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Mysterious Charm Card Story - Episode

Moca & Himari-sama


Himari: Aww, it's so cute~! I heard this cake is new! Ever since Tsugu told me about it, it's been on my mind~.
Moca: That's exactly the kind of thing you would like. Next you're gonna say, "it's just too cute to eat!"
Himari: Haha, how did you know? But it'd be even more of a shame to let it go to waste!
Moca: Yeah~. Quick, grab a fork~. Alright... Let's dig in~.
Moca: Nom nom... Mmm~. Delicious~. There's so much chocolate~.
Himari: Yeah, it's so good! I could eat something like this everyday~♪
Moca: ... You keep eating and you'll keep growing.
Himari: Ah... R-right. It'd be a real problem if I couldn't fit into my outfit. I gotta control myself...
Moca: Speaking of... When is the next practice again? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?
Himari: Moca, you gotta at least remember when we practice~. It's the day after tomorrow!
Moca: Alrighty~. I got it now, don't you worry.
Himari: Really? I'm not so convinced...
Moca: Rest assured. If you think about it, my memory is quite impressive.
Himari: Can't deny that...! You're always spacing out, but your test scores are pretty good.
Moca: If I really want to do something, I can get it done~. Not to mention that good luck charm you gave me has been working out great~.
Himari: You mean... the one I gave to everyone at Girl Jam?
Moca: That's the one.
Moca: Thanks to that charm, I've gotten 100 on all my tests! And I've grown 30 centimeters! I also won the lottery! Life has never been better!
Moca: Everything is thanks to you, Himari-sama. Haha~.
Himari: Hey~, stop making fun of me! You already had good grades, and you haven't grown at all!
Moca: But I did grow. If I go like this, then you can tell how tall I've gotten. I can even see the swirl on your head from here~. Woo, woo~.
Himari: No, no! Don't ruby my head~! My hair's gonna get all messed up!
Moca: It doesn't matter how your hair looks, you're always cute, Hii-chan.
Himari: What, really?! Hehe, that's nice to hear~.
Himari: ... Wait, no! You're always just making stuff up.
Moca: Aw~. And here I was trying to give you a compliment. But you don't want to accept it. Now I'm sad~.
Moca: ... Well, it is true, though, that the good luck charm has made our friendship stronger.
Himari: Huh? Did you say something? I couldn't really hear you~.
Moca: Who knows~? What did I say again?
Himari: Don't answer my question with a question! Saying that makes me want to know even more. C'mon, tell me.
Moca: Hmm, okay~... It's a little deformed, and it doesn't seem like it's worth much, but carrying it makes me feel at peace, somehow.
Moca: Even when the band isn't together, it doesn't feel like we're apart. It makes me kinda happy.
Himari: Moca...
Himari: Hehehe, I'm glad to hear you say that~. Feels like making it was worth the effort~♪
Moca: Does it really make you that happy?
Himari: Of course! I can't remember the last time you praised me for something.
Moca: Oh, is that why? Okay, then. Today, I will pay you many compliments.
Himari: Really?! Like what?
Moca: Uhh, ahem. Alright... here we go~.
Moca: You're always cheerful and full of life~. You turn everyone's frowns upside down~.
Himari: Hmm~. You think so?
Moca: You're good at making sweets and you're a dependable leader. I think everyone's thankful to have you around~.
Himari: Heh heh heh. You're making me blush~.
Moca: You have a surprisingly awkward personality... Uh, actually, maybe it's not that surprising~.
Himari: Thank yo- Hey, wait! "Awkward?"
Moca: When you yell, "hey, hey, hoh~," you seem completely unaware of the people around you. It's become a Hii-chan classic.
Himari: Uhm... Moca? It doesn't really feel like you're complimenting me...
Moca: I am, I am~. If you could read the situation, you wouldn't be Hii-chan anymore. Everyone likes you for who you are.
Himari: Hmm... I'm glad to hear that, but it still seems like you're being sarcastic! Thank you, though!
Moca: ... Genuinely giving thanks for that kind of compliment is just like you~.

