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Neo Fantasy Online -Wedding Day Dragon- Event Story - Opening
Onward to a New Adventure

On the walk home from practice, the conversation unexpectedly turns to NFO.


After Rehearsal

Residential Area

Ako: Ahhh, I'm beat, but I feel great~! I was on a roll today, like wham bam!
Rinko: Ako-chan, that arrangement you added... at the end... was wonderful...
Ako: I know, right?! It came to me after we finished our last show, like a ringing sound!
Sayo: That must have been the surge of energy I felt.
Lisa: Still, I think it was the perfect match to the style of our new song!
Yukina: Very much. And it helped bring some intensity right before the hook.
Ako: You mean it?! Hehehe~. Awesome!
Ako: Our song is coming along well, and we still have a while until our next show, so I'd say everything is going picture perfect!
Ako: Does this mean that I could maybe... get in some serious NFO play time...?
Yukina: Why are you asking me? If you have fulfilled your duties, then feel free to do whatever you like.
Ako: Ah... Thank goodness~!
Lisa: Hahaha. Good for you, Ako.
Sayo: NFO... Come to think of it, they did announce that a new event would be starting today.
Ako: Yep! That's right~!
Ako: Actually, they're digging up a long lost event from the past!
Lisa: A lost event? Sounds cool.
Rinko: The beta version was initially... playable to those who... were selected from a lottery... until they found a major bug... that caused the whole thing... to be shelved...
Rinko: And now... after all this time... the finished version is finally being released...
Ako: This is one event that NFO players just can't miss!
Ako: Ahhh, I'm getting so excited!
Rinko: Fufu... But first... we'll need to find some party members...
Rinko: A party of five will be required to access the event content...
Ako: Oh, right! Hmmm, five people~... There's you and me, Rin-rin, and... Would you lile to join us, Sayo-san?!
Sayo: Sure, I do not see why not.
Ako: Thank you so much! That makes three... Now we need two more. I wonder if some of my guild mates are free~.
Ako: I guess I could ask, and if that doesn't work, we can always try the Looking for Group chat...
Rinko: It might be hard... to find a group right away...
Lisa: Hey. So, uh... how about us two?
Ako: Huh?!
Yukina: Lisa, what on earth are you suggesting?
Lisa: Come on, they clearly need some help!
Lisa: Besides, did you forget how often Rinko and Ako use game lingo to explain things at the studio?
Lisa: Like how we need more buffs, or how we're bogged down with debuffs and stuff.
Sayo: Now that you mention it... I do remember the phrase "like charging up your special skill" being used today.
Lisa: Right, exactly! I've been thinking for a while that I'd like to figure out what all that means.
Rinko: Imai-san... I didn't realize... you felt that way...
Ako: Lisa-nee~! I'm speechless~!
Yukina: ... Sigh.
Yukina: If only that were the only reason... You saw the commercial and wanted to try it for yourself, yes?
Lisa: Hahaha, busted. I thought, you know, it could be kind of fun~.
Ako: Huh?! You got me worked up over nothing?!
Lisa: N-no, no! It was like fifty percent true! Really!
Ako: Ohhh~, Lisa-nee~!
Yukina: Goodness... Well, there still is some truth to what you said..
Yukina: Our discussions with Rinko and Ako would likely go more smoothly if we understood where they are coming from.
Yukina: If so, then we must think of it as yet another challenge to overcome.
Ako: Yukina-san... Does that mean...?!
Lisa: With Yukina giving us the okay, you now have the five people we need for the event☆
Lisa: We can't all play from our homes, so why don't we go to an internet cafe like last time?
Ako: Yeah! Ah... Wait, do I have any money with me?! We need our membership cards too! Uhm, let me check my wallet~...!
Rinko: Calm down, Ako-chan.. I don't think today would work... on such short notice...
Lisa: Hahaha. True.
Lisa: ... So let's all meet up at the cafe this weekend♪ Does that sound good to you guys?
Yukina: Yes, that's fine with me.
Sayo: I am free, as well.
Rinko: Everyone... Thank you so much. Fufu... This isn't quite what we expected... but doesn't it sound like fun, Ako-chan?
Ako: Uh-huh! I can't wait for this weekend~♪

Neo Fantasy Online -Wedding Day Dragon- Event Story - Chapter 1
Initiate Login!

