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My Own Kind of Good Card Story - Episode

A Makeover?!


Hazawa Coffee

Tsugumi: Here you are, Himari-chan! One cup of tea!
Himari: Mmm, this smells great~! Thanks, Tsugu!
Tsugumi: ... Oh? Were you looking at some photos just now?
Himari: Yeah, the ones from the party at Eve-chan's ♪
Himari: Hanne-chan was so pretty~!
Tsugumi: Yeah. She looked just like a model.
Himari: Her hair color was so pretty too, it really suited her~. I wish I was more like her~.
Himari: ... Ooh, that's it! I just had a great idea!
Tsugumi: What do you mean?
Himari: I'm gonna change my hair to be more like Hanne-chan's!
Tsugumi: Whaaat?! Wh-What do you mean...?!
Himari: I'm thinking of dyeing my hair, silly!
Himari: I wanna be more like Hanne-chan in any way I can!
Tsugumi: B-But if you suddenly change your hair like that, everyone's going to be so surprised.
Tsugumi: I-I mean, don't you think that's going a little overboard...?
Himari: No way~! This is nothing!
Himari: Okay, time to make an appointment with my stylist~!
Tsugumi: Hey! W-Wait!
Tsugumi: (I-It's my responsibility to stop her! But how do I do it...?)
Tsugumi: Umm, j-just listen, Himari-chan!
Himari: Hm? Uh, sure... What is it?
Tsugumi: You don't have to do anything like that, Himari-chan. You're lovely the way you are.
Himari: Huh? I-I am?
Tsugumi: Yeah, you're always cheerful and dependable! You always look out for everyone around you too! You're amazing!
Himari: Y-You really think so...?
Himari: That makes me kinda happy though...!
Tsugumi: You have lots of good points, Himari-chan, so I don't think you need to try and be like anyone else.
Tsugumi: You're best the way you are, Himari-chan!
Himari: ... Hmm, yeah, I guess that's true...!
Himari: Yeah, you're right, I should just try be the best me I can be!
Tsugumi: Y-Yeah, exactly!
Himari: Thanks! Okay, I'm not gonna change my hair color!
Tsugumi: I-I'm so glad you listened to reason...
Himari: Huh? Did you say something?
Tsugumi: N-No! Nothing!
Himari: Really? If you say so.
Himari: Okay, time to keep being me and have some cake~!

My Own Kind of Good Card Story - Special Episode

Girl Things!


Station Entrance

Himari: ... This is so heavy!
Himari: Guess I did buy too much after all~
Himari: But, I might mess up, so... it definitely doesn't hurt to be on the safe side!

Himari: Oh, hey! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Himari: Ooh, perfect timing~!
Himari: Ngh... Uh, could you carry this for me?
Himari: You'll really do it?! Thank you so much!
Himari: I think I bought too much today...
Himari: What are you up to anyway, BanG Dreamer-san?
Himari: Oh, as you can see, I'm on my way home from buying some groceries.
Himari: Huh? You want to know what I'm going to do with these?
Himari: I'm going to cook something, of course!
Himari: Yep, all by myself! Gotta work on my girly stuff!
Himari: ... Well, it's not a total stretch of the truth though. We had a home party at Eve-chan's place recently.
Himari: The food we had based on a recipe Lisa-senpai gave us was just so amazingly delicious!
Himari: I just thought I totally had to try and make it myself too!
Himari: It was Japanese food, simple but kind of rich at the same time...
Himari: The kind of thing that would shock a chef at a three-star restaurant... Okay, maybe that's going too far but you know what I mean.
Himari: Anyway, Eve-chan's friend from Finland loved it too!
Himari: ... Huh? You wanna try it?
Himari: Okay, if it turns out good, I'll share some with you, BanG Dreamer-san!
Himari: Hope you're looking forward to it~!