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バンドに出会い、月ノ森の学園生活にも馴染めてきた、ましろ 他のモニカメンバーも順調なバンド活動に充実している様子ただ、

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Chapter 1[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 1
A Tiny Spark

Morfonica performs at CiRCLE for the third time. They have improved, however...

Touko: Thanks, everyone~!
Touko: Ahh, that was awesome! We're the best of the best!
Touko: At this rate, we've gotta be a shoo-in for the Golden CiRCLE Award.
Touko: Just wait until you all see what I wear to the red carpet!
Tsukushi: There you go saying random stuff again... I've never heard of an award like that!
Touko: Ahaha, I know, right?! Still, if there's gonna be a show that deserves an award, it'd be this one!
Touko: Thanks, everyone! That's what I'm talking about! All my Morfonica peeps in the crowd get one bazillion points!
Touko: Alright... Next up, Shiro! Give 'em all a word!
Mashiro: Huh?! M-me?!
Nanami: You can do it, Shiro-chan~.
Mashiro: U-um... This is our third time playing at CiRCLE now...
Mashiro: The fact that we get to play here, at the place where I first learned about this world of girls bands... It all still feels like a dream.
Mashiro: But every time I stand on this stage, I'm reminded that my dream has come true... and that makes me really happy.
Mashiro: Um... Please enjoy our show until the very end...! Thank you very much...!
Nanami & Tsukushi: ...
Rui: That is enough talk. Let us move on to the next song.
Mashiro: Y-yeah. Please listen to our next song, "Daylight."
Dressing Room
Tsukushi: What a great show! Good job, everyone!
Nanami: That was a lotta fun~. And I think we had more people in the crowd this time, too~.
Touko: Of course we did! With how good we're getting, how could people not wanna see us?!
Touko: And man, were they super lucky today! They got to witness legends getting born on stage! Right, Shiro?!
Mashiro: Y-yeah...
Touko: Huh? Whoa, where's the energy?
Mashiro: Um, Touko-chan... Why do you make me talk on stage?
Mashiro: I feel like it's been getting more common lately... Now, every time we play, I get more nervous about having to talk than anything else...
Touko: But if I don't put you on the mic, the show would end without you saying anything at all.
Touko: I'm just lookin' out for you, girl. You should be thanking me~.
Mashiro: O-oh...
Tsukushi: Touko-chan, were you really thinking about it that much?
Nanami: I figured you were just making Shiro-chan take the mic whenever you got bored of talking.
Touko: Well, there's that, too.
Mashiro: There is?!
Nanami: Ahaha. Still, it feels like you've been getting more and more confident ever since you've started talking on the mic~.
Tsukushi: You needed all our help at first, but look at you now. You were able to tell the crowd how you felt today, weren't you?
Mashiro: Y-yeah. I get really scared, but sort of happy, too...
Mashiro: Whenever I do talk in front of crowds... I realize that I've become able to do this sort of stuff now...
Tsukushi: Yup yup! It's all about making the most of your past experiences!
Touko: So basically, we're all leveling up at a good pace!
Touko: Right, Rui?! You can't have any complaints about today's show, can you?
Rui: I do have some words.
Touko: You do?!
Rui: Our performance quality dips as we enter the latter half of our set. That is clear proof of a lack of an ability to concentrate.
Rui: In addition, our group also lacks proper consideration for individual notes. You must consider the meaning of each sound you make as you perform. Also...
Touko: Hold on, wait up!
Rui: What?
Touko: We've gotten better, haven't we? Where's all this coming from?!
Tsukushi: There were a few comments there I've never heard you make before, too...
Rui: Our group has raised our performance quality. Raising my own standards for us is a given... Is it not?
Nanami: Does that mean... you're gonna be harder on us from now on?
Touko: You serious...? Man, way to ruin the mood. Why do you have to say stuff like that now...?
Rui: You were the one who asked for my opinion.
Rui: However, there is one point I would agree on. Kurata-san does appear to have grown more confident as of late.
Mashiro: Huh...?
Tsukushi: R-Rui-san complimenting someone isn't something you hear every day.
Nanami: It might be the first time ever in the history of Tsukinomori...
Rui: I am simply stating the truth. And I will leave it at that today. If you would excuse me.
Tsukushi: Huh? Wait, hold on!
Nanami: C'mon, let's all eat together before we head home~.

Chapter 2[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 2
Concourse of Words

Preparations are underway at Tsukinomori for a certain annual event...

After School

Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Hallway

Touko: Feast your eyes on this~... Ta-dah~! How's this for awesome?!
Nanami: Are these designs for new outfits?
Mashiro: Wow, they're so pretty...! They look amazing...!
Touko: Of course they are! Genius fashion designer Touko Kirigaya tried really hard coming up with them, after all!
Mashiro: Are you making these for us?
Touko: Yup! I figured it was about time for a wardrobe update~!
Touko: We hit our goal of playing at CiRCLE now, after all! This'll be perfect for us as we're in the middle of super evolving!
Mashiro: S-super evolving...?
Nanami: Isn't this just because you got bored of our old outfits?
Touko: Huh? How'd you guess? You psychic?
Nanami & Mashiro: Figures...
Nanami: I mean, you get bored of stuff really fast...
Mashiro: Yeah, it's gotten easy to tell after all the time we've spent together...
Touko: Meh, sure, there's that, too. But I'm serious about wanting a new set of outfits that match our new selves!
Touko: We're on a roll, right? Don't you think new clothes would be awesome for keeping us hyped up?
Touko: Hey, get over here, Fusuke. Take a look at this~.
Tsukushi: H-hold on. I've still got work I need to finish.
Touko: Work? You've been messing with the class bulletin this whole time. What're you doing?
Tsukushi: I'm updating it. This is important class president work, you know.
Mashiro: Hey, what's that poster?
Tsukushi: Oh, it's for our annual Concourse of Words.
Nanami: Ah, it's that time of the year already, huh~.
Mashiro: What's a Concourse of Words?
Touko: Ah, right, you transferred in. I guess you wouldn't know about it.
Nanami: It's something close to how other schools do speech contests~.
Tsukushi: The school holds it each year to help students learn to express their own thoughts using their own words.
Tsukushi: Starting from middle school, each class picks a representative to do a speech in the auditorium.
Tsukushi: This year's theme is... Uh, looks like it's "My Very Own Spark."
Mashiro: A speech contest, huh...? I never knew.
Mashiro: If they're doing it in the auditorium, that must mean... Everyone in both the middle school and high school are going to be there, right?
Mashiro: Ugh... Just imagining giving a speech in front of all those people is giving me a stomachache...
Tsukushi: Don't hurt yourself from just your imagination!
Touko: Besides, you already talk onstage at our shows.
Nanami: If you can do that, you should be able to give a speech like this, don't you think?
Mashiro: What? N-no way...!
Tsukushi: Really? I think it could be a great experience for you.
Tsukushi: You said becoming able to talk in front of big crowds made you happy, after all.
Tsukushi: Don't you think giving an event like this a shot would help your self-confidence, too?
Mashiro: ...
Touko: And it'd actually make the thing worth watching, too~. That event's so boring, it goes all the way around back to being amazing how boring it is.
Tsukushi: Ohhh, don't say things like that! It's an important school tradition!
Nanami: Well, it doesn't seem exactly up Touko-chan's alley anyway... Hm?
Mashiro: Nanami-chan? What's wrong?
Nanami: Ah, I suddenly felt like someone was watching us...
Schoolgirl A: Hey, look! That's Morfonica over there. Did you know? They're all in a band together. Isn't that cool?
Schoolgirl B: I saw them play the other day, you know. All their songs are great, and I'm actually a pretty big fan of Kurata-san's voice~.
Mashiro: ...
Tsukushi & Touko: ...
Touko: Look at that, Shiro~! The whole school's talkin' about you!
Tsukushi: That's great! She said she liked your singing, too!
Mashiro: R-really? I couldn't really hear them that well~...
Nanami: You say that, but your smile says otherwise~.
Mashiro: That's not true~...
Nanami: Oh, it's about time to leave. Are we gonna stop by somewhere today?
Touko: You bet we are! The café, like always! I heard they've got a new menu starting this week!
Nanami: Oh~, that sounds sorta exciting~. Alright, I'm just gonna grab my bag~.
Tsukushi: I'll finish cleaning up the bulletin board. Mashiro-chan, you should get ready to head out, too.
Mashiro: Ah, sure...
Mashiro: ...
Mashiro: ("Your spark will light the way...")
Mashiro: (I wonder... Has a spark begun to light my way, too...?)