The Roselia team log into NFO and the quest begins.


Several Days Later

Yorbei Village

Lisa: Alright, we're logged in. Hmmm, now to find the others...
Demon Princess Ako: Lisa-nee~! Over here!
Lisa: There you are! Phew~. I was worried we'd gotten lost.
Lisa: ... Whoa! Rinko, your level is crazy high! And Sayo's not doing too bad either~!
Lisa: It's only our second time playing, so we'll try not to drag you guys down! Right, Yukina...? Yukina...?
Yukina: ...
Sayo: She doesn't appear to be moving... Is everything alright?
Yukina: ...
Demon Princess Ako: Hmmm. I feel like this happened before...
RinRin: Now that you mention it, I remember her not being able to type in the chat correctly, and everything came out strange. ( ̄ω ̄;)
Lisa: Do you think she forget how to chat in-game?! Hold up, I'll go check on her...!
Yukina: AAA
Yukina: Testing.
RinRin: Ah! Σ(゚ロ゚;) ...!
Yukina: Sorry, I went to get something to drink. Don't worry, I understand how to play.
Lisa: Seriously?! Jeez, you really had me going there!
Yukina: Why are you getting so worked up? You worry too much, Lisa.
Lisa: I can't help it~.
Sayo: Fufu... Now then, shall we get going? I believe the event quest begins by...
Demon Princess Ako: We have to go to the king in his castle.
RinRin: The premise is that the king is recruiting strong, capable adventurers. (`・ω・´) Let's start by heading towards the castle.
Yorbei Castle

RinRin: What a big castle. ('ω'*) Is this a new zone they made?
Demon Princess Ako: I think so! There are things I haven't seen before, like the coat of arms on the wall.
Yukina: New zone? Coat of arms?
Demon Princess Ako: Oh, don't worry! You don't need to know any of that stuff! Let's see, they should be somewhere around here...
Demon Princess Akjo: Ah, look! It's the king! Okay, we just need to talk to him, and... there.
King of Yorbei: Oh, a band of travelers. Welcome to my castle. I require the assistance of skilled adventurers such as yourselves... Are you willing to answer my call?
King of Yorbei: My daughter, Princess Claire, is to be wed to a king of a neighboring nation, but disturbing rumors have recently surfaced. I ask that you investigate this matter.
Yukina: Disturbing rumors...? Should I accept this request?
RinRin: Yes. (`・ω・´)ゞ Please click the accept button to start the quest. ヾ(・ω・`;)ノ
Yukina: "Leave it to us." ... This one?
King of Yorbei: Oh-hoh, so you accept! You have my thanks, adventurers!
King of Yorbei: Regarding the rumors, I believe the nearby villagers may have more information. I would like for you to see what they know. I am counting on you all.
Lisa: Makes sense to me. I guess we should go question the people on the town then. I fee like things played out like this last time too...
Demon Princess Ako: That's how games are! Let's get going!
Sayo: I believe things will develop if we gather the information needed for story progression.
RinRin: (*・ω・)(*-ω-)(*・ω・)(*-ω-) Mhm♪ When I stopped by Yorbei Village earlier, there was one door that was locked.
RinRin: I bet gathering information from the villagers will somehow trigger it to open, and we'll be able to talk to whoever is inside that room. (´∀`∩
Demon Princess Ako: Ah, I remember a locked door on the second floor of the tavern too! Good thinking, Rin-rin!
RinRin: Let's head in that direction, then. (゚▽゚*)
Yorbei Village

