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My Courage Card Story - Episode

Smile for the Princess


Happinelle Castle - Foyer

Misaki: Sigh. I'm exhausted... Today felt like a really long day...
Kanon: ...
Misaki: But I'm glad the thing with Kokoro was settled. Although I never thought it would turn into something so big...
Kanon: ...
Misaki: Kanon-san? What's the matter? You've been kind of distracted all this time.
Kanon: Huh? Ah, sorry. I invited you to go for a walk, so I shouldn't be like this...
Kanon: To tell you the truth, I was thinking about Nicolina-san. She seemed lonely when we went back to our room.
Misaki: Yeah, she did... I was also thinking about that...
Misaki: Nicolina-san is such a good person. She was happy that Kokoro changed her mind about staying, even though it means she'll be lonely again...
Kanon: Yeah... She even said, "I am glad I have not separated you from your precious friends. After all, I know all too well how it feels to be lonely..."
Kanon: There must be something we can do for her...
Guard A: Ah! There you are, Your Highness...!
Kanon: Fue?! Ah, it's the guards from before...
Guard A: M-my sincerest apologies! We were unable to locate the ghost.
Guard B: I am deeply ashamed of myself for being unable to carry out your orders...
Misaki: (A ghost...? Does he mean the little act we put on to clear a path to Nicolina-san's room? Oh no, I'd completely forgotten about that...)
Misaki: (Wait, so have they been searching for a ghost this whole time...? I didn't intend for that to happen... I feel so bad about it...)
Kanon: (Hngh, I'll have to apologize for impersonating Nicolina-san...)
Guard A: Your Highness? Huh? Are you so angry that you refuse to speak...?!
Kanon: Huh? N-no, that's not it! I'm not angry at all...!
Kanon: Um, thank you very much for searching to the best of your efforts...!
Guard A & B: ...!
Kanon: But there is something I must apologize for... The truth is, I am not—
Guard A: Ngh... Hngh...
Kanon: Fue~, wh-why are you crying...?!
Misaki: I-is this really something worth crying over...?!
Guard B: You hardly ever smile, Your Highness, and yet you just graced us with your smile. I cannot hold back my emotions...
Misaki: (This is Kanon-san, not Nicolina-san... Ahh... What should we do? I feel a little bad now.)
Kanon: (Ngh, it would be awkward to tell him the truth at this point...)
Guard A: Aside from His Majesty the King, the people of this castle have also been worried about the princess's smile for quite some time.
Guard B: But ever since Hello, Happy World! arrived, the princess seems to be more at ease.
Guard A: And now, she even blesses us with her smile! It is all thanks to you, our guests from Japan... We cannot thank you enough!
Misaki: Ah, don't worry! Everyone here has looked after us so well anyway.
Guard B: You needn't mention it. Please continue to be a good friend to our princess. Now, we must take our leave.
Kanon: ... Nicolina-san is truly loved by everyone, isn't she?
Misaki: Yeah... I could really feel the sincerity of those guards.
Kanon: ...
Kanon: Misaki-chan... I still want to make Nicolina-san smile, after all.
Misaki: Kanon-san...
Kanon: Kokoro-chan may be coming back with us, but I feel like it's not fair for only us to be happy.
Kanon: Hello, Happy World! Is supposed to be a band that makes the world smile... So we have to make Nicolina-san smile.
Misaki: ... I know.
Kanon: Ah... I wonder if this would be meddling too much...
Misaki: It's a bit late to worry about that now. Seriously.
Misaki: A hundred percent of what we do as Hello, Happy World! is meddling.
Misaki: But I think we are sincerely trying to help, so we've been able to make a lot of people smile.
Kanon: Misaki-chan... Fufu, you're right.
Misaki: I know I am. We've come this far, so we might as well meddle some more.
Kanon: Yeah, let's help Nicolina-san smile...!
Kanon: First, we have to discuss it with Kokoro-chan and the others. Let's go, Misaki-chan.
Misaki: Okay. I hope they're all in the room...

My Courage Card Story - Special Episode

Past Kanon vs. Today's Kanon


Station Entrance

Marina: Okay, now we've got to do that errand the owner asked us to do. We've still got time until then though, so should we take our time heading there?
Marina: Oh? Is that-...? Heeey, Kanon-chan~!
Kanon: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hi there. Going out somewhere?
Kanon: Yes. I am going to a café on the opposite side of the station with Chisato-chan.
Marina: A café, huh? Ah, that reminds me, I heard about your trip.
Marina: Happinelle... was it? I heard you performed at a festival overseas!
Kanon: Yes... Many things happened while we were there, but it was so much fun. I even made a new friend.
Marina: Wow, it's so cool that you made a friend overseas! I envy you. Hey, what kind of person are they?
Kanon: Her name is Nicolina-san, and she is actually the Princess of Happinelle...
Marina: A princess, huh...? Huh? A princess?!
Marina: Kanon-chan, did you really become friends with a princess?
Kanon: Y-yes. Kokoro-chan is close friends with the King of Happinelle, so—
Marina: Th-that's already more than I could imagine... Although, I guess it's not too hard to believe that Kokoro-chan would have a friend like that...
Marina: But wow, a foreign princess. I don't know much about Happinelle, but I'm sure she's a great person.
Kanon: Yes, Nicolina-san is lovely.
Kanon: She is kind and always thinks of others first... However, my impression of her when we first met was that she was lonely.
Kanon: Kokoro-chan said that Nicolina-san was similar to the old me.
Marina: Similar to you?
Kanon: Yes, she resembled the person I was when I first joined Hello, Happy World!
Kanon: Thinking back to that time, I feel like I was just living in my own little world.
Kanon: I was scared of the unknown, and I didn't have the courage to step out of my comfort zone...
Marina: I see. Yeah, I understand how you feel. It takes courage to dive into unfamiliar territory.
Kanon: Yes, it does. But I think I've been able to gradually expand my own world ever since meeting everyone in Hello, Happy World!
Kanon: I've even come to enjoy some of the things I used to think were scary...
Marina: I get you, I get you. You smile way more than you used to, Kanon-chan!
Kanon: That is all thanks to my friends who have given me courage. Because of them, I was able to make that first step forward.
Kanon: Nicolina-san was afraid of stepping out into the outside world, but by the time we left, she was smiling quite a lot.
Kanon: I hope what we did was enough to help her...
Marina: I'm sure it was. I mean, Hello, Happy World! is a band that sends smiles out into the world, right?
Kanon: Marina-san... Thank you.
Kanon: I would like to keep working hard with Hello, Happy World! to give people who can't break out of their comfort zone the courage to do so.
Kanon: Ah, someone is messaging me... It's Chisato-chan. "I'm close by. Where are you?"
Kanon: What? Did I mix up where we were meeting?! I thought we were meeting on this side of the station...!
Marina: Should we go to the other side together, then? We've got stuff to do over there too.
Kanon: Th-thank you... Please lead the way.