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Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map Event Story - Opening
Super Nice Idea

It's the end of winter break. Moca sighs on the job. It appears she has some regrets...


Convenience Store

Lisa: ... Okay! All done with that. Now for~... Hm. I should get to the orders I guess.
Lisa: Now that winter's come, more students are stopping by. We're gonna have to start bringing in more treats.
Moca: When you're on the job... and thinking about what sells and stuff, it sure does hit you... Yep, winter break is really over... Sigh~.
Lisa: Wow, what a sigh.
Lisa: What's wrong? I almost never hear you sigh like that, Moca.
Moca: Hmm... It's probably because I wish I did more.
Lisa: Did more? You mean during the vacation?
Moca: Yeah~.
Moca: What had happened was, I went with my family to China Town. This is something we had planned for a while. I was so looking forward to going with everyone, but...
Lisa: But~...?
Moca: When we got there, there were so many people, we could hardly make our way around the shops~.
Moca: And we were only able to stop at about half of the shops on our eating tour. It was like my fire was put out before I could get heated up.
Lisa: Oh man, that's a real downer. I'm surprised to hear that China Town was that crowded though.
Lisa: I've actually never been. I've been invited to go countless times, and I'd love to see it, but I just never seem to have the time.
Moca: Is that right~? I wouldn't have guessed.
Moca: I see... So you have never been to China Town, and I am not happy with how my eating tour ended.
Moca: If we consider that my next day off matches up with yours~, where exactly does that leave us~?
Lisa: Going to China Town together?
Moca: Ding ding ding. We have a winner~.
Lisa: Yay! ... Wait, are you being serious? I actually would really like that.
Moca: I've never been more serious. Let's get to planning once our shifts are over~.

After Work

Walking Home

Lisa: Hold on! You can walk and have Peking duck at the same time?!
Moca: Of course you can~. Okay, I'll send you a list of all the shops we can stop by on our food tour later~.
Lisa: Awesome! Thanks, Moca! Ooo, I absolutely cannot wait!
Kokoro: Hey, you two! What's got you so excited?
Lisa: Ah! K-Kokoro?!
Moca: I think my heart stopped for a second~.
Kokoro: I was on my way home from the studio when I saw you, so I ran over! Misaki's here too!
Misaki: S-so sorry... She was too fast... I couldn't stop her...
Lisa: Ahaha... At ease, Misaki.
Kokoro: What were you guys talking about? Sounded like a lot of fun. I just gotta know!
Lisa: Moca and I are gonna go to China Town this weekend, so we were making plans.
Lisa: ... Well, I've never been there, so more like Moca's been letting me know the plan.
Kokoro: Wonderful! I love China Town!
Misaki: Wait, what? This is the first time I'm hearing of it.
Kokoro: Oh, really? Hina and I were having a fun conversation about it the other day! It's so lively, and it puts a smile on your face! What a lovely place!
Lisa: Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure I've gotten China-Town souvenirs from Hina a number of times.
Lisa: Hm~... I guess in that case, would you guys like to come?
Lisa: Like I said, this is my first time, so Moca's doing all the heavy lifting at the moment. It'd be nice to get some recommendations from you, if that's okay.
Kokoro: Why don't we invite Hina and all go together?! That'd make for the funnest day possible!
Moca: Sounds like a plan~. I get the feeling it'll be a never-ending roller coaster of events~.
Misaki: We don't have anything scheduled for this weekend, so that should be fine for us. We just have to check with Hina-san.
Moca: No need to make anyone go out of their way. We'll just be flexible.
Kokoro: I'm sure Hina will be able to go! I'll ask her about it later!
Lisa: Thank you, Kokoro.
Lisa: Alrighty, we'll start by coming up with shops we want to go to, then we can all decide. I'll look at some magazines and stuff, get a few ideas and-
Moca: Hold your horses, Lisa-san~.
Lisa: Huh...? What? What's wrong?
Moca: Heh heh heh~. I just came up with a brilliant idea~.
Moca: I call it "The Perfect Food Tour: Pleasing Lisa-san Edition"!
Lisa: Uhhh... What's that supposed to mean?
Moca: You leave the prep to the rest of us~.
Moca: We'll plan the tour that will bring you the most enjoyment for your first time in China Town~. You just look forward to our trip.
Misaki: So we're creating a surprise tour.
Kokoro: How lovely! I'm happy to do it!
Misaki: Yeah, I can't say I like always leaving everything to Lisa-san to take care of. I think it's a good idea.
Lisa: What?! But preparing for something like that is pretty tough... I don't know, I feel kinda bad.
Moca: Don't you worry your pretty little head. Put your trust in us. You are in great hands~.
Kokoro: Yep. We're gonna put a smile on that face!
Lisa: Hmmm... Fine. If you really want to, I guess I can let you guys take care of it.
Lisa: Just so you know, I expect an awesome day!

Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map Event Story - Chapter 1
For the Hard Workers

Kokoro and the others think up a tour that will satisfy Lisa. They each try recommending a store.



Kokoro: Okay, let's start planning!
Moca & Hina: Yeah~.
Misaki: So Kokoro is leading, huh...? I guess that's fine.
Misaki: I'm more surprised by the fact that you were able to free up your schedule so much, Hina-san, not only for the day of but for planning too.
Hina: Well~, I actually wasn't free for either.
Misaki: What?! D-does that mean... you're skipping work...?!
Hina: Ahaha, of course not~!
Hina: I made sure to finish up what I had to do beforehand. That was kinda already the plan, so this was perfect timing~.
Misaki: That's good... That means you can enjoy today and our trip without worrying.
Hina: Exactly! So? What are we gonna start with?
Kokoro: The shops we're gonna stop by, of course! I know a lot of good ones!
Moca: Yep~, I do too~.
Misaki: Cool, so we can start by taking turns and talking about the shops we recommend.
Hina: Okay~! Take it away, Kokoro-chan...

1 Hour Later

Hina: What~?! You don't know about this shop?! Then we definitely have to go here!
Kokoro: Okay, that's another one. Where should we go after that?
Misaki: What about this one? The last time I went, it had nice food, nice vibes...
Moca: Very nice~. Alright, so for sweets, we'll go to this place we mentioned before, and to end things off, we'll go to the place Misaki-chin recommended... And, done~.
Kokoro & Hina: Yay~! We did it~!
Moca: I'll send you all the complete version later~.
Hina: Okay! Thanks, Moca-chan!
Hina: By the way, Moca-chan... You're the one who came up with this idea, right? Why'd you want to do a make-Lisa-chi-happy tour?
Hina: This sort of planning seems like something Lisa-chi would like to do. I don't think she would've minded.
Moca: Hmmm, just an urge, I guess~.
Hina: Are you sure~?
Moca: Pretty sure~. Oh , but maybe... I did have one reason.
Moca: So recently, we've been getting new people starting at the convenience store. Lisa-san and I have been teaching them.
Moca: She's been even more caring and supportive than usual. A real hard worker, that one.
Misaki: Yeah... I could see that.
Kokoro: She is very nice!
Moca: It was just like when I first started, so seeing that reminded me of those days.
Moca: So, you know, I was thinking about how it's nice to be able to let someone else take care of everything once in a while.
Moca: I mean, really, I just randomly decided that this is what I wanted to do. I'm telling you, it was just an urge~.
Hina: Uh-huh, I see...
Hina: Yeah, Lisa-chi seems like the type that you have to force to rest.
Hina: She probably doesn't even realize how hard she's working, so you're right, it is nice to have a day like that every now and then.
Moca: Aha, so you see Lisa-san that way too, Hina-senpai~.
Hina: I do~. I'm always thinking, "Welp, she's at it again~."
Hina: You know, though~... You have to be pretty nice to worry about your upperclassman like that, Moca-chan.
Kokoro: You're using your day off to help Lisa relax... What a sweetheart! That's wonderful, Moca!
Moca: No~, it's no big deal~.
Misaki: ... Aoba-san's impressive, not being fazed by one of Kokoro's straightforward comments...
Misaki: Anyway, putting that aside... We've got her reason. The only thing left to do is to wait for the day of.
Kokoro: Ooo, I can't wait. C'mon, weekend! Hurry up!
Hina: Ahaha, don't worry. It'll be here in no time.
Hina: This is for Lisa-chi... and for Moca-chan. Let's show Lisa-chi the time of her life~!

Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map Event Story - Chapter 2
Kokoro's Idea of Satisfaction

They begin their food tour in Chinatown. Things are proceeding according to plan and seem to be going well, but...


China Town

Lisa: Are you sure this is okay? I haven't planned anything at all, you know.
Kokoro: Of course! You just let us take care of everything!
Moca: Wow~. Such reassuring words.
Hina: Welp, either way, it's too late now. You might as well stop thinking about it, Lisa-chi.
Lisa: Y-yeah, but still~.
Kokoro: Alrighty, here we go!
Moca: The Perfect Food Tour: Pleasing Lisa-san Edition begins~!

1 Hour Later

Misaki: Wow, the xiao long bao from this shop are amazing.
Lisa: Mmm, I know! They're so soft...! I could eat these all day!
Lisa: Wouldn't wanna do that though. There's more in store. Wonder what we'll be having next.
Hina: Okay, settle down. Let's see, the next shop is~...
Kokoro: It's the one I recommended! 'Kay, let's go!
Lisa: We've had a few salty dishes, so I'm gonna guess that something sweet comes next. Fufu, I can't wait~♪
Misaki: ... Lisa-san's having a lot of fun.
Hina: She's so cute when she's all excited like that.
Moca: That certainly puts me at ease~.
Moca: I think it's smooth sailing from here~... Hm? Well, well, what is this?
Misaki: What's the matter?
Moca: Look at that billboard, Misaki-chin~.
Misaki: Which one...? Oh, that? It says... there's an event going on?
Misaki: "Take photos in traditional Chinese garb and take part in a lion dance or a mini dragon dance." Huh. So they do stuff like that too.
Moca: "Only for a limited time! We'll be waiting!" Hear that?
Misaki: I mean, yeah, sounds fun, but we should probably forget about that for now, right? We already put that entire plan together.
Misaki: The real problem is that the billboard would definitely catch Kokoro's attention. If we just take advantage of the crowd and move quickly-
Kokoro: Hina, look! They're doing a special event!
Hina: Whoa, you're right! That sounds awesome!
Lisa: Lion dance. Dragon dance. Hm. I've never seen a dragon dance. That might be interesting.
Kokoro: Oh, you haven't? We should all watch it together, then!
Hina: Count me in~! Moca-chan, Misaki-chan! Let's do that!
Moca: Looks like we were too late~.
Misaki: Not to mention, Lisa-san seems interested in it too. Sigh...
Misaki: Seriously, what are we gonna do? Like you said, things are going really well. I feel like it'd be better to just stick to the plan.
Moca: Hm~...
Kokoro: ...? What are you two thinking so hard about?
Misaki: What do you mean? You do realize we have something planned, right?
Misaki: So we have the tour we all worked so hard to put together, which we obviously want to finish, and this event that's only open for a limited time. Kinda hard to overlook either of them...
Moca: Okay. Let's go to the event~.
Misaki: Wait, are you serious?
Moca: As serious as a bun shortage~.
Moca: I just have a good feeling about today. I'm sure if we go to the event, everything will turn out fine~.
Kokoro: I'm not sure I follow, but... as long as it feels right, that's all that matters!
Misaki: You're just saying random stuff again.
Kokoro: Hm? No, it's not random. You heard Lisa say she wants to see the dragon dance, right?!
Kokoro: This is the "Perfect Food Tour: Pleasing Lisa-san Edition," so the whole point is to make sure she has fun!
Misaki: Well, yeah... I guess so...
Kokoro: Exactly! So, what are waiting for?!
Moca: She totally owned you, Misaki-chin~.
Misaki: That's... not the problem here...
Moca: Heh heh heh~. Okay, what should we start with~?
Hina: I know~! I wanna take photos~!
Lisa: I think I'll stick with the dragon dance. There's still some time until it starts though...
Kokoro: Same for the lion dance. That means we should go with Hina's plan. Let's go try on some Chinese dresses!
Lisa: Alrighty. C'mon!
Misaki: Okay~.
Misaki: Everything will turn out fine, huh...? I sure hope so...

Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map Event Story - Chapter 3
Suddenly Dependable

The girls borrow outfits for a commemorative photo. Misaki and Moca, however, are unsure about which outfit to choose.