Lisa: I tried speaking with the villagers, but they didn't mention any rumors. Everyone is talking about how happy they are that the princess is getting married...
Demon Princess Ako: They all seem to really like Princess Claire! Even the kids and the elderly are big fans of hers!
Sayo: Speaking out of the castle to play with the village children, helping wounded animals in the forest... She is certainly popular with the residents here.
Sayo: It would appear that we have spoken to everyone we can, though...
RinRin: Ah! Look over there. (・-・*)♪ A woman is entering the tavern! Do you think she...?
Demon Princess Ako: ... Is she heading to the second floor?!
Lisa: Ah! She totally is! Let's follow her!
Tavern - Second Floor Room

Demon Princess Ako: Yay~! The door is open now! Now we just need to talk to that lady...
Fortune Teller: I've been expecting you, young ones. I am a fortune teller, and I have foreseen your arrival, as well as your reason for coming. It involves Princess Claire's betrothal, yes...?

Neo Fantasy Online -Wedding Day Dragon- Event Story - Chapter 2
Stolen Treasure

The players steadily advance through the event. What could the next mission be?


Yorbei Village

Sayo: ... So a dragon plans to kidnap the princess.
Demon Princess Ako: That's what the fortune teller from earlier told us.
RinRin: She claims that she had a dream where a dragon comes to snatch up the princess during the wedding ceremony.(((( ;゚д゚))))
Lisa: Could this be the disturbing rumor that the king mentioned before?
Lisa: seriously, how much of a jerk does this dragon have to be to crash a party and steal the princess at her own wedding?!
Sayo: Well, that is how games are. I expected some sort of dramatic turn of events...
Lisa: Still, everyone in the village totally adores Princess Claire, and it wants to take her away~. I won't let that happen!
Yukina: Lisa... Aren't you getting a little too into this...?
RinRin: Now that the story has progressed, we should return to the castle for now. ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙
Yorbei Castle

Demon Princess Ako: We're back, your majesty~! We asked about those rumors from before~! Okay, let's try talking to him again...
King of Yorbei: Oh, young ones. So you have information on what we previously discussed! Well done!
RinRin: Nice work. (´∀`∩ With this, the first stage of the quest is complete. (*'-'*)
King of Yorbei: Yes, I see... What?! A dragon is after my daughter Claire?! This calls for action!
King of Yorbei: The creature likely dwells within the mountains to the north. Unfortunately, the journey alone would take a month... Perhaps there is a way o lure the beast out of hiding...
King of Yorbei: ... Aha! I can have one of you skilled adventurers pose as my daughter during the wedding and then exterminate the monster...!
Yukina: This king... He's deciding everything while we have no say in the matter.
Sayo: That is how games are.
King of Yorbei: On the morning of the wedding, the bride is to be crowned at the cathedral with the Tiara of Blessing, an item passed down by the royal family.
King of Yorbei: I will have you wait and hide at that cathedral, then face the dragon once it arrives. Do not fail!
Lisa: Do not fail...? What exactly does he want us to do?
RinRin: The first part was gathering info, but it looks like this is going to be a battle quest. o(>ω<)o
Demon Princess Ako: Now we're getting somewhere~! I'm itching for some action~! Ah, look! Someone else is coming!
Guard: Your majesty! I bring dire news! Thieves have stolen the Tiara of Blessing!
Lisa: Whaaat?! What's with this sudden twist?!
King of Yorbei: The wedding cannot take place without the Tiara of Blessing... Adventurers, could you first help us retrieve this most important treasure?
Lisa: H-hold on... They let a bunch of thieves steal such an important item... Is this king's head on straight...?
Sayo: That is how games are.
Lisa: Whoa, something popped us! Is this a new quest?
Demon Princess Ako: Hmmm, let's see here. It says, "Retrieve the Tiara of Blessing from the Thieves"!
Demon Princess Ako: Sounds like a plan to me! Just click the accept button, and...
King of Yorbei: Excellent! You have my thanks, adventurers! The thieves who stole the Tiara of Blessing have made their hideout in the Yorbei Mines to the east!
Demon Princess Ako: Okay~! You can count on us! Alright, everyone, let's get to work!
Yorbei Village

