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64 cards match the category selection:

№. 00082
Rarity2Powerful Onstage

Availability: Gacha1
Onstage (Minato Yukina)
№. 00081
Rarity1Cool Lone-Wolf Songstress

Availability: Initial
Lone-Wolf Songstress
№. 00106
Rarity4Cool Birdcage Diva

Availability: Gacha7
Birdcage Diva
Birdcage Diva T
№. 00083
Rarity3Happy Prepared Diva

Availability: Gacha1
Prepared Diva
Prepared Diva T
№. 00179
Rarity2Happy Garupa Cafe♪ 2017

Availability: Campaign
Garupa Cafe♪2017 (Yukina)
№. 00234
Rarity2Pure Lawson Collab 2017

Availability: Campaign
Lawson Collab 2017 (Yukina)
№. 00244
Rarity2Cool My First Pair of Cat Ears

Availability: Event 20
My First Pair of Cat Ears
№. 00256
Rarity4Pure Beyond Clear Autumn Skies

Availability: Gacha149
Beyond Clear Autumn Skies
Beyond Clear Autumn Skies T
№. 00399
Rarity4Powerful Toward Greater Heights

Availability: Gacha208
Toward Greater Heights
Toward Greater Heights T
№. 00283
Rarity3Pure Lisa-like Lyrics

Availability: Event 25
Lisa-like Lyrics
Lisa-like Lyrics T
№. 00366
Rarity2Happy Amateur Bard

Availability: Event 31
Amateur Bard
№. 00377
Rarity3Powerful Time Spent in Secret

Availability: Gacha191
Time Spent in Secret
Time Spent in Secret T
№. 00358
Rarity2Pure Blue Roses in Harmony

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Blue Roses in Harmony (Minato Yukina)
№. 00437
Rarity4Happy Tears Overflowing

Availability: Gacha234
Tears Overflowing
Tears Overflowing T
№. 00485
Rarity4Cool In the Glistening Waters

Availability: Gacha267
In the Glistening Waters
In the Glistening Waters T
№. EN_10001
Rarity2Powerful To The Party

Availability: Campaign
To The Party (Minato Yukina)
№. 00530
Rarity2Cool Costume Designer

Availability: Event 59
Costume Designer (Minato Yukina)
№. 00547
Rarity4Happy VERSUS

Availability: Gacha296
№. 00604
Rarity4Pure Bouquet for a Friend

Availability: Gacha337
Bouquet for a Friend
Bouquet for a Friend T
№. KR_300179
Rarity2Happy Garupa Cafe♪ 2019

Availability: Campaign
Garupa Cafe♪ 2019 (Minato Yukina)
№. 00656
Rarity2Cool Noble Rose

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Noble Rose (Minato Yukina)
№. 00710
Rarity3Pure Our Future Together

Availability: Event 81
Our Future Together
Our Future Together T
№. 00724
Rarity4Powerful Bridge of Emotions

Availability: Gacha394
Bridge of Emotions
Bridge of Emotions T
№. 00758
Rarity4Pure Weaving Words

Availability: Gacha402
Weaving Words
Weaving Words T
№. 00756
Rarity2Powerful Toward The Light

Availability: Event 89
Toward The Light
№. 00792
Rarity3Happy Drawing Upon Memories

Availability: Event 95
Drawing Upon Memories
Drawing Upon Memories T
№. 00802
Rarity4Cool All Paws on Deck

Availability: Gacha449
All Paws on Deck
All Paws on Deck T
№. 00847
Rarity4Powerful Satisfying Return

Availability: Gacha485
Satisfying Return
Satisfying Return T
№. 00857
Rarity2Pure Competitive Stage

Availability: Campaign
Competitive Stage (Minato Yukina)
№. 00869
Rarity3Powerful Window Side Smile

Availability: Event 108
Window Side Smile
Window Side Smile T
№. 00892
Rarity2Happy Lofty Ambitions

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Lofty Ambitions (Minato Yukina)
№. 00940
Rarity4Happy Our Future Destination

Availability: Gacha556
Our Future Destination
Our Future Destination T
№. 00958
Rarity3Powerful Song of Invincibility