Photo Studio

Lisa: Okay, so with this event, you can borrow different types of outfits and take pictures with them!
Lisa: There's a photo-studio course, an outside-photoshoot course... Oh, they have a food-tour course!
Kokoro: So we can walk around town with the outfits that we borrow? That's wonderful!
Hina: Yeah, but then when we're done, we gotta come back and return them. Maybe we should just stick with the photos for today.
Moca: Not to mention how crazy the outside photoshoot would be with all those people out there~.
Kokoro: Yeah, you're right. 'Kay, let's do the photo-studio course then!
Kokoro: First, we have to choose which dresses we wanna wear. Hmm, which one should I go with?
Lisa: You see so many of these in movies all the time! Like this one... They wear this in those Peking operas, right?
Lisa: On top of that, they let you borrow accessories too. There are too many choices! How can I decide~?! Maybe I'll choose a few things and take a bunch of pictures.
Kokoro: Great idea! I'll do that too!
Hina: Me too, me too! Okay, my first outfit will be~...

15 Minutes Later

Misaki: Hmmm~...
Moca: Misaki-chin, you're giving this a lot of thought, huh?
Misaki: Ngh... Have you already decided, Aoba-san?
Moca: Maybe, maybe not~...
Moca: Everything looks good on me, so it takes a long time to finally pick something~.
Misaki: Oh, c'mon. So you haven't decided, then.
Moca: Huh. I guess you're right~.
Lisa: Ahaha. Just like we thought, you two are still trying to decide.
Moca: This may be the most embarrassing moment of my life~.
Misaki: Having so many choices actually makes it harder.
Lisa: Yeah, sometimes having a lot to choose from makes the decision take longer.
Lisa: Let me see... If it were up to me, I would choose this for you, Misaki.
Lisa: You have this image of wearing gray or blue or whatever, but I think you'd look good in a brighter, more flowery color like orange too!
Misaki: Really? I don't know...
Lisa: It's not only about choosing something bright though... Look! You can wear something that has one part that stands out like this...
Lisa: That way, you're not wearing something too over the top. It'll be nice.
Moca: Wow~. You're right. I think that'd look good on her.
Misaki: O-okay...
Lisa: As for Moca, hm~... Yes, you might look good in everything, but... let's go for something more mature this time! Like a darker green sort of thing, you know?
Lisa: You don't get to be part of an event every day, so this is the perfect chance to do something a little different than usual.
Lisa: And you can't forget the fan of course! Maybe you wouldn't need it if you were walking around, but this is for a commemorative photo, and the fan will make it all the better!
Misaki: Whoa... Yep, no question. That'll look good on you, Aoba-san.
Moca: Really~? Awesome~. Guess I'll go with this then~.
Misaki: ... And I'll go with Lisa-san's recommendation as well.
Misaki: Man, you're impressive as always, Lisa-san, being able to come up with these outfits in no time.
Misaki: If you were running a shop, I might end up buying everything...
Hina: Hey~, you two did a no-no~.
Hina: You weren't supposed to rely on Lisa-chi today, right~?
Misaki & Moca: Oh...
Lisa: Wait, what? What are you talking about?
Misaki: Uhhh... A-ahaha~. Well, we're gonna go change. Be right back~.
Moca: Those two are done changing already, Lisa-san~. You might wanna hurry~.
Lisa: Uh-oh, you're right! I'll get it done in a flash!
Misaki & Moca: Sigh~...
Misaki: Man, I completely forgot we weren't supposed to be asking her for help. I gotta do better.
Moca: Same~. Let's try to be more careful~.
Lisa: ...?
Kokoro: Lisa~! The photoshoot is starting!
Hina: That looks great on you, Kokoro-chan! Hurry, Lisa-chi~! Join us!
Lisa: Hm~... Well, whatever. I'm sure if something is bothering them, they'll let me know.
Lisa: They worked so hard on this plan, just for me. I'm not gonna worry, I'm just gonna have fun♪

Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map Event Story - Chapter 4
Heart-Pounding Lion Dance

The girls get close to the dancing lion moving through the town. That's when Hina says something unsettling...


