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My Design, My Texture Event Story - Opening
A New Hobby

Kasumi is extra excited at lunchtime. It seems she has a new hobby...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Kasumi: Look, Arisa! I have fried chicken in my lunch box today! I bet you're jealous!
Arisa: Yeah, good for you. Now if you'll excuse me.
Kasumi: Awww, Arisa! Don't ignore me~!
Rimi: Fufu. Kasumi-chan, you're even more energetic than usual.
Saaya: She's been hyped up all day, come to think of it.
Tae: Did something good happen, Kasumi?
Kasumi: Huh?! Wow, guys! Can't hide anything from you...!
Kasumi: Actually, I started a new hobby recently~!
Rimi: A new hobby?
Kasumi: Yep! Aa-chan and I made our own kitchen garden together! It's so much fun!
Tae: A kitchen garden. That does sound interesting.
Saaya: I heard those take a lot of time and effort to maintain. What have you grown so far?
Kasumi: Hehehe~. We've got parsley, lettuce... and leeks too~! You know, those tiny ones!
Arisa: Diving in headfirst, I see. Don't forget to water them.
Kasumi: I wouldn't do that~! They get plenty of love every day~!
Saaya: I don't think the plants you went with need too much special care...
Saaya: But wow, a new hobby. O-Tae and Rimi-rin, didn't you two also start your own lately?
Tae: Uh-huh. I've been making clothes for Oddie and the rest of the rabbits. They have a whole wardrobe now. Here, I've got pictures.
Arisa: Whoa, let me see... Uh, all you made are aprons!
Rimi: Himari-chan asked if I wanted to start a blog with her. Well, it's less of a blog and more of us giving opinions on sweets we've eaten...
Rimi: And what's really exciting is when people leave comments with their recommended shops.
Arisa: Those kinds of comments are a great way to learn new things~.
Arisa: I, uh... have something too. So I already post pictures of my bonsai online or whatever, but... I've been thinking about maybe... entering them into a competition.
Kasumi: That's so cool~! You had better tell us the results, Arisa!
Arisa: If I go through with it! And that's a big if! So don't get your hopes up!
Saaya: Yeah, uh-huh. We got it.
Saaya: Anyway, it looks like everyone has been dabbling in new stuff lately. Nice~.
Arisa: What about you, Saaya? Anything new on your end?
Saaya: Hmmm... Not really. When I went out the other day, all I did was browse hair accessories like I always do.
Tae: Oh, what did you buy?
Saaya: Some really cute ones, I'll have you know! They had so many colors and styles that it was hard to choose...
Saaya: (Wow, I'm jealous... Everyone has, like, this fresh new glow. A new hobby, huh~...?)


Yamabuki Bakery

Moca: Hello~.
Saaya: Ah, Moca. Welcome. It's not often that you stop by at this hour.
Moca: Fufufu~. I made plans to go borrow some manga from Hii-chan later~. So I came here to pick up a few goodies~.
Saaya: You guys sure do love your manga.
Moca: That we do~. We started out with trading manga back and forth, but then we moved on to novels and photo albums~.
Moca: I wasn't interested in that kind of stuff at first, but then I got hooked pretty fast~. I mean, there are so many new things to discover out there~.
Moca: And now, I have many new places to explore and new activities to try but not enough time for it all~. Boohoo~.
Saaya: Fufu, that does sound pretty exciting.
Moca: Uh-huh~. Tons of fun~. It even kind of changed how I look at manga when I read it.
Moca: Those times I couldn't understand why a character felt a certain way all feel so clear to me now~. The same old manga are now twice... no, thrice as nice~.
Saaya: That much better? Wow, that does sound cool.
Saaya: To tell the truth, I've been thinking of maybe finding my own new hobby.
Saaya: ... Not that I know where to start, mind you. I just thought it'd make for a nice change.
Moca: Ohhh~. Saaya making a rare comment...?
Moca: Very well, Moca-chan shall lend a hand~. I'll help you find that new hobby you crave~.
Saaya: Huh?! No, I couldn't ask that of you!
Saaya: I appreciate the offer, but aren't you already pretty busy with your band and part-time job?
Moca: No problem~. I see it as a kind of amusing treasure hunt~.
Moca: That settles it, then~. Let's get out there and find you a hobby most deep and profound~!

