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Motto! GaRuPa Life! (もっと!ガルパライフ, More! Girls Band Life) are four-panel comics that depict the members' daily lives. They are initially posted in the game's official Twitter account and subsequently in the game's official website.

These are translated in Traditional Chinese on the Taiwanese version's official website and in Hangul on the Korean version's official website.

On March 15, 2018, they are made available in the Japanese version of the game. On October 11, 2018, the International version of the game also started featuring them. They are different from the 1-panel comic from the loading screen.

The translated 4komas are taken from official localization.

No. 001 to 100

No. 001 to 005
Comic 001.jpg
World Wide Michelle
Comic 002.jpg
The Mascot
Comic 003.jpg
Glasses @ Pastel*Palettes
Comic 004.jpg
Chocolate Cornet Ambassador
Comic 005.jpg
Things That Must Be Said
No. 006 to 010
Comic 006.jpg
1st Girls Band Election!
Comic 007.jpg
The Future in Three Minutes
Comic 008.jpg
Rabbit Sleepover
Comic 009.jpg
Comic 010.jpg
Eve's Day Of Glory
No. 011 to 015
Comic 011.jpg
Convenience Store Kit
Comic 012.jpg
Ako's Birthday Song
Comic 013.jpg
Hikawa Tanabata Legend
Comic 014.jpg
Pastel*Palettes CD On Sale!
Comic 015.jpg
Kasumi And Her Friends
No. 016 to 020
Comic 016.jpg
The Right Kind Of Care
Comic 017.jpg
Phantom Thief Forever
Comic 018.jpg
Makeup Class
Comic 019.jpg
Secret Of Success
Comic 020.jpg
Hagumi's Eternal Secret
No. 021 to 025
Comic 021.jpg
A Tiny Prayer
Comic 022.jpg
Kokoro Brings The World Together
Comic 023.jpg
Girls Band Collaboration Cafe!
Comic 024.jpg
Fireworks Together!
Comic 025.jpg
No. 026 to 030
Comic 026.jpg
Himari's Defeat
Comic 027.jpg
Lisa & Stage Talk
Comic 028.jpg
For All The Children
Comic 029.jpg
Romeo and Juliet
Comic 030.jpg
Moca And The Surprise
No. 031 to 035
Comic 031.jpg
Afterglow CD On Sale!
Comic 032.jpg
Michelle Impossible
Comic 033.jpg
Eve's Miyamoto Mistake
Comic 034.jpg
Bakery Mode
Comic 035.jpg
Hina And The Deserted Island
No. 036 to 040
Comic 036.jpg
1st General Election Live!
Comic 037.jpg
Midnight Temptation
Comic 038.jpg
The Star Of The Show
Comic 039.jpg
Just To Make Kokoro Smile!
Comic 040.jpg
The Path To Wisdom
No. 041 to 045
Comic 041.jpg
Sayo's Evaluation
Comic 042.jpg
Rinko's Special Day
Comic 043.jpg
The Same Wavelength
Comic 044.jpg
Himari And Her Lovely, Mean Friends
Comic 045.jpg
Yukina And Her Four Cats
No. 046 to 050
Comic 046.jpg
Arisa And The Star Of The Beginning
Comic 047.jpg
Poppin'Party In Osaka!
Comic 048.jpg
Gifts For Maya
Comic 049.jpg
Self Expression
Comic 050.jpg
Higher Standards
No. 051 to 055
Comic 051.jpg
Limited-Time Only Couple
Comic 052.jpg
The Phases Of Songwriting
Comic 053.jpg
A Different Kind of Christmas
Comic 054.jpg
The Ideal Hanazono Land
Comic 055.jpg
The Only Kind of Aya
No. 056 to 060
Comic 056.jpg
Winter Coat
Comic 057.jpg
The Realm of Hobbies
Comic 058.jpg
Aya's Final Recording
Comic 059.jpg
Pastel*Palettes New Year
Comic 060.jpg
Tsugumi and Those Around Her
No. 061 to 065
Comic 061.jpg
Guitarists in Tokyo
Comic 062.jpg
The Show of Her Dreams
Comic 063.jpg
Team Work
Comic 064.jpg
Bun Dream
Comic 065.jpg
Lisa's Students
No. 066 to 070
Comic 066.jpg
Girl Things
Comic 067.jpg
Trust and Expectations
Comic 068.jpg
Clothing Store Virtuoso
Comic 069.jpg
The Topic of Conversation
Comic 070.jpg
Kaoru's Performing Kittens
No. 070 to 075
Comic 071.jpg
Comic 072.jpg
Comic 073.jpg
To The Future
Comic 074.jpg
Sayo and Her Shining Sun
Comic 075.jpg
Hina and the Coming Night
No. 076 to 080
Comic 076.jpg
Time with Rimi
Comic 077.jpg
One Classroom Away...
Comic 078.jpg
Going Straight Home
Comic 079.jpg
Flowers for Chisato
Comic 080.jpg
Ran and Her Flowers
No. 081 to 085
Comic 081.jpg
Tomoe's Birthday Celebration
Comic 082.jpg
The Teachings of Bushido
Comic 083.jpg
Lisa's Songwriting Themes
Comic 084.jpg
Everyone's Favorite Michelle
Comic 085.jpg
Kokoro's Big Plan
No. 086 to 090
Comic 086.jpg
The Value of A Side Dish
Comic 087.jpg
Kanon and the Giant Present
Comic 088.jpg
New Manga Artist Contest!
Comic 089.jpg
The Day for Coddling Saaya
Comic 090.jpg
The Trained Tongue
No. 091 to 095
Comic 091.jpg
From the Dressing Room
Comic 092.jpg
Must be the Humidity
Comic 093.jpg
The Never Stop
Comic 094.jpg
When You're Feeling Down
Comic 095.jpg
Mental Practice
No. 096 to 100
Comic 096.jpg
Maruyama's Mistake
Comic 097.jpg
Eve's Interview
Comic 098.jpg
Ako's Adoration
Comic 099.jpg
Comic 100.jpg
Kasumi, Friends, and Writing Lyrics