Chapter 3[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 3
Challenging Myself

Candidates for the concourse are being chosen. Mashiro makes a decision.

Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Class 1-A

Tsukushi: Alright, then we'll move on to our final topic for today.
Tsukushi: It's time we decided who our representative for the Concourse of Words is going to be.
Tsukushi: Right now, we've got Ichijo-san and Sainoji-san as candidates. Are there any others interested?
Mashiro: ...
Nanami: Ahaha. Still, it feels like you've been getting more and more confident ever since you've started talking on the mic~.
Tsukushi: You needed all our help at first, but look at you now. You were able to tell the crowd how you felt, weren't you?
Mashiro: Y-yeah. I get really scared, but sort of happy, too...
Mashiro: Whenever I do talk in front of crowds... I realize I've become able to do this sort of stuff now...
Touko: Besides, you already talk onstage at our shows.
Nanami: If you can do that, you should be able to do a speech like this, don't you think?
Mashiro: What? N-no way...!
Tsukushi: Really? I think it could be a great experience for you.
Tsukushi: You said becoming able to talk in front of big crowds made you happy, after all.
Tsukushi: Don't you think giving an event like this a shot would help your self-confidence, too?
Mashiro: ("Your spark will light the way...")
Tsukushi: Uhhh, looks like there's no one else, then. Alright...
Mashiro: U-um...!
Mashiro: I-I'm interested... if that's okay...
Tsukushi: M-Mashiro-chan...?
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Tsukushi: Jeez, I was so surprised~!
Nanami: Wow~. Shiro-chan, you're gonna try getting into the Concourse of Words~?
Tsukushi: You were so against it before, I'd never have thought I'd see you raise your hand.
Mashiro: Everyone was telling me how I can do it and how I should give it a try...
Mashiro: So I thought... Maybe I could give it a shot... Somebody else will probably get picked anyway...
Tsukushi: Gosh, you always say things like that.
Nanami: How are you planning on picking, by the way?
Nanami: Our class only had one person interested, so it was super easy~.
Tsukushi: The plan is to have the class vote on it in two weeks.
Tsukushi: The candidates will all prepare their speeches and give them then.
Nanami: Oh. Sounds like you've gotta get to work, Shiro-chan.
Mashiro: Y-yeah. I'm not super confident about this, though...
Nanami: Ahaha. Well, I'm cheering for you.
Tsukushi: Oh, that's right. Where are Touko-chan and Rui-san?
Nanami: Touko-chan said she's stopping by her club first. Rui-rui said she'll be here after she's finished with her student council work.
Nanami: They should be here by now, though~...
Touko: I. Said. Stop! Quit betting into stuff that's not your business!
Rui: ... How long do you plan on keeping this conversation going?
Mashiro: That's Touko-chan and Rui-san's voices... right?
Nanami: It sounds like they're arguing...
Tsukushi: Aww~! What now?!

Chapter 4[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 4
Sparks Fly

Touko and Rui arrive, but Touko is arguing with Rui. Rui responds calmly.

Hiromachi Residence - Atelier
Touko: I never asked you for help!
Rui: ... You enjoy fixating upon senseless things, I see. It was not a big deal.
Touko: What?! It's a super big deal!
Nanami: C'mon now, Touko-chan. Down, girl~.
Tsukushi: Calm down, you two!
Rui: I am calm.
Tsukushi: You are! Then Touko-chan, just you calm down!
Touko: Why am I getting singled out?! This is so unfair!
Mashiro: Wh-what happened...?
Touko: Well, you see, we stopped by a café on the way here~...
Clerk: One iced tea. That will be 450 yen, please.
Touko: Alright, I'll pay by card!
Clerk: Um, miss? There isn't enough money on this card left...
Touko: Huh? Oh, shoot...!
Touko: That's right, I used it all on my shopping spree yesterday...
Touko: Do I have any cash on me...? Nope. Of course not, I never carry cash...
Clerk: Miss?
Touko: Ah, uhhh... Just wait a sec, please. I'm thinking.
Rui: ... Could you hurry up?
Touko: Hm? Rui?
Rui: Excuse me. I will pay for her order as well as mine.
Touko: What? What do you think you're-...?!
Touko: ... So that's what happened.
Nanami & Mashiro: ... Huh?
Nanami: So Rui-rui paid for you, and everything worked out in the end, right?
Tsukushi: Why would you be mad at her? You should be thanking her, shouldn't you...?
Refusal to Lose
Touko: Because now I owe Rui something, duh!
Touko: This seriously sucks... I've lived my whole life trying not to ever owe anything to her...
Rui: You really worry over the most pointless things.
Rui: I simply did not wish to waste precious time. Any time you would have spent in front of that register is time we should be spending practicing, no?
Touko: I'm definitely paying you back, got it?!
Rui: There is no need. It was not particularly expensive.
Touko: Whaaat?! Then I'm just gonna be stuck oweing you something!
Tsukushi: Ohhh! Just quit it, you two!
Tsukushi: Touko-chan, give Rui-san 450 yen! Then it'll all be settled, right?
Touko: I'd do that even if you didn't tell me!
Touko: I already have to put up with her mouthing off at me all the time! Where would I be if I ended up oweing her a favor, too?!
Rui: Sigh...
Mashiro: Touko-chan... She was the one getting helped... How can she still act like that?
Nanami: Probably because she's Touko-chan, don't you think...?
Rui: I think it is time we ended this meaningless chatter and began practice.
Tsukushi: Right. Okay, then what song should we start with...?
Rui: I have a song I am currently working on. Could we start with that?
Rui: I would like to hear us play it so I can make some adjustments.
Mashiro: Huh? A new song?
Tsukushi: I don't think we talked about any new songs... You wrote one for us?
Touko: ...
Nanami: Touko-chan... I could almost see your ears perk up when you heard "new song"... Weren't you really mad just a minute ago?
Touko: I mean, it's a new song, right? How am I not gonna get hyped up?
Nanami: Fufu. Still, you wrote a new song for us all on your own, Rui-rui? Maybe you've gotten a little hyped up, too, eh?
Tsukushi: Did you get inspired by our last concert or something?
Rui: I only realized that practicing the same songs over and over will not help us expand our horizons as performers. That is all.
Rui: I will confirm each of your parts with you. Kurata-san, please take this opportunity to begin crafting an image of what sort of lyrics would be appropriate.
Mashiro: O-okay. I'll do my best to come up with good lyrics.
Touko: Alright, then! Time for a new song, everyone! Let's get to it~!
Nanami & Tsukushi: Yeah~!
Yashiro Residence - Rui's Room
Rui: (Just as I predicted. Outside of Hiromachi-san, no one else was able to perform this music properly on their first attempt.)
Rui: (Still, after hearing everyone play together, I did manage to find a few spots I think could use some adjustments.)
Rui: (Especially the prelude... This chord progression still has room for improvement. Taking into consideration the general atmosphere of this song...)
Rui: (And this guitar phrase... With Kirigaya-san's current skills, perhaps we could try...)

