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My Greatest Talent Card Story - Episode

The Tortoise & the Hare & O-Tae


Ichigaya Residence

Tae: I wonder when Saya and Kasumi will get here.
Rimi: They just sent us a message, so they shouldn't be long now.
Arisa: Why did they tell us to get a computer ready, though?
Rimi: Apparently, Marina-san recorded the talent show we had at the New Year's party, so maybe we're going to watch that?
Arisa: Then they should've just told us that. Do you know how confused I was to hear we're having a "post-party meeting"?
Arisa: I suppose it's helpful for Kasumi to see what she needs to improve upon as a host, but the rest of us don't have anything to talk about...
Arisa: ... Or do we?
Tae: Huh? Why are you looking at me? I don't have anything I need to work on.
Arisa: Are you kidding me? Of course you do! What about those impersonations of yours?!
Tae: Huh? My rabbit impressions? Wait, did I not look like a rabbit?!
Rimi: W-well... Th-that's not really the problem... Right?
Arisa: You didn't say a word through the whole thing... Watching you sent a chill down my spine.
Tae: Rabbits don't make any noises when they're eating though.
Arisa: I'm sure that's true, but still~!
Arisa: I can't believe you kept doing your impression through that silence. You've got nerves of steel.
Rimi: Not to mention the fact that you did it twice. You surprised me too...
Arisa: Although, both times were pretty much the same thing.
Tae: Huh? Those were two completely different impressions. Didn't you notice?
Rimi: Th-they were?
Tae: Yup. The first one was of an American chinchilla rabbit, and the second was an Angora rabbit.
Arisa: How were we supposed to know the difference?!
Tae: Maybe the shape of my mouth wasn't quite right. Would it have been better if I stretched the corners of my mouth a little more...? I practiced so much too.
Arisa: Wh-what did you do to prepare for that?
Tae: First I closely observed Oddie and his friends. Ah, I also reviewed a lot of books on rabbits.
Arisa: Wow, you certainly did your research... You were really going for authenticity, weren't you?
Rimi: By books, do you mean something written by a rabbit specialist?
Tae: No. I just read The Tortoise and the Hare again.
Arisa: ... Huh? You mean the picture book?
Tae: Yup! The picture book!
Tae: Ah, speaking of which, I noticed something while reading that story that's been bugging me. Do you want to know what it is?
Arisa: I-I think we're getting a little off-topic...
Tae: In The Tortoise and the Hare, the rabbit decides to take a nap in the middle of the race, right?
Rimi: Y-yeah. The hare had already taken the lead, so it decided to stop and take a break before crossing the finish line, right?
Arisa: The story's about how you shouldn't be lazy and just assume you'll win, because the person who kept at it will eventually surpass you.
Tae: Actually, I think it's all a big misunderstanding.
Arisa: How so?
Tae: Rabbits are more active at night, so it's very common for them to sleep in the afternoon.
Tae: That race took place during the day, didn't it? I bet that's why the hare decided to take a nap.
Tae: It's not that the hare was lazy, that's just how its body works.
Tae: If the race was at night, I'm sure the hare would hav-
Arisa: Okay, okay, we get it! You've made your point!
Tae: Ah, actually, there was one other thing I noticed. You see, a rabbit's back legs are...
Arisa: (Kasumi~, Saya~, hurry up and get here~. I don't know how much more rabbit talk I can take...)

My Greatest Talent Card Story - Special Episode

Let's Make Mochi Next Time!



Tae: Hey there, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: Ah, Tae-chan, hello. I don't think I've seen you since the New Year's party.
Tae: Yeah, it's been a while.
Marina: Ah, that's right, you weren't there, were you, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tae: The talent show was really amazing. It's a shame you couldn't be there to see it...
Marina: I had the owner watch the video I took! If I remember correctly, you were there too, BanG Dreamer-san.
Marina: I could watch that recording over and over again. What a fun talent show.
Tae: What did you think of my rabbit impersonation? Personally, I thought it went pretty well.
Marina: Uhm... Yeah, it was... really something! Only you could pull off a performance like that...
Marina: Isn't that right, BanG Dreamer-san? You and the owner were looking on with bated breath...
Tae: Really?! Then I better get practicing so I can put on an even better show next time!
Tae: I was only able to do two rabbit breeds this year, but next time, I want to include all sorts of rabbits!
Marina: A-ahaha~. Sounds good...
Tae: Are you two going on your break?
Marina: Ah, no, we're out running some errands. How about you, Tae-chan? Are you out shopping too?
Tae: Yup. I'm going to buy some mochi. We've been eating it every day, so we're already out...
Marina: You're eating mochi every day?! I suppose that's easy to do, considering it's ozoni season.
Tae: Ozoni's good too, but I like oshiruko soup a lot more.
Marina: Really? I wish I'd known that. I would have made some for the New Year's party~.
Tae: I'm sure your oshiruko is really good!
Marina: Fufufu. Alright, next year I'll make some for you!
Tae: I bet I'll need lots of mochi to go along with it.
Tae: ... Ah, we should have a mochi-pounding party at CiRCLE! Then we'd never run out of mochi.
Marina: A mochi-pounding party, huh...? I don't know. If we do that, then we can't really call ourselves a live house...
Tae: But I was so happy that I got to spend New Year's there. I love CiRCLE after all.
Marina: Fufu. Thanks, Tae-chan. I don't know if we'll be able to do the mochi thing, but I'll think of something we can all do together!
Tae: Okay! I can't wait!