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My First Huddle Card Story - Episode

Let's Watch a Horror Movie!


Hiromachi Residence - Atelier

Nanami: We're home~.
Tsukushi: Welcome back. Did you get the popcorn?
Touko: We sure did! Salted, buttered, caramel... All from a bunch of different brands, too! We bought every one we could find!
Mashiro: I thought we were going to buy the convenience store's entire stock...
Tsukushi: Jeez, what do you plan on doing with all this? There's only five of us here.
Nanami: Five...? Wasn't Rui-rui asleep?
Rui: I just woke up a few minutes ago.
Tsukushi: Sorry... I must have woke you up setting up the projector.
Nanami: Ah~, that screen does make a lot of noise when you pull it down. Thanks for getting everything ready for us, Tsu-chan.
Tsukushi: It's no problem. I just hit the button on the remote, after all.
Mashiro: Wait, by screen, do you mean that thing on the wall? It's huge...!
Nanami: Fufufu. Well, I figured this is my chance to watch a movie with everyone, you know~.
Nanami: Ah, Rui-rui, you wanna watch too?
Rui: ... Sure.
Nanami: Yeah, figures~... Huh? You will?!
Rui: Yes. I do not feel sleepy at the moment, anyway. If I cannot sleep, there is little point to lying in bed, is there?
Nanami: I see~. Ehehe... I'll get the movie ready, so just sit tight on the sofa~.
Touko: I've got center seat! Shiro, you're next to me. This is the best spot, trust me!
Mashiro: O-okay...
Tsukushi: I'm opening up the popcorn, okay? Nanami-chan, do you have bowls?
Nanami: Yeah. Just use the ones I brought out with the tea from earlier~. Shiro-chan, what flavor do you want?
Mashiro: Caramel... Ooo, is this really okay? The lyrics still aren't done yet...
Touko: It's fine. If my instincts are right, good ideas are gonna just rain up on us after this!
Tsukushi: Oh, there you go, being irresponsible again! And what does "rain up" even mean?!
Nanami: Fufu, Tsu-chan's in top form tonight~.
Nanami: Hey, so what genre do you all wanna watch? Although, in the end, the only choices I've got are whatever's in the Hiromachi collection.
Rui: I have no particular preference.
Tsukushi: Me either! I don't know much about movies anyway, so I'll leave it to you.
Nanami: Yes~! I actually have a movie I've always been wanting to watch with you all~. Take a look...
Mashiro: Eek!
Tsukushi: Wh-what is that?! Just the DVD case is scary enough!
Nanami: There's this director who does superhero movies now, but his debut film was actually a horror classic. It's super famous~.
Touko: Whoa~, sounds fun.
Tsukushi: It does?! Hey, Nanami-chan, are we really going to watch that? It's already nighttime...
Mashiro: I-I'd like something a little more... peaceful...
Nanami: Don't worry. This series has some really funny moments! All the movies after the third one are basically comedies.
Tsukushi: Mashiro-chan... Are horror movies something you can laugh at...?
Mashiro: Not at all... I mean... They're scary...
Nanami: Huh? That's not the reaction I was expecting... If gore isn't your thing, I've got some Japanese-style horror too.
Tsukushi: We're saying it's the horror part that's the issue! Right, Rui-san?
Rui: I do not care what we watch.
Tsukushi: What?!
Mashiro: Tsukushi-chan, you're asking the wrong person~...!
Touko: I don't care either, as long as we hurry up and watch something. Where's the remote?
Tsukushi: Ah~! Wait! Wait! Don't you dare press play!
Nanami: Um... Is watching horror movies during sleepovers... not normal...?
Mashiro: I think some people do, but I don't know for sure...
Tsukushi: Either way, it's too scary for us, so we can't watch that!
Nanami: Aww~... This was something I really wanted to do if my friends ever slept over, though...
Nanami: Still, if it's not normal, I guess there's nothing we can do... Sorry about that, Shiro-chan, Tsu-chan.
Tsukushi & Mashiro: Ah...
Nanami: Actually, I don't have any movies that aren't horror movies. I'll just put the projector away, and we can do something else~. What do you all usually do during sleepovers?
Tsukushi: ... Nanami-chan. Um... Do you have anything that's a little less scary?
Mashiro: Yeah... If it's not that scary, then I could try to watch it... Maybe...
Nanami: R-really...?! I've got cute ones too, like that one movie with a doll. I'll go grab it before you change your minds!
Tsukushi: Y-you really don't need to hurry. We've already prepared ourselves...!
Touko: Fusuke, your voice is shaking.
Tsukushi: N-n-n-n-n-no it's not!
Mashiro: Urgh, I'm already scared...
Rui: Futaba-san. Could you hand me that teapot next to you?
Tsukushi: You're asking for more tea at a time like this? How can you be this relaxed?!
Nanami: ... Fufu.
Mashiro: Huh? ... Nanami-chan, what's wrong? Weren't you going to get that DVD...?
Nanami: No, it's nothing. I'll be right back, okay? I'll grab the best one I can find!

My First Huddle Card Story - Special Episode

How to Enjoy a Sleepover


Convenience Store

Marina: That was a close one~. I never would've thought we'd forget to buy supplies.
Marina: Thank goodness the convenience store sells them~... Hm?
Nanami: Hmm...
Marina: Nanami-chan, what's up? You look like you're thinking really hard about something.
Nanami: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. Hello~. I'm trying to decide what snacks I wanna buy~.
Nanami: Do you know what kind of snacks people normally buy for sleepovers~?
Marina: Hmm... I guess chocolate sticks or other stuff that's easy to share are pretty common.
Nanami: I see, I see~... Thank you very much, Marina-san. Your opinion is appreciated.
Marina: No problem. So Morfonica's going to have a sleepover tonight, huh?
Nanami: Ah, not today. I'm just here to do some research for when we have another one~.
Nanami: Shiro-chan and the others stayed over the other day, and I found out that you can never have enough snacks~.
Marina: I totally know what you mean. When everyone's munching on them, they disappear so fast.
Nanami: Oh~, so that's relatable! Could it be? Am I... experiencing a normal teenage life right now?
Marina: Fufu, of course you are. I bet that sleepover you had was a lot of fun, wasn't it? You're grinning from ear to ear!
Nanami: It was lots and lots of fun~.
Nanami: We ate popcorn while watching movies, and everyone was yelling at the scary parts...
Nanami: I've never stayed up that late with friends before, so it was all really exciting.
Marina: Yeah, the first time I had a sleepover, I felt the same way~.
Marina: I was so excited that I couldn't sleep, so I ended up just chatting the night away with one of the others who was still awake.
Nanami: I was talking with Shiro-chan after everyone else fell asleep!
Nanami: It felt like we were having a super secret conversation. My heart was pounding so hard...
Nanami: I get it now, though~. Sleepovers aren't just fun because you get to mess around with friends all night.
Marina: Fufu. Hopefully you get to have another one soon.
Nanami: Yeah!
Marina: Alright, then we better go now. See you later.
Nanami: Okay. Bye~.