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Event Attribute: Pure.svg Pure
Event Type: Mission Live
Event Start (JP): November 20, 2020 15:00 JST
Event End (JP): November 28, 2020 20:59 JST
Bonus Members
LAYER (icon).pngLOCK (icon).pngMASKING (icon).pngPAREO (icon).pngCHUCHU (icon).png
Event Related Song
mind of Prominence
Event Cards
Affectionate Gaze.png
Affectionate Gaze T.png
To Expose My Throbbing Spirit.png
Affectionate Gaze
Nyubara Reona
To Expose My Throbbing Spirit
Asahi Rokka
Sparks Flying, Bring It On Gacha Banner.png
Sparks Flying, Bring It On [GACHA]
Booth-Wrecking Storm.png
Booth-Wrecking Storm T.png
World is ours!.png
World is ours! T.png
Booth-Wrecking Storm
Wakana Rei
World is ours!
Tamade Chiyu
Let's Go Eat Some Ramen!.png
Let's Go Eat Some Ramen! T.png
Let's Go Eat Some Ramen!
Satou Masuki
Event Exclusive Rewards
NO LIMIT!!! Event Stamp.png
"Let's go together!"
NO LIMIT!!! Event Title.png
Stamp Titles

Suggested Team

Main Band
Let's Go Eat Some Ramen! T icon.pngBooth-Wrecking Storm T icon.pngHalloween Together! T icon.pngWorld is ours! T icon.pngRecruit, Guitarist! T icon.png
Support Band
The Star That Began To Glitter T icon.pngRokka's Full Power T icon.pngThe Power To Change The World T icon.pngThe Winds That Tore Through The Dead Of Night T icon.pngBecause You Were Here T icon.png
  • Cards suggested above are based from JP server's released cards as of date of event.
  • If you need help in building your band for any lives, you can use the Team Builder tool by Bestdori!.

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