No. 101 to 200

No. 101 to 105
Comic 101.jpg
So Into You
Comic 102.jpg
The Many Masks of Afterglow
Comic 103.jpg
Hagumi's Hello to a Happy World
Comic 104.jpg
Handy Finnish Phrases
Comic 105.jpg
Where's Kokoro's Rocket is Going
No. 106 to 110
Comic 106.jpg
Comic 107.jpg
Summer Battleground
Comic 108.jpg
Lisa and Music
Comic 109.jpg
I-I-I'm not scared...!
Comic 110.jpg
Moca's Favorite World
No. 111 to 115
Comic 111.jpg
Independent Research
Comic 112.jpg
Comic 113.jpg
Deciphering Ancient Text
Comic 114.jpg
Comic 115.jpg
Part-Timer Rally Costume
No. 116 to 120
Comic 116.jpg
Misaki's Midday Dream
Comic 117.jpg
Comic 118.jpg
Train Ride
Comic 119.jpg
Rinko's Story
Comic 120.jpg
Himari and Her Friends
No. 121 to 125
Comic 121.jpg
Yukina and the Blue Rose
Comic 122.jpg
Arisa's Alone Time
Comic 123.jpg
Hanasakigawa Girls?
Comic 124.jpg
Maya's Invisible Sparkle
Comic 125.jpg
No. 126 to 130
Comic 126.jpg
I'll Take that Energy
Comic 127.jpg
Juliet's Carelessness
Comic 128.jpg
The Legendary Marie
Comic 129.jpg
A Cryptic Request
Comic 130.jpg
Tae and the Guitar
No. 131 to 135
Comic 131.jpg
Santa Strategy!
Comic 132.jpg
When We Part Ways
Comic 133.jpg
An Expert Opinion
Comic 134.jpg
Hina-Senpai's Club Activity
Comic 135.jpg
Aya and the Dream Baton
No. 136 to 140
Comic 136.jpg
The Ideal Abult
Comic 137.jpg
Tsugumi and the Hazawa Coffee
Comic 138.jpg
Eve's Conversation Simulation
Comic 139.jpg
Stress-Relief Method
Comic 140.jpg
Misaki's Evaluation
No. 141 to 145
Comic 141.jpg
Sparrow Yukina
Comic 142.jpg
Crossing Paths, Merging Thoughts
Comic 143.jpg
The Ramen Debate
Comic 144.jpg
Valentine's Day Goddess
Comic 145.jpg
Improv on the Run
No. 146 to 150
Comic 146.jpg
Providing Support
Comic 147.jpg
Kaoru and the Stage of Fate
Comic 148.jpg
Under Lock and Key
Comic 149.jpg
My Sister's Growth
Comic 150.jpg
With Keen Interest
No. 151 to 155
Comic 151.jpg
Sayo's Gradual Transformation
Comic 152.jpg
New Challenges with Hina
Comic 153.jpg
Rimi and Her Bass
Comic 154.jpg
Birds of a Feather?
Comic 155.jpg
Chisato's Flawed Finger
No. 156 to 160
Comic 156.jpg
Ran's Genuine Music
Comic 157.jpg
Mysterious Upperclassman
Comic 158.jpg
Small Promises with Tomoe
Comic 159.jpg
Instrument Personality Test?
Comic 160.jpg
Close Encounters of the Mole Kind
No. 161 to 165
Comic 161.jpg
Derivative Language
Comic 162.jpg
Kanon and the Warmth of Courage
Comic 163.jpg
Saaya and Her Bandmates
Comic 164.jpg
Cake That Isn't Baked
Comic 165.jpg
Dream Wedding
No. 166 to 170
Comic 166.jpg
Formulating Strategies
Comic 167.png
Comic 168.png
Eve, the Ideal Mentor
Comic 169.png
Comic 170.png
Ako Levels Up
No. 171 to 175
Comic 171.png
The Best Support
Comic 172.png
Kasumi's Recurring Light
Comic 173.png
It's Like a Job
Comic 174.png
Hagumi's New Favorites
Comic 175.png
Swimsuit Selection Struggle
No. 176 to 180
Comic 176.png
Promises with Kokoro
Comic 177.png
The Illusion of Summer
Comic 178.png
To Be a Haiku Master
Comic 179.png
Lisa's Path to the Future
Comic 180.png
The Distance Between Us
No. 181 to 185
Comic 181.png
An Understanding Leader
Comic 182.png
Becoming Tsugurific
Comic 183.png
A New Show?
Comic 184.png
The Sixth Member's Realization
Comic 185.png
Halloween Goods?
No. 186 to 190
Comic 186.png
Fall Fashion
Comic 187.png
Rabbit Fur
Comic 188.png
Rinko's New Step Forward
Comic 189.png
Himari and the Cool Senpai
Comic 190.png
Dress Code
No. 191 to 195
Comic 191.png
Yukina the Guidepost
Comic 192.png
Arisa's Student Council Journey
Comic 193.png
Maya the Idol
Comic 194.png
Allure of the Leaves
Comic 195.png
No. 196 to 200
Comic 196.png
Greed Buff
Comic 197.png
My Sister Goes to Haneoka
Comic 198.png
Tae's Question
Comic 199.png
Santa Wears Suits
Comic 200.png
Incoming Call