My Design, My Texture Event Story - Chapter 1
Let the Hobby Hunt Begin!

Saaya and Moca meet to discuss new hobbies when someone shows up to lend a hand...


CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Saaya: Sorry for the wait! I brought sneakers and a jersey, just like you asked!
Saaya: I've also got a drink, a towel, and... Hm? Moca, I see that you have a camera.
Moca: Oh, this~? I borrowed this from my dearest mother to better record the path you take~.
Saaya: There you go again, saying stuff I don't understand~.
Moca: Fufufu~. So, how's it going~? Have you found a new hobby yet?
Saaya: Not even close. I tried looking online, but there were so many interesting ideas that I couldn't decide.
Saaya: So then, I figured I should decide on a good genre to start with, but you know what? Nothing really called out to me...
Moca: Mhm~. I thought that might happen... which is why I invited a special guest to the show~.
Moca: Come on out, Minato-san~.
Yukina: ...
Saaya: Yukina-senpai?! What are you doing here?!
Moca: Calm down, Saaya~. I told you there would be a guest~.
Yukina: Aoba-san. I came here because you said that you "needed help with something."
Yukina: But to be quite honest, I have no idea what is going on here. Care to explain?
Moca: Oh, I guess it did go down like that~.
Saaya: Moca...
Saaya: Um, I must apologize. This is all because of me. You see...
Yukina: Someone to assist in finding a new hobby... Okay, now I finally understand the goal of this meeting.
Yukina: But why me? I have nothing I would consider a hobby, so I do not see how I am qualified to help.
Moca: Ohhh, well said, Minato-san. That is the reason you were summoned here~.
Yukina: ...? What do you mean?
Moca: When you mentioned not having any hobbies, a light bulb went off in my head~.
Moca: Hobbies are things we consider fun while doing them~.
Moca: And I figured that by sharing that fun with other people, it can give you a chance to try out many different activities~.
Yukina: Which is why you called me...?
Moca: Not only that, but this will give Minato-san a chance to find a hobby to call her own as well~.
Yukina: ... I see where you are coming from. You should have told me that from the beginning.
Moca: Hehehe, my bad~.
Yukina: Very well. Aoba-san, Yamabuki-san. Let me assist you in your hobby search.
Saaya: Thank you so much! Ah, but I'm the only one looking for a...
Moca: Hey now, don't sweat the minor details~. Let's get out there and start looking~.
Saaya: Wait, where exactly are we going?
Moca: You'll know when we get there~.
Saaya: Huh~?!

Tsurumaki Residence - Outside

Kokoro: Welcome, I've been expecting you!
Saaya: You were...? Really?
Moca: Allow me to formally introduce our newest member~. Another helping hand for today's challenge, Kokoro Tsurumaki-sensei~.
Kokoro: Let's make sure to have a lot of fun today!
Hagumi: Ta-da~! I'm here too!
Kaoru: I cannot ignore the cries of little kittens in need. Allow me to assist your efforts.
Maya: Having heard everything from Kaoru-san, I also wish to offer my services if I can help in any way! I look forward to working with you today!
Yukina: This has become quite the serious affair...
Kokoro: Oh? If it isn't Yukina! Have you also decided to help Yukina?
Kokoro: Lovely! I'm excited beyond words! Let's begin searching for hobbies right away!
Yukina: ... Wait, Tsurumaki-san. Why are you holding my hand? This is all for Yamabuki-san, not me.
Kokoro: Well, we're all in this together, so I see nothing wrong with holding hands. Alright, let's head out!
Saaya: Kokoro has already taken control...
Saaya: And Yukina-senpai looks completely confused. What a mess~...
Hagumi: Saaya, aren't you coming~?! Hurry up~!
Kokoro: We will not stop for anything!
Saaya: Fufu. Thanks, everyone. Please, go easy on me.

