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Message from Michelle Card Story - Episode

What is Special?


Kokoro: The Fluffy Mascot Competition sure was fun!
Hagumi: Yeah! I'd do all over again if I could!
Hagumi: Actually, Kokoron, wouldn't it be great to have the Fluffy Mascot Competition at one of our concerts?!
Kokoro: That would be amazing! That's the best idea ever!
Misaki: Hold on now, having a mascot competition in the middle of a concert doesn't make even the tiniest bit of sense.
Kokoro: Hm? Hey, look. See all those people over there?!
Kokoro: Look at all those smiles! They must be doing something fun!
Hagumi: Wait, isn't that...? I think that's where they have a poster of Michelle hanging up...
Misaki: A poster of Michelle? Is that what everyone's looking at?
Hagumi: Yup! Didn't you hear about this, Mii-kun? Michelle's super-duper popular right now!
Misaki: W-wow~, really...?
Kokoro: Does that have something to do with the Fluffy Mascot Competition the other day?
Hagumi: Yeah, more people know about her thanks to that event! Like a whole lot more! She's the star everyone's talking about right now!
Misaki: I guess that's not a bad thing... Still, if this keeps up, our concerts could become real headaches.
Misaki: ... Oh well, I'm sure things will settle down by then.
Hagumi: No they won't! Michelle's amazing, and she's cute to boot! I'm sure she'll just keep getting more and more popular!
Hagumi: And it makes me feel...! It makes me feel... a little... lonely.
Misaki: Lonely...?
Kokoro: What's wrong, Hagumi? Why would you feel lonely?
Hagumi: I-it's like she's going far away... Like she's not the Michelle I know anymore...
Misaki: Ahh~... I think I get it.
Misaki: When something that only you thought was special suddenly becomes popular, it's pretty sad in a way, isn't it? I wonder why that is.
Hagumi: Yeah! That's exactly what I was trying to say! I should have known you'd get it, Mii-kun!
Kokoro: ...? Why would you become sad? Michelle's making everyone smile. I think that's something to be happy about.
Kokoro: Besides, Michelle's not going anywhere! We should be celebrating her new popularity!
Misaki: Yeah, there's nothing wrong with being happy about it. But don't you think it feels kinda sad? Like being left behind?
Misaki: For example... Let's say you have a small-time performer that you like. Then, suddenly, that performer gets their big break! That wouldn't make you feel that way?
Kokoro: Hmm~... I don't know. It's hard to say when I don't really have any performers I like.
Misaki: No, I mean... That was just an example. How do I put this...?
Misaki: What if one day, everyone found out about a thing that was special to you? And now, all of a sudden, it's everyone's thing. Wouldn't that make you sad?
Kokoro: Something special to me...? I've never thought of anything that way.
Misaki: Huh? So wait... You don't have anything or anyone important to you?
Kokoro: Hm~, I wouldn't say that. It's just that everything is special to me!
Kokoro: Michelle, Misaki, Hagumi... Kaoru, Kanon, and even Marie are all equally extraordinary in my eyes!
Misaki: Marie?! As in Marie Andromeda?! Oh come on, you gotta draw the line somewhere~!
Hagumi: Thanks, Kokoron! It's nice to know I mean so much to you!
Kokoro: Yes, exactly! You're special, Hagumi. And so are you, Misaki.
Hagumi: Kokoron...! I especially love you too! And you too, Mii-kun!
Misaki: Hagumi... You sure you're okay with that explanation...? I mean, if you are, I guess that's fine...
Kokoro: Everyone is special to me, yet it's never made me feel lonely. Not even once!
Kokoro: So I might not understand what you're feeling, Hagumi, but we should be glad Michelle's gotten so popular! Let's celebrate!
Kokoro: Michelle is still Michelle, after all. She hasn't changed a bit!
Hagumi: I see... Yeah, you're right! We should be happy!
Hagumi: Michelle won't change... Not now, not never!
Kokoro: Exactly! The next time we see her, we should congratulate her!
Misaki: (... She is right in front of you, you know...)
Misaki: (... Still, doesn't the fact that everything is special to her mean that... nothing is special to her...?)
Kokoro: Hm? What's wrong, Misaki? You look sort of down.
Hagumi: Mii-kun, are you feeling lonely too?
Misaki: Huh? Ah, no... I was just thinking about something else. It's nothing.
Kokoro: Really? If you say so!
Hagumi: Ah! Hey, when's our next practice again?!
Hagumi: We should throw a party to celebrate that day! I'll get my dad to make an extra-extra-large croquette just for the occasion!
Kokoro: Great idea, Hagumi! We'll have to tell Kaoru and Kanon all about it too.
Hagumi: Yeah, yeah! Ah, but we can't let Michelle know!
Misaki: (... Not sure how keeping a secret from someone works when they're standing right in front of you...)
Kokoro: So a surprise party! Oh~! I can't wait for our next practice!
Kokoro: A special party for a special someone! An especially special day!
Misaki: (... Special, huh?)
Misaki: (... Whatever... This is the same Kokoro who said everyone's a winner as long as they had fun. She probably does see everyone as special...)
Misaki: I suppose you could say this is... typical Kokoro...?