No. 201 to 300

No. 201 to 205
Comic 201.png
Rabbit Paradise
Comic 202.png
Aya the Second-Year Idol
Comic 203.png
Comic 204.png
Tsugumi and the Student-Council Vice President
Comic 205.png
Something Feels Off
No. 206 to 210
Comic 206.png
The Image of Moca Aoba
Comic 207.png
Hello, Happy Annihilation!
Comic 208.png
Remnants of a Heated Debate
Comic 209.png
The Translators
Comic 210.png
Identity Confirmation
No. 211 to 215
Comic 211.png
Why She Cares
Comic 212.png
Passion Coming Through
Comic 213.png
Kaoru and Her Fleeting Quotes
Comic 214.png
The White Day Morning of My Dreams
Comic 215.png
New Hobbies
No. 216 to 220
Comic 216.png
Only at CiRCLE
Comic 217.png
Sayo and the Guitar
Comic 218.png
Hina and the Guitar
Comic 219.png
Rimi's Growing World
Comic 220.png
Daydreaming Switch
No. 221 to 225
Comic 221.png
Famous Coaching
Comic 222.png
Chisato and the Child Actor
Comic 223.png
Ran's Same as Always
Comic 224.png
Leader Checklist
Comic 225.png
Tomoe and Her Cool Friends
No. 226 to 230
Comic 226.png
An Actor's Power
Comic 227.png
Realistic Dreams
Comic 228.png
The Reason Behind Your Tears
Comic 229.png
Kanon and the Smile of Others
Comic 230.png
A Model Mentor
No. 231 to 235
Comic 231.png
Saaya and Her Precious Memories
Comic 232.png
Bewildering Gift
Comic 233.png
Gaming Time
Comic 234.png
Comic 235.png
RAS Consensus
No. 236 to 240
Comic 236.png
Cloning Arts
Comic 237.png
Sports Festival Memories
Comic 238.png
True Identities
Comic 239.png
Tsukinomori's Strength
Comic 240.png
Au Naturel
No. 241 to 245
Comic 241.png
Summer Ready
Comic 242.png
French Fry Etiquette
Comic 243.png
Front & Center...!
Comic 244.png
Postcard Problems
Comic 245.png
No. 246 to 250
Comic 246.png
The Unaware Seniors
Comic 247.png
Second-Year High School Students
Comic 248.png
Comic 249.png
Festival Fever!
Comic 250.png
Growing Girl
No. 251 to 255
Comic 251.png
Pink Idol
Comic 252.png
Keep It Up
Comic 253.png
Comic 254.png
Comic 255.png
No. 256 to 260
Comic 256.png
Comic 257.png
Comic 258.png
Comic 259.png
Comic 260.png
No. 261 to 265
Comic 261.png
Comic 262.png
Comic 263.png
Comic 264.png
Comic 265.png
No. 266 to 270
Comic 266.png
Comic 267.png
Comic 268.png
Comic 269.png
Comic 270.png
No. 271 to 275
Comic 271.png
Comic 272.png
Comic 273.png
Comic 274.png
Comic 275.png
No. 276 to 280
Comic 276.png
Comic 277.png
Comic 278.png
Comic 279.png
Comic 280.png
No. 281 to 285
Comic 281.png
Comic 282.png
Comic 283.png
Comic 284.png
Comic 285.png
No. 286 to 290
Comic 286.png
Comic 287.png
Comic 288.png
Comic 289.png
Comic 290.png
No. 291 to 295
Comic 291.png
Comic 292.png
Comic 293.png
Comic 294.png
Comic 295.png
No. 296 to 300
Comic 296.png
Comic 297.png
Comic 298.png

Christmas Specials

2019 story img-hit-full 01.png
2019 story img-miss-full 01.png
2019 story img-hit-full 02.png
2019 story img-miss-full 02.png
2019 story img-hit-full 03.png
2019 story img-miss-full 03.png
2020 story img-hit-full 01.png
2020 story img-miss-full 01.png
2020 story img-hit-full 02.png
2020 story img-miss-full 02.png