My Design, My Texture Event Story - Chapter 2
Kokoro and Maya's Hobby Class

The girls find a number of tools in Kokoro's garden. Saaya begins testing them out.


Tsurumaki Residence - Garden
Kokoro: My recommendations are right over here!
Saaya: A lot of colorful pins... Wait, are these juggling clubs?
Kokoro: Yes! And that's not all, of course!
Moca: Hula hoops, a trampoline. Not to mention kendama. She has everything you can think of~.
Kokoro: Everything you see here is not only incredibly fun to play with, but they're also the perfect goods for making people smile!
Kokoro: After speaking with Moca, these were the first things that came to mind, Saaya!
Saaya: Fufu. Thank you, Kokoro. But do you think I'm cut out for juggling? I've played with hula hoops and kendama before, but...
Kokoro: Of course you are! I guarantee it!
Saaya: I don't know why you're so sure... but then again, juggling is something that I could eventually show or even teach my siblings...
Saaya: Sure, sounds good to me.
Maya: There is plenty to work with here, so it may be best to try each item and see which feels best.
Kaoru: A series of trials. Let us begin, then.
Saaya: Okay! Alright, here goes~...!

One Hour Later

Maya: Minato-san, the taketonbo is simply a matter of spinning the instrument. A simple spin is all it needs to fly. First, take it in your hands like this...
Yukina: A spin is all it needs to fly... Like this?
Kokoro: Ooo~! This is so much fun, Saaya! Let's try the trampoline next!
Saaya: Okay~. Ah, wait a minute. It looks like Moca and Hagumi's hula-hoop contest is finally over.
Hagumi: Wow~! Moca-chi is the winner~! And the new hula-hoop champion~!
Moca: Hooray, victory is mine.
Hagumi: Moca-chi, you brought a camera, right?! Take a picture with me! And let me have your autograph!
Kokoro: How lovely! I want a picture for myself!
Saaya: Here, let me take them. We'll start with Hagumi's first. Say cheese!
Saaya: ... Hey, all we're doing is goofing around!
Moca: Oh, so you finally noticed~.
Saaya: You could have filled me in earlier~!
Maya: O-oh well. It was fun, and I believe it served as an excellent warm-up!
Maya: Having said that... Ahem. Allow me to introduce my recommendations next! Please direct your attention here!
Yukina: Is that an... electronics kit...?
Maya: Yes! Kits like this one are readily available nowadays, allowing anyone to easily create their own authentic items!
Maya: It can easily become an obsession, a nice change of pace while growing completely immersed in one's work... I find it to be a very deep and rewarding hobby!
Maya: Especially because the things you create can actually be used afterward.
Saaya: We can make a radio exactly like this one? Wow, that's interesting.
Saaya: I feel like I've dabbled in this "soldering" before during a lesson... I wonder if this is something I can do...
Maya: Don't worry! I will be here to help you every step of the way!
Yukina: Although I have my doubts... I suppose it is worth a try.
Saaya: Agreed. Okay, Maya-san. We're in your hands.

One Hour Later

Saaya: I... I did it...!
Yukina: I believe I am finished, as well.
Maya: Wow! Very impressive!
Maya: You've both done an amazing job! Especially this part of your radio, Yamabuki-san! It is very difficult to apply properly, yet you did it all the same!
Saaya: Really? Thank you so much!
Maya: Now, let's test them and see if they can receive transmissions. We'll start with Yamabuki-san's first.
Saaya: O-okay!
Maya: Here goes~...
Moca: Gulp...
Maya: Oh...? Ohhh....? Ohhh~! It works! Transmission received, Yamabuki-san!
Saaya: I... I don't believe it~!
Hagumi: I can hear something from Minato-san's too! That's so cool!
Kokoro: This calls for a commemorative photo! Like the one of Moca!
Hagumi: Count me in~! Come on, guys! Saaya too! Smile, everyone~!
Yukina: L-like this?
Kokoro: Perfect, Yukina! Another wonderful memory!
Kaoru: At last, my turn has come. Follow me, won't you?
Moca: Okay~. Let's go, Saaya~.
Saaya: Sure thing! Ah... Hey, Moca, let me borrow your camera.
Saaya: (My radio came out a lot better than I expected, so I'd like a special picture of that too. Line it up with Yukina-senpai's, and... okay. Perfect!)
Saaya: (I bet everyone will be so surprised. Fufu, I can't wait.)
Saaya: (Alright, time to have some more fun!)