Message from Michelle Card Story - Special Episode

Hagumi's Strength


Misaki: Ah... Good afternoon.
Marina: Misaki-chan! Fancy seeing you here~. Are you headed somewhere?
Misaki: No, not really. I'm just going for a walk, thinking about stuff.
Marina: Oh, well we're out running errands... Something troubling you?
Misaki: Nothing serious, no... I was just reflecting on everything that happened at the Fluffy Mascot Competition.
Misaki: Ah, did you hear about it? It was this event where all sorts of mascots competed in different categories and- You know, now that I'm explaining this, it makes it feel even more surreal.
Marina: Of course I heard about it! There was a vote at the end, right? I remember something about competing and appealing to the crowd...
Misaki: Yeah, that's the one.
Misaki: I ended up joining because they said no one else from the area was entering... I never thought I'd end up with a rival.
Misaki: You see, there was this other mascot called Marie Andromeda there. She was crazy good. She could run super fast, and her jumps were just amazing.
Misaki: ... You both may have guessed it already, but it turns out Marie was Hagumi all along~. I knew I'd seen those moves somewhere, and sure enough, I had.
Misaki: Turns out she also had people approach her about entering. In any case, she gave it her all right from the start. She really gave me a run for my money, if we're being honest.
Misaki: The challenges were a long jump, ballroom dance, handing out balloons... and the marathon at the end. Every single one of them was close, the competition could have gone either way.
Misaki: Well, we ended up tying anyway, so it was decided that we'd both help to bring attention to and liven up the downtown district.
Marina: I see. Congratulations... I guess?
Misaki: Yeah, thanks... But I don't really feel like I can celebrate...
Misaki: At one point during the marathon, I pretty much gave up. Right around here actually. I figured I wasn't going to win, so it wouldn't matter.
Misaki: But Hagumi got mad at me and it brought me back to my senses. She kept saying things like "You can't quit!" and "You have to fight fair and square!" ... Those are all things I've told her before.
Misaki: All I could think was, "What am I doing?"... And now I can't get it out of my head. I guess that's how I ended up here.
Marina: I see. Sounds like what you said really resonated with Hagumi-chan.
Misaki: Ahaha, I suppose so~.
Misaki: ... Hagumi really is something else. She's so straightforward, it's like she's got a lot of willpower. Or maybe, she's nothing but willpower...
Misaki: Either way, I could certainly learn a thing or two from how honest she is.
Marina: Yeah, I know what you mean. But there are some others you could say that about too. Even you, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san... Thanks.
Misaki: ... You're right. It takes some level of determination to be doing all of this band stuff.
Misaki: ... Still, Hagumi's is on a whole different level.
Misaki: I doubt I'll ever be able to match that... Ahaha.
Misaki: ... Uhm, sorry to interrupt your shopping. It definitely felt better to have someone else listen though.
Misaki: It's hard to talk about this with other people, especially my bandmates. So thank you.
Misaki: Anyways, I better get going. I'll see you next time we're in the studio.
Misaki: Ah, and when we are, could you do me a favor and not tell Hagumi about what we just talked about? Thanks~.