China Town

Kokoro: We got some terrific pictures!
Hina: I'm sure glad we decided to take more than one. Look, this is the pose that Aya-chan is always doing.
Moca: Ohhh~! The fluffy-pink thing, right~?
Lisa: Ahaha! I didn't notice until now!
Lisa: They really are good pictures though. I'm gonna have to go shopping for some frames I can decorate with.
Kokoro: Great idea! I'm gonna add them to my album!
Lisa: I know I made you guys change your plan, but I'm glad we decided to take part in the event! Uhhh, okay, next up is...
Kokoro: The lion dance!
Hina: Speaking of that, based on what was written on the billboard, it should be soon. I'm pretty sure the lion is supposed to come marching through the streets!
Moca: Here it comes, right on cue~.
Kokoro: Wow, the lion dancer is here! Let's get a closer look!
Misaki: Whoa~. It's a lot more intense when you're this close, huh~?
Lisa: It makes that movement kinda scary. Uh-oh! Someone just got bitten!
Kokoro: You're right! What's with the biting?
Lisa: I think I remember hearing that if you have it bite your head, it's supposed to be good luck or something like that.
Moca: It's like the lion is eating all the bad stuff~.
Kokoro: Lovely! Misaki, let's get bitten!
Hina: Better be careful~. I don't think the lion dance has only the power to give good luck.
Misaki: Huh? What do you mean...?
Hina: People don't really know about this, but not everyone's luck becomes better.
Hina: They say that those who do bad things every day actually end up with worse luck!
Lisa: What? That's the first time I've ever heard of that. So what would happen if your luck became worse?
Hina: Uhhh, like right before you try to eat a sesame dango, it falls on the floor or something like that.
Lisa: You definitely just made that up.
Hina: I'm telling the truth~. If you don't wanna believe me, that's fine.
Hina: Anyway, no time to think! The lion is here!
Misaki: Huh? Whoa, there it is.
Misaki: ... Gulp.
Misaki: Uh, Hina-san, you were just kidding, right? Because I already got bitten during the New-Year's lion dance...
Hina: Hey~? You think I'm lying too~? You guys are so mean~.
Misaki: You were kidding, right?
Hina: Who can really say for sure? It could be true.
Misaki: What?! H-hey... Hold on...!
Moca: Now to find out what lies in store for Misaki-chin~.
Hina: Ahaha! I'm just playing around!
Hina: You don't have to worry, Misaki-chan. Lisa-chi was right. I just randomly made all that stuff up.
Misaki: Phew... Thank goodness...
Hina: I didn't expect you to react in such a funny way. That was totally boppin'♪
Lisa: Hey, that's no way to act as her upperclassman.
Hina: Ehehe. Okay~, I'm sorry~.
Misaki: Sorry about that, Lisa-san. Thanks for the help.
Misaki: ... Wait, does that mean I relied on Lisa-san just now?!
Moca: Hmm, Hina-senpai did get you, that's for sure~.
Misaki: Sigh. That makes two times today. I need to get it together.
Lisa: Get what together?
Misaki: Nothing, never mind.
Moca: Just something between us.
Lisa: Is that right...?
Misaki: Sigh~... Well, we got through the lion dance. Should we move to the next thing?
Misaki: If we drag our feet for too long, Kokoro might end up disappearing on us... Wait, Kokoro?
Lisa: Uh-oh, did she really wander off?
Hina: Kokoro-chan sure doesn't waste a second~!
Misaki: This isn't the time to be impressed.
Misaki: But I guess she's always taking off somewhere. I'm sure she's nearby.
Lisa: Of course you'd be used to this, Misaki.
Lisa: It'd be worrying if she were gone for too long, though, so let's split up and look around here.
Hina: Okay! Then let's meet back here in fifteen minutes!
Moca: Aye aye, captain~.
Misaki: Sigh... Kokoro~, where are you~?

Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map Event Story - Chapter 5
Kokoro's Way to Adventure

The four girls go on a search for the missing Kokoro. They're looking for clues when...


China Town

Kokoro: That lion dancer was so very weird but also super cute.
Kokoro: Oh? There's another lion dancer over there! Lion dancer! Come! Let's play!
Kokoro: Weird. Pretty sure this is where he went. Hey, Misaki! ... Misaki?
Kokoro: ...!! Oh no! When did everyone disappear?!
Kokoro: I have to hurry and find them! Hmmm, where would they go...?