Chapter 5[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 5
The Blue Sky Band Contest

Touko has big news about a music contest for high school students!

After School
Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Class 1-A
Mashiro: Hm...
Mashiro: This might not be right... There's probably a better way to word this...
Tsukushi: Phew, and there's my class president duties done. Time to head to pra-... Hm?
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan? You're still here?
Mashiro: Oh, Tsukushi-chan...
Mashiro: I was just trying to gather my thoughts for the Concourse of Words.
Tsukushi: Ah, that's right. It's almost time for the presentation.
Tsukushi: So? Everything going smoothly?
Mashiro: It's pretty bad... but at least it's not as bad as the time I had writer's block.
Tsukushi: Ah, when we were performing for our first show at CiRCLE, right? You really drove yourself into a corner back then, huh?
Tsukushi: This year's theme was... "My Very Own Spark," right? Have you decided what to write about yet?
Mashiro: Well, I thought about it a bunch, and...
Mashiro: It'll probably be about Morfonica... and being in a band.
Mashiro: About how being in a band and meeting all of you... helped shape who I am today...
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan...!
Tsukushi: Oh, no...! I think I might start crying if I hear your speech...!
Mashiro: Uh? Th-that's... you're exaggerating...
Tsukushi: Our always lost-in-her-own-thoughts Mashiro-chan is going to be talking in front of everyone, though!
Tsukushi: And you'll be talking about how important the band is to you, how it's changed you...
Tsukushi: Ohhh, just imagining it is going to make me tear up~...
Mashiro: Please don't start crying just from your imagination.
Tsukushi: Sigh. You've grown so much, Mashiro-chan...
Mashiro: Tsukushi-chan, you sound like my grandma...
Tsukushi: Y-your grandma...?
Tsukushi: I'm just saying the Mashiro-chan from when we first met would've never even thought of doing something like this.
Mashiro: Yeah. I never thought I'd decide to willingly do something like this, either.
Nanami: Ah, sweet. You're both still here~.
Touko: Hey, hey, you've gotta listen to this! Big news! Big, big news!
Tsukushi: What's up, you two?
Touko: I was just talking with Nanami about where we should play next, and we found something really cool!
Touko: C'mon, check it out! Here, look at my phone!
Mashiro: Um... The Blue Sky Band Contest...?
A Moment of Youth
Nanami: It's a contest specifically for high school bands.
Nanami: Everyone will perform on a grand stage outdoors under the brilliant blue sky...
Nanami: Doesn't that sound great? It feels like something every high school band should experience at least once, right~?
Mashiro: It does seem like a nice event. We've never played outside, either.
Tsukushi: We fulfilled out goal of playing at CiRCLE, too. Aiming for a bigger stage next might not be a bad idea.
Touko: Plus, it's a contest, so they're gonna be judging us. It's a perfect chance to show everyone what we're really made of.
Touko: Which is why I signed us all up! Since I know you're all in!
Tsukushi & Mashiro: Already...?!
Nanami: Wh-when...? We've been together this whole time, and I never noticed~...
Touko: Hm? You know I can take cafe of that sort of stuff in seconds, duh!
Tsukushi: Ohhh, why do you do these things without talking to us first~?
Mashiro: We have to ask Rui-san too, don't we...?
Touko: Aw, don't worry about her! She'll give us the okay for sure!
Touko: She wrote us a song all on her own, after all! Rui... She may not look like it, but I've got a feeling she's warmin' up to us. Don't you think?
Nanami: I guess, but~... we really should ask her~...
Tsukushi: She said she has student council work today. Let's talk about it tomorrow during practice.
Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Student Council Room
Rui: ...
Rui: (Considering the way this passage progresses, the chords starting at this measure should...)
Rui: (As for the tempo... This will do. We can have the violin and guitar take the lead here...)
Student Council President: Yashio-san? You're still here?
Student Council President: I'm so sorry. I didn't think those documents I asked you to write up would take so long...
Rui: No, I am already done with that. This is just some personal work.
Student Council President: I see. Is that a music score? It looks like it's been scribbled on an awful lot.
Rui: Yes. It is a piece I am currently working on. I finished the documents you asked me for rather quickly, so I thought I would take this time to revise some things.
Student Council President: Fufu, sounds like you're really enjoying this band thing, huh? When I heard you'd joined one, I was really surprised. I'm glad to see you're having fun, though.
Rui: ... I am not doing this for fun.
Student Council President: Oh? You certainly seemed to be enjoying yourself working on your score, from what I could tell.
Rui: ...
Student Council President: Well then, I'll excuse myself. Try not to stay too late, okay?
Rui: ... Enjoying myself?
Nanami: Fufu. Still, you wrote a new song for us all on your own, Rui-rui? Maybe you've gotten a little hyped up, too, eh?
Tsukushi: Did you get inspired by our last concert or something?
Rui: ...
Rui: (I joined Morfonica so that I could learn what might happen if I prioritized emotion over logic...)
Rui: (Right now... Could I be...?)

Chapter 6[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 6
Looming Clouds

Touko and the girls approach Rui about the contest but are met with a surprise.

Kurata Residence - Mashiro's Room
Mashiro: ... I'm done. I think.
Mashiro: "I'm so thankful to have been able to meet everyone in Morfonica."
Mashiro: "This band has changed my life. If the five of us could see the world sparkle together, that would make me realy happy."
Mashiro: ... Yup. This should work.
Mashiro: Sigh... This took a lot longer than I thought... Ah! Practice!
Mashiro: Oh, no! Urgh, I'm late...!
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier
Tsukushi: ... Touko-chan. You're going to give Rui-san back her 450 yen, right?
Touko: Of course. Not paying back my debts isn't my style.
Tsukushi: Then why didn't you bring the money?!
Touko: Whoa, I did, though! It's just sitting on my card!
Tsukushi: Why is it on your card?!
Touko: Because I only pay by card. That's my thing.
Touko: All Rui needs is a machine to read my card, and we'll be all set~...
Rui: There is no way that would happen.
Nanami: Rui-rui's not a store, you know...
Rui: Kirigaya-san, you do not have to pay me back.
Touko: W-wait! Hey! I'll pay, okay? Next time! I'll have the money next time!
Touko: Actually, where's Shiro? Isn't she late? We've already started practicing!
Nanami: Ah, she's trying to change the subject~.
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan sent me a message a little while ago saying she was going to be late.
Tsukushi: Tomorrow's the class presentation, so it sounds like shw was trying to finish up her speech.
Touko: Oh~. That presentation's tomorrow?
Nanami: Shiro-chan's been trying really hard. Hopefully she does well~.
Tsukushi: Yeah! Make sure you all cheer her on, okay?
Rui: ...
Touko: ... Oh, that's right! I totally forgot!
Touko: Here, Rui! Check this out! We signed up to play in this Blue Sky Band Contest!
Rui: ... "We" signed up?
Nanami: Y-yeah, about that~...
Tsukushi: As always, Touko-chan sort of jumped the gun...
Tsukushi: But it does seem like a good chance for us! We'll be playing at an outdoor concert on a big stage!
Tsukushi: I think this will be a great experience for Morfonica!
Nanami: Plus, it's a contest, and they're announcing a top five. Aiming for first place would make it worth it for you, right, Rui-rui?
Rui: ... I see. Good luck, then.
Tsukushi: "Good luck, then...?" C'mon, that makes it sound like you're not involved.
Tsukushi: At times like this, you've gotta include yourself too, right? "Good luck, us!"
Rui: No, I meant what I said. I am not participating.
Tsukushi: Huh? You aren't...?
Touko: Why? What, you got plans for that day already?
Nanami: If it's student council work, we can help you out, you know. Just like before~.
Rui: That is not the reason.
Tsukushi: Then what is?
Rui: ... Well, I was planning on saying this after Kurata-san arrived, but I suppose now will suffice.
Rui: I have decided to quit Morfonica.
Nanami & Tsukushi: ... What?
Tsukushi: Y-you're kidding, right...?
Nanami: Th-that's not funny~...
Rui: You should all be well aware I am not the type to make jokes.
Touko: What? Where'd this come from all of a sudden?!
Tsukushi, Nanami & Touko: ...?!
Mashiro: ...!
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan...!
Mashiro: What do you mean... you're quitting?