My Design, My Texture Event Story - Chapter 3
Fleeting Ballroom Dance Lessons

Kaoru recommends ballroom dancing, and the girls try it out despite their lack of experience.


Tsurumaki Residence

Kaoru: Welcome, my little kittens.
Kaoru: My recommendation is none other than ballroom dancing!
Moca: Ballroom dancing! Ohhh~! What mature tastes~.
Kaoru: Fufu... Indeed. Ballroom dancing is surprisingly difficult to undertake, however.
Kaoru: A beautiful dance requires one to have mastery over their entire being, from their fingertips down to their toes. It is an opportunity to simultaneously exercise the body and refine the soul.
Kaoru: A truly fleeting hobby that engages both the physical and the mental...!
Saaya: That makes sense. I assumed it was more relaxed and free-flowing.
Kaoru: That would be true for the type of dancing done at parties. I was referring to the realm of professionals.
Kaoru: A grand opportunity awaits. I hope you will find enjoyment in both styles.
Yukina: But are we not lacking in those with ballroom dancing experience?
Yukina: The number of able instructors present is fairly obvious, I believe.
Kokoro: No need to worry! I will be your teacher, Yukina!
Kokoro: And if we still need more help, the suit people can step in at any time!
Maya: The idea of dancing like this has me pretty nervous.
Moca: I hear that~.
Hagumi: I'm ready for anything! Let's do this thing, Kaoru-kun~!
Kaoru: Fufu. Very well, then let us begin.
Saaya: One, two, three. One, two, three...
Kaoru: Perfect. The rhythm of the waltz has begun to flow through you.
Saaya: It feels like I might trip over myself sometimes, though.
Kaoru: Fufu. Fear not, for all beginners experience this.
Kaoru: Nevertheless, it has been quite a while since we last danced like this, Saaya-chan... Not since you were tasked with modeling as a newlywed, yes?
Saaya: I didn't dance back then, Kaoru-san.
Kaoru: Oh, is that so?
Saaya: Hahaha. Don't you remember? It's hard to forget a tough day like that.
Kaoru: My memory must be clouded with the overwhelming beauty to which I was exposed.
Saaya: Now you've lost me... Fufu.
Kaoru: Fufu...
Kokoro: Kaoru and Saaya look like they're having a wonderful time! How lovely~!
Kokoro: Looking from the sidelines is no fun. We should join in as well! Moca!
Moca: Oh dear, I've been selected~.
Saaya: Come on, Moca. Give it a try. It's pretty fun once you get started.
Moca: I get all that~, but I'm still a mere novice, so I don't- Whoa?!
Kokoro: Dancing is easy, Moca. Just let your body be free! Right, Kaoru?!
Kaoru: Quite. Surrender both body and soul to your partner in a fleeting fellowship.
Moca: Interesting~. Free, fleeting, and deep~?
Saaya: Fufu, that sounds about right! Just watch me, Moca. Move your feet like this... One, two, three...

