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My First Pair of Cat Ears Card Story - Episode

Tired of Halloween


Haneoka Girls' Academy
School Path
Ako: Yukina-san, Yukina-san! Halloween the other day was so much fun, wasn't it?
Yukina: Ako... are you still talking about that?
Ako: But it was just so much fun! And you were really cool too, Yukina-san!
Yukina: Could you just forget about what happened that day...?
Ako: Whaaat~? ... Why are you saying that~?
Yukina: Do you have any idea how many days it has been since Halloween? I need you to focus on practice again.
Ako: I know, but... my big sis was really cool, but you were amazingly cool too, Yukina-san!
Ako: It was so intense how you two had your showdown!
Yukina: What do you mean, showdown...? We didn't go that far...
Ako: You totally did! Your voice boomed all the way through downtown! It was so cool!
Ako: Let's do something like that for our next performance! You can wear your cat costume again!
Yukina: ... No.
Ako: We could call the performance "Banquet of the Fallen Angels" or something like that!
Yukina: ... That's definitely a no.
Ako: Don't be like that~! Oh well, if we can't do it during our performance, we can just do it again next Halloween!
Ako: I'm sure Kokoro will have another Halloween event next year!
Ako: Let's go in it again, Yukina-san!
Yukina: Stop getting ahead of yourself, Ako. Besides, it's still another year away.
Ako: Let's get everyone from Roselia to go next time!
Ako: Hmm, I think we should do something even more elaborate next year!
Ako: You did the Queen of Darkness thing for me this year, so I think we should try adding more to it!
Ako: Rin-rin and I can be the fallen angel servants who serve the Queen of Darkness!
Ako: For Sayo-san... I think a Lilith costume would be good! Lilith is like a witch of the night. Don't you think that would be perfect for Sayo-san?
Yukina: Ako, stop. Pay attention.
Ako: We could get each band to choose a theme and dress in full costume!
Ako: Or better yet, we could have like a Halloween concert! Ooh, that'd be so much fun!
Yukina: Ako, calm down. We have more important things to do before next year. You know that, right?
Yukina: The pursuit of music for Roselia... That is our first priority.
Ako: I-I know, but when I start thinking about Halloween, I just start having so much fun...
Ako: I mean, it's not like it was boring for you, right, Yukina-san?
Yukina: It wasn't bad, but... it was just an event, and it's over now.
Yukina: We have practice at the studio today, so get focused.
Ako: Okay~, I will...
Ako: ...
Ako: Yukina-san, could we give our next song a realm-of-darkness-kind of feel?
Ako: Like, hmm... The requiems of chaos intertwining... mmm, just something cool!
Yukina: (... Just how long is Ako going to be in Halloween mode for?)

My First Pair of Cat Ears Card Story - Special Episode

Able to Be Myself


CiRCLE - Lobby
Yukina: ...

Yukina: ... Hello, BanG Dreamer-san. That's right, I'm practicing on my own at the studio today.
Yukina: ...? You're worried that I'm tired? Well, I'm not.
Yukina: I look that way...? I'm not overdoing my practice, just in case you're wondering.
Yukina: But... I suppose it's true that I experienced something tiring recently. I wish I could forget it even happened.
Yukina: The other day... Ako invited me to a Halloween event.
Yukina: ... I'll keep the details of the event to myself. In any case, if I seem tired to you, that event is the reason why.
Yukina: It's difficult to do things I'm not accustomed to.
Yukina: Singing is the only thing I think about... I'm not used to anything other than that, which is why it was such a hard day.
Yukina: Ako was having the time of her life, wearing a costume and running about... I was at the mercy of her impulses the entire time.
Yukina: Yes, I had to wear a costume too. You want to know what I wore? ... I don't think I need to tell you that. In any case, the event was quite stressful.
Yukina: In the end, the only way I could get through it was by singing.
Yukina: In terms of results, it proved successful... That's what I believe.
Yukina: I am most able to be myself when I'm singing, and that's also the way I got through the Halloween event.
Yukina: And it's because of singing that I have been able to face and come to terms with various things in my life as well.
Yukina: Which is why I never want to betray my singing. I have no intention of making excuses and skipping practice just because I'm tired or anything like that.
Yukina: I plan on continuing to develop myself so that I can always be proud of my music. My dreams will not change.
Yukina: ... I think I've talked a little too much. I've gone over the time I'd given myself for my break.
Yukina: You'll have to excuse me. I'm going to go back into the studio now.