Chapter 7[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 7
Result of Prioritizing Emotion

Shocked and unwilling to accept what Rui says, the girls ask her why...

Hiromachi Residence - Atelier
Mashiro: ...
Touko: What do you mean, quit? I don't get this at all!
Nanami: Is there some sorta reason you can't keep playing with us...?
Tsukushi: You can talk to us about anything. I don't know how much we can help, but...
Rui: There is nothing like that.
Rui: I simply realized there is no further reason for me to be a part of the band.
Nanami & Tsukushi: ...!
Mashiro: Why...? Do you not like playing with us anymore...?
Mashiro: We fulfilled our goal of playing at CiRCLE. We're all getting better, bit by bit...
Mashiro: I'm having so much fun right now... Rui-san, is that not how you feel, too...?
Rui: ...
Touko: And seriously, you can't just say, "Oh, by the way, I quit," and expect us to go, "Okay, sure!"
Touko: You gotta explain why. I'm not gonna accept this unless you do.
Rui: I do not think there is a reason I should need to convince you.
Touko: What? You-
Nanami: C-calm down, Touko-chan!
Tsukushi: ... Do you remember what you said, Rui-san?
Tsukushi: You wanted to play with us so you could learn what prioritizing emotion over logic might result in.
Tsukushi: You wanted to find something that you haven't been able to discover yet...
Tsukushi: So why quit now...?
The Answer I Found
Rui: Because I found it.
Tsukushi: Huh...?
Rui: The result of prioritizing emotion over logic. What it leads to is "conceit" and "complacency."
Rui: Rejecting reality for convenience and comfort...
Rui: While I would not go as far to reject that way of living, I can certainly say I have no need for it.
Tsukushi: Conceit...
Touko: Complacency...
Rui: That is all I have to say. I have no more reason to stay here.
Mashiro: W-wait...!
Rui: ... Let go of me, Kurata-san.
Mashiro: If that's how you felt watching us, I'm sorry...
Mashiro: Whatever you don't like, we'll change. Just please, don't leave us...
Rui: ...
Mashiro: You promised to see the sparkling world together with us, didn't you...? So...
Rui: Your sparkling world might be here.
Rui: But there is nothing here for me. Do not group me together with you.
Mashiro: ...?!
Nanami: R-Rui-rui...
Tsukushi: Wh-what are you all doing? We've got to chase after her!
Touko: Forget it! And forget her! It's not like there'd even be a point in bringing her back when she clearly doesn't care!
Touko: And I don't wanna play with someone like that!
Tsukushi: T-Touko-chan...
Mashiro: ...
The Next Day
Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Class 1-A
Schoolgirl: ... And that is the spark that I found.
Tsukushi: ...
Teacher: Futaba-san? Sainoji-san finished her presentation, you know?
Tsukushi: Huh? Uhhh, thank you very much, Sainoji-san!
Teacher: Is something wrong? You seem sort of out of it today.
Tsukushi: O-oh no, not at all! I'm the class president! Leave this to me!
Tsukushi: Next up is our last candidate. Okay, then. Um... Kurata-san, if you please.
Mashiro: ...
Tsukushi: (She looks so sad...)
Tsukushi: (After what happened yesterday, this is no time for her to be giving speeches...)
Teacher: Kurata-san, you don't look like you're feeling okay either... Are you feeling well enough to present?
Mashiro: Y-yeah...
Mashiro: H-hello, everyone. My name is Mashiro Kurata...
Mashiro: The spark that I found... is from the world of music...
Mashiro: I had no idea it was so close to me... Overflowing with radiant light... Brilliant... A sparkling world...
Mashiro: I was never good at anything. I didn't believe in myself at all...
Mashiro: But as I looked up atthat glittering stage, I got this strange feeling... I thought, "I want to be there."
Mashiro: Maybe, if I stood on that stage, my own story might begin...
Mashiro: After starting our band, we ran into a lot of problems... Now, though, they've all become memories I can look back upon with a smile...
Mashiro: I think those feelings might be my spark... The spark that will light my path... That's how I feel right now...
Mashiro: But there's no way I could have realized all of this on my own...
Mashiro: It's thanks to everyone in Morfonica that I realized that even I might have something that sparkles within me, too.
Mashiro: Morfonica's goal is... to see that sparkling world...
Mashiro: The world we saw at CiRCLE... One filled with light... together...
Mashiro: I'm so happy to have been able to meet everyone in Morfonica...
Mashiro: This band has changed my life... If the five of us... could see the world sparkle together...
Mashiro: Together...
Mashiro: ...
Teacher: Kurata-san? Are you okay?
Mashiro: I'm sorry... I can't read any more...
Mashiro: Tsukushi
Tsukushi: The results of the voting are: Ichijo-san, thirteen votes. Sainoji-san, sixteen votes. Kurata-san, one vote.
Tsukushi: So Sainoji-san will be our representative. Do your best, Sainoji-san.
Mashiro: ...
Mashiro: (The five of us won't ever see that sparkling world together again...)
Mashiro: (The spark that I found is gone, and it'll never come back...)

Chapter 8[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 8
Conceit and Complacency

The girls are feeling down. Mashiro in particular is deeply hurt...

A Few Days Later
Tsukushi, Nanami & Touko: Sigh~...
Nanami: Shiro-chan hasn't come back to school since then, right?
Tsukushi: Yeah. I tried talking to her after our presentation, but...
Tsukushi: As soon as homeroom ended, she flew out of the classroom and left. That was that...
Nanami: She hasn't replied to any of my texts, either. Is she gonna be okay~...?
Touko: Was bombing her speech that much of a shock to her?
Tsukushi: I'm sure that's part of it, but Rui-san must have hit her way harder, don't you think...?
Tsukushi: It must have been so hard talking about that in front of everyone...
Touko: ...
Nanami: If we're talking shocks, what Rui-rui told us was pretty big, too...
Touko: What, that stuff about how being all emotional leads to "conceit" and "complacency"...?
Tsukushi: Rui-san came to that conclusion after watching us, right...?
Tsukushi: We were all so happy to just be able to play concerts and improve, but Rui-san never thinks of anything but being the best...
Tsukushi: I wonder if she felt embarrassed to be seen with us...
Touko: Do you think that's why she decided sticking with us is stupid?
Nanami: She didn't go that far... Was that really what she meant...?
Touko: You know what? What's wrong with being conceited and complacent?
Touko: That's just proof that we've been putting in solid work. And I don't like people that don't own up to how awesome they are.
Touko: I mean, didn't she say I was the one who worried over meaningless stuff? Now look who's talking.
Tsukushi: ...
Nanami: Do you really think that's what Rui-rui meant...?
Touko: What? You heard her, she said it herself.
Nanami: Yeah, but... I feel like that's not all she was trying to say...
Touko: Sigh~. Just forget her, okay? Forget. Her. Yup, I don't even know who we're talking about anymore.
Touko: More importantly, Shiro's the one we've gotta worry about. How are we supposed to practice without our singer?
Tsukushi: Y-yeah...
Touko: Our goal's still the Blue Sky Band Contest, okay?
Touko: We'll win the contest and prove that we don't need Rui to be awesome, got it?!
Nanami: But... If Shiro-chan's still recovering, shouldn't we let her be...?
Touko: Yeah, but she's not even coming to school now.
Touko: Alone time is over. If she's not gonna come to us, we're coming to her.
Kurata Residence - Mashiro's Room
Mashiro: ...
Mashiro: (When I thought about how the Morfonica I knew is gone... Everything went black...)
Mashiro: (I felt like I changed thanks to being in a band... Thanks to being with those four people...)
Mashiro: (But without that... There's nothing different about me at all...)
Mashiro: (Conceit... Complacency... She was totally right...)
Mashiro's Mom: How are you feeling, Mashiro-chan? Can you eat?
Mashiro: I'm not hungry...! Leave me alone...!
Mashiro: ...? Touko-chan texted me...?
Mashiro: "We're coming over." ...?
Mashiro: ... What? N-no. I don't want to see them...
Mashiro: I-if I tell Mom to send them home, then... No, that won't work. Touko-chan would just ignore her...
Mashiro: Pant... Pant...
Mashiro: (I managed to get out of the house, but now what...?)
Mashiro: (I wonder how long it'll take for Touko-chan to give up and go home...)
Rui: ...? Kurata-san?
Mashiro: R-Rui-san...?!