Moca: That concludes the lesson~.
Moca: Oh boy, this sure was an eventful day~. We tried out many different things, so... were you able to find a hobby to call your own~?
Saaya: Good question. They were all a lot of fun, but I feel like nothing really stuck out to me as a hobby I would want to pick up.
Moca: I see~. Maybe we should try something else in that case~.
Saaya: ... Huh? Are you sure you don't mind?
Moca: If it's for you, Saaya, I don't mind~.
Saaya: Uh, what about you, Yukina-senpai...?
Yukina: Allow me to continue, as well. I plan to see this through to its conclusion.
Yukina: The question is where to proceed from here. It may be best to once again invite someone to assist us...
Moca: You let ol' Moca-chan handle all that~. It may take a little time to set up, so let's hold off until a later date~.
Saaya: Sorry for all of the trouble. I appreciate it. Moca, everyone else... Thank you very much.
Kokoro: And thank you, Saaya! I had so much fun today~!
Kokoro: And once you've found that perfect hobby, be sure to teach it to me! And in return, I'll share even more of my exciting ideas! Wouldn't that be lovely?
Saaya: Hahaha, okay~! It's a deal!
Kokoro: Wonderful! I look forward to it!

My Design, My Texture Event Story - Chapter 4
Let's Go Rock Climbing!

Chisato and Aya offer to help, and Chisato suggests a certain sport...


CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Moca: And now, let's introduce our next helper~.
Chisato: Hello.
Aya: Moca-chan told us everything! Together, we'll find the perfect hobby!
Saaya: Chisato-senpai, Aya-senpai! Thank you so much!
Chisato: Did everyone bring athletic wear to change into?
Yukina: Yes. I brought my own, as instructed.
Saaya: If we need these kinds of clothes, then... are we going to be playing sports today?
Chisato: Correct. I would like to introduce you to the sport of bouldering.
Yukina: Bouldering?
Moca: ... Which means we'll be climbing that wall thing, right?
Aya: Today is actually my first time too! Chisato-chan was taught by one of the instructors here, right?
Chisato: Indeed. Bouldering was recommended to me as a good method of training as it helps increase physical strength, as well as improve one's sense of balance and decision-making skills.
Chisato: Moreover, the indispensable sense of accomplishment needed to persevere is yet another bonus.
Chisato: Obstacles that were impossible only a day prior can be literally overcome. If the realization of hard work and ingenuity is what you seek, then look no further than the hobby that is bouldering.
Moca: I see~. All of those things would stick with you, huh...?
Saaya: Yeah, it sounds like it would be worth the effort!
Chisato: I am glad that you see it that way. Alright, I say we get started then.
Aya: Sure! Fufu, how exciting~♪

Bouldering Gym

Aya: Man... I'm exhausted~!
Aya: Ugh... This is way harder than I thought... My arms nearly gave out as soon as I started climbing... In the end, I barely got anywhere at all~!
Chisato: Fufu. Welcome back, Aya-chan. Your tumble was refined and graceful indeed.
Aya: Jeez, stop teasing me, Chisato-chan~!
Yukina: Yes, it was much more difficult than I anticipated. All the more reason to consider it worthwhile training, though.
Moca: Right on~. If we got used to this, those super long concerts would feel like nothing at all~.
Yukina: ...! True... It may even help with strengthening my singing.
Saaya: I may be new to this whole bouldering thing, but being able to share our thoughts and experiences like this is a lot of fun too!
Saaya: The way everyone is trying their best to reach the top, how we'd panic when we were about to fall, and not to mention all the great photos we took.
Chisato: Oh my. I would very much like to see those. I imagine the funniest ones involve Aya-chan in some way.
Aya: Th-that's not true~!
Saaya: Hahaha!
Moca: Oh, Saaya. What do you think of bouldering~?
Saaya: I liked it! I've always been an active person, so I think it suits me~.
Saaya: The real issue is whether or not I can physically keep it up or not.
Chisato: That... is one factor to consider, yes.
Moca: Ah, that makes sense~.
Yukina: Taking it up casually may be difficult, as it would involve coming to the gym regularly.
Saaya: You make a good point. And I get the feeling it would eat into my allowance... I can see myself doing it from time to time, though.
Chisato: That sounds reasonable.
Chisato: A more casual hobby may ultimately be the best option... Hmmm... Do you have any ideas, Aya-chan?
Aya: Sigh~...
Chisato: Aya-chan?
Aya: Hm? Ah, what? Sorry. I was so tired that I spaced out...!
Saaya: Fufu, I say we've earned a little rest.
Saaya: Having experienced so much new stuff, I think this is a good place for me to stop and think things over.
Moca: Works for me~.
Chisato: Aya-chan, I swear... Thank you for coming, Saaya-chan.
Chisato: If we're stopping now, why don't we go to that nearby cafe? Their pancakes are especially delicious.
Saaya: Pancakes sound great! My stomach is already making a racket.
Chisato: Fufu. Okay, let's head out.

