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Mysterious Technology Card Story - Episode

Aya-san Controller


Movie Set

Mo-chan: ...
Aya: Ta-da~! Look, Maya-chan! The staff let me borrow Mo-chan!
Maya: Oh, I was hoping to get a better look at it! May I join you?
Aya: Of course! Mo-chan sure is a cutie. Do you think they'd let us take it home once they've wrapped up filming...?
Maya: I-I don't think they would allow that... It's filled with a lot of complex machinery.
Maya: Speaking of which... i's a very well-made prop. They mentioned adding details with CGI, so I had assumed the model would be much less intricate.
Aya: And it comes with this remote to control its arms and legs!
Maya: It's hard to figure out where the motor is from the outside... I would really like to take a peek inside and see how it works...
Aya: Maya-chan, you can't just take it apart!
Maya: I-I would never do such a thing!
Maya: B-but wouldn't it be okay if you moved it around a little?
Aya: I don't see why not... Maybe we can give it a whirl.
Aya: Uhhh, are the arm controls... here?
Mo-chan: ...
Maya: Oh! Its right arm moved!
Aya: That means this switch is for the legs... If we try both of them together...
Maya: Wow, it really does look like it's walking!
Maya: But... having its right arm and right leg move at the same time looks strange!
Aya: Oops, really?! Let's see... How about this?!
Maya: Oh, it's walking much more naturally now! Not the least bit robotic.
Maya: ... Interesting. So this part of the motor controls the joints. But what is the secret behind how smoothly it moves...?
Maya: ... Oh, Aya-chan! It looks like they've finished filming the previous scene! You're in the next one, correct?
Aya: Yeah, it's gonna be me and Mo-chan! Ohhh, but I'm so nervous...
Maya: I think I know the scene you're referring to! The part where the government agents chase you down and try to snatch Mo-san from you...
Aya: That's the one! I'm supposed to hold tight to this little mole, dodge past all the attackers, then make a dramatic escape!
Maya: Straight into the climax! Good luck, Aya-san!
Aya: Thanks! Mo-chan and I will do our best~!
30 Minutes Later

Aya: Th-this is way too difficult...
Maya: Aya-san. I see you're having a bit of trouble.
Aya: Yeah... We've had to reshoot so many times, and I keep getting worse and worse...
Aya: The director told me to go take a breather...
Maya: There seems to be a lack of coordination between you and the agent actors...
Aya: Yeah. My part isn't all that complicated, and I thought I had it memorized...
Aya: But once those cameras are on me, my mind goes blank, and I forget where I'm supposed to move next...
Maya: I can understand that feeling... Being unable to do what should be second nature...
Aya: Sigh, I wish I could be like Mo-chan and have someone control me with a remote...
Maya: ... Ah! That's the answer, Aya-san!
Aya: Huh?
Maya: Please wait a moment!
Maya: Sorry to keep you waiting, Aya-san! This should help you with your problem!
Aya: Large arrows drawn on a sketchbook... What is this for, Maya-chan?
Maya: I call it the "Aya-san Controller"!
Aya: The 'Aya-san Controller'?
Maya: Yes, I'll stay near the camera and use these arrows to show you which way to move!
Aya: That doesn't sound as nice as what Mo-chan has...
Maya: Let's try it out! Okay, this way!
Aya: Huh?! Ah, l-like this...?
Maya: Good job! Get ready for the next one...! Okay, this way! Now over here!
Aya: W-wait, slow down~!
Maya: You're moving your right arm and right leg at the same time! Just like Mo-san did!
Maya: Here we go! Left, right! Left, right! Left, left, right!
Aya: Huh~?! You're going way too fast~!

Mysterious Technology Card Story - Special Episode

As Long as You're Prepared


CiRCLE - Café

Maya: ... Okay! That is all I have to say about the movie.
Maya: What else...? Ah, I know! Behind-the-scenes information could be appealing...
Maya: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! I-it's very nice to see you...!
Maya: My apologies for not noticing you earlier... My eyes were glued to my phone...
Maya: Oh, this? It's a draft for my column.
Maya: I had the opportunity to participate in the filming of a movie, and I'd like to write an article with my thoughts on the experience.
Maya: ... Ah, one and the same! So you already knew that we have starring roles in a film!
Maya: Yes, the actual filming has already concluded. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Maya: However, I'm not exactly a skilled actor, so I'm worried how that will be reflected in the final product.
Maya: Chisato-san gave us a key piece of advice, saying that our performances should be as natural as possible...
Maya: But I'm a theater-club member, and the actor I know best is Kaoru-san...
Maya: I kept falling back on my theatrical knowledge. However, that style is considered too over-the-top for film, and trying to naturally transition from one to the other was a challenge.
Maya: But that did not faze Chisato-san! The theater version of her and the movie version of her are like two different people.
Maya: And unsurprisingly, she can easily switch between the two.
Maya: As for myself, I have enough trouble with acting in general...
Maya: My ad-lib skills are also very lacking. I tend to freeze up if confronted with dialogue that isn't in the script.
Maya: When I'm playing the drums, I'm somehow able to improvise to a certain degree, but...
Maya: If I try that with acting, I fall apart...
Maya: So I wanted to reflect on that, as well as compile my thoughts on my filming experience!
Maya: The article itself cannot be published until after the movie is released because it covers some elements of the plot, but...
Maya: I'm not sure how well I could recall what happened if to much time were to pass, so I wanted to put my thoughts down on paper...
Maya: You know, I actually have a bunch of material for articles that I've written and saved up.
Maya: Ideas that suddenly hit me, fun stuff I find... I tend to write that stuff down for later.
Maya: Yes, all in preparation for the day when an article can finally be made of those ideas.
Maya: Unlike ad-libbing, I can prepare for my column ahead of time.
Maya: I know some of it might end up being useless, but there's nothing better than being prepared.
Maya: Ah, I apologize for taking so much time out of your busy work day!
Maya: I will stick around and work on this a little while longer. Please be sure to check out both the movie and my article when they're released!