Chapter 9[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 9
I Wish I Was Born Like You

Mashiro runs away from everyone and runs into an unexpected individual.

Mashiro: ...
Rui: Well, this is quite the coincidence, Kurata-san.
Rui: You do not seem to be on youe way home from school... This clearly does not concern me. I will excuse mywelf, then.
Mashiro: ... My presentation... didn't go well.
Rui: Yes, I heard. Class A's representative will be Sainoji-san, correct?
Mashiro: It's because of you... Because you said those things...!
Mashiro: If you didn't say you were quitting, I would've been able to give my speech properly...
Rui: That is your problem, not mine. I see you still have that habit of shifting blame upon others.
Mashiro: ...! Right... You're right. Nothing's changed about me...
Mashiro: It was because I was with all of you that I felt like I finally fit in at school...
Mashiro: In the end though, that's just conceit and complacency, right? Just like you said.
Mashiro: But I didn't want to know that. I wanted to believe I had changed.
Rui: ...
Mashiro: ... I don't want to go back to school.
Mashiro: How am I supposed to face everyone when I've been lying to myself this whole time...?
Rui: Do as you wish.
Rui: If you are hoping for someone to try and stop you, I am not that person.
Mashiro: Y-you don't have to say it like that...
Mashiro: ... It must be so nice to be you, Rui-san., You're popular, smart, talented... You have everything I don't.
Mashiro: I wish I was born like you. If I was, I wouldn't be here, feeling like this.
Rui: I see you like to worry about meaningless things, just like Kirigaya-san.
Rui: You are not me. I am not you. If you want to solve your issues, you need to face reality.
Mashiro: I know that...! But I can't help it...!
Mashiro: I'm not mature like you! There's no way you could understand how I feel...!
Rui: ... I am not as mature as you think I am.
Mashiro: ...?
Nanami: Wasn't that Shiro-chan's voice just now~?
Tsukushi: Really? Then she must be around here. Her mom said she ran out in a hurry, right?
Touko: Man, I even texted her. Which means... she ran away from us.
Nanami: Huh? Why would she run away?
Touko: How should I know? Ask her once we catch her.
Mashiro: ...! Everyone...!
Nanami: Ah, Shiro-chan! She's over by the riverbank! Right there~!
Touko: She ran that way! After her, Fusuke! Hurry up!
Tsukushi: Wait, Mashiro-chan!
Rui: ...
Nanami: ... Huh? Rui-rui?!
Touko: Why are you here?
Rui: Purely by coincidence. Excuse me.
Nanami: W-wait! Rui-rui!

Chapter 10[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 10
The Single Vote

Tsukushi confronts Mashiro at the riverbank. What words does she have for her?

Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan! Got you!
Mashiro: L-let me go...!
Tsukushi: Gosh, why did you run? We're not here to yell at you for not coming to school, you know.
Mashiro: Because it's embarrassing...!
Tsukushi: Embarrassing? ... What is?
Mashiro: I am! The conceited, complacent me...!
Mashiro: I thought I could sparkle like the rest of you Tsukinomori people...!
Mashiro: But even you ended up feeling sorry for me...
Tsukushi: I did?
Mashiro: The day of our presentation... The only one who voted for me was you, wasn't it...?
Tsukushi: Huh? Y-yeah...
Mashiro: That was because you felt sorry for me, right...?
Tsukushi: ... Why do you think that's why I voted for you?
Tsukushi: I voted for you because I liked your speech. That's all.
Mashiro: There's no way that's true. I couldn't even talk properly...
Tsukushi: True. You didn't sound sure of yourself, and you kept trailing off. Even so, your speech really resonated with me.
Mashiro: Huh...?
Tsukushi: You're not the only one who changed thanks to Morfonica.
Tsukushi: I did too...
Tsukushi: I've never told anyone, but you're one of the reasons I started working a part-time job.
Mashiro: Huh...?
Tsukushi: You've grown so positive ever since we started Morfonica. And seeing how muchy you've grown, I didn't want to be left behind.
Tsukushi: I joined Morfonica because, just like you, I thought it might be a chance for me to change myself!
Mashiro: Tsukushi-chan...
Tsukushi: So all those feelings you poured into this piece of paper... I felt like I understood.
Mashiro: ...? Is that... my speech? I thought I threw it away...
Tsukushi: I found it lying next to the garbage bin in our classroom.
Tsukushi: It felt sort of wrong, but I read the rest of what you wrote.
Tsukushi: You were happy to have met us. To be part of Morfonica with us... Then, after that...
Tsukushi: "I learned to love myself..."
Mashiro: You don't have to read any more... Everything written there is all just... pure conceit...
A Sign of Feeling Proud
Tsukushi: Don't say that...!
Tsukushi: Conceit? Complacency? Putting it like that makes it sound bad...
Tsukushi: But all it really means is that you wanted to compliment yourself!
Tsukushi: Touko-chan said it, too. Being able to feel conceit, feel complacent about something... Taht's just proof that you're proud of what you've done.
Tsukushi: You feel like you've worked hard enough to deserve being acknowledged for it. And what's wrong with that...?!
Mashiro: ...
Tsukushi: The facty that you can think like that is proof in and of itself that you're not the Mashiro-chan from back when we first met.
Tsukushi: You don't need to worry! You're moving forward! You are, I am, we all are!
Mashiro: Tsukushi-chan...
Tsukushi: So take good care of this paper. It's got a wonderful speech that really touched me on it.
Mashiro: Ngh... Waaah~!
Tsukushi: H-hey! Ohhh~, don't cry!

Chapter 11[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 11
Just Life

Touko and Nanami run into Rui. She tells them she has nothing to say, however...

