Michelle is the pseudonym of Okusawa Misaki and a member of Hello, Happy World! Known to her bandmates as the pink bear Michelle, Misaki is the DJ and composer of Hello, Happy World!

Misaki began wearing the bear costume at her part-time job and she was reluctantly roped into joining the band by Kokoro.


Michelle is a fluffy pink bear costume with white facial detail and paws. Michelle's eyes are big and shiny, and her mouth is fixed to be opened in a cat smile. Michelle wears a matching uniform of her band mates, with the addition of fuzzy purple headphones with a black and gold center.


Refer to here for cards featuring either the mascot Michelle or Okusawa Misaki.



ハロー、ハッピーワールド! ミッシェル 自己紹介動画


  • Misaki, due to Kokoro, Kaoru and Hagumi, has also had to come up with a story and personality for Michelle at multiple times. Some examples of said story are:
    • Michelle comes from a magical world, where she lives together with her younger sister and parents in a treehouse. Her fur is pink because she is friends with a flower fairy[1].
    • Unlike normal bears, Michelle doesn't have fangs because she is a "very nice bear."[2]
  • Despite described as a bear, most people are confused at what Michelle really is. (Himari thinks Michelle is a dog, Hina thinks Michelle is a lion, while Yukina at one point thinks Michelle is a cat).
  • Michelle is shown to be somewhat of a mascot character in the in-game universe.
  • For the Persona collaboration, if players logged in during the campaign period they received a new Michelle costume, which was based on Mona.
  • For the Gochiusa collaboration, players also received a new Michelle costume, which was based on Takahiro Kafuu's design.



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