Lisa: Hmmm, so we need to head to the eastern mines first, take back the Tiara of Blessing, and then destroy the dragon... Is that right?
Sayo: Yes, from what I can tell. However, I believe we will also need to do some grinding.
Yukina: Grinding?
RinRin: It means raising our characters' levels. o(>ω<)o
RinRin: Imai-san and Yukina-san, your HP is so low that even a couple of hits from some low level mobs would put you out of commission. (TдT; )
Demon Princess Ako: And the best way to increase your HP is to level up.
Lisa: I see... But doing that sounds like it would take a long time...
Sayo: No, that is not the case at all. Accepting quests appropriate for your level is the quickest way to level up in the world of NFO.
RinRin: Hikawa-san is right. ヾ(*´ω`)ノ
RinRin: This event was originally planned for immediately after the game's launch, so the level requirements shouldn't be all that high. (q'∀'o)
RinRin: A little grinding here and there while we play the mission should be enough to clear the quest.
Demon Princess Ako: Uh-huh! And the rest of us will give you plenty of buffs to help keep your stats up, so don't worry!
Lisa: Ohhh, so that's what buff means...!
RinRin: Buffs are unique abilities that enhance your stats. Debuffs are abilities that lower the stats of others.
Lisa: I get it now~. Well, we've got a bunch of tough allies on our side, so why don't we give it a shot, Yukina?
Yukina: If that is the plan, then I will simply follow suit.
Demon Princess Ako: We're going to get you into tip-top shape, so I hope you're ready, Lisa-nee, Yukina-san!
Yukina: Very well... I will do what I can to keep up with the rest of you.
Lisa: We'll do our best!
RinRin: Alright, everyone! Let's make our way towards the Yorbei Mines. (*´∨`*)
Demon Princess Ako: Ah, wait! Yukina-san! Please re-equip the weapon you bought earlier!
Yukina: E-equipment... I think it was this button...
Demon Princess Ako: No, that's the jump button!
Sayo: Their usual roles have been completely reversed...

Neo Fantasy Online -Wedding Day Dragon- Event Story - Chapter 3
Ako and Rin-rin's Combat Lesson

Yukina and Lisa practice their battle skills. The inexperienced pair have a long road ahead of them...