Rui: ... You wish to talk? If it is about your band, then I have nothing more to say.
Nanami: You might not, but I do.
Nanami: I've got a lot to say to you...
Touko: Ugh~, leave it. Let's just go. She quit, didn't she? So why bother?
Nanami: Touko-chan!
Touko: Wh-what...?
Nanami: Are you really okay with this?
Nanami: Do you really think we can keep Morfonica going without Rui-rui?
Touko: ...
Nanami: Touko-chan...!
Touko: F-fine! I don't want her to quit, either!
Touko: Besides, if you quit now, it'd be like admitting I lost.
Rui: Lost?
Touko: I mean, you still don't acknowledge my skills at all, right?
Touko: If you up and left on me now, I'd have to spend my entire life knowing I lost to you.
Touko: And I'm not gonna let you do that!
Rui: That is quite a selfish excuse.
Touko: PLus, I haven't paid you your 450 yen yet! If you quit, you're not getting your money, got it?!
Rui: And you top it off with even more selfishness, I see. Those are not the words of someone who owes someone a favor, if I might add.
Nanami: C'mon, Touko-chan, at least pay her back~.
Nanami: But I'm glad you got Rui-rui to stop, at least...
Nanami: ... Hey. Rui-rui.
Nanami: I've been thinking a lot... about what you said that day...
Nanami: How putting emotions over reason leads to conceit and complacency.
Nanami: I was wondering whether those words were really meant for us...
Rui: ...
Touko: ...? She said that stuff to us, didn't she?
Nanami: She did, but I had a feeling it was directed towards herself.
Nanami: Conceit, complacency... Is that what you felt, Rui-rui?
Rui: ... Indeed. That is it exactly.
Touko: Seriously...? That's not how it looked at all...
Rui: I was not aware of it myself. I did not realize more and more of my time was being spent thinking about music and the band.
Rui: About what I needed to do to polish our music further, how to increase the quality of our performances...
Rui: But suddenly, I realized I was doing exactly that.
Touko: Then why quit? That just means you're having fun, doesn't it~?
Rui: Even if it is all meaningless in the end?
Rui: Wanting to make good music and put on good shows... Without actual results, those feelings are nothing more than pure complacency.
Rui: And out of that complacency comes a sense of accomplishment... which is nothing more than conceit.
Rui: If that is all that awaits me at the end, then there is no reason for me to obey my emotions. That is the answer I reached.
Nanami: ... Rui-rui, do you think you're a normal teenager?
Rui: "Normal"...? I do not understand what you mean.
Nanami: I didn't really get it that well before, either. But ever since I joined Morfonica, I've felt like the picture has been getting clearer and clearer...
Nanami: Happiness, sadness, anger... Worrying, wandering, pain, regret...
Nanami: Growing to like some things and dislike others...
Nanami: All of that, smashed together and thrown at you is what life's all about, wouldn't you say?
Nanami: That's why I think what you're worrying about right now is just life. It's normal for us teenagers.
Rui: ... I still struggle to understand what you are trying to say.
Nanami: I'm saying, you don't need to rush to find an answer.
Nanami: I don't think you've ever really tried to worry about your issues. When you feel like you're about to stumble, you just turn around and retreat back to where you started.
Nanami: But couldn't the answer you're searching for lie beyond the step you trip on...?
Rui: That is nothing more than simply delaying the truth. I will not allow emotion to guide my choices.
Nanami: ... I think you already have.
Rui: ... And on what proof do you say that?
Nanami: Look at this. It's your score for our new song that you left in the atelier.
Nanami: I can see all the notes about melodies and tempos that you've left on it. Look at how much you've written and rewritten.
Nanami: This is the proof that you're facing your emotions and using them to figure out what sort of song you want to write.
Rui: That is...
Nanami: You've been acting based on emotion this whole time.
Nanami: You asked me before once, right? Why I refuse to acknowledge my own talents.
Nanami: Now, can I ask you? Why do you refuse to acknowledge your own feelings?
Rui: ...
Nanami: Here. Take it.
Rui: I do not need this anymore.
Nanami: That might be true, but I want you to take a look at it one more time.
Nanami: I want you to think about the emotions you felt as you wrote this song... and how it felt to enjoy music.
Rui: ...

Chapter 12[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 12
My Spark

Mashiro apologizes to everyone for running. They make a request...

Mashiro: I'm sorry for running away, everyone...
Nanami: No, it's okay. We were really worried about you. You didn't come to school for so long~.
Touko: I don't know why you ran, but you seem pretty okay now, huh?
Mashiro: Thanks to Tsukushi-chan...
Mashiro: I was feeling really down, but she helped me feel a lot better.
Touko: Huh? Fusuke did? Seriously?
Tsukushi: Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!
Touko: Ahaha, I'm just kidding! It's a joke!
Nanami: Fufu, that's our leader for you~.
Mashiro: Um... Where's Rui-san, by the way?
Touko: Rui? Ahh, she left already.
Mashiro: Oh... I wanted to apologize to her...
Mashiro: I told her it was her fault... my presentation didn't go well...
Nanami: Ah~... I'm sorry about your presentation.
Touko: Shoot. I would've been able to hear your speech if you got picked, too~.
Tsukushi: Oh, I've got the speech here, actually.
Mashiro: ... Huh?
Touko: For real? That's what I'm talking about, Fusuke!
Touko: Alright. C'mon. Read it, Shiro.
Mashiro: H-here? Th-that's...
Tsukushi: What's the problem? We're the only ones here, after all.
Nanami: I really wanna hear what sort of stuff you wanted to say, Shiro-chan~.
Mashiro: F-fine... But don't laugh, okay...?
Touko: Laugh? No way! You know I'd never do something like that!
Tsukushi: You're the first person woho would normally...
Nanami: Fufu, you've got this, Shiro-chan~.
Mashiro: O-okay...
To Put Into Words
Mashiro: ... I'm so thankful to have been able to meet everyone in Morfonica.
Mashiro: This band has changed my life. If the five of us could see the world sparkle together, that would make me really happy.
Mashiro: Before Morfonica, I thought there was nothing special about me. That I had no talent...
Mashiro: And that might still be true, but I don't think that's really a bad thing anymore.
Mashiro: Because being part of this band has given me the chance to actually appreciate myself.
Mashiro: I bet in the future, I'll remember these times over and over again. Whenever I feel down, or when I stumble...
Mashiro: I'll think back to the times that made me want to pat myself on the back... That made me want to tell myself I did well...
Mashiro: Because of Morfonica, I found my spark... and learned to love myself.
Mashiro: U-um... The end...
Nanami & Touko: ...
Tsukushi: Hey, you two! Where's the applause? That was an amazing speech, wasn't it?
Touko: Ah... Sory. That was kind of a lame reaction, my bad.
Touko: I've always thought speeches were supposed to be all stiff and boring, so I never really liked, but... what Shiro was saying? ... I felt that.
Touko: Before Morfonica, I never thought I'd get serious about anything.
Touko: It always sounded kinda lame... But now? Giving your all for one thing is pretty cool, if you ask me.
Nanami: Yeah. Me too...
Nanami: I didn't really like myself. But thanks to all of you, that gradually began to change.
Nanami: And just like Shiro-chan... I'll probably be thinking about the moments that made me change for the rest of my life.
Tsukushi & Mashiro: ...
Tsukushi: See? I told you it was a great speech. Be proud, Mashiro-chan.
Mashiro: Yeah. Thanks, Tsukushi-chan...
Tsukushi: Ahh... I just wish the rest of the class could have heard the rest of your speech, too~...
Mashiro: It's okay. Just having all of you hear it is good enough for me.
Touko: ... Hey. What if we just did this?
Mashiro: Huh...?
Tsukushi: Oh, I never thought of that! Great idea! Let's do it!
Nanami: You're a genius, Touko-chan~. You get the Hiromachi stamp of approval~.
Touko: Of course I do! I know my brain is just on another level~.
Mashiro: B-but that's kinda embarrassing...
Touko: Why? It's fine, isn't it? C'mon!
Nanami: You wrote an awesome speech. I'd be a shame not to let others hear it, too~.
Mashiro: Touko-chan, Nanami-chan... Okay. If you all say so... I guess I could give it a try...
Tsukushi: Then it's settled. Now it's iron out the details, shall we?
The Next Day
Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Class 1-A
Schoolgirl A: Good day, Kurata-san. Are you feeling better?
Schoolgirl B: You were gone for so long, we all started to worry, you know.
Mashiro: Sorry... for making you all worry...
Mashiro: Oh. That's right, you all even texted me... I'm sorry for not texting back.
Schoolgirl A: Oh, it's fine, I'm just happy to see you back at school.
Schoolgirl B: You looked really sick during the presentation, so I wasn't sure if you were going to be okay.
Mashiro: ...
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan. You're going to tell them, right?
Mashiro: Y-yeah. Um, could I have a second, everyone...?
Mashiro: About that presentation from before... I really embarrassed myself in front of you all...
Mashiro: I wasn't able to share with you what I wanted to say properly... so could you give me a second chance?
Tsukushi: Take a look at this flyer, everyone!
Schoolgirl A: Flyer? ... The Blue Sky Band Contest?
Tsukushi: Yeah! Morfonica's going to be playing at it!
Mashiro: Everything I wanted to tell you all, but couldn't... I'll be singing there. So please, come watch...!