Mysterious Charm Card Story - Special Episode

Handmade Charms


Himari: Mmm~! We've been in the studio since morning. I'm starting to get a little tired.
Himari: But we played in really good time today...
Himari: Oh, hey~! Thanks for all your help again today!
Himari: I seem to be doing well today? Oh, you watched us practice!
Himari: Yeah! Everyone's playing really well!
Himari: We're trying out a really hard song at the moment. In the beginning, no one could play it properly...
Himari: To be honest, there were a few parts we almost gave up on.
Himari: But we all worked hard and practiced together, and we got a lot better at it. At this rate, we're going to be even better by the time we play our next show ♪
Himari: Okay~! I think it's time to do the usual! That'll get me refocused for sure!
Himari: I'm gonna give it everything I've got~! Hey, hey, hoh-...
Himari: ... Oh, ahh?! I got a little too excited and almost dropped my bag... That was a close one!
Himari: Hm? This thing here? Yeah, everyone has one on their bag.
Himari: This is a lucky charm. I made one for everyone!
Himari: ... Why do you look so confused?! The shape might not be the best, but it's a great lucky charm, you know?
Himari: ... Now that I think about it, the others reacted in the same way too. When I gave it to them, everyone suddenly went silent...
Himari: Moca said she spoke for everyone when she just looked at me and said "are you serious?", and Tomoe even said it looked deformed~!
Himari: Tsugu was kind and said it looked cute, but that's not what was written on her face.
Himari: Ran didn't comment, but I guess she was thinking the same thing as Moca...
Himari: Ugh... they're so mean! I stayed up all night making the lucky charms, you know? They still make jokes about it too, even now...
Himari: Moca has the time of her life when she talks about it, you know? And Tomoe sometimes joins her, too...
Himari: ... I look kind of happy when I talk about this?
Himari: W-well, I guess it's because... everyone's still using the charm I gave them, even though they reacted kinda weird to it.
Himari: I poured a lot of my feelings into these charms. I can't contribute to the band like the others do, so...
Himari: What do I mean? Hmm, well... Ran is our vocalist, and she drives the band.
Himari: It's really amazing how she can sing so boldly on stage like that!
Himari: Moca is really good with her hands~. It didn't take her long to learn the guitar, and she never have problems playing difficult songs either.
Himari: That really hard song I mentioned before? Moca was the first person to work out how to play it!
Himari: Tomoe is just cool, and she has this subtle way of supporting everyone.
Himari: She's such a big sister! I always end up depending on her~.
Himari: And then there's Tsugu...
Himari: Starting the band, entering Girl Jam. These were both Tsugu's ideas.
Himari: If it wasn't for her, we probably wouldn't even be in this band together.
Himari: I'm supposed to be the leader of Afterglow, but I feel like I still have a long way to go.
Himari: ... Oh, but don't worry! I'm not sulking or anything.
Himari: But that's what made me decide to make the lucky charm. I wanted to do something for the band.
Himari: So that we can work hard and make Girl Jam a success! That was the idea.
Himari: But... so many things happened when we were getting ready for Girl Jam.
Himari: Oh, Girl Jam is a major event for all-girl bands!
Himari: We found out we made the cut, but Tsugu collapsed at school and Tomoe and Ran had a fight... For a moment I thought we were going to have to pull out of the event!
Himari: Ahaha, I totally understand why you're surprised. We've never had any big fights before, so I really had no idea what was going to happen~.
Himari: ... But we got through it together. Ehehe, this is the power of our friendship!
Himari: We ended up playing at Girl Jam without any other problems, and it was a super-great success!
Himari: All my friends who came to watch said we were really good!
Himari: So I guess that's why...
Himari: Now, whenever I feel unsure, or like I'm going to break down, I just look at the lucky charm.
Himari: It makes me remember all kinds of things, and I feel strangely optimistic about everything...
Himari: Like... this lucky charm has been watching over us the whole time, you know?
Himari: Huh? You think it's something special for all the others too?
Himari: Ehehe... I wonder if it is. I hope so!
Himari: Do you want one too? It'll be hand made by yours truly, of course! I guarantee it'll bring you good luck~♪
Himari: ... Why are you trying not to laugh?! Stop making that face!
Himari: Ugh, this is just like how everyone else reacted at first...
Himari: It was just a joke...? Hmph! If you're going to joke about it, make it easy for me to tell~! I'm so not making a lucky charm for you anymore!
Himari: ... That's a joke too. You always do so much for us, so of course I'll make you one.
Himari: That's right! The others think so too. You're always supporting us behind the scenes.
Himari: So on behalf of everyone in the band, thank you for always being there for us!
Himari: Ehehe, talking to you has made me feel really motivated again! This is the perfect time for my thing...!
Himari: Let's do it! Hey, hey, hoh~!
Himari: Phew~. Whenever I do this, I just feel so pumped!
Himari: Oh, you should do it with me, BanG Dreamer-san!
Himari: C'mon, don't be so shy. Passion is what makes this kinda thing work!
Himari: Okay, are you ready? One, two...
Himari: Hey, hey, hoh~!!