have become a given for us.
Yukina: However, those aren't the only things I'm feeling when I'm singing these days.
Yukina: The simple joy of singing is also there...
Yukina: Looking back, that joy has always been present. I just never could admit it to myself...
Yukina: But not anymore. I can now fully embrace that feeling while singing.
Marina: So that's what happened... I had a feeling you've been smiling a lot more these days, Yukina-chan.
Yukina: ... Do you think those two things are related?
Marina: Absolutely! The more a person cares about music, the more they're affected by things related to it!
Marina: And since you're smiling, that has to mean you have a good relationship with music!
Yukina: I think I do too. Each person probably has a different relationship with music.
Yukina: The one I have now is the one I find suits me the best.
Marina: That's great! It looks like there's nothing to worry about then!
Marina: The Japanese word for music is written by combining the characters for sound and enjoyment... That's why you might as well enjoy all kinds of music! I hope you never forget that!
Yukina: I won't. I'm sure this feeling is what will help shape Roselia's future.
Yukina: ... Anyway, I will see you next Saturday. Goodbye.
Marina: Mmhmm! See you!