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My Sister the Witch Card Story - Episode

Extraordinary Curtain Call


Station Entrance

Saaya: Th-there's still ten minutes before we're supposed to meet...
Saaya: I was so excited for the Halloween Parade, I came a little too early...
Little Girl: Ah! A witch!
Saaya: A-ahaha... Hello...
Saaya: Man... It's kind of embarrassing to wait by yourself dressed up like this...
Saaya: But it's probably too crowded to change into my costume at the parade...
Saaya: Hm~ I hope someone comes soon~...
Rimi: Saaya-chan♪ You're here already. You came pretty early.
Saaya: Oh, Rimi-rin! Yay~! I've been waiting for you!
Rimi: Huh? What happened? Your face is bright red, Saaya-chan.
Saaya: That's because, well, it was embarrassing waiting here in costume all by myself... People kept giving me weird looks...
Arisa: I get it. I get exactly what you mean, Saaya...
Saaya: A-Arisa? When did you get here?
Arisa: It was so embarrassing walking around in this costume, I basically hid in the shadows the whole way here.
Rimi: Aw, but Arisa-chan, you're so cute as Little Red Riding Hood! You shouldn't be embarrassed about it~.
Arisa: Really though, I know I'm contradicting myself here, but isn't it too early in the day for this level of festivities?
Rimi: I don't think so... You know, you look like you stepped out of a storybook.
Arisa: E-enough about me. Saaya, you're a witch, right?
Saaya: Yeah... What do you think?
Rimi: You look adorable, Saaya-chan~! And quite mature. You caught me by surprise.
Saaya: Hehe, thanks, Rimi-rin. That makes me feel a little better.
Saaya: And your nurse costume, Rimi-rin, it really suits you~. Pink was a good choice after all.
Rimi: Yeah, it's all thanks to the advice you all gave me. I'm really grateful.
Arisa: Now we just have to wait for Kasumi and O-Tae...
Saaya: Hm? Isn't that them over there?
Rimi: Oh, you're right... Um, it looks like they're hopping around?
Arisa: W-what are those two up to...?
Tae: Hi guys. Kasumi and I came on the same train.
Kasumi: Morning! Today is finally here~! I can't wait for the parade~! Let's have fun guys! Woo!
Arisa: K-Kasumi. You're way too excited! Everyone else is calm you know.
Kasumi: That's because today is the long-awaited Halloween Parade! Of course I'm excited~.
Saaya: Is that why you were jumping around before?
Kasumi: Ah, that was different. Rabbits and jiangshi both hop around, so we hopped around too.
Tae: We were being realistic!
Kasumi: Yeah, realistic!
Saaya: I see, so that's what it was~, fufufu.
Rimi: Both your costumes are really cute! I get why you're feeling so excited~.
Kasumi: Thanks, Rimi-rin! Okay, let's go! I wanna get there early since we're going to all this effort in the first place!
Arisa: Riding the train in this...? Could this get any more embarrassing...?
Saaya: I might have to agree... Hey, Kasumi? Was the train crowded before?
Kasumi: Yeah, there might've been more families than usual. I guess because it's Halloween?
Tae: Quite a few kids talked to us.
Arisa: I see...
Saaya: Oh well... It'll be okay now that we're all together. I'm actually starting to feel excited.
Rimi: Fufufu, that's the spirit, Saaya-chan! Let's have fun today!
Saaya: Yeah! That includes you, Arisa! Let's really enjoy ourselves~♪ Hehehe.
Arisa: Saaya... It's like a switch was flipped in your head or something...
Saaya: Alright, guys! To the parade!
All: Yeah!

My Sister the Witch Card Story - Special Episode

Next Year Will Be Even Better


Yamabuki Bakery

Saaya: Welcome to Yamabuki Bakery.
Marina: Hello, Saaya-chan.
Saaya: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Saaya: Aren't you supposed to be at work around this time?
Marina: We came to buy some snacks. What bread do you recommend?
Saaya: Hmm, how about our seasonal specialties? Pumpkin bread and ghost bread. One has pumpkin and red-bean paste inside, and the other has cream.
Marina: Halloween bread! Pumpkin and red bean together is so rare! And this ghost one... Fufu, it's cute.
Marina: Are you okay with these, BanG Dreamer-san? Okay then, two of each please, Saaya-chan.
Saaya: Sure! I'll wrap them up for you.
Saaya: By the way, Poppin'Party all went to the Halloween Parade the other day.
Marina: Oh, is that a fairly popular event?
Saaya: Yes, it is! We wore costumes and walked in the parade! We took photos and did a performance on stage too.
Marina: Sounds like it was a lot of fun! What kind of costume did you wear, Saaya-chan?
Saaya: Oh, I was a witch. But it was a little embarrassing walking around the city beforehand, since you stand out so much...
Saaya: But once the parade began and everyone was in costume, I didn't care anymore, so I had a really good time.
Marina: I see. I wish I could've seen you in your witch costume.
Saaya: Ah, I have some photos! Um... Here they are, take a look!
Marina: Was this taken... at your house, Saaya-chan? It's all the members of Poppin'Party... Oh, and your little brother and sister. Everyone's so adorable.
Saaya: After the parade, they all stopped by my house. We brought a lot of candy home, so my brother and sister were really happy.
Saaya: They kept saying they wanted to dress up too, so we gave them our hats and accessories to take photos with.
Marina: That's nice. I'm sure your brother and sister had a good Halloween too then.
Saaya: I hope so. Seeing them both so happy made me want to take them along next year.
Saaya: I'm sure Kasumi would watch over them, so it'd be fine.
Marina: Kasumi-chan does seem like she'd be good with them~.
Saaya: Kasumi always puts all her energy into playing with them, so I'm sure they'd love it.
Marina: By the sound of it, next year's Halloween will be even better then.
Saaya: Yeah! This year was great, but I'm looking forward even more to next year!
Saaya: ... Ah, a customer. Welcome to Yamabuki Bakery!
Marina: Sorry, I shouldn't have talked to you while you were working.
Saaya: No, I'm glad you did. Here's your pumpkin bread and your ghost bread, two of each. Sorry for the wait.