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Natsume was born on July 20, 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. She is a musician, drummer and a former model from Tokyo, Japan. She is the drummer of the band RAISE A SUILEN, and also voices Satou Masuki. She is currently a freelancer. Her real name is Matsuura Natsume (松浦 夏芽).


When Natsume was in middle school, she was a member of the brass brand and played the xylophone. She joined the light music club in her high school, and initially wanted to play the bass, but chose drums instead because another person wanted to play the bass as well.[1] After graduating, she attended the ESP College of Entertainment.

After spending time outseas as a model and support artist, she was active in the all-girls' band Claddagh Ring starting from 2008, where they released 3 singles and 2 albums until the band was disbanded in December 2012.

Natsume has been playing the drums for over 15 years and has even released a drum lesson DVD.[2] Some of her drummer inspirations were LEVIN[3] and Tommy Lee. She has been providing drum support for years as a freelancer for different bands and artists such as MARCY BAND, HEESEY, BARBARS, Cyntia, Shinku Horou, Raychell, Arashi and Otsuki Maki.

With the band SHAZNA officially reuniting in August 2017 for their 20th anniversary, she is one of the three new members where she is known as "Kaga".

Natsume had also dreamed of becoming a voice actress before, and Masuki ended up becoming her debut role.[4][5]

In April 2018, Natsume became affiliated with her former agency Ace Crew Entertainment. On February 28, 2023, she announced that her contract with them had expired. A day later, Natsume announced that she had become a freelancer.[6][7]

Personality & Hobbies[]

Natsume's special skills include puzzle games.[8] She owns an Italian Greyhound called Rim (リム) and frequently posts pictures of her on Instagram.

Her father owns a jazz bar called Sparkles, and used to own a restaurant.[9]

Similarly to Raychell, when posting selfies and other everyday things on her Twitter, she tends to use the #夏芽観察日記 (Kaga Kansatsu Nikki/Kaga's Observation Diary) hashtag.

She loves Sailor Moon[10], and her favorite characters are Sailor Moon, Chibiusa, and Sailor Uranus. Natsume also loves watching movies (especially in order to study and improve her acting) and fell in love with the ones featuring DC Comics' character Joker.[11]


  • She has a younger sister.[12]
  • She uses Pearl Drums with PAISTE Cymbals.[13]
  • She uses the word bakuhatsu (爆発) a lot on her social media accounts.[14]
  • Natsume used to play Garupa with her middle fingers.[15]