My Design, My Texture Event Story - Chapter 5
Memories in the Camera

Even after trying out various hobbies, none of them feel right for Saaya...



Saaya: Mmm, these pancakes are great~! What a nice little café.
Moca: The croissants are amazing too~. So good~.
Chisato: Fufu, I am glad to hear it.
Aya: Sugar is just what I need after all that exercise~.
Yukina: Maruyama-san, I imagine you must be especially tired with how relentless you were from the beginning.
Chisato: She never thinks to pace herself. I consider it one of her good qualities, though.
Aya: ... Should I take that as a compliment or what?
Saaya: Fufu, by all means.
Saaya: But yeah... I feel like I should apologize. Everyone stuck around to help me out, but I still can't decide on anything.
Saaya: Everything we've done has been fun, but I feel like there should still be something out there that is perfect for me.
Aya: It's just one of those things. It'll come along when you least expect it, I think.
Chisato: I agree...
Chisato: Say, Saaya-chan. It may be strange to ask this now, but... why are you searching for a new hobby?
Saaya: Huh?
Yukina: I have not heard her reason either, come to think of it.
Saaya: Ah, um... I guess you could say I was inspired.
Saaya: When I was hanging out with Poppin'Party the other day, everyone began sharing their new hobbies.
Saaya: Kasumi took up gardening, and the others also had new pursuits based on their previous interests.
Saaya: They all seemed so excited, almost radiant even... I think a part of me envied that.
Moca: Ah... I get what you mean~. The people you hang around the most somehow shine the brightest at times~.
Saaya: So I decided to challenge myself and try something new... but now that I think about it, forcing the issue probably wasn't such a good idea.
Saaya: There's no way a new hobby would just fall into my lap, so it might be better to take some to think it over for a while~...
Yukina: ... I don't believe that to be true.
Saaya: Huh?
Yukina: Having been spurred on by others, now is arguably the best time to search for a new activity.
Yukina: It is important to take advantage of that inspiration and let it flow through you.
Saaya: Let the inspiration... flow through me...
Aya: Uh-huh. I think so too!
Aya: You'll find something! All you need is, um... um... I-I don't know~!
Chisato: Goodness, Aya-chan. Calm down.
Chisato: The reason we came to this café was to consider the issue logically, so why not take this opportunity to look back on what you've done?
Chisato: There is no sense in giving up before doing that, yes?
Moca: Right, right. I've got to agree with that one~.
Moca: A trip to the past could be a great way to find what you need~! This calls for... ta-da~. My trusty camera~.
Saaya: Right, the camera! Alright, let's plug in the charger, and...
Aya: Camera...? Wait, is that the same one from before?
Yukina: Yes. They have been taking countless pictures, actually.
Aya: For real?! Let me see...! Wow, there's Kokoro-chan.
Yukina: This is from when Tsurumaki-san was teaching Yamabuki-san how to juggle.
Chisato: That does look like fun. Oh, and Maya-chan was with you.
Moca: Yep~. Maya-senpai taught us how to build electronics, actually.
Aya: Ah, so you made those radios yourselves, then! Whoa, you did a great job!
Chisato: I heard Kaoru was present as well... Ah, yes. Ballroom dancing...
Saaya: Kaoru-san taught us all sorts of new dance steps. The only one I was able to get down was the waltz... but it was a lot of fun!
Chisato: I would say it was worth it, then.
Aya: Ah, there's another page! And it's filled with photos too.
Moca: These are all group photos from after the stuff we tried. Oh, and some landscape shots too.
Saaya: Hahaha, do you think I took too many? Holding a camera just makes you want to take photos.
Saaya: Taking photos in and of itself is fun, but I think looking back on all those good times is also exciting.
Saaya: That's why we have so many albums back at home. I can't wait to talk about what happened with Kokoro and the others, not to mention Poppin'Party...
Saaya: ... Ah!

