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Even if we lose our way, we keep on moving.

MyGO!!!!! is an all-girl band in the BanG Dream! franchise. The group consists of five members, namely Tomori on vocals, Anon and Rāna on guitar, Soyo on bass, and Taki on drums. It is a band born from the synchronization of "reality" and "virtual".



  1. MyGO!!!!! 1st LIVE
  2. MyGO!!!!! 2nd LIVE


  • Their band name "MyGO!!!!!" is a play on the Japanese word "迷子" (maigo), which can be found on the band's slogan "迷子でもいい、前へ進め。" It literally means lost child/children.
  • Similar to Poppin'Party, the initials of the members, excluding the vocalist, can form the word "STAR".
    • If the vocalist's initial is included, it can form the word "START".
    • If the vocalist's name meaning is included, their names can create the word "Starlight".
  • The character designs are done by Ueta Kazayuki.
  • The character illustrations were done by Shuzuku.

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