Chapter 13[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 13
Unspoken Feelings

Mashiro apologizes to Rui and senses something from her words...

Tsukinomori Girls' Academy - Student Council Room
Rui: The Blue Sky Band Contest...?
Student Council Member A: Yeah. Krigaya-san posted about it online~. Sounds like you're all gonna be playing in a pretty big show, huh?
Student Council Member B: We're all cheering for you. We were talking about whether we could meet up to come see you play together.
Rui: No, I am no longer part of-
Student Council Member A: Kirigaya-san was saying you wrote a new song, too, right? If you need more time, we can always take some work off of your hands. Just say the word.
Student Council Member B: Okay, we've got to get to our meeting for next month! Got those files sorted out please, Yashio-san! We're leaving the fort to you!
Rui: ... A new song?
Rui: (Do they mean to finish the song that I gave them...? What sort of song could they create on their own...?)
(Rui: (No, it is no longer any of my business. There is no sense worrying about it.)
Rui: ... Come in.
Mashiro: U-um...
Rui: Kurata-san? Do you need something from the student council?
Mashiro: No. I came here to see you..
Mashiro: I said a lot to you that I wanted to apologize for...
Rui: You do not have to. I did not mind.
Rui: I am fully aware of how selfish my actions have been. You have every right to complain.
Rui: Is that all? Then could I ask you to take this for me?
Mashiro: .. Is this... your score for our new song?
Rui: Hiromachi-san gave it to me yesterday, but I imagine you have more use for it than I do.
Rui: The notes I have written on there might be of some use.
Mashiro: ... Why did Nanami-chan give this to you?
Rui: She told me to look at this and face my own emotions.
Rui: Music cannot be crafted purely through theory. You must have a solid grasp of what you want to convey. An internal compass, if you will.
Rui: I imagine she wanted me to consider how I felt as I wrote this piece, seeing as I claimed that reason should take priority over emotion.
Rui: But my answer is still the same. None of that matters.
Rui: In the end, that song remains nothing more than the result of conceit and complacency. Even if I was able to elevate it to a level that satisfied me.
Rui: Just like before, my efforts would come to nothing. I would still be someone of no value, no status.
Mashiro: Before...? Do you mean when you were playing violin in the past?
Rui: Yes. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I immersed myself in music, it all came to nothing.
Rui: I came in fifth place in my last contest. That is why I swore never again to involve myself in such fruitless endeavors.
Mashiro: Oh. I see...
Rui: I appreciate your understanding.
Rui: I have no intention of applying myself to more meaningless frivolities. That is why-
Mashiro: No. That's not what I meant. You see, I think I understand a litle more about you, Rui-san...
Rui: Me?
Mashiro: Rui-san. You're afraid of being hurt by the things you love.
Rui: ...
Mashiro: All this stuff about reason over emotion, not wanting to do meaningless things...
Mashiro: Honestly, I don't really get it. But I know how you feel.
Mashiro: After starting Morfonica and growing to love this band... I don't want to be hurt by it either.
Rui: ... Then why do you continue?
Rui: There are many times I imagine you must have suffered throughout your time in the band.
Rui: Yu must know the pain of knowing your efforts would not be acknowledged. Of losing faith in your own ability. So why do you continue?
Mashiro: ... Because I want to believe in myself.
Mashiro: Because I want to become someone that can believe in myself...!
Mashiro: Sure, being a part of Morfonica taught me how scary it is when you can't become the person you want to be. But it also taught me who that person is in the first place.
Rui: ... You can believe in yourself.
Rui: I cannot. Not back then, and not now.
Mashiro: I don't know where my actions right now are going to take me... I don't know if I have the ability to make anything meaningful, either.
Mashiro: But if nothing else, I think I can at least believe. I can at least give myself that...
Mashiro: Rui-san, don't you want to believe in yourself?
Rui: ...
Rui: ... You are all so very strange.
Mashiro: Huh...?
Rui: There has never been anyone in my life who would bother with me to this extent.
Rui: You, Kirigaya-san, everyone in Morfonica... Do you all have a habit of prying into other people's businesses?
Mashiro: S-sorry... Yeah, I guess I might have crossed a line...
Rui: I am not mad.
Rui: I juat have never had this sort of conversation with anyone before. It is a strange feeling. That is all.
Rui: But... having someone to talk to like this is not unpleasant.
Mashiro: Rui-san...
Mashiro: Um...! Could you give us one more chance...? Just until the Blue Sky Band Contest is over...!
Rui: ... And what meaning would that have for me?
Mashiro: I don't know... but I do think it would be a good chance for you to think about what kind of person you want to be.
Mashiro: And after that, if you still want to give up on music, I won't stop you anymore...
Rui: Kurata-san...

Chapter 14[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 14
The Five of Us

Touko, Nanami, and Tsukushi are practicing when an unexpected guest arrives...

Hiromachi Residence - Atelier
Touko: Hm... Something still feels off~.
Nanami: Then what if we changed the melody here? It was originally Rui-rui's part anyway, so it's probably really hard.
Touko: No, I've got it! If we make it easier, then that's the same as me admitting I lost!
Tsukushi: I can't really see you getting good enough to play this in time for the contest, though...
Touko: Oh, shut it. But man, writing music's actually super hard~.
Tsukushi: Yeah. This must be how Rui-san felt~...
Touko: Nanami, you always pick up on stuff quickly, right? Is songwriting different somehow?
Nanami: Hm... I mean, I get how to make a song now, but... I don't know what kind of song Rui-rui wanted to write.
Nanami: I probably won't be able to get a solid image of how this song should sound without knowing that.
Touko: Then why'd you give her that score back~?
Touko: She scribbled notes all over it. You could've at least read that stuff before you returned it~.
Nanami: A-ahaha... I figured it'd be better if Rui-rui hung on to it.
Touko: Oh! There you are~! You're late, Shiro!
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan, did you find R-...
Nanami & Touko: Rui...
Tsukushi: Rui-san...?!
Rui: Was that song just now the song that I was working on?
Nanami: Huh? Y-yeah, we thought we'd try finishing it~...
Rui: Could you show me your lyrics, Kurata-san?
Mashiro: Um, they're not done yet, but... Here you go.
Rui: ... I see. For this image, I think some changes to the song are in order.
Rui: We will have the violin take the lead here. We can bring out the guitar's part more here. As for tempo, I suppose-
Touko: W-wait, hold on!
Rui: What?
Touko: I mean, you just waltzed in here like it was nothing, but why are you here in the first place?!
Tsukushi: Th-that's right! Rui-san, are you coming back to Morfonica?
Rui: After hearing what Kurata-san had to say, I have decided to postpone my decision.
Rui: I will decide whether I continue performing with the band after this upcoming concert.
Nanami: Shiro-chan, you convinced Rui-rui...?
Mashiro: I-I really didn't say anything special...
Nanami: You must have. Getting Rui-rui to backtrack on a decision's basically impossible~.
Tsukushi: Yeah, I'm really surprised, too. You're incredible, Mashiro-chan...
Touko: Well, setting that aside...
Touko: If you wana hang eith us again that badly, I guess I'll allow it~.
Nanami: Touko-chan, you say that, but you look sorta happy.
Touko: As if~. I'm just glad the outfit I made for her isn't going to waste, that's all.
Tsukushi: Oh yeah, you were planning new clothes for us, right? Are they done?
Touko: They'll be here tomorrow! Look forward to them, 'cause I really knocked it outta the park this time!
Rui: We can discuss clothing tomorrow. Today, we need to finish writing this song so we can begin practicing it.
Touko: Sigh. There it is, the same old Rui~. You really like cutting people off, don't you?
Nanami: Ahaha. She's right, though. We're all here now. Let's get this song finished.
Tsukushi & Mashiro: ...
Mashiro: Morfonica just doesn't feel right unless we're like this, huh?
Tsukushi: Yeah. I was thinking the same thing.
Tsukushi: Okay! I'm feeling super motivated right now!
Tsukushi: We've gotta do well at this contest so we can make Rui-san reconsider quitting!
Mashiro: Yeah. Let's do our best...!