Yorbei Mines

Lisa: No~! Aw, come on! This is impossible! I can't get the timing down at all~...
Demon Princess Ako: Lisa-nee! You're almost there! Your timing was only a little off just now!
RinRin: You can link your ability with Ako-chan's magic by pressing the button at the exact moment her spell is cast. o(>ω<)o Let's start over and give it one more try. (*´ω`)ノ゙
Lisa: Huh? We're doing this again~...? You two are like drill instructors~...
Demon Princess Ako: If this is enough to stop you, then you'll never be able to take down that dragon!
Lisa: Argh~, alright already! You made your point. Just let me rest for a moment.
Lisa: Trying to time everything around both the party's and the monsters' actions makes me feel like my brain is going to explode.
Demon Princess Ako: Your timing is playing when we play music together, so you'll get the hang of it with enough practice!
LIsa: So it's kinda like the bass... Wow, I never thought of it that way~...
Sayo: I suppose it's natural to be tired. Let's take a short break after this battle.
Sayo: Minato-san seems to be struggling as well...
Yukina: Press this button, and then do this... Hm? Isn't this... the item window?
Yukina: That can't be right. Umm... Was this the one?
Demon Princess Ako: Yukina-san, that opens the chat window!
Yukina: So it does... This makes reading the chat much easier.
Demon Princess Ako: That's not the point~.
Sayo: Goodness... Please calm down, you two.
RinRin: There's no need to do everything at once. ( 'ω' )/ Please take it slowly and press each button one at a time.
Yukina: Take it slowly, one at a time...
Lisa: You say that, but~...
Sayo: I will intercept the monsters' attacks, so please take your time and confirm each button before pressing.
Demon Princess Ako: Leave the tricky stuff to us!
Lisa: (Sayo has been taking the brunt of the attacks since we started. As for Ako and Rinko... They're making it so I'm able to finish off the monsters with my attack.)
Lisa: (Everyone is doing their part to help out. I have to try and keep up!)
Lisa: Sure thing! I'll try a little harder this time...!
Yukina: ...
RinRin: Are you okay, Yukina-san?
Yukina: Yes, I'm fine.
Yukina: I finally understand which buttons perform what actions. I should now be able to participate in any upcoming battles.
Demon Princess Ako: Are you sure? You've been messing up left and right until now...
Rinko: She has slowly been able to fire off her abilities successfully, so I'm sure she'll be fine.
Sayo: And if things go sour, we will be there to cover for you.
RinRin: Exactly. Now, let's proceed further into the mines.
RinRin: Depending on how big the dungeon actually is, we might want to try heading straight for the Tiara of Blessing.
Demon Princess Ako: Really?! Isn't that a little hasty?
Sayo: I see no problem with it.
Sayo: Doing nothing but grinding is starting to get tiring... Besides, I should be...
Demon Princess Ako: Should be what? Is there something I'm missing?
Sayo: ... No, never mind what I said. Anyway, let's try pressing further into the dungeon.
Demon Princess Ako: ...? I'm fine with that if you are...
RinRin: ...
RinRin: (Hikawa-san is acting strangely... Is there something on her mind...?)
Yukina: It looks like we're unsure of how to proceed. Rinko, what do you feel is the best course of action?
RinRin: Huh? Σ(゚ロ゚;) Ah, right! I don't think it'll be a problem to keep going further into the mines!
RinRin: We'll give it a try, and if things feel too difficult, we can go back to grinding for a bit.
Demon Princess Ako: That makes sense. We'll go with that, then! Lisa-nee, Yukina-san! It's time for your true battle debut!
Lisa: Hearing that makes me feel a little nervous, but... yeah, I have to try my best.
Lisa: Watch the enemy's movement, confirm your party members' positions, and then make your move... Alright. Let's try to be useful this time, Yukina!
Yukina: Okay. At the very least, I should be able to avoid opening the item window.
Demon Princess Ako: A-are you guys really ready for this~...?

Neo Fantasy Online -Wedding Day Dragon- Event Story - Chapter 4
Newbies No More

Everyone is leveling up nicely. Meanwhile, Yukina picks up something...


Yorbei Mines

Lisa: Let's see, after casting my attack spells, I should press... this! Here goes! Air Shot!
Demon Princess Ako: Nice one, Lisa-nee! Perfect timing!
Sayo: That attack just now reduced the enemy's health considerably... but I am still lacking the power to defeat them in a single strike.
RinRin: Yukina-san, please use the skill I taught you on Hikawa-san. (`・ω・´)ゞ
Yukina: The skill I learned earlier... Do you mean this one?
Sayo: An attack-enhancing buff? Thank you very much, Minato-san.
Sayo: And with that... it's over! Hah!
Demon Princess Ako: Yay! All finished!
Demon Princess Ako: It felt so good to pull that off! Now this is the true appeal of playing as a party!
Yukina: I was still somewhat confused, but I am glad that everything went well.
Yukina: ... Oh?
Lisa: Yukina? What is it?
Yukina: Nothing of major importance, but... I noticed that the item I received from that previous battle has some kind of marking on it.
Demon Princess Ako: Marking? Wait, don't you mean... Aaah~! I knew it!
Demon Princess Ako: This is a super-duper rare item~! It almost never drops!
Lisa: Whoa, is it really that rare~?
RinRin: It's extremely valuable. (; ゙゚'ω゚') It can function as a normal item, but using it to temper a weapon allows you to create very powerful, rare gear. (☆ω☆*)
Demon Princess Ako: Wow, so it can even be used as an item on its own~! I didn't know that!
RinRin: The effect changes depending on your class. (・-・*)♪ Bards gain an ability called Song of Invincibility that temporarily grants invincibility, and I believe wizards gain triple their attack power.
Demon Princess Ako: Whoa~! A three-times increase! Isn't that way huge?!
RinRin: However, the drop rate is extremely low, so I feel that it is best to use it to temper a weapon.(`・ω・´)ゞ
Lisa: So it really is that rare, then. Way to go, Yukina!
Yukina: I don't follow. Are you saying I should use it?
Demon Princess Ako: Aaah~! No! Don't you dare!
Sayo: Minato-san! Please take your hand off the mouse! You might accidentally use the hit button!
Yukina: F-fine. There is no need to actively stop me.
1 Hour Later

