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Moved To Tears Card Story - Episode

Autograph Please!


After the Show

Maya: (Ahh, what a great show... We should stop by the dressing room on our way out to let Chisato-san know our thoughts.)
Aya: Sniff... Such a beautiful story...
Maya: Aya-san, are you okay? I have some tissues, so feel free to use them. Once you've stopped crying let's head backstage.
Aya: O-Okay... Maya-chan, you should go ahead. There's no telling when these tears will stop, and my makeup is all smudged... I'll be there after I fix it.
Maya: Really? But-
Others: Thank you for coming to today's performance. If you would like a souvenir of your visit, pamphlets are currently for sale in the reception area...
Maya: (Pamphlets...? Oh, I just thought of a great idea! But I'll need to buy one of those first.)
Maya: Aya-san, I'm gonna go buy one, and then I'll head straight to the dressing room. Join us once you're feeling a bit more relaxed. We'll be waiting.
Aya: Mhm... See you soon...

Dressing Room

Maya: Chisato-san~?
Chisato: Oh, Maya-chan. Thanks for coming today.
Maya: Great job! That show was awesome! Your performance in that last scene was amazing. It was so believable, I cried!
Chisato: Thank you. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it.
Maya: Uhm...! Chisato-san, can I ask you for a favor...?
Chisato: What's that?
Maya: Can I have your autograph?!
Chisato: Huh...? But we see each other all the time at rehearsal. Why would you want me to sign this pamphlet?
Maya: Well, you made me a fan of Chisato the Actress!
Maya: Watching you work so hard, seeing you struggle all the way through to the end... I was really impressed! And I don't want to forget that feeling!
Chisato: Oh, a-alright... Thank you. Since you put it that way...
Chisato: ... There you go! That's what you wanted, right?
Maya: Thank you so much! I'll cherish it forever!
Maya: Seeing you face such hard times with effort and devotion made me realize I can learn a lot by watching you. I feel so motivated.
Chisato: Maya-chan...
Chisato: (I'm glad my acting can be such a positive influence... Makes it all worth it.)
Maya: Chisato-san. I have another favor to ask, if that's okay...
Chisato: What is it?
Maya: Will you take a picture with me?! I want us to have a memory of this day!
Chisato: Oh, that? Of course, let's do it... Excuse me, would you mind taking a picture for us?
Others: Sure thing. How would you like me to take it?
Maya: You can use my phone! Here you go.
Others: Okay. Alright, could you guys stand over there?
Chisato: Maya-chan, come on. Get closer. You won't be able to fit in the shot from that far.
Maya: Uh, right!
Others: Great, here we go. Say cheese!

Maya: Thank you! Hey, this is the first time we're taking a picture with just the two of us, right?
Chisato: Now that you mention it, yeah. And it might be the first picture we've taken together that's unrelated to work.
Others: Chisato-chan~? Maya-chan~?
Maya: Ah, Aya-san.
Aya: Oh, Aya-chan's here too, huh?
Aya: I finally got myself to stop crying... I think my tears dried up...
Maya: Aya-san, look at this!
Aya: Ah, you got a picture with Chisato-chan! Lucky, I'd love to have a picture with her~...!
Chisato: Okay, why don't we take one with the three of us? ... Excuse me. Sorry to bother you again, but could you take one more picture, please?
Others: No problem.
Aya: Use my phone!
Others: Alright girls, move in. One more time... Say cheese!

Others: Thank you!
Aya: Wow, this picture is great! Do you guys mind if I upload it onto the Pastel✽Palettes blog?
Chisato: That's fine.
Maya: Of course not!
Aya: Yay! Alright, and~... done!
Aya: A picture to be treasured~!
Chisato: Fufu, we can take as many as you guys want.
Maya: Yeah. Let's make sure to take more in the future!