Chapter 15[]

Fly with the night Event Story Chapter 15
To Become Who I Aspire to Be

Morfonica performs beneath the blue sky. What are their thoughts from on stage?

The Day of the Contest
Blue Sky Band Contest - Stage
Announcer: Next up is entry number seven, Morfonica!
Touko: Good day and greetings~! We're Morfonica~!
Touko: Man, I'm so excited right now! Seriously! The sky's blue as far as the eyes can see, the weather's good, and you all in the crowd are lookin' even better!
Touko: Oh yeah, who out there knows who we are~?
Touko: Hm hm... Okay, I see. All your first-timers better remember our name, got it?
Touko: Because if we're talking about legendary girls bands, there's no one else more legendary than us, the winners of the Golden CiRCLE Award!
Nanami: Ah~, we finally won.
Rui: Irresponsible as ever.
Tsukushi: Ahhh~! We didn't win anything! There's no such thing as a Golden CiRCLE Award! Please don't believe her~!
Touko: Ahaha! But I'm serious about making sure you don't forget who we are! We're gonna give you the best show you've ever seen, so get ready~!
Touko: Alrighty then~... I'll pass it over to our vocalist, Shiro, who's got something to say!
Mashiro: ... Okay!
Mashiro: Um, I... I'm really bad with being the center of attention... That's why I'm actually really, really nervous right now.
Mashiro: I'm nervous, but... At the same time, I'm excited, too...
Mashiro: The fact that I can feel this way about something that scares me... makes me really happy.
Mashiro: And it's thanks to the world of music... and the fact that I met these four people on stage with me... that I've changed.
Mashiro: And so, I'd like to sing about those feelings for you all today.
Mashiro: Please listen to our song... "fly with the night"...!
Refusal to Lose T
Touko: (Do I get along with Rui? PLease. Obviously, I don't. We're on totally different wavelengths. She's annoyed me ever since we started hanging out in our band together.)
Touko: (But you know what else annoys me? ... The fact that I don't hate having her around. That I actually like playing with her... and that I might have changed because of her. Ugh!)
A Moment of Youth T
Nanami: (Because I'm with you all, I've learned to face myself... I think that I've learned to like myself a little bit.)
Nanami: (This might be the spark I've been looking for, I suppose. Just like Shiro-chan, I've learned to love myself. I'm so glad to have met you all. Really.)
A Sign of Feeling Proud T
Tsukushi: (I've always thought that our band was strange. Our personalities are so different, and we all come from such different backgrounds. How on earth did the five of us come together?)
Tsukushi: (But the more time I spend with you all, the more I feel like I've come to understand. We're all searching for a reason to love ourselves... Trying to become a person worth our own praise...!)
The Answer I Found T
Rui: (Again, my violin sings... and inevitably, it will lead to despair... That is why I gave up on music.)
Rui: (But it is strange... While I allow myself to be enveloped within this harmony of sound, I forget that. Right now, all I want to do is craft this music into the shape I desire...)
To Put Into Words T
Mashiro: ("Your spark will light the way." ... When I first heard that phrase, I really liked it, even though I didn't know what it meant. Now, I think I'm beginning to understand...)
Mashiro: (My desire to believe in myself has led to me overcoming all sorts of things I couldn't do before... Paths I couldn't see before have been lit up for me...)
Bandori Opening Screen Morfonica Band Story 2
Mashiro: (I believe. If I'm together with you all, with Morfonica... I'm sure that there will be lots more paths for me to find. And those paths will lead me to that shining, sparking world. I know it...!)
Hiromachi Residence - Atelier
Touko: Sigh. Fifth place, huh~. I figured we'd do a little better than that~.
Nanami: Fifth place is pretty good, though. There were a lot of bands in the contest, after all~.
Tsukushi: Nanami-chan's right! Fifth place is something we can be proud of!
Tsukushi: Ah, Mashiro-chan. Did you check your phone? Our classmates messaged you, you know.
Mashiro: Yeah, I saw. My lyircs... I think they got my message across...
Tsukushi: You bet they did! Everything you couldn't tell them that day and more!
Touko: Meh, fifth is fine, I guess. I already know if it was a matter of being memorable, we'd have taken first place easily.
Tsukushi: That's right, fifth place is totally-...
Rui: ...
Nanami & Tsukushi: ...
Mashiro: We didn't get first place, but... how do you feel, Rui-san...?
Mashiro: Do you still think there's no point in playing music anymore? We didn't win, after all.
Rui: If I were to look at it objectively, then no. There is no point. This was clearly not a result I can be proud of.
Mashiro: O-oh...
Rui: But, emotionally speaking, I do not actually care about what place we got. I put everything I had into that performance, and I am satisfied.
Nanami & Tsukushi: Huh...?
Rui: I wanted to learn that prioritizing emotion over reason would bring...
Rui: That is what I told you all when I first decided to join you. But I think what I was really trying to discover was what my feelings meant.
Rui: The feelings that led me to abandon my music and call it meaningless...
Tsukushi: Rui-san...
Rui: In the end, I could not reach an answer. I decided it would be best to distance myself from music once again.
Rui: But after watching Kurata-san and the rest of you, I realized something.
Rui: I thought that by observing you all, who can believe in a path whose future remains unknown, I might be able to find my answer. I was mistaken.
Rui: The only one who can understand my feelings... is me. Just like Kurata-san, who discovered how to believe in herself.
Rui: If there was a person out there who I could say I aspre to be like... Kurata-san, I want to be like you.
Mashiro: ...!
Nanami: Um, so what does that mean... for the band...?
Rui: I will stay. No, that is not what I should be saying here, I suppose.
Rui: Please... Let me be part of Morfonica again.
Touko, Nanami & Tsukushi: ...!
Tsukushi: Ohhh, thanks goodness~!
Nanami: I was so worried you'd say you were still going to quit~.
Touko: Man, you really like to talk, huh? You could've just started with that, Rui!
Touko: Right, Shiro? ... Shiro?
Mashiro: Eh? Huh? S-sorry... I wasn't listening...
Nanami: Are you okay? You were frozen in place there.
Mashiro: I was just so surprised... No one has ever told me they want to be like me...
Tsukushi: You've got to have more confidence in yourself! You were so cool today onstage!
Touko: Well, if you wanna become self-confident, wouldn't I be a way better reference than Shiro?
Rui: I do not want to be anything like you.
Touko: What? Why?! I've got boatloads more confidence than Shiro!
Rui: Your confidence is completely unwarranted.
Nanami: Now, now. Down, you two~.
Tsukushi: Come on~! We just got the band back together, don't start fighting now!
Mashiro: Fufu. It really is fun having the five of us together like this.
Nanami: It's definitely a party, that's for sure~.
Mashiro: That's true, but more than that... It's because the world sparkles when we're together...!

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