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My Own Pace Card Story - Episode



Moca: Huh? Are we filming? Yay~.
Moca: My name is Moca Aoba. First year high school student.
Moca: Oh, but you can call me Moca.
Moca: I play guitar in a band called Afterglow, and I like buns.
Moca: Yeah, buns! There are some pretty delicious bakeries nearby. Why don't we go now? Huh? We can't?
Moca: You didn't fall for that one, huh?
Moca: Our music? Uhh, if I could use one word, it would be "deep."
Moca: What do I mean by "deep?" You don't get it? I guess that makes sense.
Moca: Hmm... How do I explain? It's a good feeling.
Moca: Well, I think if you heard our music, you'd get it right away. The meaning of "deep."
Moca: You know what's especially amazing? Ran's singing. Of course, everyone else is "deep," too.
Moca: Outside of that, hmm... I don't really have anything to say.
Moca: So why don't I talk about the last bun I had?
Moca: That won't be necessary? Wait, wait. Hold on. Don't be like that. You know, the last chocolate cornet I ate-
Moca: Ah. Hey, wait. Let me finish. Wait.

My Own Pace Card Story - Special Episode



Moca: Hey, we just finished up~. We're gonna head off soon~.
Moca: All that practice had made me hungry. Proof that I worked real hard, right~? Ooh yeah~.
Moca: Maybe we can go past the usual place on our way home~.
Moca: What's the usual place? Heh heh heh. It's just that. Our usual place.
Moca: We've all been friends since we were tiny. We've got tons of "usuals" and that kinda thing that we don't have to actually say~.
Moca: I guess it's one of those relationships that doesn't need many words~. I don't think much when I talk, so it works for me~.
Moca: ... Sometimes everyone says I'm "too free-spirited" or that they don't understand what I'm saying because it's "too unique."
Moca: But that's what makes Moca-chan so good. Heh.
Moca: We're childhood friends, so we're super close, you know~? We've never had any real fights either.
Moca: We've always been close, but I think we're even closer since starting the band.
Moca: It's kinda like I understand everyone better than before. Like, I can feel them through our music.
Moca: I guess the simple way to put it is we're BFFs. You know what I mean? BFFs~.
Moca: Huh? That's too simple? C'mon, don't be like that~.
Moca: Oh, by the way. The "usual place" I was talking about is the bakery. We go there a lot after practice.
Moca: Heh heh heh. Now you know our secret, BanG Dreamer-san. Better watch your back when you're alone at night~.
Moca: I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Don't go so pale~.
Moca: Anyway~, I'll get told off if I don't catch up to the others.
Moca: Okay, time to go. Don't work too hard, BanG Dreamer-san~.
Moca: Ohh. I'll bring you some buns from the bakery next time. A gift from a school girl~, fufu.
Moca: You'll have to pay me for them later though. Heh, just kidding~. See ya~.