Availability: Event 116
Song of Invincibility
Song of Invincibility T
№. TW_5002
Rarity2Cool Delicate and Charming

Availability: Campaign
Delicate and Charming (Minato Yukina)
№. 01039
Rarity4Powerful Memorable Sight

Availability: Gacha633
Memorable Sight
Memorable Sight T
№. 01093
Rarity4Cool Shrine Maiden Scuffle

Availability: Gacha692
Shrine Maiden Scuffle
Shrine Maiden Scuffle T
№. CN_10011
Rarity2Happy To Pledge

Availability: Campaign
To Pledge
№. 01107
Rarity2Happy Unshakable Spirit

Availability: Event 139
Unshakable Spirit
№. 01138
Rarity2Cool My Arcadia

Availability: Permanent Gacha
My Arcadia
№. 01178
Rarity3Cool Guide Your Heart

Availability: Gacha768
Guide Your Heart
Guide Your Heart T
№. 01217
Rarity4Happy Path of the Blue Rose

Availability: Gacha807
Path of the Blue Rose
Path of the Blue Rose T
№. 01322
Rarity4Powerful Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha869
Special Birthday! (Minato Yukina) T
№. 00147
Rarity3Cool Four In The Cafeteria

Availability: Gacha117
Four In The Cafeteria
Four In The Cafeteria T
№. 01358
Rarity4Happy A Holy Night's Gift

Availability: Gacha888
A Holy Night's Gift
A Holy Night's Gift T
№. 01447
Rarity2Pure Orbital Eden

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Orbital Eden (Minato Yukina)
№. 01476
Rarity5Happy Unchanging Warmth

Availability: Gacha948
Unchanging Warmth T
№. 01498
Rarity3Cool Voice of Creation

Availability: Gacha966
Voice of Creation
Voice of Creation T
№. 01535
Rarity4Powerful A Smile in the Water

Availability: Gacha996
A Smile in the Water
A Smile in the Water T
№. 01632
Rarity4Pure Precious Birthday

Availability: Gacha1047
Precious Birthday! (Minato Yukina) T
№. 01629
Rarity2Pure New Crush

Availability: Event 202
New Crush
№. 01642
Rarity3Cool Poignant "Today"

Availability: Event 204
Poignant "Today"
Poignant "Today" T
№. 01669
Rarity4Cool Surrender to the Snow

Availability: Gacha1075
Surrender to the Snow
Surrender to the Snow T
№. CN_10018
Rarity2Powerful Staccato

Availability: Campaign
№. 01689
Rarity4Powerful The Flower's Name

Availability: Gacha1098
The Flower's Name
The Flower's Name T
№. 01701
Rarity4Cool Graduation

Availability: Event 216
Graduation (Minato Yukina)
Graduation (Minato Yukina) T
№. 01707
Rarity3Happy Dodging Recruiters

Availability: Event 217
Dodging Recruiters
Dodging Recruiters T
№. 01730
Rarity5Cool Faced with a Choice

Availability: Gacha1136
Faced with a Choice
Faced with a Choice T
№. 01782
Rarity2Powerful Midsummer's Door

Availability: Event 230
Midsummer's Door
№. 01876
Rarity4Pure The Concealed Feelings

Availability: Gacha1244
The Concealed Feelings
The Concealed Feelings T
№. 01882
Rarity5Pure A Sweet Moment With You

Availability: Gacha1250
A Sweet Moment With You
A Sweet Moment With You T
№. 01929
Rarity5Powerful Campus Cats

Availability: Gacha1272
Campus Cats
Campus Cats T
№. 01950
Rarity4Powerful Paralyzingly Overwhelmed

Availability: Gacha1287
Paralyzingly Overwhelmed
Paralyzingly Overwhelmed T
№. 02009
Rarity4Cool The Ultimate Bowl

Availability: Gacha1343
The Ultimate Bowl
The Ultimate Bowl T
№. 02017
Rarity5Happy To The Sunshine Blooming Next Door

Availability: Gacha1358
To The Sunshine Blooming Next Door
To The Sunshine Blooming Next Door T

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