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64 cards match the category selection:

№. 00022
Rarity2Powerful Onstage

Availability: Gacha1
Onstage (Mitake Ran)
№. 00023
Rarity3Powerful No Hesitation

Availability: Gacha1
No Hesitation
No Hesitation T
№. 00021
Rarity1Pure Cool Friends

Availability: Initial
Cool Friends
№. 00121
Rarity4Pure Proof I'm Here

Availability: Gacha106
Proof I'm Here
Proof I'm Here T
№. 00127
Rarity3Pure Evening Memory

Availability: Event 6
Evening Memory
Evening Memory T
№. 00177
Rarity2Cool Garupa Cafe♪ 2017

Availability: Campaign
Garupa Cafe♪2017 (Ran)
№. 00183
Rarity3Cool Fifty-Fifty Fear

Availability: Event 16
Fifty-Fifty Fear
Fifty-Fifty Fear T
№. 00232
Rarity2Happy Lawson Collab 2017

Availability: Campaign
Lawson Collab 2017 (Ran)
№. 00291
Rarity4Happy The Grand Night Sky

Availability: Gacha169
The Grand Night Sky
The Grand Night Sky T
№. 00398
Rarity4Powerful Unwavering Friendship

Availability: Gacha208
Unwavering Friendship
Unwavering Friendship T
№. 00285
Rarity2Pure Poppin' & Happy

Availability: Gacha162
Poppin' & Happy
№. 00409
Rarity3Happy Octopus Towel

Availability: Gacha212
Octopus Towel
Octopus Towel T
№. 00343
Rarity2Cool Rock and Glow

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Rock and Glow (Mitake Ran)
№. 00436
Rarity2Pure That Could Be Interesting

Availability: Gacha230
That Could Be Interesting
№. 00451
Rarity2Powerful Eye Contact with Ran

Availability: Gacha240
Eye Contact with Ran
№. 00467
Rarity4Cool Scarlet

Availability: Gacha255
Scarlet T
№. 00484
Rarity3Pure It's So Hot...

Availability: Gacha263
It's So Hot...
It's So Hot... T
№. 00495
Rarity4Happy Ever-Changing Sky

Availability: Gacha273
Ever-Changing Sky
Ever-Changing Sky T
№. 00525
Rarity2Happy A Tough Punk?

Availability: Event 58
A Tough Punk?
№. 00563
Rarity2Pure GOGO WEGO!

Availability: Campaign
GOGO WEGO! (Mitake Ran)
№. 00559
Rarity3Powerful Grand Adventure

Availability: Event 62
Grand Adventure
Grand Adventure T
№. 00597
Rarity4Pure Awakening Rivalry

Availability: Gacha315
Awakening Rivalry
Awakening Rivalry T
№. KR_300177
Rarity2Cool Garupa Cafe♪ 2019

Availability: Campaign
Garupa Cafe♪ 2019 (Mitake Ran)
№. 00641
Rarity2Happy Shooting Sky

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Shooting Sky (Mitake Ran)
№. 00628
Rarity3Happy Relaxing Sakura Party

Availability: Event 74
Relaxing Sakura Party
Relaxing Sakura Party T
№. 00661
Rarity4Powerful Me and My Glasses

Availability: Gacha358
Me and My Glasses
Me and My Glasses T
№. 00680
Rarity3Cool Called to the Gathering

Availability: Gacha372
Called to the Gathering
Called to the Gathering T
№. 00689
Rarity2Powerful Bridesmaid

Availability: Event 80
№. 00730
Rarity3Happy Searching Together

Availability: Event 85
Searching Together
Searching Together T
№. 00786
Rarity4Powerful Earnest Dreams

Availability: Gacha437
Earnest Dreams
Earnest Dreams T
№. 00794
Rarity3Cool Put the Camera Away!