Lisa: Kokoro~! Kokoro~... It's no good. I don't think she's here. Where could she have gone?
Hina: This is weird~. She'll disappear sometimes when we're hanging out too, but I always find her right away~.
Misaki: Man... I'd say she's completely lost at this point. And assuming nothing has changed, she probably doesn't even realize it.
Moca: She might actually think that we're the ones who are lost and start looking for us, huh~?
Lisa: Okay, then how do we find her?
Hina: A hint would be nice~.
Moca: Want a hint? Hm~... Hm? Hey, it's kinda noisy over there, isn't it?
Hina: Oh, the dragon dance must have started. This is around when the billboard said it would begin.
Moca: Aw man~. And I thought that'd be the hint we needed~.
Lisa: The dragon dance... That's right!
Lisa: Guys, isn't there a good chance that she goes there?
Hina: Oh! Yeah, that sounds right!
Misaki: C'mon, no way she would... Well, this is Kokoro we're talking about, never mind.
Misaki: Now that you mention it, you did say that you might be interested in seeing the dragon dance when we first saw that billboard, right?
Misaki: She may not seem like it, but Kokoro actually listens pretty closely to what other people are saying and remembers the smallest details. In other words...
Lisa: In her effort to find us, she might go somewhere she thinks I would wanna go.
Misaki: Right.
Hina: Hm~... Well, we don't have any other leads. Let's take a look then.
Lisa: Yeah!

Dragon Dance Area

Kokoro: You guys! I knew you'd be here!
Misaki: Kokoro!
Lisa: Thank goodness... Ugh, we were worried about you, you know!
Kokoro: Oh, you were? That's so nice of you. Thanks.
Kokoro: I'm okay though. Besides, the timing is perfect! C'mon!
Moca: Where are we going~?
Kokoro: Isn't it obvious?! We're taking part in the dragon dance!
Kokoro: Lisa said she was interested, right? That's why I told the person in charge that we would participate!
Kokoro: I entered us as a group, of course!
Hina: Ahaha! Classic Kokoro-chan! Sure didn't see that one coming!
Moca: I have to agree with you there~.
Dragon Dance Staff: We are now ready for the next customer! Can the Tsurumaki party please come this way?
Kokoro: Okay~! Look, we're being called!
Lisa: Uh, I did say I was interested, but... What...?!
Misaki: Lisa-san. It's too late. Nothing you say will change a thing. Might as well give up.
Hina: Yay! Let's go~♪
Lisa: What~?!

After the Dragon Dance

Kokoro: That was super-duper fun, huh, guys?
Lisa: That was even harder than it looks... But I think we did surprisingly well, right?
Lisa: Sigh... Ahaha, it's kinda strange. It's hard to believe that we were worried about Kokoro being lost just a little while ago.
Misaki: Sorry. She ended up being a headache, didn't she?
Lisa: It's fine! It's like... it didn't feel like a burden.
Lisa: Yeah, we were running around like crazy looking for her, but... it seems more correct to say that we were taken on a little adventure.
Moca: Ahhh, yeah, I think I get what you mean.
Moca: We were all shocked at first, but that free time we had where we were wondering what to do was taken care of in an instant.
Lisa: Right! I always thought this is what it's like, but I'm really happy now that I've been able to experience it.
Lisa: This must be what it's like for everyone in Hello, Happy World! who choose to spend so much time with Kokoro.
Misaki: I'd say it's always more "dragged into" than "taken on" an adventure, though...
Lisa: Ahaha! Hey, but that's just the way Kokoro is, right?
Moca: Just like being on a roller coaster, huh~?
Hina: Yeah~! That's the perfect description for Kokoro-chan!
Kokoro: You guys! They asked me if we wanna do it again! C'mon!
Lisa: Okay~! Alrighty, ready to go on our adventure?
Misaki: Fufu. Sure, let's do it.

Ni Hao♪ Touring the Smile Map Event Story - Ending
Orange Sky of Emotions

The group of five takes part in the lantern ceremony. What sentiments do they put into their lanterns...?



