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Moved by the Sakura Card Story - Episode

Veggie Sticks



Maya: Would you like a veggie stick, Aya-san?
Aya: Thanks, Maya-chan. Mmm~, so fresh and tasty~!
Aya: Now that I think about it, you eat a lot of veggie sticks, don't you?
Aya: I'm always impressed when I see you eat them. You really make sure to get your vegetables in, don't you~?!
Maya: Ahaha, thank you! I'm not actually making a conscious effort though. I just like veggie sticks.
Ran: Now that's not something you hear every day. Not many people like them.
Maya: Ah~, well, in the beginning, I suppose I was trying to eat healthier.
Maya: I tend to lose track of time when I'm working on equipment, so sometimes I forget to eat.
Maya: That's not very healthy though, so I started eating veggie sticks, since they're easy to eat and good for you. Then eventually...
Kanon: After eating them so often, you learned to like them... Right?
Maya: Yes.
Lisa: That happens sometimes~! It was the same way for me with vinegary foods.
Aya: You like that stuff?! You're so grown-up...!
Lisa: You think? Well, then what foods do you like, Aya?
Aya: I love hamburgers and omelet rice! I always answer one or the other when someone asks me what I want to eat~!
Lisa: Ahaha! That's so cute! What about you, Kanon?
Kanon: Cakes and sweets for me.
Aya: Ah~, those are good too~! If you're not careful though, you'll end up eating too much, and ruining your appetite...
Kanon: Yeah... And that's not fair to my mother when she works so hard on making dinner, so I try to watch what I eat. However, every once in a while, when I'm with friends... I'll have some.
Ran: I'm the same way.
Ran: I can eat a lot of dark chocolate if I want to. Some days I don't eat anything else.
Aya: Wow~, I had no idea, Ran-chan! I'm kind of surprised.
Ran: I mean, my parents really get on my case when it happens, so I don't do it that often.
Lisa: Still, I can understand why you guys end up eating so many sweets. They are delicious after all~.
Lisa: But now you've got me worried about your health. I'm probably fine with my love of vinegary foods, but you three need to eat more vegetables~.
Kanon: Ooo... You're right. I need to be more careful...
Ran: Yeah, I'm sure there's times now where I don't eat anything healthy all day...
Aya: Y-yeah... Still, I've heard vinegary foods are good for you, but they don't necessarily have veggies in them. Doesn't that put you in the same boat as the rest of us, Lisa-chan?
Maya: And that's where veggie sticks come in! They're delicious and perfect for getting your nutrients in when you don't have time for anything else!
Maya: Good for you and convenient! What more could you ask for in a snack?!
Ran: ... You know, I've never seen someone so enthusiastic about veggie sticks.
Kanon: Sh-she's not wrong though...
Aya: Yeah. If anything, it made me realize how amazing veggie sticks can be...!
Lisa: Ahaha, yeah, with that kind of promotion, you can't help but want some~.
Aya: ... Okay~, Maya-chan, hand me another veggie stick!
Kanon: Uhm, can I have one too?
Ran: ... Me too, please.
Lisa: Don't forget me~!
Maya: I brought enough for everybody, so please, help yourselves!
Aya: Okay. Don't mind if I do~! Thank you!
Kanon, Ran & Lisa: Thank you!

Moved by the Sakura Card Story - Special Episode

Sakura Tour



Marina: Oh, hello, Maya-chan! Fancy meeting you here.
Maya: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello! What are you doing here?
Marina: Oh~, we just wanted to come see the sakura, so we decided to go for a walk~.
Maya: Oho, what a coincidence! I was doing the same thing!
Maya: You know, ever since I went sakura viewing, I've been taking more and more routes with sakura trees.
Marina: Sakura viewing, huh...?! That sounds great. Did you go with anybody?
Maya: Yup! It was me, Aya-san, Matsubara-san, Lisa-san and Mitake-san!
Maya: Aya-san and Matsubara-san are the ones who planned it, and everything was perfect, right down to the location and bentos they made!
Marina: Fufu, sounds like you had a lot of fun.
Maya: I did! Thanks to those two, we all had a blast!
Maya: And it's all thanks to Aya-san and Matsubara-san's amazing teamwork.
Maya: I mean, Aya-san tends to act now and think later... Right?
Maya: She's very forward-thinking, always charging ahead... in a good way, of course! It's almost like her special power.
Marina: Ah, I know what you mean! You think so too, BanG Dreamer-san?
Maya: Oho, glad to know I'm not the only one!
Maya: On the other hand, Matsubara-san's powers seem to lie in the details.
Maya: They made a sakura guidebook, and she ended up filling it with poems about sakura.
Maya: Without her attention to detail, I don't think that guidebook would have turned out the way it did.
Marina: I see~! So their powers combined is what made the day such a success.
Maya: Exactly! We got to talk about all sorts of things. It was a really good time!
Maya: Thanks to that, whenever I see sakura now, I think back to all the fun we had that day.
Marina: Gotcha. So that's why you've been taking routes with sakura trees.
Maya: Huhehe... I suppose it's a little silly, but yes!
Marina: Great! That just shows me how much fun you had! It sounds like a wonderful time!
Marina: ... In that case, would you like to walk with us for a little bit longer?
Maya: Sure! I'd love to!