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  • I live in oh, you know
  • I was born on August 7
  • My occupation is moderator of the asg wikia
  • I am sunshine in a trench coat (pronouns are: ey/em/eir)
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  • Heyo, just wanted to say two things: thank you very much work you've done already! And the second thing is, when you "fixed" the romaji in both FIRE BIRD and Egao Sing, you dit it wrong.

    Here's our guideline for the romaji (though we did give the link on both occasions through edit summaries, you probably didn't notice them):!_Wikia:Policy#Romanization

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    • uh... okay, so i just looked at the romanization policy thing because you're right, i didn't look at it before, but this just looks like... what i usually romanize things as though...? like, i turn へ/を into e and wo. i believe you're referring to the graphemes which, yes, i don't particularly use them, if you want my reasoning it's because that a) graphemes are not easily typable by a keyboard and often have to be copy-and-pasted, and b) something like 'sou' just looks better than 'sō' to me, oftentimes it's also a bit harder to read in the case of something like ī which i believe was already mentioned by someone else. another part of my stylization for romaji is that i leave english words as english words (i.e. すまいる = smile, not 'sumairu'), though the wording of this comment doesn't make it clear if you're also referring to that or not

      either way that's just how i do it and my justification for my transgressions, admittedly i'm not quite used to being on a wiki that has a specific policy for romanization, but i will keep these rules in mind for the future, thank you.

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    • Yeah I should've specified it was the graphemes I was referring to, lol. And your point is valid; copypasting does sometimes gets boring. Leaving the English words in English is 100% fine with me & I have nothing against it, considering I do it as well.

      And once again, thanks for your hard work! 

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