Lisa: Whew, what a day~.
Hina: We somehow made it out of that crowd of people. I had no idea what was going on toward the end.
Kokoro: Oh? Looks like they're doing something over there! I can see some shiny lights.
Hina: You're right~. Why don't we go check it out?
Lisa: A lantern festival?
Kokoro: So you write a wish, attach it to a lantern, then you send it into the sky... Amazing! That sounds like a lot of fun!
Lisa: Interesting~. That's pretty romantic. And it'd make for a nice breather. Let's try it out.
Hina: Okay~. I'll go sign us up~.
Misaki: A wish... A wish... Hmmm~... Did you come up with something, Aoba-san?
Moca: Hmm...
Misaki: ... Aoba-san?
Moca: Huh? What's up~?
Misaki: Don't 'what's up' me. What's wrong? Why are you spacing out?
Moca: No reason~. At least that's what I'd like to say~... I was just doing a little reflection.
Moca: In the end, we relied on Lisa-san for a bunch of stuff, so today was pretty much no different than any other day~.
Moca: Probably can't say Lisa was "pleased," so I suppose my plan failed... And thinking about that just made me so sad~. Boo-hoo-hoo~.
Lisa: Uh-huh, so you were thinking about that.
Misaki: Whoa! Lisa-san...!
Lisa: I kinda had the feeling you were trying to do something like that. Although, you were trying a lot harder than I thought.
Lisa: Jeez. You always become focused on the weirdest things, Moca. You say your plan for today failed, but I-
Kokoro: I don't think that's true!
Misaki: Wah! Again?!
Kokoro: Yeah, we spent the day doing something different from our plan, but I think today was totally a success!
Kokoro: Think about it. Lisa looked like she was having so much fun. And wasn't our goal to make this an enjoyable day for her?
Kokoro: That means that even with the change of plans, we did exactly what we came to do!
Lisa: Kokoro's right, Moca.
Lisa: I had a super fun day!
Lisa: Sure, there were a few unexpected things here and there, but today will be a precious memory for me, even with those things.
Moca: A precious memory, huh?
Lisa: Yep. Nothing makes me happier than being able to create these moments to look back on with you, Misaki, Kokoro, and Hina.
Lisa: That includes the way you all wanted to show me the perfect tour.
Lisa: The things you made come true, the things you couldn't make come true. All of it is part of a memory that cannot be replaced.
Kokoro: What an amazing thing to say, Lisa! I totally agree with you!
Kokoro: Everything I've experienced with you all here is precious to me!
Lisa: Mhm! I knew you'd understand, Kokoro!
Kokoro: Yeah!
Misaki: ... Maybe we were trying too hard to show off.
Misaki: But the time we spend together is what's important, right? Admirable... Well, Kokoro's always impressing me, but you too, Lisa-san.
Moca: Agreed~.
Moca: But that doesn't mean I plan to give up~. Heh heh heh~. Be sure to look forward to future plans~.
Hina: Even though Lisa-chi said today was fine?
Moca: Yes, indeed~. This is about my ego... My pride~.
Hina: Ahaha, you're such a puzzle, Moca-chan.
Hina: Well, you all are. All this talk about how it doesn't matter how it turned out and not giving up... I don't understand any of it.
Kokoro: But you're okay with that, right?
Hina: Mhm! Not understanding is what makes you all so interesting!
Lisa: Hina~. You're the puzzle here~.
All: Ahahahaha.
Lisa: Anyway, sounds like the lanterns are ready to fly. Are you guys ready?
Moca: You know it~.
Kokoro: Just say the word!
Lisa: Alrighty. We'll send them up on three! Ready~? One... Two...
All: Three!
Misaki: Wow... That's amazing. Look at all those lanterns floating through the air...
Kokoro: It's very pretty!
Hina: Yep! By the way, what did you guys write for your wish?
Moca: It's a secret~.
Misaki: I agree with the girl to my right.
Hina: Aww~, c'mon~! What about you, Lisa-chi?
Lisa: I didn't write a wish. I wrote a message to you all.
Lisa: Thanks for such a fun day. We should all hang out again sometime!
Kokoro: "Yeah! I'd love to, Lisa! Ohhh! I already can't wait!"

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