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Michelle's Secret Card Story - Episode

Cute Magical Bear


Michelle: ... So... Hot...
Michelle: Suffocating. Can't see. Can't move. This just doesn't make any sense. You can't be in a band like this... Ugh, that's it.
Hagumi: I wonder where everyone is... Oh, yeah. Michelle, do you like croquettes?

Hagumi: ... Hm? Ahh!! Not again! Michelle?! I don't know anymore! Are you a bear? Are you a girl?! Which one?! Which one?! I don't know!! Ahh!!
Misaki: H-Hagumi! Chill out for a sec. I just want to drink some tea. This heat could really kill somebody.
Hagumi: M-Michelle is dead?! What?!
Misaki: No, she's not dead, she's alive. She's just taking a short break! That's all, okay?
Hagumi: Sniff, sniff... Hey, how come you always come to take Michelle away from us?
Misaki: I didn't... Sigh... I didn't take her away, she's still right here. I don't know how many times I have to repeat myself...
Hagumi: You did take her away. Where are you hiding Michelle? Or... does Michelle want to hide? But she's a part of Hello, Happy World!
Hagumi: Ah!! Could it be?! Michelle doesn't want to rehearse with me?! But we're all friends...
Misaki: Ugh!! When are you guys gonna get it?! I'm...!!
Misaki: (W-what am I saying...? This is my chance to get away from these weirdos...)
Hagumi: Since Michelle and I were early to rehearsal today, I thought we could talk. I really wanted to talk with her...
Misaki: Alright, alright! So annoying. Look, turn around and count to ten. I'll get Michelle.
Hagumi: Really?! Okay! One, two, three...

Michelle: H-Hagumi-chan. I-it's me, Michelle. Hello, how are you~♪
Hagumi: Ahh!! Michelle! I'm so happy to see you~! Sniff... I thought you were dead.
Michelle: It's okay, Hagumi-chan. I'm not going anywhere.
Michelle: (Not that a costume could die. I want to say it, but it seems like Hagumi would lose something special... What a strange feeling.)
Michelle: (I'm used to this kinda thing, having a little sister. I try not to go around stepping on children's dreams...)
Michelle: ... Wait, we're the same age! What is this? Maybe it's just a habit from being the oldest daughter.
Hagumi: You're a first year high school student, too?! Samezies~! And I'm the oldest daughter! But I do have an older brother! What about you?
Michelle: Huh? Uhh, yeah... I guess... A younger sister.
Hagumi: A sister! I wish I had a sister. I'm so jealous! I'm sure anyone who's Michelle's sister is super cute!
Michelle: S-sure. Hmm, yeah, I guess so. She's not as negative as I am, and when she calls for me, that's pretty cute.
Hagumi: I'm sure she's so soft and cuddly and pink like you. And she probably smells good, and-
Michelle: Hey! My sister isn't a bear!
Hagumi: Huh? But she's your sister, and isn't the sister of a bear... a bear?
Michelle: But neither of us are bears, s-- Ah! Uh oh...
Hagumi: Hm? But I thought you were a bear, Michelle. From the first time I saw you... Wait, if you're not a bear, then what are you?
Michelle: ... Huh? What am I?
Hagumi: ...
Michelle: (... I'm doing my best in this heat with this costume. Why am I getting so nervous?)
Hagumi: ...
Michelle: (Also, why doesn't she have a problem with a bear that's all pink, stands on two feet and talks?)
Michelle: B-but... of course not. I'm... a v-very special bear~.
Hagumi: Special? Ah, is it because you know magic?! Are you a magical bear, Michelle?!
Michelle: R-right, exactly? M-maybe... Well, you get the idea!
Hagumi: Ohh, okay! You're a super special, magical bear!!
Michelle: (Yeah! Wow, she fell for that pretty easily!)
Hagumi: Okay, so unlike regular bears and I, you must live in a magical world, right?
Michelle: S-sure, why not? That makes sense.
Hagumi: Okay! Then what do you eat every day? And where do you sleep? In the clouds?
Michelle: Y-yeah. Uhh, so I like honey, I guess. And uhh... I sleep in a house... No, a tree... A treehouse~.
Hagumi: Really...?! So the pink, fluffy fur, the big round eyes and the super shiny nose. Is there a magical reason for that?
Michelle: Uhh, uhm...
Hagumi: What is it? What's the reason?
Michelle: (D-do I have to come up with something that specific now?)
Michelle: I-I have a pink fur because I'm good friends with a flower fairy~. And I need these eyes and this nose to look for flowers and butterflies.
Hagumi: Flower... fairy...?!
Michelle: (Nice! She bought it.)
Hagumi: That's awesome, Michelle. You're so pink and cute. I'm actually so jealous.
Michelle: (... Huh? I didn't think she had a reason for why she loved Michelle so much...)
Hagumi: I could never look good in pink. Especially with people always confusing me for a boy... I actually wish I could be more like you.
Michelle: (I don't think... Wait, but I'm a bear... You know, I've been calling them three dummies, but it looks like there's a bit more to Hagumi...)
Michelle: ... Actually, Hagumi... Even though I'm a bear, I actually like cuddly non-bear things.
Hagumi: Oh, really?
Michelle: Yeah, I make wool felt stuffed animals for my sister, but it's really because I like them. But I'm too embarrassed, so I can't keep them.
Hagumi: Oh, I do the same. I make these cute sweets, but then I give them away to girls who look more like girls...
Michelle: But you're not a bear. You're a girl, so you'll keep getting cuter. But I'm just a bear... so I'll keep on being a bear.
Hagumi: But I really like you as a bear!
Michelle: Yeah... There is that. So from now on, we'll keep getting cuter, together. Should be fun.

