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Midsummer Sunlight Card Story - Episode

Gentle Eyes


Toconut Park

Lisa: Sorry about this, Sayo. I do appreciate you coming with me to buy everyone drinks though.
Sayo: I'm thirsty as well, so it's no problem at all. Besides, carrying all the drinks back yourself is impossible.
Lisa: Ahaha... Now that you mention it, you're probably right. You know, you give off a pretty cool vibe, but you're actually really sweet~.
Sayo: You're exaggerating. There's nothing special about helping someone with an errand.
Lisa: Come on~. It's not always easy to offer a helping hand to those who need it~.
Sayo: ... Flattery will get you nowhere.
Lisa: Don't be so shy. Say, it's starting to get pretty crowded now, isn't it~? I suppose that's just the way it goes with popular theme parks~.
Sayo: Yes... Hm? Is that...?
Lisa: H-hey! Where are you going?
Little Girl: Sniff... Ooo... Mama...
Sayo: Is something the matter? If you are feeling ill, we should proceed to the first-aid statio-
Little Girl: Eep...! O-ooo... Waaah~!
Sayo: Huh...? U-uhm...
Lisa: Hey, hey, it's okay~. What's wrong~? Did you get separated from your mama?
Little Girl: Sniff... Y-yeah... I was playing, but then mama was gone... I... O-ooo...
Lisa: Hey, don't cry. Everything will be fine now. I'm sure your mama's looking for you too. Why don't we go over to the nice park people? They'll let her know where you are.
Little Girl: Okay...
Lisa: Alright, then off we go! So what did you do today? Did you have fun? I'd love to hear all about it~.
Little Girl: Uhm... There's a really big slide over there, and...
Sayo: Amazing... She was in tears up until a moment ago...

10 Minutes Later

Little Girl: Thank you, nice ladies~! Bye-bye~!
Lisa: Yup, bye-bye~! Don't run off like that anymore, okay~?
Sayo: I'm glad they found her parents fairly quickly.
Lisa: No kidding~. They came all the way here to have a good time, it'd be a shame if the only memory they left with was a bad one.
Sayo: ... Thank you for your help back there. She started crying the minute I tried to talk to her. I had no idea what to do...
Lisa: At times like that, it's best to crouch down to their level. With as little as that, they feel safe and are more willing to listen.
Sayo: Now that I think about it... having an adult staring down at you must be terrifying from their point of view... Duly noted. Thank you.
Lisa: Ahaha, it's no biggie. I'm just used to dealing with kids.
Sayo: You are?
Lisa: I used to play with all the younger kids in the neighborhood when I was a little girl, so I just naturally turned into a bit of a caretaker~.
Lisa: Not that I'm complaining, necessarily. By the time I realized what happened, I was already used to it.
Sayo: So you've always been a very caring person then.
Sayo: I'm sure that side of you is why you were able to stop that little girl's tears.
Sayo: I still have much to learn from watching you.
Lisa: What are you talking about? You're plenty caring! I mean, even with all these people, you still managed to find that kid crying, and you even called out to her.
Sayo: And then I made her cry...
Lisa: But you stayed by her side the whole time, and you helped her meet up with her mom again!
Lisa: You probably would have done that even without me there. Am I wrong?
Sayo: Well... I couldn't just leave her like that.
Lisa: See? I knew it. That's called being a caring person.
Sayo: ...
Lisa: Ahaha, don't be so embarrassed ☆
Lisa: ... Ah, a text from Yukina. "Did you get the drinks?" That's right! We never bought what we needed!
Sayo: W-we better hurry!

Midsummer Sunlight Card Story - Special Episode

The Path We Walk Together


Station Entrance

Lisa: Hm? If it isn't BanG Dreamer-san. Hey there. What are you doing here? Is today your day off?
Lisa: I just got my paycheck from work, so I'm going shopping. Soon enough, the stores will be full of autumn fashions.
Lisa: That being said, with this heat, it doesn't look like summer's ending any time soon.
Lisa: By the way, BanG Dreamer-san, do you have any sort of summer break?
Lisa: Being busy with work is fine and all, but you need to take a breather every once in a while~.
Lisa: Me? Yeah, I'm making sure to relax a little. I don't spend all my time at the studio practicing like you think.
Lisa: The rest of Roselia and I even went to a water park the other day.
Lisa: Have you heard of Toconut Park? There's always a lot of commercials for it this time of year. It's really famous.
Lisa: Huh? You wouldn't expect us to go there? Yeah~, I can definitely see what you mean...
Lisa: I couldn't believe my ears when Yukina said we should go. I remember thinking, "Seriously?!"
Lisa: ... Still, as always, Yukina's got a lot on her mind~.
Lisa: Do you remember that rough patch our band went through? It looks like Yukina's really bothered by what happened.
Lisa: Everything that happened at that time started with a conflict of interests between members... and... in order to avoid another incident like that, she's decided to learn more about everyone.
Lisa: Although, it did feel a bit weird. Yukina's not usually the type to try and get to know people.
Lisa: Still, even if it was a little awkward, she always does her best to achieve her goals...
Lisa: It can be a little unsettling to watch sometimes, but... the way Yukina always looks toward the future is one of her good points.
Lisa: ... Ah, well~, she was asking everyone all sorts of questions.
Lisa: Things like whether we like something, or if we find something interesting. She basically asked about anything that caught her eye...
Lisa: Her compliments also felt a little forced... but... hmm... I think everyone understood what she was trying to do.
Lisa: I'm glad to see her focus on something other than the band, so I'll support her in any way I can.
Lisa: And if our bond as bandmates gets stronger, I bet it'll have a great influence on Yukina's songwriting.
Lisa: I wonder what kind of song she'll make next... I can't wait... Ah, it kinda sounds like I'm not talking about my own band here, doesn't it...? Ahaha.
Lisa: I can't just have Yukina pull me along. I have to walk alongside her, as a member of the same band.
Lisa: And to do that, I have to work on improving myself, as well as my bass playing!
Lisa: You'll cheer me on? Thanks! Just hearing that makes me want to work even harder!
Lisa: Ah, my bad! I got so caught up in our conversation, I forgot you were headed somewhere...
Lisa: I just really wanted to talk about Yukina with someone who knows her. So I'm glad I ran into you, BanG Dreamer-san.
Lisa: Alright, see you later. It's still hot out, so be careful not to overheat. You have to rest too, okay?
Lisa: I wanna be able to ask you for your opinion once we have a new song, so we can't have you catching a heatstroke and passing out~.