Sayo: Now that you two have raised your levels by a considerable amount, we should continue with the actual quest itself.
RinRin: Agreed! Let's delve into the center of the mines and take back the Tiara of Blessing from those thieves. o(>ω<)o
Demon Princess Ako: Yukina-san! Lisa-nee! It's time to show off the results of all your training~!
Lisa: Well, I do feel a lot stronger than I did when we started... Okay! Let's do this!
Lisa: That's fine with you too, right, Yukina?
Yukina: Yes, I believe so. Should I continue using that skill I learned before?
RinRin: Yes, that should be enough. ヾ(*´ω`)ノ゙
Demon Princess Ako: Leave the rest to us! Those thieves will drop like flies!
Sayo: Let's head out, then. I have finished preparing as well.
Lisa: I knew I could count on you guys~! Roselia is all about teamwork! Hahahaha!
Lisa: Alright, let the Tiara of Blessing Retrieval Mission begin~☆
Deep within Yorbei Mines

Sayo: I will intercept this attack!
Lisa: Thank you, Sayo~! That was a close one~...
RinRin: Now, Yukina-san! Please use your Song of Confusion skill. (`・ω・´)ゞ
Yukina: Right... Was it this one?
Demon Princess Ako: Wow! Nice work, Yukina-san! The effect range is perfect! You confused every enemy with a single cast!
Yukina: I only did what I was told... That did feel kind of nice, though...
Sayo: Shirokane-san! The magic chant!
RinRin: Yes, coming right up. ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ Here goes!
RinRin: ...
Lisa: ... Huh? Why did Rinko suddenly stop moving...?!
Sayo: A special chant is required to use powerful magic spells, and that requires time. Any damage received while chanting will prevent the spell from being cast.
Lisa: I see~. So that's why you waited until all of the enemies were confused.
Demon Princess Ako: The meter above Rin-rin's head shows the chanting time! Look, right there! You'll see once it hits zero!
RinRin: Chanting complete...
RinRin: Storm Blizzard!

Neo Fantasy Online -Wedding Day Dragon- Event Story - Chapter 5
The Ancient Dragon and the Bride

The group assembles at the church to protect the princess. Player RinRin uses the Tiara of Blessing...