Michelle's Secret Card Story - Special Episode

Thank The Dummies?


Michelle: Ah, thanks for your help today.
Michelle: Off comes the bear...

Misaki: So you knew it was me before I took Michelle off?
Misaki: ... Huh? Of course, you did?
Misaki: ... Why wouldn't you, right? You know who I am, whether I'm inside Michelle or not.
Misaki: ... Right? It's obvious that I'm who's inside, huh?
Misaki: And yet the three dummies... *sigh*...
Misaki: Ah, no, it's not really a serious problem...
Misaki: It's just, those three... Kokoro, Kaoru-san, and Hagumi. They just don't seem to get it.
Misaki: I forget when it was, but I went into the studio wearing Michelle...
Misaki: After we finished practice, I removed the head because it was so hot in there.
Misaki: You should've heard the commotion those three caused.
Misaki: They were all like, "A girl just came out of Michelle!"
Misaki: It's amazing, huh? No matter how many times I explain it, they just don't get it.
Misaki: That Michelle is a suit, and that I'm the person inside.
Misaki: They probably don't even realize that these kinds of suits have people in them in the first place.
Misaki: What goes on in the heads of those three is truly a mystery...
Misaki: Kanon-san understands it perfectly, and she tries to tell the others that I'm actually Michelle...
Misaki: And of course, you understand as well...
Misaki: Hrm, I just can't figure those three out.
Misaki: Mind you, I'm starting to give up on trying to make them understand.
Misaki: Like, the day I took off Michelle's head in front of them, they started saying Michelle had been switched with some random girl, you know?
Misaki: Then the three dummies ran off, carrying on about having to find the real Michelle...
Misaki: Naturally, they came back empty handed. The real Michelle, jeez.
Misaki: There was nothing to find, I was still wearing Michelle after all.
Misaki: And so as you can imagine, those three still don't know who I am when I'm not wearing the suit.
Misaki: Even though Kokoro and I are in the same class, she still asks me who I am, without a second thought...
Misaki: Even when we have band meetings, they act as if I'm just Michelle's representative...
Misaki: ... This is becoming a serious gripe, isn't it? I'm sorry.
Misaki: It's not like it bothers me, mind you. It's only those three who don't get it, after all.
Misaki: Actually, if it did suddenly click with them one day, I feel like Hello, Happy World! would fall apart or something.
Misaki: Don't you feel like something just wouldn't be right if they were aware that it's me who's inside Michelle?
Misaki: I'm used to it now, and I kind of feel this is the way it should be...
Misaki: Kanon-san still hasn't given up, so she keeps telling them who I am.
Misaki: And besides... The fact that those three don't get it helps me make the change.
Misaki: From Misaki Okusawa, to Michelle from Hello, Happy World!
Misaki: ... I doubt I could DJ if I went on to the stage as regular old me.
Misaki: ... Yeah, definitely wouldn't be happening.
Misaki: The fact that I'm wearing Michelle is the only reason I can stand on the stage in front of everyone.
Misaki: Thinking about it that way, I kinda feel I should thank the three dummies...
Misaki: Wait a sec, if it wasn't for the three dummies, I wouldn't be in the band. I'd just be living life as I did...
Misaki: ... That's not really fair of me to say, is it?
Misaki: In the beginning, I kinda just went with the flow, but now I'm actually making an effort in my own way...
Misaki: Yeah, I guess it's not bad. Having meetings for our performances, and doing the performances themselves.
Misaki: Of course, there are more difficulties than anything else.
Misaki: But I get so absorbed in our performances that I can forget about all those things, so... yeah.
Misaki: That thing Kokoro keeps saying about making the world smile? A tiny part of me starting to think we might be able to do it...
Misaki: ... Hmm, I feel like I'm getting more and more influenced by Kokoro these days.
Misaki: I suppose it's not a bad thing.
Misaki: I guess a lot has happened, and lot more is probably going to happen too...
Misaki: I'll just keep at it in my usual way.
Misaki: Even if the others don't understand I'm actually Michelle.
Misaki: At least Kanon-san is aware, and if you are too then that's enough for me.
Misaki: I've gotta say I'd start to worry if people working at the live house weren't aware of what's going on.
Misaki: There'd be all kinds of inconveniences...
Misaki: ... Oh, sorry for going on and on like this.
Misaki: I wasn't planning on talking your ears off like this...
Misaki: You still have work to do, right? I'm so sorry I took up your time.
Misaki: I'll head off now, okay?
Misaki: Telling you these things I can't talk to the band about felt really good. Thanks a lot.
Misaki: Well, I guess I'll see you next time we have a performance.
Misaki: Thanks for your help today.