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Neither Is The Answer Card Story - Episode

I Wasn't Expecting This


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Student Council

Sayo: Shirokane-san, do these documents go here?
Rinko: Ah, yes... Please put them there...
Rinko: Thank you for... going along with... this joint work task.
Rinko: I realize that... it was a very sudden proposal, but... you've been very helpful...
Sayo: No, think nothing of it.
Sayo: The disciplinary committee often handles printouts, so having the opportunity to learn more about document organization will go a long way.
Rinko: No, if anyone is learning anything new... it's us... Thanks to the committee members' help... Our work has gone much more smoothly...
Student Council Member A: Excuse me. Where are the meeting notes from last month?
Student Council Member B: Oh, someone from the disciplinary committee filed them away earlier.
Sayo: ... Shirokane-san, your plan seems to be working.
Arisa: I'll say. I'm glad to see that it's going well, all things considered.
Rinko: Yes... Seeing everyone as they are today... has given me... a slight sense of relief.
Arisa: But, you know, that amazing idea that you had really came in handy, Rinko-senpai...
Sayo: Agreed. How exactly did you come up with it, Shirokane-san?
Arisa: Ah, I'd love to know more about that too!
Rinko: I was also curious, Ichigaya-san... That's why I spent time looking through books for any resolutions to cases similar to ours...
Arisa: Books, huh...? Those must have been even harder to search through than the interest.
Arisa: So what sort of books did you borrow?
Rinko: Ummm, let's see... I borrowed quite a few...
Rinko: There was a guide to organization, as well as one on storage techniques. I thought they might contain effective organizing methods...
Rinko: In addition, I... read several essays written by administrators workers... I found that professional viewpoint... to he the most enlightening...
Rinko: And I also... borrowed books related to meeting procedures. Detailed records are very important... and I thought changing how we run meetings... might cut down on workload... From there, I-
Arisa: Y-you got that much stuff?!
Rinko: Yes, I came across many books that seemed educational, so.. I thought it was a good chance to learn...
Rinko: I also... tried tried out one titled "Decision-Making Advice." I have always been mad at making decisions...
Rinko: I figured that improving my ability to make decisions could also help me come up with a proposal more quickly...
Rinko: Oh, and... I browsed through some magazines as well...
Arisa: M-my head is spinning just hearing all this.
Sayo: Just how many items did you end up borrowing...?
Student Council Member B: How-to books, essays, magazines~. I had no idea you scoured through so much material.
Student Council Member A: I know... I could hardly believe it, either.
Rinko: Huh? I-I...
Student Council Member B: Come to think of it, the president does spend a lot of her time reading.
Student Council Member A: Um, I'm honestly really bad at staying organized, so please feel free to share any books that you might recommend!
Rinko: Recommended... books...?
Arisa: Ah, I'd like to get in on that. It could be useful for council work, among other things.
Rinko: Ichigaya-san, you too...
Rinko: (Uh... Wh-what should I do...?)
Sayo: ... Ahem.
Arisa: Ah!
Sayo: This is no time for rest, everyone. We still have a lot of work to do.
Arisa: O-of course! Sorry, Sayo-senpai!
Rinko: (That... was close... Thank you so much, Hikawa-san...)
Sayo: Once our tasks have been finished, she will still have plenty of time to tell us.
Rinko: Huh...?!
Sayo: I too am very interested in your recommendations, Shirokane-san.
Student Council Member A: Okay~! Let's get this done, then!
Student Council Member B: I wonder what the president has in mind. Can't wait~♪
Arisa: Hahaha... Sorry about this, Rinko-senpai. But honestly, I'm a little excited too.
Rinko: (I-I have to give them recommendations... Wait, in front of everyone...? O-oh no... How did it come to this...?)

Neither Is The Answer Card Story - Special Episode

The Decisions At Hand



Marina: Phew, a nice cold drink is perfect for warm weather like this.
Rinko: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello...
Marina: Ah, Rinko-chan. Hello! Right, Roselia has practice today.
Rinko: Yes, we're meeting for our new song... but I got here early... Um, if you're not busy, could I possibly discuss something with you...?
Marina: Of course! You don't mind, right, BanG Dreamer-san?
Rinko: Thank you very much.
Marina: Fufu... Rinko-chan, something good happened, didn't it?
Rinko: ...! H-how did you... know that...?
Marina: That beautiful smile if yours gave it all away~.
Rinko: I... didn't realize that... I looked any different...
Rinko: I was worried about something for a while... but I was able to find a solution that worked for me... Now I feel much better.
Marina: What were you worried about?
Rinko: Ah... It, um, wasn't that big of a deal...!
Rinko: I, um, have always been bad at making decisions... If it's clear which choice is superior, then I can decide right away...
Rinko: But if both options seem equally valuable... I tend to avoid making a decision...
Rinko: And so... I ran into some trouble with... having to make some decisions... regarding both the student council... and Roselia...
Marina: I see, so that's what happened. Yeah, it can be tough when you don't want to dismiss either option. Especially if they're both appealing.
Rinko: Yes... Very much so...
Marina: But you eventually got through it and found an answer. How did you resolve the matter?
Rinko: Actually... I didn't do anything at all.
Marina: Huh? What do you mean?
Rinko: I just changed my perspective... When I was struggling, Imai-san took me out shopping with her as a way to unwind.
Rinko: And while we were there... she asked me to choose between two outfits...
Rinko: At the moment, I... just couldn't make a decision...
Rinko: But then, Imai-san told me something. She said that making decisions can be fun in its own way...
Rinko: I had been struggling with the student council and Roselia, but after hearing that, I felt much better.
Rinko: We went out to eat some sweets after that, and thanks to what happened, I finally realized something.
Marina: You did?
Rinko: While it may feel like you're only given two choices... there may actually be other options at your disposal.
Rinko: And thanks to that... I was able to come to my own conclusions regarding both the student council and Roselia...
Marina: Yeah, there are times when the people around you may lead you to the answer without even realizing it.
Rinko: I agree... Which is why I'm so grateful for Imai-san's help...
Marina: Fufu, use those feelings and make Roselia's new song into something wonderful. I'm looking forward to it, Rinko-chan!
Rinko: Okay...! Thank you very much, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san...!