Moved To Tears Card Story - Special Episode

Somebody Count On Me


Edogawa Music

Maya: Hmm, the sharp sound from this carbon metal shell is awesome~!
Maya: Ah! Is this a vintage snare?! Huhehe... Today must be my lucky day~.
Maya: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Here to check out some instruments? ... I see. So you're looking for some equipment for the studio.
Maya: I'm on the hunt for a new drum set! I've had my eye on a specific model for quite some time.
Maya: Isn't just looking at equipment tons of fun?! Whenever something new is released, I can't help but stop by to take a peek.
Maya: Am I studying for something? Nope, I just like looking!
Maya: If you have any questions about equipment, feel free to ask me! I might be able to help you out.
Maya: ... Mhm, okay. So the guitar picks are running low. I'm pretty sure the pick section was over here.
Maya: Yep, I knew it! ... Ah, this one looks like a dog. I bet Chisato-san would like it.
Maya: Do I know a lot about Chisato-san? Not really. Actually, I only just learned that she has a dog.
Maya: Oh yeah... Uhm, if you have time, there's something I want to tell you about.
Maya: I don't mind if you keep browsing while you listen...
Maya: ... You're all ears?! Thank you.
Maya: The other day, Chisato-san had theater rehearsal, so the rest of Pastel✽Palettes went to watch.
Maya: As a member of the theater club, just going to see a rehearsal is exciting! ... Oh, but when I say theater club, I mean as part of the tech crew.
Maya: I've always wanted to know what kind of props and equipment the pros get to work with.
Maya: And when I finally got to take a look... The stuff they made there was amazing! The acting was incredible too! Way better than I thought it would be!
Maya: That's what you'd expect from pros. Even though it was just a rehearsal, it was just as dramatic as the actual show.
Maya: I just couldn't look away… Of course, Chisato-san was there too.
Maya: I could hardly recognize her with how intensely she was playing her character.
Maya: But the director said that her acting seemed like an attempt at the bare minimum.
Maya: I don't know much about acting, but I thought she was taking the whole thing pretty seriously.
Maya: Not to mention, she said hard work is a basic part of the job, so I'm sure she put a lot of effort into practicing the moment she got the role.
Maya: That's why when the director said she wasn't really trying, Chisato-san had no idea why.
Maya: Even so, the other girls and I seemed to have been convinced that she could do anything because... well, she's Chisato-san.
Maya: Now that I think about it, we might have carelessly created that image of her on our own.
Maya: But we hadn't realized that, so during one of the breaks, we tried to give a supportive push. Unfortunately, it had the opposite effect...
Maya: We ended up making her upset. She even told us to get out.
Maya: Looking back at it, she was going through a lot of stuff we couldn't even see.
Maya: If I was her, I would have been pretty lost about what to do in that situation, too.
Maya: And encouragement would make you really confused when all of that stuff is going through your head, right?
Maya: Those are the types of worries she has at work, I guess... But she never talked to any of us about them.
Maya: On the other hand, I had asked Chisato-san for help and advice plenty of times.
Maya: I'm sure Aya-san was doing the same.
Maya: So she was listening to others' problems, doing favors, and she had theater-related work to take care of. She must have been doing too much.
Maya: After all, she's just a high school girl like me. At some point, I think I forgot that.
Maya: I feel ashamed that I didn't realize something so simple...
Maya: You don't think I should blame myself so much? Ahaha, maybe you're right. But... it's so sad.
Maya: We're in the same band and I knew nothing about her.
Maya: Soon after, just when I was hoping to learn more about Chisato-san, she invited the rest of us to have tea.
Maya: She said it was her way of apologizing after getting angry during the rehearsal. I was just glad that she invited me to go.
Maya: When we were at the café, she told us so many things about herself, like how she has a little sister and a dog.
Maya: Also, she was much different than usual. I guess you could say... it felt like she was more natural.
Maya: That's the part that made me really happy!
Maya: And since then, it feels like it's much easier to talk to her.
Maya: I like her better the way she is now. Of course, she was perfectly lovely before, too!
Maya: And I thought, I have to try and learn from her professional side with the way she takes her work so seriously!
Maya: Right now, the only place I'll be able to do that is with our band, so I thought I should aim to put on a performance that anyone would want to see.
Maya: But it's not only that. I thought maybe there are other areas where I could be doing more.
Maya: I mentioned that we rely on Chisato-san a lot, right?
Maya: Well, that's why I hope to become someone who she feels like she can rely on as well!
Maya: In order to do that, first I have to learn more about her. Fufufu, luckily gathering intel is my specialty. I'll give it my best shot!
Maya: Ah, sorry. Sometimes I start rambling and I really get into a rhythm...
Maya: We'll be trying to improve our teamwork as Pastel✽Palettes every day!
Maya: BanG Dreamer-san, I hope we can keep counting on you for support.