Yorbei Cathedral

Lisa: Wow, you were so cool back there, Rinko~... I kinda understand why you guys are so hooked on this game now.
Demon Princess Ako: Told ya~! NFO's battle effects have had a lot of work put into them!
Sayo: With a single attack, Shirokane-san helped us clear that previous quest with ease.
RinRin: The next quest is titled "Rescue the Princess From the Dragon!" o(>ω<)o
Yukina: So... where are we exactly? It seems like some kind of cathedral.
Sayo: This is where the king told us to wait for the dragon. I think we will likely need to use the Tiara of Blessing here.
Demon Princess Ako: Okay, Rin-rin, give it a try!
RinRin: Huh? Me?! Σ(°д°lll)
Sayo: I also believe you are the best suited for this. Looking back on the king's explanation, I'm fairly certain the character who uses the Tiara of Blessing will be transformed into Princess Claire.
Sayo: And when the dragon comes, I imagine it will target and attack the person in question, right?
Demon Princess Ako: Uh-huh! I think so too! Which means our super strong Rin-rin is the best for the job!
RinRin: Understood. (`・ω・´)ゞI'll use the Tiara of Blessing.
RinRin: Th-this is...
RinRin: ...
Lisa: Whoa, Rinko! You're wearing a dress now!
Demon Princess Ako: Wow~! Rin-rin, it looks so good on you~!
RinRin: ... (*ノノ)
Yukina: Why did Rinko's outfit change?
Sayo: By using the Tiara of Blessing, Shirokane-san's character has taken on the appearance of Princess Claire.
Sayo: So now...
Lisa: Wh-what in the-...?
RinRin: It's here! The ancient dragon. (((( ;゚д゚))))
Lisa: Eek, that thing looks super intense up close.
Sayo: This is no time to be impressed!
RinRin: Please wait a moment. I am checking the enemy's stats.... Huh?! Σ(°д°lll)
Demon Princess Ako: Rin-rin? What's wrong?!
RinRin: This dragon is much stronger than I expected! I thought this event was designed for beginners, but it has been patched to be very powerful!
RinRin: With stats like these, I'm afraid that Imai-san and Yukina-san would be defeated in an instant... (゚ー゚;
Lisa: Huh?! So what should we do?
Demon Princess Ako: It looks like the fight won't start until we talk to the dragon, so it might be better to go do some more grinding!
Lisa: Aw man, again~?!
Sayo: No, that won't be necessary. Let's fight as we are.
Demon Princess Ako: Are you for real, Sayo-san?! There's no way we can win like this! It's a hundred percent impossible!
Sayo: Yes, our defeat is all but guaranteed as it stands. However, with this...
Demon Princess Ako: Wait... Huh? Did you just change classes?!
RinRin: That is a.. royal knight...! So fulfilling the class-changing quest is what's been on your mind.
Sayo: I have been steadily making progress on it for a while now. I'm glad I managed to finish in time.
Demon Princess Ako: So cool~! Sayo-san, you're finally an advanced class like me and Rin-rin!
Sayo: I should now be able to be of slightly more value during difficult encounters. Now, let's proceed.
Lisa: Rinko! Heal incoming!
RinRin: Thank you very much! Still, this dragon is quite tough. ε-(;ーωー
Demon Princess Ako: It has way too much HP~! My attack power debuff is about to wear off soon~.
Sayo: To think this would prove to be a challenge even for a royal knight. My health is slowly dwindling. This does not bode well.
Sayo: Just a little more... We're so close...!
RinRin: Its attacks are getting stronger, so this might be our last chance. (;゙゚'ω゚')
RinRin: I will try using my most powerful spell. o(>ω<)o I'm going to start chanting now, everyone!
Demon princess Ako: I'm guessing that'll take even longer than before! We have to buy her some time!
Lisa: How are we supposed to do that~?! Aren't we already in trouble?!
Sayo: The debuff on the dragon has expired...!
Demon Princess Ako: Ooo, if only this were real life, then Yukina-san could distract it with her singing~!
Sayo: Minato-san's singing...? ...! That's it!
Demon Princess Ako: Huh?!
Sayo: Please use the rare item that dropped before! If a Bard uses it, then...
Demon Princess Ako: Ah, right! The Song of Invincibility!
Lisa: Nice idea, Sayo! Yukina, it's up to you!
Yukina: Leave everything to me. I am quite adapt at opening the item window now.
Yukina: The rare item is... this one. Here I go, everyone.
Sayo: With the Song of Invincibility, then maybe we can...!
Lisa: I'll heal us up, just in case!
Demon Princess Ako: Thanks, Lisa-nee! Time for me to step up to the plate! Eat this~! Curse Paradise!
Yukina: Are you ready yet, Rinko? The song of Invincibility... will be wearing off soon.
RinRin: Just a little more... Okay, ready!
Demon Princess Ako: Go get 'em, Rin-rin~!
RinRin: (`・ω・´)
RinRin: Elemental Burst!
Lisa: Yay! We actually beat the dragon!
Demon Princess Ako: And it's all thanks to Sayo-san's class change and Yukina-san's Song of Invincibility~!
Sayo: Does the credit not go to everyone here? The entire party contributed.
RinRin: Yes! This is the power of Roselia. o(>ω<)o
Demon Princess Ako: Even in the gaming world, Roselia is number one~! Fufu!
RinRin: Fufu. (`・ω・´)
Sayo: Goodness... You two are overreacting.
Demon Princess Ako & RinRin: Fufu♪
Fufu. (`・ω・´)

Neo Fantasy Online -Wedding Day Dragon- Event Story - Ending
Our Fight Is Just Beginning!