Availability: Gacha441
Put the Camera Away!
Put the Camera Away! T
№. 00822
Rarity2Cool Walking With Rabbit Ran

Availability: Event 100
Walking With Rabbit Ran
№. 00824
Rarity4Pure Gentle Breeze

Availability: Gacha471
Gentle Breeze
Gentle Breeze T
№. 00866
Rarity3Pure Gift-Giving Standby

Availability: Gacha495
Gift-Giving Standby
Gift-Giving Standby T
№. 00922
Rarity4Cool Crimson Schoolhouse

Availability: Gacha503
Crimson Schoolhouse
Crimson Schoolhouse T
№. 00877
Rarity2Cool Scarlet Soul

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Scarlet Soul (Mitake Ran)
№. 00943
Rarity3Happy Staying True to Us

Availability: Gacha556
Staying True to Us
Staying True to Us T
№. 00953
Rarity3Pure Stepping into Tomorrow

Availability: Event 115
Stepping into Tomorrow
Stepping into Tomorrow T
№. 00994
Rarity3Powerful Shy Maiden

Availability: Event 122
Shy Maiden
Shy Maiden T
№. 01051
Rarity4Cool Rebellious Spirit

Availability: Gacha642
Rebellious Spirit
Rebellious Spirit T
№. 01090
Rarity2Pure Trust in My Friends

Availability: Gacha683
Trust in My Friends
№. 01099
Rarity4Happy Graceful Passion

Availability: Gacha696
Graceful Passion
Graceful Passion T
№. 01135
Rarity2Happy Going On

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Going On
№. 01162
Rarity4Pure Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha754
Special Birthday! (Mitake Ran) T
№. 01194
Rarity4Powerful The Bakhoor's Song

Availability: Gacha780
The Bakhoor's Song
The Bakhoor's Song T
№. 01287
Rarity3Cool When I Close My Eyes

Availability: Event 161
When I Close My Eyes
When I Close My Eyes T
№. 01354
Rarity4Cool Scribbled Melodies

Availability: Gacha883
Scribbled Melodies
Scribbled Melodies T
№. 01381
Rarity3Happy A Father's Big Moment

Availability: Event 173
A Father's Big Moment
A Father's Big Moment T
№. 01432
Rarity2Powerful Fiery Adolescence

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Fiery Adolescence (Mitake Ran)
№. 01484
Rarity2Pure Sakura-Colored After School

Availability: Event 182
Sakura-Colored After School
№. 01487
Rarity4Happy Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha960
Precious Birthday! (Mitake Ran) T
№. 01528
Rarity3Pure Sunlight through Clouds

Availability: Event 189
Sunlight through Clouds
Sunlight through Clouds T
№. 01534
Rarity4Powerful A Promise at Dusk

Availability: Gacha996
A Promise at Dusk
A Promise at Dusk T
№. 01616
Rarity3Cool Scream!!!

Availability: Event 200
Scream!!! T
№. 01677
Rarity4Cool A Vow at the End

Availability: Gacha1085
A Vow at the End
A Vow at the End T
№. 01709
Rarity4Powerful Brand New Morning

Availability: Gacha1108
Brand New Morning
Brand New Morning T
№. 01713
Rarity5Happy Past Longing

Availability: Gacha1124
Past Longing
Past Longing T
№. 01764
Rarity5Pure The Lone Devil Hunter RAN

Availability: Gacha1155
The Lone Devil Hunter RAN
The Lone Devil Hunter RAN T
№. 01778
Rarity4Pure The Cold Rain I Brought

Availability: Gacha1166
The Cold Rain I Brought
The Cold Rain I Brought T
№. 01846
Rarity5Cool Words from the Heart

Availability: Gacha1228
Words from the Heart
Words from the Heart T
№. 01916
Rarity5Cool Let's Set Sail To the Sea of Fear

Availability: Gacha1261
Let's Set Sail To the Sea of Fear
Let's Set Sail To the Sea of Fear T
№. 01922
Rarity2Happy Accepting One's Own Weaknesses

Availability: Event 247
Accepting One's Own Weaknesses
№. 01984
Rarity3Cool The Direction That We Face

Availability: Event 258
The Direction That We Face
The Direction That We Face T
№. 01998
Rarity5Happy Special Seat View

Availability: Gacha1331
Special Seat View
Special Seat View T

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