My Design, My Texture Event Story - Ending
Commemorative Photo

Saaya takes a picture of everyone and explains why she chose photography.



Saaya: Aya-senpai, can you move a little closer...? Yeah, just like that!
Saaya: Okay, here goes~.
Moca: Cheese~.
Yukina: ... Are you satisfied with the photo?
Saaya: It's perfect, thanks to you all!
Chisato: Excellent. So, why did you decide on photography? Especially after all of the exciting activities you tried...
Saaya: I'm kind of surprised myself, honestly. But looking at those photos from earlier is what really made it click.
Saaya: I really like discovering and trying new things, but what I love more than anything is sharing those good times with my friends.
Aya: Sharing good times...? Ah, I get it!
Aya: Photos can be good for that, but actually chatting about things afterward with friends... just like we're doing right now is the special thing that Saaya-chan needs!
Chisato: It was under her very nose, you could say.
Yukina: Yes, I would appear so.
Yukina: It is a wonder that we did not notice it sooner. Every photograph that she took focuses less on the activities themselves and more on the joyous expressions of those participating.
Aya: This one, and that one too... You're right! They're all full of smiling faces!
Moca: Fufufu. So you finally noticed~.
Moca: It was I, Moca-chan, who foresaw this and brought the camera along~.
Aya: Huh?! Moca-chan, that's amazing...!
Saaya: Hahaha... I get the feeling she's just joking.
Moca: Tehehe~. Saaya is still oblivious~. The great Moca-chan sees and knows all~.
Saaya: Yeah, yeah. Thanks, Moca.
Moca: You're welcome~.
Chisato: Fufu. Well, I say we spend the day helping Saaya-chan enjoy her new hobby.
Aya: Nice idea! Especially after how long it took to find! Let's take a lot more photos to celebrate!
Yukina: Agreed. However, I worry that we may somehow inconvenience the café.
Chisato: We can ask for permission, of course. Let's tell them it's our friend's special anniversary.
Saaya: Thank you so much! Okay everyone, line up over there...
Moca: Hold that thought~. Saaya, you've been behind the lens this whole time, so we don't have a single photo with you in it~.
Moca: It's your special day, so go on and get in there~. We'll be taking the next one with a timer shot~.
Moca: Let's see, I think this is the right button~...
Aya: Saaya-chan, can you share these pictures with me later? To help me remember today.
Saaya: Sure, of course! I'll send them along with the ones we took while bouldering.
Moca: I'd like them too, Saaya~.
Saaya: Alright, alright... Wait, this is your camera, Moca.
Moca: Oh, how about that~.
Yukina: My goodness...
Saaya: Hahahahaha.

A Few Days Later
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Arisa: Time to dig in. Let's eat~.
Kasumi: ... Sigh~.
Saaya: What's wrong, Kasumi? You seem a little down today.
Kasumi: Ngh... You won't believe what happened...
Kasumi: Aa-chan and I were in the garden, and she freaked out on me when I gave the plants too much water~! She said, "You're on time-out from the garden!"
Arisa: Well, you brought that upon yourself.
Kasumi: Huh~?! Arisa, how could you~?! After all the hard work I put in~!
Rimi: She's been like this all day.
Arisa: Meanwhile, Saaya seems to be in pretty high spirits.
Tae: Did something good happen, Saaya?
Saaya: Ah, was it that obvious? Fufu.
Saaya: Actually... I've got something to show you all!
Tae: To show us...? On your phone?
Kasumi: Wow, what is it?! Let me see!
Arisa: Stop pushing, idiot!
Rimi: I'd like to see, Saaya-chan...!
Saaya: C-calm down, you guys. Just give me a second.
Saaya: These are photos I took the other day. Moca dropped by to help me out with...

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