Roselia has defeated the formidable dragon. However, the dragon then reveals the truth...


Yorbei Cathedral

Sayo: looks like we managed to beat the dragon and survive...
Yukina: Does this mean it's finally over?
Demon Princess Ako: Yep! We saved Princess Claire, so this is our happily ever after!
RinRin: Huh? Σ(°д°lll) The dragon is moving again! Please stay back, everyone!
Ancient Dragon: URGH...
Lisa: Huh? The princess is in danger... What does that mean? Didn't the dragon come to kidnap her?
Demon Princess Ako: Rescue her...?
Lisa: Huh?! The king of that nearby country is marrying her so he can invade?!
Sayo: And so ti came here to prevent the wedding from taking place... Is that what's happening?
Demon Princess Ako: Wait, so does that mean it wanted to kidnap Princess Claire in order to save her...?
RinRin: Everyone, please look over there! On the tip of the dragon's horn.
Demon Princess Ako: m? Is that a... scarf? Ah! It has the same coat of arms as the castle!
Demon Princess Ako: Come to think of it, they did say the princess was kind enough to go out and help animals, so...
Sayo: I see... Which means that our true enemy is...
RinRin: None other than... the neighboring king. (☆ω☆*)
Demon Princess Ako: Ah! Look, look! A new quest popped up! It says...
All: "Defeat the Neighboring King!"
RinRin: Alright, everyone! We will now be heading to that nearby kingdom. (`・ω・´)
Lisa: Huh?! Now?!
RinRin: Of course, you don't need to force yourself to continue. We can stop for today, then resume our attack once we have studied the enym's-
Yukina: No. I want to go now.
Lisa: Yukina?
Yukina: Once your objective is clear, all that remains is to take action. This hold true whether it be a video game or music.
Yukina: Besides... I would like to see the conclusion of this story.
Lisa: ... Yeah, I see. You're right! I mean, I'm pretty hyped to see the ending too!
Lisa: Alright, let's roll. We'll go teach that nasty king a thing or two☆
Sayo: So you've made up your minds, I take it. Very well, I too shall show this king what a royal knight is capable of.
RinRin: I'm sure we can reach the ending with everyone working together. (*´∨`*)
All: Huh?!
Demon Princess Ako: Wow, so cool~! We can ride around on a dragon now!
Lisa: Alright, guys! Next stop, the neighboring country!
Demon Princess Ako: Yeah~!
After Logging Out

Walking Home

Ako: And so, Ako and her fellow adventurers brought peace back to the realm. And they lived happily ever after!
Rinko: Fufu... That we did. It was a more difficult event than I expected... but I'm glad we could clear it...
Lisa: You're telling me~. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.
Lisa: I'm just relieved that it's all over. How about you, Yukina? How did it feel to get back into gaming?
Yukina: Well... I would e lying... if I said I didn't have a good time.
Sayo: You could be honest and say you enjoyed it...
Ako: Yukina-san's Song of Invincibility was so, so cool!
Yukina: And... the background music was nice as well.
Lisa: Ah! I got something out of it too! Buffs and... debuffs. Now I know what all that means!
Lisa: Maybe I'll start using that lingo from now on~☆
Rinko: Fufu... I can't wait...
Ako: I never thought we would all play NFO again! I had so much fun today~!
Ako: We should form a five-person party again sometime!
Lisa: Well, well. What do you say to that, Yukina?
Yukina: I'll think about it.
Ako: Huh~?! I thought for sure that you'd say yes~!
Sayo: Fufu. You've forgotten who you are speaking to, Udagawa-san.
Lisa: Well, we can play again wehn the timing is right!
Ako: Lisa-nee, when is that gonna be~? Tomorrow?! The day after?!
The Other Four: Hahaha!
Ako: Awww~! You better believe I'm going to ask again~!

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